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From The Publisher Of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Comes A New Tale Of Romance, Heartbreak, And Tentacled Mayhem Sense And Sensibility And Sea Monsters Expands The Original Text Of The Beloved Jane Austen Novel With All New Scenes Of Giant Lobsters, Rampaging Octopi, Two Headed Sea Serpents, And Other Biological Monstrosities As Our Story Opens, The Dashwood Sisters Are Evicted From Their Childhood Home And Sent To Live On A Mysterious Island Full Of Savage Creatures And Dark Secrets While Sensible Elinor Falls In Love With Edward Ferrars, Her Romantic Sister Marianne Is Courted By Both The Handsome Willoughby And The Hideous Man Monster Colonel Brandon Can The Dashwood Sisters Triumph Over Meddlesome Matriarchs And Unscrupulous Rogues To Find True Love Or Will They Fall Prey To The Tentacles That Are Forever Snapping At Their Heels This Masterful Portrait Of Regency England Blends Jane Austen S Biting Social Commentary With Ultraviolent Depictions Of Sea Monsters Biting It S Survival Of The Fittest And Only The Swiftest Swimmers Will Find True Love

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    Nothing offended me than in first year university English when I had to listen to a classroom full of people gripe and moan about Jane Austen, and how they thought Pride and Prejudice was like a soap opera I sat there and blew steam out of my ears and looked forward to the day when I could discuss the book with people who actually understood how brilliant it was that you could compare her book, written between 1797 and 1813, with a modern soap opera But for Christmas this year, my good friend Mel gave me Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, and I ve got to say, I think Quirk Publishing might have just found the way to make this book fun even for the nay sayers They started with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which I m going to have to pick up now, since pride was always my fave anyhow , and then moved on to Sense and Sensibility Sense and Sensibility with Sea Monsters, is a great parody all in that dry humor vein which is so classically Austen To begin with the book seems nearly identical to the original except for the comments thrown in to set up the sea monster theme lots of them very comical For instance Willoughby is a treasure hunter, and wears a wet suit for the entire book no matter what he s doing Marianne began now to perceive that the desperation which had seized her at sixteen and a half, of ever seeing a man who could satisfy her ideas of perfection, had been rash and unjustifiable Willoughby was all that her fancy had delineated in that unhappy hour, and in every brighter period He was the sun shining on smooth rocks he was a clear blue sky after monsoon season s end he was perfection in a wet suit As the story moves on there are progressively and fun changes, the fashionable hub of society is Sub Marine Station Beta an under the sea city, instead of London There are Pirates, and Sea witches, one of which has cursed Colonel Brandon to have a Squid face Otherwise, he was very pleasant His appearance, besides the twitching tentacles that overhung his chin, was not unpleasing, despite being an absolute old bachelor for he was the wrong side of five and thirty And in almost every emotional scene there is an attack by some type of sea monster happening at the same moment Picture Lucy unburdening herself to Elinor of her secret engagement to Edward while Elinor fights off a two headed Sea Serpent Finally, without giving away the big ending, i have to say there is a truly wonderful parody at the end of this book of the usual readers Discussion guide 10 Is Monsieur Pierre a symbol for something Name three other well known works of Western Literature that feature orangutan valets Are those characters also slain by pirates This book had me giggling on and off for days, not to mention reading bits out for people whenever they d listen I highly recommend it for both Jane Austen fans and those who thought she was a bore in first year university.Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, by Jane Austen and Ben H WintersPublished by Quirk Books, September 2009

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    When Quirk Classics first literary mash up, Pride Prejudice Zombies, came out earlier this year, we Austen obsessed Watermarkers kept it displayed close at hand, for the sheer delight of watching customers reactions to its cover, which features a well coiffed Regency lass missing several important parts of her face As one might gather, comments fell into two camps the That is the most horrible thing I ve ever seen variety, and, like my own, That may be the single greatest idea anyone has ever had Take that, penicillin and the wheel It seems the general populace leaned towards the latter, because PPZ has been hanging out on the New York Times bestseller list for months now Last I heard, the movie rights were in hot contention May I suggest, Hollywood, that no one could pull off Mr Darcy as action hero better than Clive Owen Sense Sensibility Sea Monsters mines the same vein, with gleeful results You see, some time before the action takes place, a horrible change took place in the oceans of the world known as the Alteration, this mysterious event turned all the creatures of the sea into vicious monsters, bent on destroying mankind Needless to say, this left England, being mostly coast, rather susceptible to attack by sea serpents, gargantuan jellyfish, razor toothed crawfish, and the like It s a downright Lovecraftian premise, crossed with a little H Rider Haggard in a subplot about young Margaret Dashwood s glimpses of an alien geyser worshipping civilization on the secluded island where Barton Cottage stands.And where is Austen in all this Well, Sense Sensibility Sea Monsters has, despite appearances, the same basic plot as its respectable namesake, and in fact, many of the same words What s brilliant about these two Austen horror hybrids is actually their fidelity to the originals I think most of the humor would be lost on someone who hadn t read the non zombified and sea monstered versions For instance, in the parody, poor Colonel Brandon is not only old at 35 and less than dashing he s been cursed by a sea witch, and the bottom half of his face is covered with tentacles Thus, in the early conversation between Willoughby and Marianne over their shared dislike of him, Austen s words get oh so subtly spun Brandon is just the kind of man, said Willoughby, whom everybody speaks well of, and nobody cares about whom all are delighted to see, and everybody is sort of mildly afraid to look at him directly I can, of course, understand why Austen purists object Sense Sensibility Sea Monsters, and its predecessor, are thoroughly silly exercises in subversion Me, I think they re hilarious As for what Quirk Classics should tackle next, I m torn Northanger Abbey is begging for a vampire or two, but giant robots would liven up Mansfield Park considerably, wouldn t they

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    It takes a lot for me not to finish a book, but I have to say, I m 50 pages in to this and really not loving it All the things that were fun and sassy about Pride Prejudice Zombies feel annoying and forced here In P P Z, Grahame Smith seemed to really care about the characters and the story and wove the zombies in beautifully, and the end result is a book that will attract new readers to Austen Winters, however, doesn t seem to have any respect or love for Austen unlike Grahame Smith, Winters seems to start from thinking Austen is boring and in need of livening up He turns Austen s rich characters into caricatures of themselves, and he slaps sea beasts into the story at random He also takes a lot liberties with the original text Overall his version of this novel feels like a childish dig at the English teacher who forced him to read Austen Sorry, but that s really not the way to approach a classic and well loved text like this Although if he d done it to Emma, I d have a little sympathy she s far deserving of an octopus attack than the Dashwood sisters There were a few moments I appreciated for example, Willoughby s physique accentuating wetsuit, and just the concept of Brandon with tentacles but it s really not enough to make me want to keep reading edit Despite what I wrote above, I did, however, return to the book, and skimmed and skipped around until I got to the end, mostly just to see what Winters did with it I have to say, I kind of loved the conclusion of the Lucy Steele plotline that was almost excellent But just about everything else got on my nerves Winters really hates these characters Elinor s gaping neck wound, Marianne s bout with malaria AND yellow fever Yeah, still not down with this adaptation.

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    I think this book is an improvement on the previous one in the series, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies The zombies in the first book were really just window dressing On the other hand, the sea monsters in this book were actually a major part of the plot and really livened up the story I cannot help but find Jane Austen s stories to be dull, dull, dull I look forward to see what classics they warp next

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    Jane Austen and I have had a rocky relationship I respect her as a writer and believe she deserves a place in the canon of great English authors, but I sometimes wonder if she is overhyped When it comes to Sense and Sensibility , it has a lot of Austen s trademark wit, but as a first novel it also has the immaturity and inexperience of a writer learning the craft So with Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, Ben H Winters has an opportunity to take a promising tale of two sisters and ameliorate it with his marine menaces Indeed, this is probably the intention, but as I m going to emphasize over and over again, it did not work out that way.Before I launch into my main criticism, I want to note two errors that jumped out at me while I read The first is excusable, or at least explainable The second, not so much Both are good examples of the carelessness that plagues this book.The first error is in the first paragraph of Chapter 9 The Dashwoods have arrived at Pestilence Isle and are settling into their new home As part of these activities, they had strung the encircling fence with garlands of dried kelp and lamb s blood, which Sir John Middleton had proscribed as the surest method to ward off sea monsters Rather than proscribed, which means forbidden, I think the word Winters intends is prescribed The two words are antonyms in meaning but only one letter apart Hence, this is probably just a rather unfortunate typo Copy editors are human too Well, most of them I cannot quite as easily dismiss the second error Later in the book Chapter 46 , Marianne is planning her new life without Willoughby I shall learn engineering I shall study hydrology and biology and aeronautics I shall endeavour to understand Mendel s principles and comparative zoology Managing that last resolution would be quite an accomplishment, because Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk known for his experiments with heredity and generally credited for discovering genetics, won t be born until five years after Austen dies So the Marianne of Sense and Sensibility wouldn t know about Mendel To be fair, Winters never specifies when this book takes place Maybe it takes place in a later part of the nineteenth century, after Mendel starts his experiments Yet this explanation is unsatisfactory for two reasons firstly, Mendel s work didn t garner much attention until the early twentieth century secondly, even if the Alteration changed that and led to an earlier realization of genetics, moving the time period forward even by fifty years would place Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters into the Victorian era And I think that would make for a different tone of book No, the easiest explanation seems to be that Mendel s mention is an anachronism It only took me a few seconds to check Mendel s birth date on Wikipedia What is Winters excuse That question, while pertinent, probably will not bear much fruit Instead, let s consider two complementary questions Does the sea monsters story need Sense and Sensibility or could it have worked on its own Conversely, is Sense and Sensibility helped or improved in any way by the addition of sea monsters Spoiler alert the answer to both questions is no Prior to reading this book, I was under the impression that the eponymous sea monsters were anomalies They are actually much than that Some time prior to the story s start, the Earth s oceans experienced an Alteration, and all marine life became hostile toward humankind Ocean voyages now hold great peril even living near a lake is dangerous Forget Sense and Sensibility for a moment the Alteration is a great starting point for an alternate history novel set in Regency England Considering Britain s status as a naval power, a far flung empire, and an island, there would be plenty of interesting developments as a result of the Alteration So many questions to explore, characters to create and it s all wasted on Jane Austen No offense meant to Austen, of course But in trying and I do emphasize that word, trying to graft the plot and characters of Sense and Sensibility onto his Altered England, Winters misses the mark Instead of creating a story truly worthy of such a fantastic setting, he tries to stretch a story that wasn t made to fit this canvas and oh, how it shows.Take, for example, the cause of the Alteration Winters throws out some half hearted speculation Henry Dashwood dies pursuing the source of a poison stream he believes the cause Sir John Middleton believes the Alteration is a curse upon England by one of the victims of British imperialism he has devoted his life to finding the primitive tribe responsible, with no success Edward Ferrars favours a theory that blames Henry VIII s split with Catholicism All these sound interesting, but under scrutiny they all fall apart The Alteration s name indeed, the very fact that it has a Name suggests that the oceans were not always like this So there should be a simple way to test, say, Edward s theory about Henry VIII what do written records say about ocean voyages prior to Henry s reign Surely a calamity as great as the Alteration would be recorded June 7, waters calm June 8, the dolphins killed my first mate God help us all I find it very difficult to believe no one knows when the Alteration began The poison stream and tribal curse theories are also rather silly, but slightly less so, and I suppose the latter works well as a background for Sir John It just galls me that Winters takes such an off handed approach to what may be the most important question in his universe.There s also something suspect about the number of people who spend their time near or on the ocean, considering its dangers Let s start with Pestilence Isle Sir John lives on an archipelago off of Devonshire, specifically on Deadwind Island, and he lets a cottage on Pestilence Isle to the Dashwood women It makes sense that Sir John would live on a tiny island He s an adventurer, and he likes danger But why would he put women needlessly in danger by giving them a cottage on a smaller island where he doesn t live Why would the Dashwoods ever agree to live there As the frequent sea monster attacks show, the decision is practically suicidal And don t get me started yet about what happens to Margaret.Moving on Sub Marine Station Beta Actually, I kind of see how this one makes sense It may be nay, it is stupid to build a gigantic dome habitation at the bottom of the ocean off the British coast and then invite all the upper class people to spend the winter there If this were a James Bond movie, Sub Marine Station Beta would be part of a trap by the villain It would also feature an awesome underwater fight scene, in which Bond dispatches several baddies and a couple of sharks But I digress However, Sub Marine Station Beta is consistent with the British attitude of stalwart arrogance in the face of adversity In a time of war, which this is, the British keep those upper lips stiff and like to show that they remain steadfast How better to show that you do not fear the enemy than building a stronghold in the middle of his or her territory Sub Marine Station Beta is an exercise in nationalism and a display of bravado It s also rather stupid.The icing on the implausibility cake, however, are the pirates Are we supposed to believe that there are outlaws who subsist by taking some of the few ships that survive sea monster attacks And that these ships themselves somehow avoid succumbing to those same attacks I love reading about pirates, but they are the most obvious example of something included in this book because it s cool instead of its potential contributions to the plot.No, when I look at it this way, it is a shame that Winters had even to try to follow an outline of Sense and Sensibility in writing this book It is a waste of a world that could have been so much And all of these flaws read like they are the result of carelessness, of unintentional neglect caused by starting with the idea of it s Sense and Sensibility, but with sea monsters and then throwing everything at the book to see what sticks I kind of feel sorry for the setting.Having determined that the sea monsters suffer at the hands of Sense and Sensibility, can we say the same in reverse Yes, indubitably Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters does not merely besmirch its source material s good name it follows Sense and Sensibility down a dark alleyway, beats it senseless, and then slinks away to commit crimes against Austen s oeuvre.Harsh much I thought so too, at first I wanted to find this book amusing I wanted to chuckle at how Winters cleverly transposes the class humour and familial squabbles of Austen s characters into this Altered England The I read, however, the I realized that Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters does not just fail to live up to its source I could handle that But no, it s much worse This book actively dismantles everything that makes Sense and Sensibility great English literature.Nineteenth century English society holds our interest in part because its class system is very different from the way contemporary society is stratified But it s not enough merely to mock or to belittle this difference To successfully satirize Regency England, one must deconstruct its customs and culture and examine why our contemporary society finds it humorous Otherwise, all you re doing is pointing and laughing on a scale of sophistication, that is barely above toilet humour.As its title specifies, Sense and Sensibility is about the balance between reason and emotionalism Elinor, with her calculating and practical ways, embodies sense Marianne, the emotional and impulsive one, sensibility Winters pays lip service to these differences as he develops the plot along the same lines as the original novel While the developments in relations between characters, sea monster attacks aside, are the same, the emotional and thematic significance of these relationships are mangled in translation For instance, I never feel the angst of Elinor s realization that Edward, whatever their feelings for one another, is unavailable Winters develops this, cashes in on the irony, and even makes Lucy Steele a sea witch But all the window dressing gets in the way of the nuances at play among Elinor, Edward, and Lucy Similarly, Marianne s obsession with Colonel Brandon s face adds nothing to the character s obsession in the original novel with his age.The revelation of Lucy s identity as a sea witch also bothered me Specifically, Sir John explains why sea witches must take human form the only certain way for a sea witch to prolong its foul existence is by consuming human bone marrow, which is therefore, to them, the most precious of elixirs Hence their occasional appearance, in the guise of attractive human women, among the terrestrial world where they make love to an unknowing man, marry him unawares, and then, when the opportunity presents itself, kill him and suck out his marrow.It is the last sentence that presents a problem why bother marrying the man before feeding upon him Surely it would be effective to jump his bones literally and skip the tiresome courtship In fact, why bother with a man at all Why not just subdue some children and feed off of them It might seem like I m nitpicking, but I think these are reasonable questions about something that involves the motivations and actions of an important character.At about the point where the situation at Sub Marine Station Beta becomes dire, it dawned on me that the scope of Winters narrative is entirely unsuited to Austen s original story Sense and Sensibility is, like all of Austen s work, an intimate novel that uses a few families to portray all of English society in microcosm Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters is about a couple of girls crying about guys, kicking sea monster ass, escaping a doomed underwater city, and then witnessing the rise of an apocalyptic Leviathan The plot has suddenly become much bigger than the original story, dwarfing the characters and their problems, which are supposed to be centre stage.And Margaret What the hell I have no idea what Winters was trying to do with Margaret s I can only call it a seduction by the island The whole subplot of Margaret discovering an entire species of subhumans who have existed since the dawn of time and worship the Leviathan is unnecessary and, frankly, uninteresting Once again, like Lucy the sea witch and the cause of the Alteration, Winters has included something that probably seemed like a good idea but, taken together with the entire work, just adds clutter and confusion Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters promises that it blends Jane Austen s biting social commentary with ultraviolent depictions of sea monsters biting An examination of this very blend belies this claim I do not doubt the sincerity of the claim it s clear that Winters and Quirks Classics have tried very hard to do justice to Austen s novel In some ways, it would be better for everyone if this were some pernicious attempt to mock the source material as it is, I feel a little pity for Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters Its mistakes are made in a labour of love, but they are born from carelessness that could easily have been avoided.

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    Ok, I knew this was going to be a risk, trying this book I thought I would like it though I like people who take serious things and turn them on their head to be funny, like Princess Bride or Monty Python or pretty much all British comedy for example I thought this would be silly and fun It turns out that it was just boring and stupid I cannot remember the last time I didn t finish a book until I tried reading this one Not even halfway.The author basically takes the original story and adds in the fact that there are human eating sea monsters everywhere that go out of their way to try to kill humans Colonel Brandon is half human half octopus Maryann and Elinor spend their free time whittling wood and trying to kill sea monsters before they are killed themselves If I were British, I would say something like complete and utter rubbish, this book But, since I m not, I ll just tell you to not waste your precious reading time.

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    If this book hadn t satisfied needs in two different challenges, I don t think I would have finished it Silliness And not always in a fun or good way This was austenesque in that it used an Austen plot and Austen s characters, at least in name But the feel, the language, the oh dear, my thesaurus has vomited on the page excesses not Austen like at all Yes, yes, there were some amusing parts, and it can be amusing to exaggerate and poke fun at familiar scenes And how politely everyone tried to ignore bits of grossness or violence impossible not to giggle at the ridiculousness of it all I knew what I was getting into when I picked it up, so have no one to blame but myself.

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    This book is ridiculous Started off at 2 stars, slid home at 3.5 4 Seriously, I started this book thinking 2 stars was going to be generous and not at all sure I would finish it , but am happy to say it easily improved from there Gross, but fun, especially after you stop looking for Austen homage, rather than a sea monsters book written by someone who clearly loves Austen s works I stand by my first impression, though it s ridiculous Also, I note that I don t care that much about Sense and Sensibility, and, conversely, I will not read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies for the exact opposite reason.

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    Following on from the instant cult success of the tongue in cheek adaptation of Jane Austin s classic novel with Pride And Prejudice And Zombies with adaptations by Seth Grahame Smith , came Philadelphia based publishing house, Quirk Classics second such literary adaptation, this time with Sense And Sensibility And Sea Monsters.Utilising this newly fangled concept of carving up a classic piece of literature to make way for a B Movie esque style of writing, Quirk editorial director Jason Rekulak struck absolute gold, with an eager audience ready to lap up the next Quirk instalment into this imaginative new genre Pride And Prejudice And Zombies was received incredibly well right from the start of its initial release However, it became apparent to the publishers that the fanbase for these surreal re workings wanted a higher percentage of new monster laden text Whereby Zombies incorporated a mere fifteen percent of new text, Sea Monsters ladled in a massive forty odd percent of fishy frolics into the mix.For those who don t already know the classic story by Jane Austin, here it is in a nutshell The whole story sets off with the unfortunate death of a Mr Dashwood, whereby he leaves the entirety of the family estate to his only son and child from his first wife, John Dashwood John is convinced by his greedy wife Fanny to rid their newly acquired property of its current occupants his three half sisters Elinor, Marianne and Margaret as well as his recently widowed step mother The Dashwood women soon take up residence with Mrs Dashwood s wealthy and eccentric cousin Sir John Middleton Whist adjusting themselves to their new lifestyles, the two sisters, Elinor and Marianne, find themselves experiencing both joyful romance and utter heartbreak Love and lasting happiness is eventually achieved for both sisters after they each find equilibrium between the two contrasting characteristics that are so predominant between the two sisters Elinor guided by her sense logic and Marianne who in turn is guided by her sensibility emotion.With this overall storyline already in place, all of the basic elements and characters are kept completely intact with Ben H Winter s mashed up reworking However, the surreal inclusion of his aquatic imaginings of often Lovecraftian proportions to the entirety of the storyline, brings a whole new angle and dare I say life to the tale.Instead of simply being too long in his years, Colonel Brandon is now not only a gentleman of fine wealth and good manners, but now he has been inflicted with a mass of tentacles that adorn his otherwise human face as well as other regions Throughout the novel Winters plays with the original text of the tale in similar such ways, as well as introducing his sea monster attacks during the moments when the character s emotions are at breaking point This doubled up approach of mirroring the emotional peril with a B movie monster attack at each point in the tale, delivers a thoroughly entertaining but doubly surreal element to the book On so many occasions, Winters valiantly tackles the character s altogether important dialogue with a gigantic aquatic attack at exactly the same moment Hats off to the man, for each and every time he juggles these two dramatic elements with nothing short of an imaginative and truly inspired flare.The novel as a whole runs smoothly throughout, with the light hearted alterations never taking themselves too seriously As the tale builds towards its traumatic finale, the inclusion of the Captain Barbossa style pirate Dreadbeard , is brilliantly comical With so much emotional turmoil crashing down on the characters, Winters throws in a litany of sea monster mayhem in these final chapters, bringing the aquatic menace to gigantic proportions.The cunning change of setting from London to the underwater city of Sub Marine Station Beta, created a whole new opportunity for Winters to weave in his chaotic deep sea devilry Whilst Elinor and Marianne are suffering their individual emotional heartbreaks all those leagues under the sea, Margaret in turn is dealing with a much darker Lovcraftian esque affair.All in all this imaginative reworking has managed to successfully inject some satirical b movie mayhem to a previously untouched classic Ok, so the whole concept behind these re workings will certainly not be to everyone s taste But Quirk Classics have really found themselves a niche market to exploit, that as long as it never takes any of what it is doing too seriously which is highly unlikely , then it has a rich new ground to sow many seeds of sheer imagination Sense And Sensibility And Sea Monsters is a brilliant way to spend a number of hours chuckling at imagination run riot The re working s not designed to be ripped apart, nor indeed analysed for its overall impact on the emotional ordeals of Elinor and Marianne Instead, it s exactly what the title proclaims Nothing and nothing less And I for one bore a huge grin throughout each and every one of the 340 tentacle infested pages.The book also contains fourteen black and white illustrations interspersed throughout the novel, usually of the dramatic and therefore sea monster heavy moments A Reader s Discussion Guide is also included at the end of the book that includes ten purely tongue in cheek questions that could be used as discussion points on the novel s content There is also a quick excerpt from Pride And Prejudice And Zombies over the last four pages of the book.The final icing on the cake is the excellent cover artwork painted by Lars Leetaru that appears on the front of the book This one painting truly captures the essence of what the Quirk re workings are all about.

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    Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters is a fabulously witty mash up of Austen s work of almost the same name The author remains faithful to the characters and story while brilliantly weaving throughout the book an absorbing tale of sea monsters overrunning the country.If I sound like I am gushing, that is because I am Parodies, or mash ups of almost all of the works of Jane Austen have appeared in bookstores over the last few years This author really manages to weave an interesting tale throught the book, rather than relying on the current pop culture interest in zombies to sell books yes I am talking about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and the even worse Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Dawn of the Dreadfuls This author actually writes a book that would be interesting even without Austen, he actually manages to mash two great ideas together to come up with a very witty laugh out loud novel.What the author does really well is to weave a funny and interesting story very cleverly through the original He does this by manipulating the less important characters, manipulating locations and weaving sea monster drama through crucial scenes In does all this in such a way that compliments, rather than changes, Austen When Marianna remains focused on Willoughy while crazed lobsters go on a murderous rampage through a ballroom we, the reader, nod our heads assured that that is exactly how she would have behaved if Austen was doing the retelling.The Austen romance is still happening, Colonel Brandon still loves Marianne who still loves Willoughby who still loves well I won t give it all away but the minor characters, under the pen of Ben H Winters add a complete new dimension to the story Lady Middleton becomes a show stealing beauty who would readily cut the throats of the entire party given the chance Her entrance had me laughing aloud, her behaviour and caustic comments made me fall in love with her Margaret becomes a central character giving a focus for a mystery surrounding their new home on Pestilent Isle Even the Miss Steeles receive a little boost What I love best is that, again, he has managed to elevate these characters to prominent roles without changing their intended nature Instead his changes actually extend and compliment the characters, providing insight into behaviours that Austen wrote about He creates a completely plausible reason, within the context of a society that daily battles with sea monsters, for the aloof behaviour between Sir John and Lady Middleton At the same time making the oddities of Mrs Jennings seem reasonable The author has taken the time to read and understand the Austen characters Not only this but he has felt the injustices that our heroines feel, and by allowing us to laugh at them, has given us closure.Mrs Ferrars praising the absent Miss Morton Beautiful indeed But she does everything well Have you seen her peel a banana It is like listening to a symphony The author has added some delicious details which give rise to some book club type questions The characters seem always to be eating seafood, are they are eating this due to the abundant supply of meat from dead sea monsters, or could this overconsumption be somehow related to the sea monster attacks London is transformed into Sub Marine Station Beta an undersea dome in which all residents must wear precautionary floation devices and eat tasteless powdered foods Is this a reflection on the lengths that people go to in order to remain fashionable I love that the author has manage to make me consider the possibilities and wonder about hidden subtexts in a mash up I love that I see the humour in a world of humans feasting on sea fare while at the same time being afraid of being eaten by a sea monster Never had he found proof of his belief, let alone any amelioration of his homeland s perilAmelioration means improvement, and the latter word would have worked just as well I am becoming quite taken with an author who would occasionally choose such an obscure and difficult word, when a common one would do.Austen s Sense and Sensibility has always been a novel that had layers, this adaptation does no discredit to this His humour is clever and shows a great appreciation of the original work I am laughing constantly at what is turning out to be very clever humour, while feeling clever myself for seeing subtle things Then I cleverly realise that surely the best way to a rave review is to make the reader think they are the only person clever enough to get it , and then I decided we are all very clever indeed This retelling could indeed been how it actually happened, perhaps it was Jane Austen that left these pieces out, rather than Winters who added them in.