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10 thoughts on “Scars

  1. says:

    Excellent religious/apocalyptic tale. Intelligent well written and although aimed at teens it didn't feel young at all.

    I really felt for the character of Rebekah and had very mixed emotional feelings at the end but you'll have read it to understand why.

    This is a religious novel but you do not need to be so to enjoy the book. If you are not religious you may want to skip what the author has to say at the end of her novel.

    I really enjoyed this book and given it one of my rare 5 star ratings.

    I just want to be in 'that book' ! You'll understand if you read it.

    Genre: Christian Fiction / Teens

  2. says:

    I was a little tentative when I first saw this book about a year ago. How long have we been hearing about the second coming and the end of the world? I know I have for over forty years. Everyone is exhaustively looking for the signs, I guess in the hope of being credited with being the first one to get it right.

    This book does nothing of the sort. It is a great look into the final days through the eyes of a teenager who is convinced that the people (including the Catholic Church) who have hailed the arrival of Maitreyas and Peter Roma as the vessels of God and their saviors are actually sheep in wolves clothing. Becky sees a different scenario, they are fallen angles come to the planet to deceive and confuse the masses as stated in revelations.

    The world as we know it has become one complete nation under the "World Union." All nations are the same. Maitreyas performs many false miracles across the globe bringing great claim and glory unto himself and the new order he is overseeing.

    Becky is the only one of her friends who understands the truth. She has spent many nights reading her now outlawed bible and refused to accept the "New Gospel" being distributed by the new order. She sees all of the signs that even the so called intellectuals and men of faith fail to recognize. He does say many will be deceived in the end.

    Becky never waivers from her beliefs even after realizing it was "her bible" that caused her father and brother to be whisked away in the night. She continues to defend the Bible (even though her mother is against her beliefs and winds up turning her own daughter in as a radical) up to her final moments. In the end, isn't everlasting life the goal? Then why do we fear death so much? How many disciples denied him when they realized accepting him would place their mortal lives in danger? Becky never waivers or caves into peer pressure.

    It is a thought provoking work and will have me going back and brushing up my own laziness in not staying current with my own bible. Time to dust it off.

    Well done Miss Patience.

  3. says:

    This should be called a non fiction book,it is that good.THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS. GOD BLESS YOU.REBECCA

    This book will show you that standing up for JESUS CHRIST is w worth it ALL.We need more books written like this one.

  4. says:

    Not what I expected... It was great, I couldn't put it down!

  5. says:

    I really wanted to give this book a higher review because I love this subject. But I was left so confused by many portions of this book. It had me looking up different passages in the Bible to figure out what happens when in Revelation. This is a good thing, endeavoring to find the truth in the Bible. However, when I am reading a novel, I want to be entertained.
    First, why is the rapture completely disregarded? I could be wrong but I do not recall any mention to it. This is a very important part of Revelation. I will say that this novel picks up some time during the Tribulation so it could in theory, have happened before the novel picks up. But if this is true, why are there still children? Her brother is often referred to as a young person although no age is specifically referenced. Then near the end of the novel, a 6-year-old boy is in the crowd. The marking of the beast happens, I believe mid-Tribulation which could be three and a half years. So I could see a child being in the Tribulation if a woman was pregnant and had a child but this child couldn't possibly be 6 years old. So this is a major issue in the book for me.
    Second, when Becky initially seeks out God and accepts him, it doesn't seem altogether genuine and quickly put together to get to the rest of the book. This should have been more momentous. She is making a life changing event.
    Third, I felt like large portions of the book was spewing tons of information without laying a proper foundation. The book is primarily in a 16-year-old's perspective but the things we are finding out, sound like they are coming from someone much older, more knowledgeable and mature. It is out of context.
    Finally, the way we are taken to past and present is not set up in a clear manner. I feel like we should have been given a better timeline and it could have been set up better. The different times in Becky's life jumped around and I had to stop and think most times this happened. It did not make for a fluent reading experience.
    Although I have given a lot of criticism to this book, I want to state that half way through the book, I started to actually enjoy it. At this point, we get an appropriate perspective from Becky's POV and I started to feel some of her emotions as she is going through her trial.

  6. says:

    I read this novel a couple of years ago. It was one possible out come for the end times. It was very suspenseful with an ending I didn't expect.

  7. says:

    Good book. Easy read. Theology may be a little off??

  8. says:

    I have been a student of prophecy for 38 years. My opinion and the authors vary greatly. It was a good story line. I like the authors style of writing as well. If you want a different view of your beliefs on end times, and how to do defend what you believe you must read all points of view open mindedly. This was a well written different point of view. Although I disagree with the story line, it does make one research the scriptures to make sure you know what you believe and why. I recommend this book as a study too to understand one of many points of view about bible prophecy and end times.

  9. says:

    Finally a book that follows Revelation's script literally

    My only critique would be that I wish the main character had read book of Isaiah or Zechariah. There is definitely ground laid to have that happen. But as it happens in story line there will be many who are confused at times because by reading the NT only, certain points of context regarding the Last Days will seem strange. She holds on to what she knows to shape her actions. Great work!! Kudos

  10. says:

    End Times questions? The Bible tells us so!,

    We won’t know the answers until God tells us but He does give us clues if we will pay attention. It would seem the author has! I’m looking forward to her next book or revolution (pardon the awful pun!) very seriously though this book moved me to tears for many reasons, some very personal about my own salvation and what I have done to share it as I know Jesus expects me to do. I WILL do more and better is my vow to my Savior!