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Cybele Moondragon Is An Unemployed English Graduate Student Who Is Disillusioned With Her Life And Tired Of Being In Debt She Decides To Resurrect A Matriarchal Cult Based On The Pagan Goddess Cybele In Order To Make A Lot Of Money And Empower Men And Women Who Are Stifled In Traditional, Patriarchal Religions Cybele Is Joined In Her Quest By Her Best Friend Janus Styx, A Psychology Graduate Student Who Helps With The Funding For The Cult But, Unknown To Cybele, Manipulates Vulnerable Members Of The Cult For His Own Purposes Gabriel Anderson Is An Undercover Investigative Reporter Who Realizes He Can Get The Inside Scoop On The Birth Of A Pagan Cult In Winnipeg And Its Possible Links To Eco Terrorism Cybele Slowly Discovers That While She Leads Ceremonies In Hopes Of Showing Her Followers The Path To Spiritual Enlightenment, Janus Is Playing A Dangerous Game Of Manipulation With His Will Cybele Succeed In Resurrecting Her Life And Ushering A New Matriarchal Religion Into The World Or Will She Fall Prey To Janus S Machinations And Become The Scapegoat In His Quest For Power And Control You Ll Have To Read The Book To Find Out

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    Resurrecting Cybele is the story of Cybele Moondragon and her misguided attempts to start a harmless cult, while her ostensibly helpful friend, Janus Styx, has what are possibly nefarious intentions Much of the strength of this book is in its fast pace and witty popcult references The numerous plot turns are often based on the secret machinations of various characters as each tries to figure out what the other is doing There is plenty of well paced tension in this novel, and really no portions where the plot or dialogue wander off into some cul de sac The dialogue is sharp and well constructed, and the characters interact in ways that are in turns humorous and suspenseful I should add that this work is also impeccably edited, without those grammatical or proofreading gaffes that mar so many ebooks.

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    I loved this novel Cybele is a witty, strong character and I found myself really drawn into her world Characters banter and plot and transgress and I was kept guessing, right until the end, whether or not Cybele s scheme to start her own religion would end in tragedy or not Mohammed is a promising new writer and I m hoping she ll write another novel either a follow up to Resurrecting Cybele or an entirely new story

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    Cybele is tired of her life as it is, not progressing with her thesis and not having a job, and decides to create a new cult , along with her best friend since childhood, Janus As their business evolves, there also appear discrepancies and personal developments in each of them that might threaten to destroy not only their cult and their friendship, but also their devotees It s a story about trust, friendship, love and power, which, in case of Janus, is gained through manipulation and provocation Cybele wants to create an environment for spiritual growth, but seems to have some naive ideas about how tho go about it and all The factors one has to consider that have an influence over day to days life It s a dangerous game that could easily destroy everything that s worthwhile, turning emotionally unstable persons into evil I really enjoyed this book, showing what can become of a project that s conceived with the best of intentions, being executed by people that only persecute their own interests The plot is well developed, as well as the characters.

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    When I saw the synopsis for Resurrecting Cybele, I was intrigued The idea of this ancient cult being resurrected sounded like a unique place for a premise Resurrecting Cybele wasn t what I was expecting, but it is an interesting ride, so strap in campers This is a book about a woman named Cybele, and how she and her friend Janus start a cult There is a lot of missteps along the way, and neither party has the same intentions for the religion they are working on That said, it s one heck of a fun book to read when sitting with some chips and an herbal tea, especially if you are a fan of drama type settings for a story about a cult, and I mean less Charlotte Bronte, and toward Youtube drama settings Jenifer writes some fantastic dialogue, and she loves her characters She puts so much detail and effort into naming her characters appropriately, and taking the time to make the reader feel like they would want to join the cult, but also steer clear of it There is something to be said for the amount of work she puts into this book, it s terrific in that respect, and I believe she deserves a lot of credit for how well she did OpinionWhat was your favorite part of the book I am a nerd, and I love pop culture references Throughout the book, there are references and descriptions of things I like, including Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate both the films and the shows , and a whole lot of other lovely references IT did help to have the recommendations in some aspects as the character descriptions were based on it The book is filled with ever changing wit, and several turns in the plot come up It reads like what a Friends episode would be, in that there is a lot of social interaction and misguided but well intentioned things going on with the main character Do you have a least favorite part of the book Yes, yes I do, but I want to be sure I set the tone for what I am about to say properly to avoid misunderstandings I feel it s essential to anyone who is considering purchasing Resurrecting Cybele and that reader is a stickler on the structure of novels This is meant as a critique, not as a personal attack on the author or what she is doing in the book I am only giving this critique because I have a lot of friends, and also fellow book reviewers I know, tend to really score down on books with these issues As a reader, it helps to know that there are possible issues so that you can evaluate and decide if you want to read the book, nothing I give a lot of reviews where I do not knock off points for tense that is chosen, or in most cases pacing, so please know this comes from a place of respect and love With that out of the way, let s be very clear Resurrecting Cybele has no pacing issues If anything it s a swift read The main critique I have, Resurrecting Cybele has a big problem with structure, tense, and verbiage Let s start with the biggest thing that I think a reader who is a stickler on wording and prose is going to have, and that is the opening sequence Notice, I am not calling this the hook as I usually do because there was no hook, there was a sequence To be totally honest, the first few pages, I couldn t get into the story at all because of the sequence I had to put it down and come back about four times before I could get into it because I found it incredibly frustrating The only reason I did finally relax enough to just read it and let go of how the sequence made me feel was that I was drinking coffee and forcing myself to read it All that did was frustrate me as a reader, I didn t find it cute or whimsical at first, I had to relax and contemplate it to see the whimsy And let me state for the record, I am not some elitist, I don t get upset about people writing in whatever way their heart feels, what I got confused about was how disorienting it was for at least a page or two.I was left thinking Why did this happen and the answer was, I m honestly not sure what the sequence had been concocted for I m not sure if it was a callback to the Shakespearian offstage narration, which honestly was the most logical thing I could think of, or if it was some kind of teaser that was meant to be light and endearing Everything I love about hooks stems from the fact that they grab the reader s attention and keep them wanting to read Dynamic tension in those opening pages is necessary, it is what sticks to someone, and makes the book re readable Nothing about the first pages of Resurrecting Cybele did that for me Once you get past the sequence, then starts the story in some respects Which leads me to my next critique which I think will be frustrating to a reader who is a stickler for structure Brace yourselves, the other big issue I had was the changing POV If there is a character in the dialogue having an internal thought, it s not explicitly defined in the text in neither italics nor indeed any other indicator Most of the story is in 3rd person past tense, but it drifts in and out between characters and thoughts, and it is so confusing I kept having to go back and re read a paragraph to understand what just happened in the story The only other thing I have to critique is an issue with show me don t tell me Now, this isn t like with Tolkien, where if you read another book about backstories you will understand the characters better and thus the lore Resurrecting Cybele however, is written in such a way that it feels like you will never understand it unless you are writing it What I mean by that, especially in the beginning of the book, there are parts where the characters interact, and the reader is forced into this bubble where either we know what is going on, or we don t, and we just have to live with it Things fly fast in between dialogue that you can pick it up, but only if you re read it When that is combined with the POV and Inner thought issues, it can be confusing So look, it s up to you as a reader to decide what you want to do with your time and reading I don t know that I would re read this again I may give it a month and re read it just to see how I feel after some time has passed, but if you are someone who is triggered by story structure issues, this likely is not going to be a book you will want to read I like to give books sometimes second or third chances because I feel like we may take text differently depending on moods But that said, these are the issues with the book as I saw them, and I do not know if that helps you or not RecommendationsWould you recommend this to another person Anyone who loves episodic television sitcoms, slice of life stories and mostly the fun Pagan wit What is my rating Balancing the critique and the positive attributes, this is one of the first books I m going to take some points off for structure, but I did add points for how fast paced it was and also for the pop culture references I stopped and started this book many times, and I finished the entire thing in 4 hours With that in mind, this book is getting a 62 100 from me, and I m still not sure if I will re read it or not, I may try again in a month or so If I do, I will update my review on my Google collection.

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    This book has an abundance of interesting characters, witty dialogue, pop culture references, and very human motivations The story s plot twists are unexpected and its homage to ancient Greek and Roman culture provides a delightful sub text to the story, like a secret only you are privy too, even the character s names provide you with a subtle insight into their personalities The strong female protagonist and the women centric regligion she creates is a refreshing change from the norm The plotting and planning of Cybele and Janus are both amusing and diabolical It was difficult to put the book down as you wanted to see what they would be up to next a must read.

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    A Brilliant Satire About the Dangers of Cults and the God dess DelusionBy Julie Sara PorterBookworm ReviewsSpoilers From Charles Manson s Family to Nixivm, cults are a scary bunch They are mesmerizing, seductive, and incredibly violent They may start with good intentions to heal the world and teach others However, the members and leaders get caught up in the delusion that they have a direct pipeline to God and discover the road to Hell or their version is paved with said intentions The weak willed followers under them become susceptible to filling out their most dangerous violent and sexual urges and then the trouble really begins Jenifer Mohammed s insightful novel, Resurrecting Cybele, is a thought provoking look at the dangers cult produce from their Genesis to their Revelation This is what Paulo Coelho s Brida and The Witch of Portobello would be like if they were written in a cynical manner.Cybele Moondragon and her best friend, Janus Styx are bored with preparing their master s theses, concerned about the state of the world heading towards violence and prejudice, and short of money so they do what any bright idealistic cash poor young adult would do in such circumstances create their own culture of goddess worshipers.The cult is created to worship the Phrygian nature and Mother Goddess, Cybele and pull the world out of its patriarchal destruction or at least that s Cybele s intention Mohammed wrote a memorable deeply flawed protagonist She sells New Age trinkets like crystals, herbs, and amulets that she hopes will empower every recruit She also leads courses that are variations of yoga which will lead followers to communicate and meditate to the Goddess Like those who began religions before her, Cybele sees a need and aspires to fill it.Which is the opposite of the intentions in Janus her associate Mohammad cleverly brings out the contrast in the two leaders and their intentions towards the cult and their followers Besides the fact that Janus has one of those names to run away from really fast because he is named after the Roman two faced god, Janus is also a psychiatric counselor who could probably use some counseling himself He works at a soup kitchen but sees it s residents as vermin particularly four dumb guys who serve as Janus lackeys that do whatever he forces them to like playing pranks on an ex boyfriend It becomes clear to the Reader though not to Cybele that Janus sees a financial benefit to heading a cult as well as a lot of gullible people that he can use to do his bidding.While Resurrecting Cybele is a book that takes a strong look at the dangers of cult worship, it also has time to project other emotions It also provides its Readers with an underwritten triangle between Cybele, Janus, and Gabriel, an investigative reporter turned administrative assistant for the cult The triangle is played out in a way that is short on high school romance and theatrics and long on motive as Gabriel is not only attracted to Cybele but shares her ideals to guide the cult in a positive direction Janus is gay and has no such designs on Cybele but feels that Gabriel is a threat on their friendship and Janus influence on his female friend.Besides romance and drama, Resurrecting Cybele is also a clever satire Before their friendship implodes, Cybele and Janus are TV addicts and often quote references to their favorite science fiction programs back and forth When starting the cult, the duo compare the beginnings to the feuds between the Bajorans and Cardassians of Star Trek Deep Space Nine To shake a depressed Janus after being dumped, Cybele reminds him of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode in which one character said that people are so caught up in their own problems that they don t notice when someone else needs help Tellingly as the two protagonists end up on opposite sides of the cult debacle, the TV references stop as if to remind the Reader that satire is over and the world is no longer funny.Using these conflicting emotions of humor, romance, and drama allow Mohammed to open up the conflict on a wider scale so that the resolution towards the cult is less predictable and doesn t follow the particular destructive patterns that real life forbea

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    Our protagonist is Cybele who is busy hanging out with friends Janus and Cassie and not doing her English thesis One day she stumbles on an unusual business idea to create her own cult and sell potions and other gimmicks to make money Janus takes an interest and they quickly plan However things take a sinister turn than Cybele could have predicted.Cybele was a really well written character She is very eccentric at times yet Mohammed imbues her with enough likeable qualities that you cannot help but enjoy her company, and even go along with her crazy schemes It is a very unusual plot but with a sympathetic character like Cybele at the helm, you get sucked into it and Mohammed makes it work The friendship between Cybele and Janus was also well developed Following the characters progress and how their relationship evolves through the story was a delight to watch.The novel is stuffed full of pop culture references, everything from religion you have probably noticed two characters named after Gods to classical mythology to sci fi Admittedly I didn t understand all of the references, but I really liked how Mohammed fitting them into the novel and made them relevant to the plot They didn t feel shoehorned in As well as nods to pop culture, there is also a lot of witty one liners They did make me smile and it was nice to have them to balance out darker moments Mohammed juggles the funny and serious really well, without making them feel inappropriate.My one bit of criticism is that I found the first third quite slow paced Once we get to Cybele and Janus actually running their business the story picks up and it becomes really interesting Beforehand however I felt it dragged a little, and I just wanted the pacing to be slightly quicker However, overall Resurrecting Cybele was a fun novel with a completely different storyline that I ve never read before Mohammed s writing and characterisation are the novel s biggest assets, and I would recommend the novel if you re looking for something a bit different.

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    Resurrecting Cybele is a story about a girl named Cybele who is bored with her life She has no money or job She realises she doesn t want to finish her thesis and instead, she starts a cult business with her friend, Janus It s as if she believes she has been called upon to invent her own religion and act like a Goddess in her own religion Of course, to make matters worse, Gabe, an undercover reporter spies on Janus and Cybele Cybele is interested in Gabe and he likes her too but he is desperately looking for a story to write about and no one knows he is a reporter This takes the story to another level bringing mystery and intrigue.The story is also told through lots of dialogue and thoughts, which is different but interesting Some tv shows and movie references are made, which are incorporated into the author s dialogue between Cybele and her friends For example, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire, Andromeda, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Stargate, Batman, Seinfeld etc are mentioned by the characters during a conversation as they try to describe a particular moment, which really does lighten up the story, making it pleasantly comical.The story is dramatic and moves on slowly This sets up the scene for the upcoming plot, which reveals appealing scenes between friends with a twist through dialogue There are also some unexpected moments which make the story even interesting I found this book took some time to get into but it still made me want to read on to find out what would happen next to Cybele as she was a strong female character in this book that wanted her life to change for the better.

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    Cybele Moondragon is dissatisfied with her life She decides to turn her pagan religion into an income earning endeavour and pulls in her childhood friend, Janus, into the fledgling endeavour That s the basis of the story Add in an undercover reporter, a spurned lover, and eco terrorism and you have the makings of an interesting if wacky story set in contemporary times However, the book moves along primarily through conversations and the inner thoughts of the characters We are told what s happening or happened rather than actually living through it or having it dramatized for us I really wanted but it didn t quite hit the mark for me I received a complimentary copy from Booktasters for an honest review.

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    Ok, so this book is very interesting Cybele wishes to start her own occult religion with a friend, and both of them have different aspects or reasons for wishing to do this Soo that being said the novel is full of drama and kind of suspense in a way because as a reader you want to know if they are successful or not I definitely loved the dialogue between the characters and I definitely recommend its a great novel to check out