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Renaissance Lute Repertoire Lute Tablature Edition Can Be Viewed As Either A Supplement To The Popular Introduction To The Lute For Lute And Guitar Players Or As A Standalone Edition Of Th Century Lute Tablatures Play From Beautifully Typeset Scores, Music By John Dowland, Francesco Da Milano, Vincenzo Galilei Father Of The Famous Astronomer And Many Others, Including Vihuela Composers Narvaez And Milan Together, This Collection Provides A Beautiful And Extensive Overview Of Music For The Renaissance Lute This Edition Is In French Lute Tablature There Is A Separate Edition In Guitar Tablature Renaissance Lute Repertoire Guitar Tablature Edition

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    I m an amateur who mainly plays ukulele and guitar This volume has a good variety of pieces The printing is clear and easy to read I had some familiarity with French tabulature from reading French renaissance guitar facsimiles, but guitarists and uke players should be able to pick it up fast hint there s no j.One note Typical six course lutes are a bit smaller than modern classical guitars I noticed that some of the pieces call for extra left hand stretching on my classical guitar I didn t find any of them impossible, but folks with smaller hands might face a challenge One can always capo up a few frets I found this helpful on occasion, and it made for a pleasant change of sound.