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Slave rebellions | Britannica Slave rebellions in the history of the Americas periodic acts of violent resistance by black slaves during nearly three centuries of chattel slaverySuch resistance signified continual deep rooted discontent with the condition of bondage and in some places such as the United States resulted in ever stringent mechanisms for social control and repression in slaveholding areas The History of Michelangelo's 'Dying Slave' Ultimately left unfinished and omitted from the final design the Rebellious Slave and the Dying Slave now serve as highlights of the famed Muse du Louvre where they stand as symbols of Michelangelo's uest for absolute truth in art A Monumental Commission Michelangelo Design for the Tomb of Pope Julius II della Rovere Photo The Metropolitan Museum of Art Public Domain Rebellious Slave | Michelangelo | VA Search the Plaster cast painted plaster after the unfinished marble the Rebellious Slave by Michelangelo in Florence Italy in about and now in the Muse du Louvre Paris Cast by Monsieur Touire in Paris in about Museum Number REPRO CategoryMichelangelo's Rebellious Slave 'Rebellious Slave' Michelangelo JBUjpg ; MB Auguste Rodin Michel Ange Captif Gsell jpg ; KB Dying and Rebellious Slaves by Nat Turner rebellious slave Book Get this from a library Nat Turner rebellious slave Susan R Gregson A biography of the slave and preacher who believing that God wanted him to free the slaves led a major revolt in The Rebellious Slave Nat Turner the epitome of the rebellious slave a black messiah whose words and deeds challenged the slaveholding South and awakened a slumbering nation A maker of history in his own day Turner has been made to serve the most pressing needs of every generation since In remembering Nat Turner we are forced to confront — or deftly evade at our peril — the intertwined legacies of slavery and racial rebellious slave | Teresa Deborah Ryle As promised a post about my recently completed oil painting ‘The Rebellious Slave’ Back in I decided to draw a study of Michaelangelo’s ‘The Rebellious Slave‘ sculpture and I was uite pleased with the result you can now buy the piece on my website Earlier this month after looking at the piece again I decided to add some life and colour to the slave and create an oil Nat Turner's slave rebellion Wikipedia The Rebellious Slave Nat Turner in American Memory Boston MA Houghton Mifflin William Lloyd Garrison The Insurrection The Liberator September A contemporary abolitionist's reaction to news of the rebellion Walter L Gordon III The Nat Turner Insurrection Trials A Mystic Chord Resonates Today ISBN Thomas R Gray The Confessions of Nat The Rebellious Slave als kunstafdruk The Rebellious Slave The Rebellious Slave Michelangelo Buonarroti Renaissance The Rebellious Slave door Michelangelo Buonarroti Niet gedateerd marble Megapixel Afbeelding ID Louvre Paris France bridgemanimagescom Rebellious Slave Find link searching for Rebellious Slave found total alternate case rebellious Slave Battle of le Ronde words case mismatch in snippet view article find links to article blockade which began in October Concerned by food shortages and a rebellious slave population the French naval commander Jean Marie Renaud led his small

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    I don’t know what it takes for a book to become a bestseller I don’t know how ’50 Shades of Grey’ ever became so popular My wife said it was crap And judging by the 6363 one Star reviews it’s received in America alone there are at least 6363 people who agree with her Rebellious Slave is much much better For starters the writing’s far superior and there’s actually a plot Billierosie has created an excellent piece of fiction here tipping the whole theme of the dominatrix on its head and taking it to the extreme And bizarrely I loved it Not since ‘Venus in Furs’ has the sadomasochistic role of the female dominant submissive male been explored so elouently for this male is unconditionally accommodating There’s no switch here nor any hint of it The male is totally submissive spending his whole life in sexual servitudeA top read“Strike dear Mistress and cure his heart”

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    15 stars for the authors time and effortIf you want to know why people dislike books with dominant women read this book There was nothing safe sane or consensual about it and I didn't find it the least bit eroticOMG I want to rant so much right nowSo many things about this story rubbed me the wrong way Maybe it's a case of your kink's not be my kink I am a dominant woman and adore and respect submissive men Treating any human being like an animal turns my guts unless that's their kink of course This didn't appear to be view spoiler Having the luxury of choices was for Mistresses and free men and women; not for slaves A slave should be constantly reminded that his value was not as a human being but as an animal hide spoiler

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    WTF??? Spoiler alert be damnedAs another reviewer had commented this short story wasn't erotic What bits of it that could have been just ended up beinggross And the scene with the submissive male slave degrading his one night stand in a men's restroom while his dominant wife watchedI almost puked up my sweet potato pie dammit Note to self Mo if you think that you might be reading something gross don't eat beforehandWhile I find myself interested as in skimming the surface in fem dom writing this could have been so much better I have to say that the writer has some skill; I may even give this author one chance with another of her readsThis story also ended abruptlythen again maybe it was all for the best I don't think I would have bothered to read through another degrading sex act on a piss covered restroom floor UghInstead of 1 star it gets 2 for the writing

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    I hate to ruin the averages for what most people are rating 5 stars but this short 18 page story was good but not great The writing is strong However the story is just OK and the ending is so abrupt that you start thinking some of the pages might not have downloaded properly The world and images that this author creates are wonderful and makes me think that I would enjoy a complete book where characters can be developed and a full story told

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    Delve into this short but glorious fem dom story An impressive cliue of mistresses who show the true meaning of what it is like to be their slaves And what they will endure under their orders Especially when rules are brokenThis is explicit harsh and crude but delightful to read I hope there is Billierosie is an intelligent writer I will definitely be seeking out of her work

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    Not my usual read and not something that I would go for personally However the writing is superb and draws you in the characters draw you in as you discover there motives and feelings And although my proclivities do not run to femdom and bdsm the writing style of Billierosie paints a picture that leaves you wondering

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    Billierosie might just be one of my new favorite authors I picked up this novella since it's erotica that doesn't have a woman as a submissive It's ironic that in this day and age 2014 21st century that women are STILL being pushed into submission so when I read that this had male slaves it intrigued me Although it's limited in it the sex it has it's very well written I don’t know how ’50 Shades of Grey’ became so popular with the shit that it is Some people need to learn that numerous sex acts isn't as good or important as the UALITY of the sex acts and that throwing around words like cockpussy slick heat and pre cum don't necessarily make for a good read unless you're a bored and horny housewife then anything will turn you onand that's sad Moving onIn the world of the Coterie women are Dominants and they have submissives of both genders Men aren't alphas ego maniacal trying to push women down or any of that crap They serve their Mistresses and do so willingly and happily where the Hell do I sign up for this?? All except Reuben who had one moment of weakness with a female slave whose name he didn't even know As punishment Reuben is chained naked in a cage with only water and a chamber pot His Mistress and her friend the head of the Coterie have a discussion of what to do with him and come to the conclusion to sell him though deep inside he longs for his Mistress's return What I like about this other than the aforementioned is that there is true devotion to the women It's not ownership of her soul it's giving over his Billierosie is articulate descriptive and not shy about words and phrases that Americans are It's such a shame that we claim to be such a liberal nation yet it's UK writers that are so female friendly and well spoken Also kudos to not having some idiot with 6 pack abs on the cover just to sell a book The art on Billierosie's cover is a direct reflection of the art in her words on the pageThere were some things mentioned that weren't necessarily a turn on but just the fact that they were mentioned at all was what I enjoyed The only thing I didn't like was that it was too short I would have loved for this to have been a full length novel instead of a novella However I will definitely be reading from this author

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    Whenever Billierosie takes on a new project her fans sit politely in anticipation all the while suirming inside hot for her words of erotic passionWhile her newest contribution to the erotica genre may be short around 30 pages or so it packs an impressive punch Her descriptions of musculature pulse rates and facial features lend an intimate understand of Reuben's physiology before we readers learn his name In “Rebellious Slave” Billierosie explores the dominant and submissive lifestyle from the uniue view of a male submissive As most readers of the popular sub genre can attest that particular role is typically left to a female Here however the dominants are members of the cruelly sensual organization known as The Coterie operated entirely by female dominants It's this reversal from the norm that gives “Rebellious Slave” an edge In her newest story Reuben commits a cardinal sin against his alluring Mistress Melissa something she does not take lightly Light historical clever and oh so raunchy “Rebellious Slave” is sure to linger in your mind after reaching the conclusion which comes all too soon But those waiting to learn about the sexual women of the Coterie can always look to the past In 2012 Billierosie produced the wonderfully erotic “Enslaving Eli” which takes the point of view of another male submissive Eli after he falls for the wrong or right? girl Jasmine shares her wild secret life with the eager young man introducing him to The Coterie organization and its charter of full male domination Can Eli escape their clutches? Or will his addiction to relinuish control overwhelm all else?Billierosie's short works have appeared in numerous anthologies including The Love That Never DiesErotic Encounters with the Undead the Sherlockian erotica book My Love of all That is Bizarre The Erotic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and many others Her first collection of wonderfully smutty BDSM stories Fetish Worship raised the bar for uality erotic fiction

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    Have to admit that femdom isn't usually my thing but I was really impressed with BR's blog posts so when she offered me a chance to read Rebellious Slave in exchange for an honest review I jumped at the chance The story opens in media res which is fitting for a seuel Right away we ask uestions why is Reuben imprisoned? Where is he being held? The uestions lead us to the existence of a secret society of Dominant Women called the Coterie I have a soft spot for secret society stories and this one piued my imaginationBut even the existence of the Coterie only leads to other uestions how could Reuben's crime have happened? Surely he was the victim of a conspiracy thinks one of the mature members of the CoterieListening to the two dom women in the story discuss Reuben's history and his fate was extremely arousing I suppose it appealed to my writerly instincts I often have conversations with myself about what perversions to inflict on my characters It makes me think I might have to try and read a little FEMDOM literature at least by Billie Rosie anyway as the cliff hanger at the end left me wanting

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    After reading the reviews I was looking forward to reading this book short story I was extremely disappointed I found the story and the characters to lack any sort of depth With the story weighing in a less than twenty pages I would have liked to see it be longer to allow for some character exploration I didn't think the writing was particularly good either The topic could provide for some interesting stories but this is not one of them