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The True Stories Of Producers Behind Jazz S Unforgettable Sounds In Histories Of Music, Producers Tend To Fall By The Wayside Generallyunknown And Seldom Acknowledged But Without Them And Their Contributionsto The Art Form, We D Have Little On Record Of Some Of The Most Importantmusic Ever Created Discover The Stories Behind Some Of Jazz S Best Sellingand Most Influential Albums In This Collection Of Oral Histories Gathered Bymusic Scholar And Writer Michael Jarrett Drawing Together Interviews Withover Fifty Producers, Musicians, Engineers, And Label Executives, Jarrett Shinesa Light On The World Of Making Jazz Records By Letting His Subjects Tell Theirown Stories And Share Their Experiences In Creating The American Jazz Canon Packed With Fascinating Stories And Fresh Perspectives On Over Albums And Artists, Including Legends Such As Louis Armstrong, JohnColtrane, And Miles Davis, As Well As Contemporary Artists Such As DianaKrall And Norah Jones, Pressed For All Time Tells The Unknown Stories Of The Men And Women Who Helped To Shape The Quintessential American Sound

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    There are countless biographies about and autobiographies from jazz musicians of varying fame This is the first book where the actual album producers have been interviewed recounting behind the scenes events that spawned famous and favourite jazz albums Included are interviews with legendary producers such as from CBS, Atlantic and Blue Note labels You learn of the lengths some of them needed to reach to bring a perfect product to the disk presses, hence the title We learn of the early days of audiotape where producers literally had to cut and splice segments of tape to get the perfect note, phrase, length and so forth It was all in the name of getting the musicians to sound their best and to get the best product out there for us to enjoy and savour My favourite quote is from Dave Brubeck recounted by the great George Avakian himself When a prominent writer quizzed George after hearing he had spliced bits of Dave s album Brubeck Time, Jarrett invited that writer to ring Dave directly and ask him what he thought about it, and gave him the phone number Dave responded to the splicing process thus, George saved my f g ass Because the book consists of a succession of jazz albums, it is easy to dip in and out of A very good read if you re a jazz fan.

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    I was surprised how much I enjoyed and learned from this book It provided insights into the methods of the engineers and producers of many of my favorite recordings, and in some cases, into the musicians themselves The author interviewed dozens of producers, engineers, and musicians, that were still alive when he was researching the book Those interviewees talk about their own working methods, and also of those who taught and influenced them The book is arranged chronologically, beginning with acoustic recording and the early Armstrong classics that were among the first electrical recordings It is by no means inclusive, but it concentrates on jazz, and it does provide a good window into how records have been made over the years.I m a retired audio professional with some experience in live recording but virtually no studio chops I found the technical details generally credible with few if any glaring errors, and I learned a LOT about the extensive tape editing performed by some of the producers I also learned that many of the most successful of these producers were trained musicians, and most if not all were serious fans before they worked in the music business.

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    Insightful read about many jazz recordings that have set the tone for how this extraordinary music was and is presented I must admit that my attention wanes in the digital age but that is because of my age The 3 star review probably written by a country music fan

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    ignore the previous reviewer This is a smart and entertaining book with insights and perspectives that enrich the listening experience No one else has gone to the trouble to get this kind of perspective, and it is not only historically important, but a lot of fun

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    To paraphrase John Lennon Talking about music is like talking about sex.Admittedly, I personally like talking about music however a little selectivity in this book would have been welcome.Too many of the various producers, musicians, et al interviewed are simply so inarticulate that, after a while, it just gets tiring trying to derive any sense out of what exactly they are attempting to communicate.My approach to musical expression is always from a very human perspective John Koening Oh really What other perspectives are there From an aardvark A chimpanzee There s also the usual blather about feeling and how important it is in musicOh, please