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Initially skeptical because of its fictional nature, as I read this book I found myself drawn in with excitement and anticipation at the strong, inspiring story the author wrote Please Don t Remove Margreat s Glasses is about a privileged young man who ends up losing everything, even ending up in jail for his actions But after leaving jail, having nothing to his name and having been cut loose by his entitled family, he meets a man who introduced him to God despite the young man s constant rejection Gripping, masterfully written and suspenseful, this is one book you will not want to miss reading The author is also faithful to the teachings of the Church in his writing, so the story is ideal for Catholic Christian families and young adults. Please Don T Remove MarGreat S Glasses Is An Inspirational Coming Of Age Story That Follows The Trials And Tribulations Of Privileged Teenager, Timothy Clement, As He Prepares For His First Year Of Law School Timothy And His Two Closest Friends Embark On One Last Adventure Before Heading To College Which Puts Them In The Middle Of Miami S Seedy Nightlife, Complete With Partying, Wild Girls And Various Illegal Activities Things Go Horribly Wrong When Timothy Crosses The Wrong People And His Younger Brother Stephen Pays For Timothy S Reckless Behavior With His Life Stripped Of His Status, Abandoned By His Friends And Family, And Incarcerated, Timothy Is Forced To Reevaluate His Life, And In Particular, His Atheist Beliefs After Being Paroled, Timothy Reluctantly Accepts The Charity Of A God Fearing Man Named Jude Who Takes Him In And Helps Him Assimilate Back Into Society Jude Patiently Offers His Support While Timothy Endures Prejudice, Poverty, And Physical Disfigurement After A Freak Accident Jude Remains Steadfast In His Attempts To Persuade Timothy To Put His Faith In God, But Timothy Will Hear Nothing Of The Sort Can Jude Show This Young Atheist That It Is Never Too Late For Salvation Poetry usually carries with it a connotation of language and sensory detail While such delightful imagery is not absent from this novel, it is the poetry of ideas, of a journey, that marks Please Don t Remove MarGreat s Glassesas especially noteworthy.The journey of Timothy Clement is a powerful testimony to forgiveness and hope that invests the reader emotionally from the very first page The author carefully crafts his words in such a way that empathy is instantly won Without knowing the whole story, the reader is immediately offered a snapshot into Timothy s heart that is raw, emotional, and real I remember tearing up while reading just the first chapter, even though I had not yet had the opportunity to completely get to know the characters After the reader is thrown out of the flash forward, he follows Timothy as he moves from a spoiled but relatively innocent young man to a scarred and bitter survivor to, finally, a man who grows into himself because he has chosen the righteous path The journey is heartbreakingly honest in its portrayal and filled with depth and meaning In a carefully drawn spectrum reminiscent of Les Mis rables, our modern day Jean Valjean eventually passes down the Christ like legacy of love after encountering a series of human guardian angels, most notably Brother Jude When Timothy is disowned by his own father due to tragic circumstances, Brother Jude becomes a spiritual father to him While initially feeling disdain for the religious, Timothy eventually develops respect for his new mentor, and a friendship is born Their friendship is both beautiful and real, portrayed masterfully in both dialogue and wordless moments Equally striking is the cyclical repetition in this poetic arc when the role of fatherhood is passed on to Timothy in the wake of another tragedy Throughout the novel, Baker seamlessly weaves a profound thematic thread pertaining to St Anthony of Padua, the Patron Saint of Lost Articles It is well developed and poetic, remaining one of my very favorite elements of the book As Timothy s mother lays dying, she gives her son a St Anthony necklace, telling him, He helps find people who are lost I found this to be a beautiful variation on finding lost articles The richness of the symbolism will strike a chord with readers as Timothy refuses to part with the necklace even when its full meaning is unknown, even in the most dismal of circumstances when he is lost While this may be attributed to loyalty to his mother, the reader is still given a sense that there isto it When Timothy finds shelter in a church named after this great saint, its significance deepens, allowing its full meaning to be revealed The climax of this thematic thread is nothing less than a work of art as a broken promise becomes a new promise restored and renewed.The novel also serves as a beautiful tribute to the use of the gifts that God has given us Art is especially highlighted as a gift that may be used for both good and ill, to harm or to heal In a day and age in which the mainstream celebrates misuse of art and other special gifts, MarGreat serves as a keen reminder that may stimulate dialogue long after the last page is read Once again, the poetic cycle continues as one man s decision to use his talents compels another to follow suit As a result, pain is transformed into beauty, offering an inspiring conclusion.Thought provoking and engaging, Please Don t Remove MarGreat s Glassesis a hallmark in its genre I highly recommend this powerful story of redemption, faith, and true love. wonderful book I enjoyed reading Don t judge this book by its cover.I ventured into reading this book through a mutual friend of the author I knew of his character and integrity, so I picked up a friend s copy of the book and started reading it After reading a single page, it became clear that the author has not only command of the English language, but a profound understanding of humanity Baker wastes no time in getting the reader engrossed in the story You re immediately hooked The book eventually became so engrossing that I had to temporarily suspend all non vital life activities so that I could quickly finish it The story is filled with brilliant twists and turns, including several moments that will tug on your heartstrings.I personally could relate to the main character, Tim, who is a typical care free risking taking young man Unbreakable and immortal, young men love taking risks because they ve never experienced the reality of the consequences But for Tim, those consequences are coming, and become unbearably real.The journey and maturation of Timothy is seamless and organic The messages along the way are profound to the point where it causes you to be introspective about your own life about how you treat others and how your choice on who to love is an act of will You have nothing to lose by choosing to treat other people with unconditional love and compassion, even if they don t repay it in kind.I ve recommended the book to both my mom and dad, who are both enjoying the beginning of it Likewise, I recommend it to people of all age groups Margreat s Glasses will not only etch moments into your heart for the rest of your life, but it will also open your eyes to see the world through a new pair of glasses. I thouroughly enjoyed this book I got it in a giveaway through It kept my attention the entire book, lots of great characters and the plot is fantastic Thanks so much for the great book Disclosure I was raised Catholic and consider myself a secular person A few years ago after 9 11 I was fired up about new atheism if religion could make people fly planes into buildings who needs religion, you get the picture I would still call myself secular at the moment but I am not fired up about going after religion these days So about this book I have a few quibbles with the author s understanding of my tribe of seculars but putting that aside the book spoke to my heart if not completely to my intellect It made me introspect quite a bit about how I fall short of doing good There were a few clunky notes but I really liked the message of this book about redemption I would say it touched me in a way and left me with things to think about If that was the author s intent then he did a good job.