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Yvonne Floyd is heading to Rome to play a very important part No, she isn t an actress but she is the best friend to Roma Internazionale s star footballer Robbie Gutierrez has been her friend since childhood and he needs to hide his sexuality until he inks a very important contract This is where Yvonne comes in She will be pretending to be Robbie s fianc Should be an easy gig right An extended paid vacation in Rome, treated like royalty It would have been perfect if she hadn t met Robbie s teammate Paolo Paolo makes her blood race and he just so happens to be Robbie s enemy on the team What s a girl to do Staunchly protect her fake role in Robbie s life or pursue a once in a lifetime chance at love Koko Brown s Player s Ultimatum rocks I love everything about this story The fun engaging characters and the very cool plot line make Player s Ultimatum a hit Yvonne s relationship with her friend Robbie is exciting and enjoyable Her relationship with Paolo is scorching and titillating I like Paolo s journey throughout the story He really must evaluate his thinking and his actions His interactions with Yvonne are perfect and the sauna scene one of my favorites sizzles with untapped sexual tension You don t want to miss this treat Player s Ultimatum is spicy and overflowing with drama Reviewed by Miranda for Joyfully Reviewed Man, I love soccer, but this really just looks like one big cheese fest.Friends reviews are telling me stay far, far away. 3 3.5 starsThis was an enjoyable story I liked Yvonne and Paolowell he s hot, sometimes sweet and I had mixed feelings about him at times but in the end I liked him too Yvonne is a graduate student and has a great head for business She s almost done with her degree when her best friend, Robbie, asks her to put her life on hold and help him out of a bind Robbie is a professional football player European football aka soccer and gay There has been some bad press around him that he is worried will cause him not to get a contract renewal and ruin his career Robbie convinces Yvonne to pose as his fiancee until the end of the season in exchange for paying off her student loans She agrees and joins him in Rome where Robbie s team is located to start her role as his fake fiancee Paolo had a tough life growing up and had to fight hard for everything he has He excels in football and is one of the highest paid players in the European league He s also very smart and has other business interests as well Paolo is known as a playboy but his rep seems to be a bit blown out of proportions the paparazzi and wanna be girlfriends Paolo has some mis placed anger toward Robbie because he replace a friend of Paolo s on the team with some deeper stuff mixed in It s not really Robbie s fault but Paolo wants to bring him down Because of this, when Paolo meets Yvonne and finds out she s Robbie s fiancee, he decides with some encouragement from a greedy jerk to try to seduce her and make trouble for Robbie through her.Yvonne and Robbie show up at their first game together and the press get to see them as a couple after the game Things are going pretty well until, while waiting outside the locker room for Robbie to come out, Yvonne ends up meeting Paolo and is instantly weak in the knees at the sight of him She also gets the impression that he doesn t like Robbie very well which makes her seemingly uncontrollable attraction for him a big problem Over the next few weeks they meet a couple times and Yvonne can never seem to control her attraction to himbarely keeping from doing things she shouldn t with him on multiple occasions Paolo tries seducing her but is also very attracted to Yvonne and finds that and he just wants to be with her and not caring about Robbie except for the fact that Robbie and Yvonne s relationship is keeping Paolo from being with Yvonne full time Yvonne manages to avoid anything to major going down with Paolo although there are a few intense encounters until she goes to a masked ball during the Carnival celebration Yvonne meets a masked man and feels a strong attraction Not knowing who her masked man is and not thinking he knows who she is , Yvonne ends up spending the night with him Before she can escape the next morning she finds out it was Paolo she slept with and he s not willing to just let it go He uses her wish for silence to blackmail her in to being his lover on a regular basis Not wanting to risk ruining Robbie s career and admitting to herself that she s not good at saying no to Paolo, Yvonne agrees to his proposal.Paolo and Yvonne engage in their clandestine affair and although Yvonne feels guilty about lying to Robbie, she feels she has to in order to save him in the end Yvonne is sure that Paolo will get tired of her sooner or later and hopefully he ll keep his promise not to leak anything to the press or Robbie I actually liked the method that Paolo set up for Yvonne to visit him without raising any suspicion It was kind of sweet because he gave Yvonne something she liked while getting time with her Paolo had his moments both ways..sometimes sweet and sometimes a real jerk Yvonne isn t what I d call a strong female character but she does have her moments They both start to have deeper feelings for each other as they spend and time together Paolo finally realizes that he doesn t care about his revenge any and just wants Yvonne He s determined to win her from Robbie one way or another Unfortunately, Paolo makes a wrong move and pushes Yvonne too far and she breaks it off with him regardless of the consequences She admits things to Robbie and they wait to see what happens I don t want to go in to too much detail but there is some surprises and some drama before everything is over To be honest, there was a little too much drama because Yvonne gets hurt at one point because no one bothered to let her in on the plan making her to feel betrayed on multiple levels Regardless of this, things do work out and Yvonne and Paolo get their HEA.I enjoyed reading this story I liked the characters but wished the secondary character would have been a little fleshed out I think that Robbie should have been a little involved and active in the story but maybe I m just being picky Overall, this was a good story. I generally enjoyed this story I thought it was sort of a twist on a familiar theme someone needs someone else to pretend to be engaged so they don t have to do this or that In this case, it was gay Robbie who needed his best friend Yvonne to pretend to be his fiancee so he would be likely to get his soccer contract at the end of the season Yvonne figured it couldn t hurt Robbie was offering some pretty hefty financial incentives, and she did love him as a friend Nobody counted on Paolo, though Paolo who always gets what he wants and almost immediately homes in on Yvonne And unfortunately, Paolo has it in for Robbie In fact, it was Paolo s digging into Robbie s private life that made Robbie approach Yvonne And Paolo is the consummate ladies man He rarely dates the same woman twice, but there s something about YvonneI liked that Paolo and Yvonne were so drawn to each other I thought Yvonne was a little bit sloppy though at the masquerade ball when view spoiler she went off with a man she didn t know, who turned out to be Paolo hide spoiler 3.5 to 4 starsYou need to take this story with a grain of salt or you will really not enjoy it Suspend disbelief for a few hours.Yvonne Floyd agreed to become her best friend Robbie s beard until he gets his contract signed and delivered You see Robbie is drafted as Italy s new soccer star In a society that is traditional especially when it comes to their soccer players , questions regarding sexuality is dangerous and career ending Since Yvonne is up to her eyeballs in student loans, she agreed to be Robbie s fake fianc for pay and for the sake of friendship.Until she catches the eye of Paolo Saito, he is the team s captain and Robbie s nemesis.Paolo has it out for Robbie Robbie took the spot slotted for Paolo s best friend and consequently view spoiler committed suicide because of it hide spoiler This is my first story from Koko Brown I was pleasantly surprised Long story short, I was happy with the price, found the story steamy and interesting I wanted to give this story 5 starsI really did but somewhere towards the middle of the story I lost slight interest Yvonne was beginning to read a bit wishy washy and then she got better as I progressed What saved this story from being dull or boring Paolo I wondered how the author would have pulled off such the premise of a girl pretends to be fiancee of gay best friend, falls for best friend s teammate but it was done Not 100% smoothly but definitely pretty close I still recommend this to be purchased because if you like athlete stories and hot sex scenes with an actual plot, try this story out. I ve been on the fence about this book for months I am a die hard sports fan and though hockey is my favorite go PENS soccer is my first love So, I tend to skip athletes as heroes because rarely do I find one that doesn t make me see red due to the authors utter lack of research One newer book actually had a hockey player receiving a penalty that was nearly an hour long seriously, wtf I finally gave in and borrowed this book and from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU KOKO BROWN She got European football so bang on, she even managed to work in a version of the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE So, what about the romance Well that was up and down On the upside, Paolo sounded extremely hot He was not only built like a Ninja Turtle, he was smart and who doesn t love a Portuguese accent And he was an Alpha without being too much of an a hole He and Yvonne had a lot of chemistry and it never felt forced Also, I loved how they were drawn to each other yet it wasn t insta love On the downside, Yvonne had a tendency to act like a tween at a Justin Bieber concert when she was around Paolo She has a few too many TSTL moments when she thought he dropped her for Robbie I couldn t even laugh she sounded like an idiot and I never bought her not recognizing his voice, kiss, body or scent when they hooked up at the Carnivale party And this is going to make me sound like Elaine from Seinfeld, but all of the exclimaming They exclaimed at times there were as many per sentence as there were words at every turn and it got to the point where they all seemed to be screaming at one another I give this one 3 1 2 stars. Never have I read a book where I itched to count the instances of the improper use of the exclamation point It made the book feel very, very silly There were quite a few times where I reread the paragraph to myself and inserted a period where the exclamation point was and it made a lot sense There were a LOT of editing problems with this book and lots and lots of lines that just plain and simple did not work The line with the milkshake was one The line where her orgasm was compared to a Cat 5 hurricane was another Paolo s inner thought about Yvonne s hips being made for having babies and sex didn t work And I reread that section where she handed him a dagger and told him to cut off his hand as an apologyand he actually seriously considered it Just weird, weird, weird Now, why the three stars Well, the setting for oneItaly is a really romantic place to have a book set and the author did a good job on the descriptions of the settings The sex was pretty freaking hot if you could look past all the cheesy lines that were inserted along with the overuse of the exclamation points And the ending, to me, was not predictable at all It caught me off guard in some ways and really wrapped up a little too neatly in others, but there is definitely than meets the eye to Paolo Saitoand it s interesting to watch the onion layers be peeled back Entertaining for sure, very descriptive, but not one that I ll read again. Description Yvonne Floyd agrees to pose as her best, gay friend s fiancee, so that he can sign another contract with the Italian soccer team he plays for, which has a conservative owner However, she doesn t count on falling for Robbie s Japanese Brazilian teammate, Paulo.The Good This book had me at the description I ve never read any romance novel with a soccer player as the hero And though I m not a fan of the sport, Ms Brown does a fantastic job of introducing us into the world And unlike most romance novels involving athletes, she actually gives us a taste of the sport It s like an IR version of the TV show, THE GAME I seriously could not turn the pages fast enough The heroine was big boned in all the right ways, and the Japanese Brazilian hero, Paulo Hot Hot Hot And he rocks a fauxhawk how cool Also, there are two zinger surprises at the end that I just loved.The Bad A key piece of information concerning Paolo s motivation is kept hidden until the end There s nothing wrong with having a character hold on to a big secret, but if the reader doesn t know there s a secret she should be waiting to hear, then it translates into of a Wha than a Surprise when it s revealed But in this case, Ms Brown s strong plot made up for any unclear character motivation.The Naughty Erotic Sex with masks Sex in bathroom.Editing issues A few typos I counted nine.Publisher Koko BrownLength NovelFinal Grade B Happy Reading, Theodora from irbookreviews.com Yvonne Floyd S Best Friend And Gay Soccer Player Robbie Gutierrez Proposes The Impossible Pose As His Fianc E Until He Can Ink A Lucrative Contract Hounded Day And Night By The Media S Constant Speculation Over His Sexual Orientation, Robbie Doesn T Want To Run The Risk Of Losing His Career Over Who He Sleeps With Although Yvonne Feels Robbie Has Lost His Marbles, She Takes One For The TeamWhile Yvonne Is Initiated Into The Fast Paced World Of International Soccer, She S Ill Prepared For A Mutual Attraction To Robbie S Teammate, Paolo Saito And When The Japanese Brazilian Footballer Discovers Her Secret And Turns The Tables On Her, Yvonne Loses Sight Of Her Goal And Risks Sacrificing Than Just Her Heart Warning Strong Sexual Content And Adult Language