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No risk is too great no journey too far for true love In pre Civil War America the small town of Graham in Adams County Pennsylvania lies just north of the Mason Dixon line There are many secrets surrounding the town’s founding but it’s mission is clear to be a haven for citizens of all races These erotic tales explore the blossoming love of three couples during a time of upheaval and uncertainty Meet the men who will risk everything to protect the women they love The Passionate Protectors Enticed With no other physicians nearby Dr Jonathan Doyle is often overwhelmed by his workload When the runaway Naomi Weathers faints at his doorstep he treats her malady and sees a solution to his own Can this beautiful woman with the blood of Zulu healers flowing in her veins escape her past to become his nurse and ? Enchanted A run in with a mountain cat has trapper Carter Thibedaux ready to leave his adventurous career behind for safer pursuits Arriving in his aunt and uncle’s hometown the dark beauty Miss Deidre LaRue captures his heart Discovering that she’s the town’s madam doesn’t change his feelings But can a woman like Diedre fit into his new “stable” life? Enraptured Deputy Andrew Powers is smitten with soiled dove turned waitress Suzanne Lewis Just as their courtship begins to take shape fire destroys the town’s café Suzanne is accused of arson in the café’s destruction Can her innocence be proven or will Andrew’s intuition fail him once again?

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    I received ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review I can attest that this erotic historical romance box set is one to own These 3 stories show how loving from the right person is all that one really needs And they definitely do some loving scenes so hot they set the pages on fire🔥 This box set definitely has earned its way into my reread rotation