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There was a serious lack of drama, suspense and tension in this book The lengthy descriptions and idle conversations were dull enough without the subject matter going from hockey to guns to bombs I braved the first boring 200 pages because I was sure once the hunt for the Partials began we would see something a little kickass, dangerous, pulse pounding something that would make me excited to read on Unfortunately, I was wrong This is another one of those books that will be just right for fans of very slow plot development, but not one for people like me who prefer something a bit faster paced and nastier.This story is about a world where the human population has dwindled to approx 40,000 because of a disastrous war with genetically engineered soldiers called Partials The remaining few have congregated on an island, but all the babies born to the women die within a few days due to the release of a virus by the Partials The adults, however, remain immune to this virus Now the thing I find quite unbelievable is that we re expected to just accept that expert researchers have been studying the babies for years in search of a cure, and yet it takes a sixteen year old girl to come up the idea that they should also be looking at why adults have immunity to the virus I mean duh.The romance, too, was so flat and uninteresting that it only served to make things worse This book is for someone, I m sure, though I don t know who to recommend it to Probably those who thought The Book of Blood and Shadow had good pacing. I m gonna struggle a bit here and say some good things The writing is clear The characters are easily visualized The plot twist is serviceable It s not a bad book There s plenty of tension and action and big fear.But Yeah, well, um I m read it before A lot But it s YA It s meant for new readers who ve never been blown away by classics like Darwin s Radio or The Children of Men or any of two out of three dystopian YA novels on the market.Add cute girl and two cute boys, give her talent and drive, cut and paste into a slightly different dystopian future filled with almost everyone dead, add supersoldiers, mix, then a reveal Sound familiar That s because it s formula Powdered milk with a bit of mineral fortification It kinda misses the whole point of having a bunch of thriving gut flora and leaves a child s mind weakened to truly invasive memetically modified horrorshows that will change your life.Again, it s pretty standard stuff It s okay But it won t change anyone s life. You can now check out the Partials trailer right HERE on Goodreads A Partials themed Acrostic Pregnancy obligations for the young like in Bumped.Amateur military of Falling Skies.Rioters and mercenaries threaten way of life like in The Survivors.The MC is a bad ass female scientist like in BonesInfertility woes of the women on the Lost island.Artificially created humans similar to Cylons from Battlestar Galactica.Lots of myths being busted.SCIENCE The Rundown The world has been decimated by an airborne virus that killed 99.9% of the population The virus was released by beings called Partials, genetically engineered soldiers that look just like us but with 10 times the strength and stamina.The Partials have let the few remaining humans live in peace as long as they don t cross the border into Partials territory Every female of age is required to be pregnant as often and as soon as possible The current reigning government, the Senate, figures that if the citizens have enough babies, some of them will eventually be born with a natural immunity to the airborne virus that fills the air around them and decimates their newborn population After a decade of births, this still has not happened Every baby dies within mere hours Our main character, Kira, has this brilliant idea that the scientists should focus on discovering how the immunity really works and figure out why the remaining adults and the Partials are immune And now for an intermission of Lyndsey Thoughts Me Wait a tic Kira thinks of this No one else in a decade, not even the Senate, has thought of that Other Me Duh, Lyndsey She s the main character Of course, she thought of it Me Right I guess she s pretty smart then.Other Me Also, the Senate is full of bozos.Me Okay, thanks for clearing that up, Self.In order to investigate the Partials immunity, they need to find one that will help them and the chances of that are pretty much zero So they have get a hold of one somehow Here s where it gets interesting Veddy, veddy interesting The Enevitable BSG Comparison At first, I expected to be comparing this to Battlestar Galactic as I read And sure, the storyline and background of the two share a lot of similarities, but Partials and BSG are two completely different beasts I was completely caught up in the science and the questions of this book Battlestar Galactica is so epicly character based, and I can t imagine it any other way Characterization was not a strong point of Partials I never heavily connected to the characters, but I was SO captivated by their surroundings and their story The tone of this book felt like a science based procedural crime show set in a post apocalyptic world populated by cyborgs and a few remaining humans This is Battlestar Galactica if Battlestar Galatica had been written by the writers of Bones Characterization and Romance The weak link in Partial s chain was it s characterization It s written in third person and I found it difficult to truly hear the voices of the characters In fact, the only one I ever emotional connected to was the one that wasn t even human the Partial that we meet later on, Samm But considering that I am actually a cylon, you could say we share a certain kinship and all.The Senate, Kira s arch nemesis, is full of people who are delusional and one dimensional, seeming to be so set in their ways that they don t care if it destroys them.Romance does not play much of a part AT ALL in this novel It s an extra, meandering about in the background, sipping it s vente chai soy latte and speaking in a fake British accent In fact, I couldn t have been less interested in the so called romantic storyline between Kira and Marcus But even so, this book and it s story managed to transcend it s characters Does this put the SCI in SCI FI This is pretty hard science fiction for YA Don t get me wrong, I ve definitely seen harder Did you know that robots now play ping pong And have ROCK HARD ABS Humina humina. But that s usually in adult fiction, so this is a welcome move into the realm of young adult novels Partials is an excellent choice for fans of sciencey science fiction That s me Kira spends time actually asking questions and analyzing data And I loved every minute of it Amazingly and most importantly, I felt like I understood it all.I don t really know anything about how viruses work But when reading this book, I am operating on the assumption that the author writing about viruses knows at least than I do That being said, I felt Dan Wells did an amazing job at breaking down the science, especially toward the end I had a lot of questions while reading Why do the babies get sick only after they are born If the virus is airborne, why couldn t the babies survive in a filtered clean roomConveniently enough, Kira had a lot of the same questions and managed to answer many of my concerns.I ve recently come to the realization that my obsession with literature stems from a quest for knowledge I constantly feel the need to learn and grow and change To see and imagine new things I feel like this is one of those novels One of those novels that attempts to push thinking forward, that focuses on the questions of life, as opposed to the problems in it.Many post apocalyptic novels are problem based, not question based They encounter a problem and they push through In Partials, Kira encounters a question and she answers it A problem is just something that you have to work through and solve You either solve it or you don t A question is something that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities Questions are often accompanied by their own problems, however This is a story about solutions Solutions to the questions asked and to the problems that come along with it The mark of a great science fiction author is having the ability to make the reader believe that they are a freaking rocket scientist. Or in the case of this book A virologist Write it so well that the reader is sciencing that science right along with the main characters Dan Wells certainly excelled at doing just that The Pacing I started this book with a straight face Twenty five percent in, I was pursing my lips in question Fifty percent in, I was nodding my head in agreement Seventy five percent in, I was grinning with excitement At the end, I was passed out from exhaustion and amazement.The story moves along consistently, but not at a breakneck pace either It has quite a bit of action and a constant crawl of information The Verdict Partials is a dense post apocalyptic delicious dessert, swirled with dystopian undertones, and topped off with dark military themes Who wouldn t want a piece of that Well, what do you know There s actually a BOOK for that I worry that it may have a hard time finding an audience as a young adult book because it is so heavily grounded in science Sci fi in YA excites me, and this book was a great start to what is hopefully a new trend in the young adult world.The story is not character or romance based, but it is high in concept, plot and science It is also not a standalone as I previously assumed, seeing as it ends on a semi cliffhanger It is questioning, yet not too philosophical Light cerebral sci fi.If you re looking at experimenting with science fiction And, come on, science fiction and experimentation go GREAT together , Partials would be an excellent place to start. oh my god i just got an unexpected ARC of this on the SAME DAY as i got the new ron rash ARC what is a girl to do too many good things at once this is the best nightmare i have ever had this is a very high three stars it would have been a four if i was just judging it on enjoyment and the ability of the plot to engage me but i have decided to be responsible when reviewing the YA, and not just letting it get away with stuff just because its intended audience is probably going to let it get away with stuff since the lines between YA and adult fiction keep getting and blurred, and since dan wells has written primarily for adults before this, my hammer is coming down.exposition is tough catching a reader up to the action occurring in the novel s past, particularly in dystopian settings where it is bound to be complicated, is tricky but this isn t a movie a book has the advantage of not having to do this in dialogue and when you do choose to do it in dialogue, it just sounds clunky.character one remember five years ago when this thing happened character two i do, but then that other thing happened so it made it somehow worse, but we were able to do blank which prevented us from blankety blanking.character one right, but we forgot about that other thing.character two yeah, that was rough.i mean that is just an example of how awkward this kind of thing can be it is obviously not as bad in the book, but it rankles nonetheless to have characters sitting around discussing events they lived through as though giving a memorized oral report on historical just works better to have characters thinking these things to themselves benefit of the medium ca h in on it the other complaint i have, and this might be unavoidable in YA lit of this kind, is how much agency these kids have i understand that in a world like this, there would be necessary adaptation, and a heightening of responsibility and maturity, but little teens in business suits and briefcases working in the senate rising to power in the military curing cancer it just seems too fantastic and our sixteen year old heroine is the one to point out the very obvious blind spot in the scientists research thus far they spent eleven years performing the exact same tests without ever thinking of that it just seems unlikely that the scientists are that terrible at their jobs.and what are the rest of the survivors doing there are three foci government.military doctors scientists.where is everyone else who is picking up the trash did i miss where all the food is coming from besides the herbs although i am actually pretty glad that he explained the clothing thing, because it is simple and a cool detail that is never really touched upon in most the the stuff i have been reading this kind of detail is not important to a lot of people, but i really like aftermath stories, particularly when the details of its restructuring are included they are not necessary to tell this story, but i do appreciate it when a world built is built densely.okay enough nitpicking because there is plenty of good stuff here for all the lack in the world building, there is plenty of detail in the virology elements a lot of books like this would skimp on the details, and just say, it is a viiiirus it makes our babies diieeeee and not go into why this does it is cleverly done, and makes sense, as far as my science free brain is concerned this is what made the mira grant books so strong explanation of how things came to be in a respectable white lab coat i am on board.action sequences also good everything that happened on manhattan was well written and gripping i appreciated all the twists and turns and ambiguity and then that thing that happens to her in the lab with the view spoiler zzzzzzzzt hide spoiler Humanity Is All But Extinguished After A War With Partials Engineered Organic Beings Identical To Humans Has Decimated The Population Reduced To Only Tens Of Thousands By A Weaponized Virus To Which Only A Fraction Of Humanity Is Immune, The Survivors In North America Have Huddled Together On Long Island But Sixteen Year Old Kira Is Determined To Find A Solution As She Tries Desperately To Save What Is Left Of Her Race, She Discovers That That The Survival Of Both Humans And Partials Rests In Her Attempts To Answer Questions About The War S Origin That She Never Knew To AskPlaying On Our Curiosity Of And Fascination With The Complete Collapse Of Civilization, Partials Is, At Its Heart, A Story Of Survival, One That Explores The Individual Narratives And Complex Relationships Of Those Left Behind, Both Humans And Partials Alike And Of The Way In Which The Concept Of What Is Right And Wrong In This World Is Greatly Dependent On One S Own Point Of ViewSupports The Common Core State Standards Intense with highly sophisticated world building Partials is a fantastic addition to the dystopian genre Babies don t survive and the youngest human on earth is now 14 years old With 99% of the population gone, killed by a new epidemic, Kira is determined to find a cure to save humanity.I have to start with Kira because she is an excellent protagonist She is incredibly determined, and this presence throughout the novel of pure dedication to her cause is all consuming You want her to succeed so badly that it becomes a truly captivating read This is not her only quality she is also strong, confident and outspoken These are all traits that make a well rounded, easy to root for protagonist if you ask me I clicked with her almost instantly She is shadowed by quite a few secondary characters as well who are equally of value to the story Some of them are developed than others, but they all have great personalities that really fill up the pages.One thing that stands out from this book that actually surprised me, is the lack of a romantic plot Yes the protagonist has a boyfriend, but we barely see them together She s not one to forget that this is the end of the world because a cute boy happens to pass by The plot saving humanity comes first Surprising right I do enjoy romance, but I was relieved to see that, finally, we ve got a dystopian not powered by a love story I had heard this novel was a bit on the scientific side which made me a bit wary because me and science are not great friends Therefore, I surprise even myself when I say that the science added to the story is what makes it the most interesting It turns everything that is happening in this future world completely realistic, and truly alarming Instead of simply being told that there is a virus without a cure, killing all our babies, we go in deeper with Kira researching what exactly is happening inside our bodies, and why a cure still hasn t been found in over a decade It s not overwhelming by any means It was neither confusing, nor boring The only thing it made me, was fascinated.The Partials almost made us extinct, the Voice is rebelling against the few surviving humans, this leaves us with a story full of villains What does this promise Intensity It does take a little bit to get into a fast pace, but once it does it s especially action packed until the very end We also quickly realize that there is no clear picture on who the enemy really is, or who we should trust This essentially turns an already exciting plot into an intense roller coaster ride full of fear, uncertainty and surprise With no shortage of dystopian novels on the shelves nowadays, make sure that this one ends up on yours For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads A few annoyances like the oft mentioned kudzu WE GET IT but I found this really enjoyable It s sci fi, dystopian, post apocalyptic and I think you d like this if you liked This Mortal Coil or if you like stories about rebellions, clones, or medical threats.I think the main character was said to be Indian baby death, electrocution, human experimentation Oh, wait while I find my mouth under my bed where it dropped.So, are you ready for this wonderful journey into the future Here we go It all came down to a war the worst of them all.It was not between humans, but between them and the Partials.Because what if robots didn t look like robots any What if they looked exactly like humans What if they were genetically programmed and made into the best weapon alive, a dangerously thinking one Breathing flesh and blood robots meant to kill stronger and faster than us.What if they ve decided to take over the world What if they ve almost succeeded What if humanity would be collapsing each day Well Here s where the story beginsI lost my father, my mother, my wife, my children, my friends, neighbors, patients, colleagues, students I was in a hospital at the time I watched it fill up and spill over until there weren t even enough survivors to carry away the corpses I watched my entire world eat itself alive, Walker, while you were playing with your dolls So don t tell me I m not doing enough to save the human race, and don t you dare tell me we can risk another Partial WarIt s not only that the premise was absolutely wonderful it s the fact that the whole book is so amazing.I am not going to tell you too much about the story, because you need to read it by yourself, I am just going to keep telling you about all the things I liked about it.Yes, I must confess that it was a bit slow for my taste in the first half, but by the ending I needed to remind myself to breath because the action was breathtaking, with so many turnarounds, so many new informations about the this world, and the insecurity was killing me not knowing who s bad, who s god, who s gonna betray next.There were so many questions I had not only about the Partials but also about the humans I got some of the answers, but also the number of questions started to grow with every page, keeping me on the edge of my seat.There were many people comparing this series with Newsflesh by Mira Grant, and they are quite right I thought about it too while reading this book There is this big challenge to find a cure, and to discover all the dirty politics and the people behind them all It also has the same feeling and many of you might like it just as much I know I didIt had been easier, in some ways, when Kira was a kid and the Partials were the big bad guy Everything terrible that had happened could be explained, and while the explanation might be scary, at least it was simple Darkness was clearly divided from light These days Kira had no idea who the enemy was, or who you could blame, or who you could trustThere were not many characters that I got to really care about, but for the first time it didn t bother me there were many other things to keep me entertained.From the beginning we are introduced to Kira and her friends and family I really liked her for being smart, strong, and mature for her age Even though some times her actions brought her trouble then needed, she always had the very best intentions She cared about her people and the future of humanity.Her story with her boyfriend didn t hold my attention, but it helped us see another side of her Also, all her discoveries were surprising even for me, and now I am interested then never to know her betterForget love, forget freedom, forget choice, just get yourself knocked up and save the damn world alreadyTalking about intriguing characters, I should mention of course Samm a Partial about to turn Kira s world upside down Every time I thought I ve figured him out something happened, changing my mind completely not always in a good way, but stillWas that your plan asked Kira bitterly To use us as slaves As labor to maintain your infrastructure You mean the same thing you have done to usThere are some pieces missing from this puzzle, but this was a great first book in the series, and I can t wait to find out what happens next I am all on the Partials side, but still I want our people to survive, so I m a bit conflicted.Anyways, if you want a story full of adrenaline and plot twists, this one is for you A great dystopian, post apocalyptic world that promises a lot in the next installments This review can also be found at Book source ARC from the publisher via Netgalley Thank you Blog EN Facebook Twitter Tumblr Bloglovin Blog RO I feel like this review should begin like one of the old AlkaSeltzer commercials I can t believe I read the whole thing I try to be balanced on my reviews, but this book made it very difficult There were a million little things that got under my skin, and it added up to a book that didn t make sense and was ultimately unlikable.What I liked about this book The genre I guess Although, reading this had made me rethink that decision.What I didn t like about this book Hoo boy, where do I start The little things really killed this book for me Writing fiction is all about suspending disbelief If you re going to throw me into an entirely fictional world of your vision, you have to paint a compelling pictures, keep your world building consistent, and make your characters fit into that world for me to buy it.Every few pages I ran into some little thing that just pulled me out of the story The suspension of disbelief never last than 5 pages, and then I was back at square one Allow me to list some examples.1 My biggest beef with this book Imagine Society has collapsed 99.9% of all humankind has died from a virus You probably won t be getting electricity, and you re definitely going to have to fend for yourself Everybody died quickly, in their homes and in their place of business, from a terrible plague Where, oh where in the great nation of the United States of America, would you think to settle yourself Somewhere with a low population so you don t have to bury too many dead Somewhere with nice weather, you say With fertile lands and plentiful hunting grounds With access to clean water Why, how sensible of you Too bad all the remaining humans decided to move to New York City without you You die Seriously, this bugged me the ENTIRE time I was reading this book Why would they move to New York City Why How does that even make sense It s never explained 2 The second major conflict in the book is that humans have not been able to successfully reproduce since the onset of the plague Babies are carried to term, but become infected with the virus almost immediately after birth and die within days.In response, the government has mandated that all women 18 and older do their part to conceive as many children as possible you know, take a run at statistics How many children is enough for the government, you ask Why, little lady, you only have to get pregnant once a year for the rest of your fertile days That s totally reasonable, right This is where it became painfully obvious to me that this story was written by a man There s just so much wrong with this Pregnancy is than just squeezing out a baby It has to develop for nine months, which literally depletes nutrients from a woman s body Women who have too frequent pregnancies or pregnancies too close to each other run into a whole host of potential health problems OB GYNs generally recommend 18 months between pregnancies, not 3 What the heck So this society is on the brink of collapse, and they re willing to risk the health of the entire female population Yep Gotcha.3 The slang in the book killed me The book begins 15 years after the plague, so there s no TV, no magazines, no internet Yet Kira described one of her friends as having a supermodel flat stomach Seriously Why would Kira be familiar with supermodels Etc etc etc This review will be a mile long if I list every little thing that annoyed me, so I ll stop there The point is, every time I read something totally off kilter, I paused, put the book down for a moment, and said What I kept getting pulled out of the story, which is the exact opposite of the desired effect The story needs to pull me in I found that the little things made it impossible for me to ever get settled in Kira s world.Final verdict Save yourself some heartache and skip this book If you really need to read about plague survivors, pick up Stephen King s The Stand instead If you want to read about almost human clones, grab a copy of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Those are classics for a reason, and Partials doesn t come anywhere near these two. The YA genre is certainly rife with dystopians You can t go out without tripping over one Okay fine, that is an exaggeration but I can t help but get weary of the same plots with a few subtle differences you know, differences like the cause of the ultimate breakdown of modern society There s usually a girl She usually has powers There s also usually a society with tyrannical rulers dictators whatever you wanna call them a rose by any other name and all Then there is a boy Mysterious Intriguing Attractive Whom the girl will feel attracted to against her will And who will make her see her the things wrong with the system she has been blissfully living in Okay fine, not blissfully Let s say complacently How does that sound Good Okay There, I have described the majority of dystopians out there It s almost formulaic I m almost ready for it to be a girl the other girl is attracted to Or a robot A cyborg Though, I d say Prince Kai already has that down, hur Anyway, to the review proper now All the things I mentioned above The stereotypical elements of a dystopian novel These are all present in Partials But you know what They all work splendidly together to create a novel that is, a lot of times, breath taking And no, I m not even being cheesy okay maybe I am, slightly saying that but it s just Well Partials, as all really good dystopians do, gives a peek at a future that may very well be our own It really could be taken as a warning to all the scientists out there, you know, the ones playing God Please be careful with whatever you are genetically creating Seriously Anyway, Partials is really, really entertaining Since I said two reallys, you know I mean serious business There is wit, there is a touch of romance with Marcus and a whole promise of romance with Samm There is intrigue and boy, is there action Lots of action Casualties Too many and some of them were senseless So on a purely shallow level, I was very satisfied by Partials It promised to be entertaining and it was Very The writing was sharp and I mean this as an adjective to describe how very readable the novel was , the plot was well constructed and the pacing was spot on Totally awesomesauce.But Well, you knew it was coming I had some troubles with the novel Not huge troubles Just ones that niggle at me until I speak them out And this may be because I analyze novels on a daily basis and I can t let a passage pass me by without analyzing the hell out of it butI felt that the synopsis or rather the excerpt that we read on the back cover of the novel, you know, the final words of the last president The gravitas conveyed by his final message, the sorrow, the melancholy, the loss, the utter devastationthese elements were subsumed by the overly action oriented novel I liked the action, I did but I would have liked for us to take a breath and dwell on the immense loss of humanity And perhaps it s just me, but I felt distanced from all the characters in the novel As though there was something that kept me from getting inside their heads and knowing what they were thinking and feeling and I didn t like that It kept me from connecting to them which in turn kept me from empathizing with them and all these things interfered with my final enjoyment of the novel Sometimes you read a book and it resonates within you you keep on thinking about it I remember being affected by Birthmarked by Caragh O Brian we will forget book the two exists but I didn t quite get the same feeling from Partials Maybe it was because I went in expecting quite a different novel than I got That being said, I still enjoyed the novel tremendously In fact, I think this will make a kick ass movie Is someone out there listening You could sell millions Anyway, I am definitely reading the second one in the series and I wholeheartedly with ALL my heart, not just three quarters of it recommend it to you Yes you, the one who s still wondering Go read this.