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Everything you ever believed about your sexuality may be turned on its head upon meeting the right personWhen television commercial production coordinator Meg Curtis gets stood up by her longtime boyfriend she vents her frustration by feverishly writing in a diary At a time when she is unsure about all things romantic she encounters 5th grade teacher Regina Baker at yoga class a free spirited single mom who is beautiful playful and impossibly intriguing What starts as friendship turns sharply toward something as they learn they each share a love for very dark and unconventional sensual expression Despite significant differences in lifestyle each woman is desperate to get close to the other to explore the depths of devotionShocked yet thrilled by the intense level of Regina’s erotic desire Meg turns apprehensive She had never been with a woman— never had to be in society with a woman never had to wonder what labels may be placed upon her relationship never considered herself anything but obsessed with men Regina also enchanted by a woman for the first time finds freedom from the pressures of daily life by committing herself to Meg Compelled by the need for a balance between worlds the two embark on a daring passionately physical role playing game Welcoming Regina’s darkest needs Meg explores her own deep seated desires that have been locked away in the shadows her whole lifeErotic amusing and profoundly romantic Owning Regina is a tale that will awaken you possess you and transport you to an alternate universe that steams with passion and dangerThis book is intended for mature audiences

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    Owning Regina is a lesbian love story about 2 ladies who are straight They are both Gay for you in the vernacular of romance novels and uite a bit of time was spent on the topic so I feel its fair to mention itRegina is an extremely submissive lady with a young son who falls uickly for the main character The main character is a switch who claims she is a top but spends most of the book ordering her slave to top her whilst claiming that isn't what she wantsThe book is very preachy about what BDSM is how to do it right and what it isn't and then spends every moment scening by using code phrases to enter and exit scenes and changing personalities in scene etc I'm not into telling others not to roleplay or not to scene or whatever but if you are going to get preachy and tell me how to do it right you could have the courtesy of doing it right yourselfI felt very sorry for Regina As an extremely submissive person myself I can only imagine the emotional trauma the top causes her repeatedlySome of the scenes are not too bad and some of the Ds was hot Most of it was utterly ridiculous and made me feel insulted or sad

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    What's the point of a safe word when they literally gagged each other most of the time during their plays? It's okay if they trusted each other but it made me cringe every time Meg and Regina went passed their limit but unable to scream for a safe word That is pretty dangerous in real life whether it will be an emotional or physical trauma Meg used the privilege of a Domme to order Regina to dominate her what is the point? Regina obviously doesn't like being a Domme so she's just followed her Mistress's order She gained little sexual gratification from it and it ruined the whole point of their relationship in the first place It also bugged me that only the Mistress and her slave have bed actions They only have sex when they are in their Domme and submissive personificationWhy is the usual non Domme Meg and non sub Regina never make love to each other? It gave off some kind of emotional disconnected that I can't uite put my finger on it It's like their love is merely lust Did they ever get marry? The protagonist seemed trouble over it She literally pacing back and forth over the idea of break up staying monogamous forever or marriage In the end it never mentioned againHer diary doesn't sound like a diary It's kinda too perfect on how she delivered those dialogues Despite these flaws I did enjoy the book I love to put all the negatives on my review and keep all the positives to myself I couldn't put the book down once I'm absorbed in it Here's my most favorite part in the book it's the idea that sexual preferences are not all black and white it is complicated and it's all over the map When you love something you just love it don't bother with all those labels

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    I've been trying to figure out for days what to say about this one So here goesThe good the diary format lent itself very well to this book I wouldn't typically go for that but any stylistic issues occasional typos or weird formatting can be written off as being part of a diary It also made Meg's voice VERY clear Additionally despite everything being from Meg's perspective it being her diary I still could clearly see what Regina was like even if I would have liked to see from her perspective If it weren't for the format working so well I'd give this book one starThe bad it's not the bdsm aspect because I like books with that It's the fact that some of the bdsm play is incredibly irresponsible Meg checks in with Regina a lot which is good and they have their phrases for getting in and out of play which is also good but there's no talk of limits and Meg jumps into some pretty heavy shit view spoilerI was completely turned off and kind of angry when I saw things like chaining Regina by the neck without talking about it breath play and leaving Regina alone for long periods of time INCLUDING LEAVING THE BUILDING ONCE hide spoiler

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    Its extremely rare for me to want to write a review but I enjoyed this book so much I felt compelled to show my appreciation and perhaps encourage others in the BDSM scene whether experienced or novice to give it a trySpeaking as a Male Dominant I found the descriptions of the Ds dynamic to be excellent and extremely accurate at least in my personal experienceTaking up the challenge to explain what some would describe as the dark urges of BDSM sexuality is no small matter but for Ms Elstrom to do so with such insight deserves than the 5 star's permitted hereReluctantly in the interests of safety I must take issue with the idea of leaving alone a submissive who is bound and helpless especially if they are gagged This is in my opinion and that of others very experienced in the scene definitely a dangerous thing to do Yes the idea of doing it is exciting but as with all bondage play the safety of the submissive must be the highest priorityTo end on a positive I would urge anyone interested in experimenting with BDSM to read this book as it gives a far better presentation of a BDSM relationship than 50 shades ever did

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    Wow Fantastic I've never read or explored anything BDSM but I loved the writing and the characters I don't usually like diary formats but it had such a personal feel and was so well executed it was a great way to tell the story Owning Regina is a perfect blend of a romance and eroticism and I really appreciated that both women were healthy strong and very functional people that happened to be into kink It was a fun and excellent read Well done Ms Elstrom

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    Turns out i've read the first half of the book before was it part of an anthology maybe?Eh I couldn't really get into the book A lot of aspects of their game were not to my taste and the humiliation made me feel uncomfortable That is not really romance material to me

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    Even though I read the whole thing it was like watching a movie that just kept your interest enough that when it was over you saidI can't believe I watched the whole thingthen uestion why? I'm not sure if I can express exactly how I feel about this book There was plenty of times I thought the sex scenes were very hotbut on an emotional levelI found it disturbing The number 1 reason for me wasthey never had sex or made love unless they were playing the game I found that unbelievable if it was me in that relationship I would uickly get unattached emotionally I just didn't connect with that part of their relationshipmaybe its my lack of not understanding the lifestyle on the level they were atidk They both at times were very immature for their agewhich kind of ticked me off sometimes I'm left with a lot of uestions about their relationship I'm left doubting it would ever last

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    A very captivating story written in 1st personnot easy but very well done here If anyone has uestions about BDSM read this I recommend this book based on my experience that of fellow kinksters This story is amazingly accurate in all ways Meg's uestioning of her sexuality but not her fetishes; Meg taking for granted how her friends impact her relationship one of best descriptions about the ups downs of any development between humans let alone the trust inherent in a BDSM relationship 50 shades was so pathetically unbelievable I put it down for daysconvincing myself the story would develop some credibilityNOT I struggled but got through itI'd love to just trash it but just regret the I paid for the ebookOwning Regina is worth every penny I spent I hope to see from Ms Elstrom Bravo on your talent thank you for a complete awesome story

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    A fun fast and pleasurable read The diary style writing felt authentic and the BDSM scenes were arousing But it’s not just sexualerotic The author skilfully weaves in insightful details re intimacy the fear and hope at the beginning of relationships and the characters’ desires for honesty and acceptance I felt like I was given a window into Meg's and Regina's particularly Meg’s – sexual and spiritual exploration I would recommend the book to anyone wanting a peek at the same while also getting a good dose of arousing passion

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    This story will push your limits and encourage never ending thoughts of erotic experimentation It made me want to do much than kiss a girl and like it Take me as your submissive and thoroughly dominate me