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Artist Transcriptions Transcriptions, Lead Sheets And Performance Notes For Original Peterson Compositions Cakewalk The Gentle Waltz He Has Gone Love Ballade Sushi Includes A Bio And Preface I bought this sheet music book because it contains my favorite Oscar Peterson composition, the Love Ballad, with made me fall in love with Peterson s original music The Love Ballade and Sushi are the only pieces that I can play without much difficulty The others, The Gentle Waltz, He Has Gone sometimes called She Has Gone , and the Cakewalk, will be very difficult for anyone who doesn t have half of Peterson s technical facility and huge hands Listen to all these songs on Youtube before you buy the book, and I guarantee you will be excited to get your hands on it.The title of the book here on could me misleading, as these are not full transcriptions of a performance of these songs Each piece has the main theme written out note for note, but there is no transcription of the improvised section of the song There is also a lead sheet for every song, which contains just the melody and chord symbols The book also includes performance notes written by Peterson, which describe his views on how the piece should be interpreted.