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Ode To My Joy is a fictional story about a bad girl who thru various adventures and antics finds the love of her life Joss is a friendly somewhat socially awkward woman She’s impulsive and likes to get her way These attributes sometimes get her into trouble Most of the time she’s fine with that She discovers a love of motorcycles finds a super cool boyfriend and gets introduced to anal sex all with a good attitude At least she thinks so

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    I wrote this book Can I give it five stars?

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    This book is classified as fiction but is Joss based on a real woman? Because I'd like to meet her Where do you go to meet someone like Joss?

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    This story had me going It’s told in the voice of Joss who has written a journey in the life of a sexy erotic woman and the man whose duty it is to satisfy and meet his and her every sexual fantasy Explicit sexual situations with strong emphasis on anal sex is the order of the day in this story Yet even though the story is most definitely erotica it has a fun theme throughout which makes the reader experience some of the fun and enjoyment the two main characters were having as they embarked on their adventure of sexual discovery Lovers of erotica will enjoy this story

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    This is a sexy erotic story about a good girl who meets a sexy guy on a motorcycle on a movie outing Needless to say they hit it off and some very steamy scenes ensue Buzz introduces Joss to pleasure she didn't know before This a very well written erotic story If you're looking for an erotic story focusing on the posterior hold on to your seat

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    This is the first novel I have read by this gifted author I can’t wait for of her books to come and come some 😉

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    A confusing storyIt reads like a transcript telling story without any preparation I kept reading out of curiosity but it was time wasted