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Reviewed by EmmaRaeBook provided by the publisherFriends find romance The storyline that never grows old This is a very short book which accomplishes a lot I loved both main characters, especially Leo The author does an impressive job showing us who he is and he s not superficial in the least I love their friendship, and though it s only a few pages in that he admits he wants Roxanne, it s done perfectly Roxanne, of course, doesn t feel the chemistry until she has time to digest Leo s offer The freaky part, however, was the drawback It was just that freaky Roxanne claims to want something in the bedroom, and Leo wants to teach her But other than saying that, it doesn t show in the dialogue, thoughts, or actions of the book I can t really go into reasons for this because I don t want to give away the book I will say the spanking scene was strange I don t find spanking erotic at all, however I have read books where it is The scene was ripe for something to happen, but it didn t fit with the before and after and seemed superficial Then after the spanking, and considering the title, the end was rather vanilla It sounded like the author just tried to throw in something for a title, which is disappointing because everything else was done very well and the book didn t need it I don t mean to sound harsh I m going to look for from this author, because it was well written and I loved the characters If the title makes you want to avoid this book, go ahead and buy it This is definitely an erotic short, with the chemistry and storyline adding support most little novellas lack Lovely way to end an evening, curled up with this little break from reality on your ereader. Really enjoyed this one I love geeks to freaks kind of books Best friends finally break down and admit to each other and themselves that they are in love The best part is underneath the khaki s and button down former geek lurks a dominant and sexually adept man and he only has eyes for one woman Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group Roxanne Is Stunned When Her Best Friend, Leo, Admits His Feelings For Her She S So Not Going There Lovers May Come And Go, But True Friends Are Hard To Find Instead, She Enlists His Help To Sign Her Up For An Online Fetish Dating Site She Immediately Meets A Man Who Can Help Her Explore Her Kinky Side, Starting With A Chat Session That Leads To The Best Orgasm Of Her Life While Her Body S Satisfied, Her Mind Can T Forget Leo S Confession Leo, Meanwhile, Isn T Giving Up So Easily He Knows Roxanne Like The Back Of His Hand, Knows What She Needs, And He S Than Equipped To Give It To Her Subtle Touches, A Sexy Spanking, The Most Erotic Dessert Eating Session Ever Leo Is Successfully Proving That Computer Nerds Can Be Sexual Freaks Too Until Roxanne Discovers His Secret One That Could Kill Not Only A Potential Relationship, But Their Longtime Friendship As Well 1.5 StarsEverything was too quick, too contrived, too predictable, and too cheesy I was pulled out of this short story too many times How can you spread your cheeks, finger your a , hold yourself bent over a desk, and type on the computer at the same time The best thing about this read is the cover Not for me This book was super cute.The title and cover would suggest an erotica It isn t There is one good sexy scene near the beginning and one love scene at the end The sex isn t the focus, but rather on the relationship with the sexual connection as a sexy plus.Leo has been in love with Roxanne forever She loves him too But as a friend Groan Rox admits she could go for Leo but he is her very best friend and doesn t want to jeopardize that in any way But she also wants a relationship Leo talks her into signing up in an online dating service, secretly prepared to steer competition away while figuring a way to convince her that he is the one for her.I liked the dynamic the author built between the two You felt Leo s long time unrequited love You also felt Roxanne s somewhat desperate denial I liked the dialogue which was snappy and Roxie was quite funny There is a great snotty scene between her and Leo s ex fiancee and a funny moment in a sex toy store.I wish this had been full length Still, it was a nice little read I look forward to work by this author. I had my eyes on this one for a while but ended disappointed Plot wasn t that original but interesting, at least for me The heroine was really naive, as in stupidly naiveThe whole story was too predictable, cheesy and was not about bdsm at all Can Bdsm be resume to a few spanking No, i dont think so Spoiler Ahead This was a pretty good short quick read that I liked Roxanne and Leo have been best friends for over ten years Leo is a rich computer nerd who owns his own company he has been in love with Roxanne since they met When Roxanne complains about her lack of a sex life Leo tells her how he feels she tells him it s not worth risking their friendship Leo offers to help her set up a profile on a website for people interested in kink oh he also gives her a spanking Who knew nerds were freaks too Leo is an Alpha male who likes to be in control in the bedroom When he pretends to be some else online he gets her attention and gives her the big O that she is looking for Roxanne begins to realize that she is in love with Leo also This a good read this was my first time reading this author This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading of her work. Oh my that cover I just want to read it bacause of it. Urgh How many times am I going to get suckered into yet another Ellora s Cave book in which the heroine is Stuck On Stupid Granted, Nerds Are Freaks Too is an interracial romance, a genre of course, which I support wholeheartedly especially black female heroes of other races pairings but there s just only so many times I can pull my hair out at the inspidness of the heroines.Okay, I get the heroine Roxanne s reluctance to jeopardize her long term friendship with the sexy geek Leo sooo, why allow said sexy geek who s just confessed to having had the hots for you ever since you met to nor only create a sexy online persona on a website called Whip A Date which caters to the BDSM fetish crowd what a cheesy name , but to illustrate spanking on you Uh, can we say DUMB MOVE Can we say walking through flames wearing a gasoline thong What annoys me even worse is the heroine ends up having better and kinkier sex with the mysterious Constantine online than she has with the real life person I don t want to give anything away, but it doesn t take too much to guess who Constantine really is Predictably, when Roxanne discovers who her online paramour is, she s upset and he spends the last third of this very short book making it up to her, then they have pretty vanilla sex Yawn Note to Ellora s Cave Your heroes need to be paired up with equally awesome heroinesseriously. This a short story but I really enjoyed the story Best friends Roxanne and Leo were fun and sweet challenges even though things become a bit complicated when Roxanne tries to sign up for an online dating site and Leo confuses he would help her with her situation Then thing aren t so normal lol