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This Best Selling Book Is The Most Intimate Possible Remembrance Of Natalie Wood S Tempestuous Life And Tragic Death A Book That Only Natalie Wood S Sister Could Have Written A Warm But Unflinchingly Candid Account Of A Great Star S Passionate Love Affairs, Violent Fights, Stormy Marriages, Bitter Divorces, And Of Her Controversial Death By Drowning At The Age Of Forty Three, Stunning A Nation That Adored Her I m friends with Lana, so I got it from her to read It s the only one of any that are out there that give a real story of a real girl who happened to be a movie star as told by her sister. If it was a whole lot less about Lana, this book would undeniably be better However, Lana simply isn t in a position to write a good biography about Natalie Wood Everything about this book suggests that she was an outsider She even make you feel like an outsider because of her viewpoint Maybe if she had spent some time digging a little deeper into Natalie s life, she would have written a better book, but as it iswell, it s worth the read and it does have some interesting stories It s sad that that should be the best that can be said about it because someone who knew Natalie could have added a personal touch to a proper, full length biography, but all you get here is Lana s slightly biased remembrances It could have been so much better. I was rather disappointed in this book I m not saying everything about it was bad, but throughout its entirety, Lana Wood writes too much about HERSELF It s almost like she wrote the book so she could sell the story of her own life The thing is, no one cares There were some interesting facts about Natalie, just not what you d expect from a biography supposedly about her I gave it 3 stars because there was enough good information about Natalie to deserve this, but I think I would definitely read a biography about her by a different author next time I finished this book this morning after reading on it for a few days There are actually a few books on Natalie so it was very hard to pick which to read I think Lana did a wonderful job on this book, however there are a few things that have been discussed in other books that she didn t even mention Does that mean Lana wanted them left out Or that they never happened I am going to read another book on Natalie now Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour I found her death to be questionable, how Lana didn t think so, or wouldn t admit it I m not sure I believe that is why she was so angry, but she didn t have a confrontational bone in her body. I believe Lana had good intentions when writing this book, but it ended up being all about herself and her affairs If you are debating on whether or not to read this, read it for the special memories she recalls, for her point of view on specific events in Natalie s life, and for the photographs. I had high school students who wrote better than Lana Wood, but as a child I revered Natalie Wood I must say, Lana certainly made the read worthwhile because she did have an inside look into her famous sister s life I appreciated her candor and her love for her sister. Much of the book is filled with Lana s little escapades and personally memories without Natalie, so from her stand point of what it was like growing up in her shadow as a young girl, with her mother and the struggle with needing to please her and everyone It held a lot of dynamic in that sense, showing the unhealthy relationship both Lana and Natalie had with their mother While there are parts that seem to go nowhere and have little to do with Natalie I think it makes sense for it to be that way She is writing it from hr point of view and her memories, so as a young child when a lot of what she saw of Natalie she may not remember or even be present on set a lot since her mother slowly turned her focus form Natalie to her and pushing her to also become a star Then later they were estranged and what she did know or hear of her sister was through other people which also was very little To expect this tell all memoir and details from every aspect of Natalie s life you would need her to have written an autobiography So it depends on what type of account you wish to read I think family dynamics show a lot of insight to what a person was like far than all the stories from a friend or celebrity that may have once known her because it is then only from that pin point in her life A lot of people complained that there were parts that had very little to do with Natalie, but while they didn t they sort of did They were Lana s accounts and she wasn t always in a point in her life with Natalie and knowing what she was doing I think it was as well written as it could be with a different insight If you want or prefer stories from a bunch of different people to complete a whole picture then this book isn t for you. Memoir of her sister, my a This is a thinly disguised autobiography of the overshadowed, less talented sister who knows no one would buy her biography so she pawns it off as her sister s story What a dysfunctional family lots of drugs, alcohol, fighting, and sleeping around. Lana Wood writes about her famous sister and her own tumultuous life with candor and emotion An intimate look into the tragically shortened life of a much beloved star Includes many studio and personal photos A must read for fans of the Wood sisters