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Their Relationship Was That Of Fairy Tales Their Devotion So Intense They Wed Each Other Not Once, But Twice In The First Book To Focus On Both Natalie Wood And Robert Wagner, The Author Of The Bestseller Gable Lombard And The Critically Acclaimed Book Cary Grant Gives Us A Scintillating Portrait Of This Glamorous And Exciting Couple From Their Early Years Working For The Studio System To The Final, Shattering Hours Before Natalie Wood S Life Tragically Ended We Follow Them On Their Roller Coaster Ride Of The Ups And Downs And The Magic And The Madness Of This Couple Who Became Hollywood Royalty

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    I read this book after reading Natalie Wood A Memoir by Her Sister which was so good, it left me wanting to know about Natalie Wood s life and especially, her relationship with Robert Wagner I m a little bit younger than the typical Natalie Wood fan, so I didn t understand her relationship with Robert Wagner at all Well, after reading this book, I completely understand Robert Wagner was a real Hollywood hunk in his time It was so fascinating to read about their life long love affair I especially loved reading about their early relationship, how they met, etc Anyone who is a fan of Old Hollywood will love this book.

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    Very SatisfyingI am a big fan of biographies, and I read a lot of them I especially enjoy books about legends of the Golden Age of Hollywood and Broadway Although I have read a few great ones, sadly most of them are hastily patched together laundry lists of basic dates, facts and performances that I could just as easily get on IMDB or Wikipedia This is NOT one of those This is exceptional.Harris has taken the time to research the life and times of Natalie and RJ What we get is a satisfying mix of facts, quotes from friends and the actors themselves, and a rare look at what was happening around them Harris fills in the details of the culture and s of the time, as well as offering in depth vignettes of the people who played important parts in their lives I learned much than I ever expected to know about so many things I have another of Harris s biographies loaded and ready to go on my Kindle, this one about Gable and Lombard As soon as I finish this review, I m going to start reading it Yes, this book was THAT good

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    Very interesting I liked the book very much It answered many questions about both their lives and her death it also told about the great love they had for each other.

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    Not badIt s pretty insightful regarding their lives Especially the whispers that surrounded them in the end regarding Stephanie lowers and Christopher walken.

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    Nice real love story ended too soon for them.

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    Interesting book about Robert Wagner and Natalie WoodStar crossed lovers A very interesting read And verysad when Natalie dies Also sad for her family and friends