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No Strings No Regrets And No Going BackI Didn T Think He Wanted Me And I Wasn T About To Get Involved With Him, Not After What I D Heard Sure, Alex Kennedy Was Tall, Dark And Unbearably Hot, But I Ve Been Burned Before When I Solicited Him To Model For My Erotic Photography Book, I Didn T Expect Such A Heated, Passionate Photo Session And Now That We Ve Crossed That Line, Our Bodies Aren T The Only Things That Have Been ExposedBut I Can T Give My Heart To A Man Who S So Unconventional His Last Sexual Relationship Was With A Married Couple It S Enough That My Ex Fianc Preferred Men, I Can T Take That Chance Again No Matter How Much My Body Thrives On Alex S Touch I Can T Risk It, But I Can T Resist It, EitherAlex Can Be Very Convincing When He Wants SomethingAnd He Wants Me In a word, disappointed In my opinion, Naked started out so strong and so full of potential However, the story went in all kinds of directions which not only detracted from the main storyline but effectively derailed this book from the story that it could ve been With a whole chapter dedicated to a kiddie party, another chapter dedicated to a religious celebration, and the whole back and forth Jewish versus Catholic thingit was all just too much and completely unnecessary in terms of what it contributed to the story I found myself reading and scratching my head thinking, Why is this even in here Further, things which in my opinion COULD SHOULD have been developed further were not such as Sarah s situation with Jack I know that I was interested in reading about that pairing or lack thereof and felt disappointed when all we got was a couple of pages and vague discussions about it I thought that it had the potential for an interesting secondary storyline within this book which could ve developed into a separate story book, telling Sarah s and Jack s story although, to be honest, I don t know if it s already been done hope so Also, the whole still in love with the former fianc e turned gay BFF turned selfish jerk thing which had SO MUCH potential for a killer climax no pun intended merely came to head in a short, confusing, couple page blurb that felt rushed and sadly underdeveloped I read and read, hoping to reach the point where Olivia and Patrick would face off or come to some sort of crossroads, but what happened instead or what DIDN T happen simply knocked the wind out of my sails and made me lose interest in the story.In short, I went from enthralled and emotionally invested in the story in the first few chapters to completely bored and just forcing myself through it, hoping to high heaven that the story would get better It didn t, and it s too bad because I ve thoroughly enjoyed Megan Hart s stories in the past. First read October 2012Re read July 2014Re read January 2017Re read March 2018 Naked is loosely connected to Megan Hart s book Tempted It continues with Alex Kennedy meeting Olivia Mackey the morning after a Holiday celebration It turns out that Alex needs a place to stay for a few months and Olivia has an apartment she can rent out to him while he is in town on business Both are attracted to each other but Olivia is very hesitant to become involved in a relationship with a man who might swing both ways She was already hurt once by her former fianc Patrick who finally came out of the closet.Megan Hart s writing is so difficult for me to give a grade when reviewing I think she is such a fabulous writer Her characters are completely fleshed out and so human that it is hard not to be drawn in by them and have an emotional reaction But at the same time sometimes the characters are so human, faults and all, that the very same thing that drew you in pushes you away Am I making any sense at all Let s start with Alex On the outside he seems so completely put together All posh and circumstance, yet just past the surface the man is a mess He thinks he knows what he wants, but I am not convinced that he does Olivia s perception when it comes to relationships is very skewed and much of this is due to the fact that the only serious relationship she has had is with a gay man But despite all these obstacles it is obvious that these two when together are happy They have baggage that they will have to work to overcome I like that the author doesn t sugar coat things and faces the fact that for the relationship to be successful, Olivia and Alex will have to work for it I really liked how Ms Hart ties themes of acceptance throughout the book She took religion, race and sexual orientation all without being preachy, and showed how these things can affect a person or people I thought that was very well done of her and it gave the book quite a bit of depth.I must admit the way the book was going I thought it was going to end badly Fortunately, things were resolved in the end, but I felt that the ending was VERY abrupt I wish that things could have been hammered out a little better and eventually this is what led me to lower the grade rating I am not entirely convinced of the happy ever after. 3 1 2 stars.Olivia is a black woman who was adopted and raised by a white family When Liv was five years old her parents got divorced Her mother is Jewish, and her father is Catholic Each parent encourages Olivia to choose their side of religion.Olivia is single She was engaged to Patrick when she was at college, but she learned that he was gay two weeks before their wedding Unfortunately she s still in love with Patrick and she s not really able to leave this drama behind Until Alex enters her lifeShe s at one of Patrick s parties when she meets Alex He s a friend of Patrick Liv feels immediately attracted to Alex, however she knows that he s gay And Patrick insists that she shouldn t get involved with Alex He says Alex doesn t like girls Eventually she ends up renting him her downstairs apartment.I think it s the first time I can say that I liked a book but at the end I m not satisfied with it, and a few things felt kind of strange and not right This is all too ambivalentOk, what I liked about this book The hero, Alex, is smokin HOT, a special guy Liv took pictures of him Mmmmmmsooo hot and sensual Loved it This thing with the camera was incredibly special The Nikon camera is kind of a replacement for a living character There were a lot of emotions and a lot of different struggles This was very interesting and riveting, but as you ll read below the problems aren t resolved to my utmost satisfaction There are still too many unanswered questions I really loved the interaction between Olivia and her friend Sarah So funny Actually, there are a lot of thoughtful dialogs in this book The story is told in first person POV Usually this is something I don t like too much but it worked for me here It didn t disturb at all.Naked also covers religious issues But don t get me wrong This is NOT a religious book The heroine struggles with her family, where she belongs, what she is, what she believes The book title Naked has different meanings The basic approach is good but I didn t get the impression that I could really say mission accomplished Sure, the author thinks the problems are resolved but she couldn t convince me.And Liv seems to be dreading important conversations with Alex Sometimes I told myself Just spill it out, Liv get over it I wanted an open discussion about him being gay or not gay I wanted his opinion, I wanted his insight Why does he act like this I wanted to know about his background, his family, his problems He was always Mr Mysterious On the other hand he was really wonderful with Liv He cared a lot about her, he was tender, he made her laugh, and I even believed that he loved her But I am not so sure if this couple could survive the big marital problems which lay ahead of them yet.Alex is gay or bi or straight or whatever I don t know a gay man who transforms into being a normal and totally faithful straight guy After reading this book it didn t completely ring true Not absolutely honest, either There will always be the temptation and there will always be a nagging insecurity IF he can really deny any advances in the future And I felt that the end of the book was too rushed I mean Liv is disappointed can t tell you what exactly because of spoilers , she s angry, and there are a few words and the problem is resolved during the last chapter It doesn t feel right, either, and it doesn t feel believable Jeez, the interaction between Jamie and Alex was so NOT funny Annoying Dumb Needless Ugh Last but not least the author used the f word WAY too much for my liking I guess I m the only one who just had a WTF moment with this book Oh well What I liked 1 The cover even though it s not totally accurate hey Harlequin, couldn t you guys have found a black model with silky locks like Olivia has You ve got the money to for it 2 It was interracial black woman white male That s always an automatic on star with me 3 Alex, the hero, wore Whip, a fragrance from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, which is one of my favorites from that company.Outside of those three things, this novel wasn t quite a train wreck, but of a near miss Seriously It s not that I don t mind the unusual and the unexpected and the edgy in fact I thrive on books like that but an author should know HOW to write edgy and unusual without trying to fit into a formula, which Megan Hart unfortunately does Note to author if you want to write against the grain, DON T WRITE FOR HARLEQUIN or any of its imprints There s little to no room for creativity Even if your story doesn t warrant an HEA, you ll have to pull one out of your butt because well, it s HARLEQUIN and your readership expects it I really didn t know what to make of Olivia Mackey, our erstwhile photographer heroine who was adopted by a white family but somehow never knew she was BLACK until another black classmate pointed it out to her Are you freaking KIDDING me How is this even believable that no one in her family would have forgotten to mention something like this, or better yet, didn t the young Olivia ever see herself in the mirror or watch television and notice that she didn t quite look like mommy and daddy I suppose to make up for her utter and unbelievable cluelessness, Hart gives Olivia silky dreds which lets the reader know she s indeed black OkayI ve always found it interesting that some authors are sometimes stuck having to make certain they over tag a character as being black, especially if they behave in ways that the larger society thinks goes against the perceptions people have about blacks Write about a drug dealer or a gangbanger and everyone automatically assumes they re black Write about a black female photographer who speaks proper English and Houston, there s a problem I m kind of feeling that way about how Hart handles Olivia Every couple of pages she has Olivia doing something with her locks, either putting them in a ponytail or twisting them in a bun but we know she doesn t have a long, flowy mane Olivia just comes up short in contrast to the hero and it drives me nuts Most of the book is spent with Olivia feeling sorry for herself, then horny, then unsure of her place in the world, then unsure of her relationship with Alex, thenjust whiny I HATE whiny Alex Kennedy was, well, confusing Tall check Dark check Sexy check Mysterious check So why did he leave me scratching my head wondering what the hell his damage was Uh, hasn t anyone in Hart land ever heard of BISEXUALITY Guess not I m not sure what she was trying to accomplish with him by somehow trying to convince me that he was just a straight dude who liked having sex with men on occasion, but it felt forced, as if she s aware her readership just isn t into guys getting it on unless there s guilt and angst attached I just didn t warm up to him at all, and he had all the makings of an intriguing character I have discovered that he actually appears in a previous novel Tempted, but Naked was supposed to be his story Making him a bi male would have gone a long way to making some of his actions understandable There were times he just came off as a total asshole.Worse, Hart commits epic FAIL when it comes to the gay male characters They re either manipulative bastards, metrosexual model types or in the case of Patrick and Alex, not certain what they are until they are certain what they are and even then there s a question mark And what about the totally unbelievable HEA after the get together with Alex s best friend Jamie which revealed some pretty interesting history Oh and lest I forget, the typical Archie Bunker type parents who just cannot hide their shock surprise dismay that their child is marrying out of the race Just No.I didn t hate the book It just should have been. Taxing emotionally I wish I could have gotten Alex s POV because I felt like there was so much going on with him that we never get to see I understand that his father is a bigoted bastard, and I do not think that is uncommon Why did he not drink around Olivia, but seemed to party it up when he was out of town or at Jamie Anne s Then she asked him questions and he blows her off That is so annoying Men I liked how Dan and Elle are revisited, and little peek at Jack So it seems Jack may be hooking up with Sarah I don t recall Jack being an actual prostitute in Dirty I thought Dan just picked him up in a bar using vibes that he d be into a threesome. This review was posted at Under The CoversI feel like I ve waited forever to read Alex s story I loved his character in Tempted, I fell in love with him, flaws and all, and I wanted to see him get his HEA This was a great story all around by Ms Hart, even though not as emotionally draining perhaps as I was expecting from her.Alex Kennedy where do I start He is a tormented bad boy, he s struggled with who he was, with his family and how they view him, how he interacts with others, and his sexuality his whole life.Olivia has struggled with her life for a while now as well She is a black woman, adopted by white parents, who are now divorced Her relationship with her fiance, Patrick, ended when she found out he was gay But they ve managed to still stay friends, even though she still has feelings for him Does that just make her pathetic to be around him when he s out with other guys Maybe But she still attends a party at his house Except at the party she only has eyes for Patrick s new friend Mr Tall Dark and Handsome, Alex Kennedy himself Who is he Patrick tells her to stay away from Alex, but the sex appeal that comes off him in waves calls to her And it doesn t help that she actually finds him with a guy in the porch getting a blow job, and looking sexy as hell She wants to be the one on her knees for him and the one to bring him pleasure.Turns out he needs a place to live while staying in town for business, and she has a room she can rent So he moves right in Their relationship slowly develops Her history with being with a guy who liked other guys may have hurt her, and she should stay away, but Alex is a complete flirt and seduces her.I absolutely loved all the sexy scenes with the camera She s a photographer web designer, and when she gets him to pose for her in her office studio was SOOOO HOT.I think Olivia is actually a good match for Alex I think Ms Hart always manages to write about very touchy subjects and do it perfectly In this story we deal with Alex still not being 100% sure about his sexuality and what he wants, and how Olivia will deal with it At the same time, the social pressures faced by an interracial couple.I had a problem with how James and Ann were approached in this story I didn t like the fact that Alex hadn t come clean to Olivia about his relationship with both of them and his feelings for both of them before bringing her to their house and she had to figure it out on her own Not cool Alex And then he goes and acts like a moron when he s around James The whole drama with Alex s family was heart breaking and hard I do think, as a lot of other reviewers have said, that the ending was a bit abrupt, it seemed like we were missing at least a chapter It leaves you wondering if there really could be a Happily Ever After for them There are still a lot of unresolved issues for both of them personally, and as a couple.Favorite QuoteIt s okay to struggle to find our place in this world and the person who will take us for who and what we are Sometimes we dress ourselves in layers that only get peeled away in the end, to leave us as we should be ORIGINAL REVIEWAs always, a wonderful book by Megan Hart I waited forever for Alex s story, I loved his character in Tempted and wanted him to have a HEA Olivia is a great character, and a good match for him I do think, as a lot of other reviewers have said, that the ending was a bit abrupt, it seemed like we were missing some 20 pages But I think with all the topics that had to be discussed, Ms Hart did it wonderfully The only thing I didn t like was the fact that Alex hadn t come clean to Olivia and she had to figure it out on her own Not as emotionally draining as all of Ms Hart s books, but def emotional As always, GREAT BOOK Ok I waitied ages to read this, the anticipation nearly killed me, it arrived one morning earlier this week and before I knew it I read the whole bloody thingall that waiting and it was over in a couple of hours, and now I m left with that post fantastic book depression that I always get when I ve read something that I d like never to finish.So I guess it s pretty obvious that I loved the third book in the Alex Kennedy story I was epecting one thing and Ms Hart threw me a blinder and wrote something completly the opposite and far better than I could ever have anticipated As always Ms HArt writes than just a love story, each character comes with their ready made baggage which is something I ve come to expect, Alex and Olivia are no differnt This book takes places 3 to 4 years on from Tempted and Everything Changes, Alex is slightly different, perhapes a little world weary Olivia is a friend of a friend and has her own set of issues, the two hit it off and their relationship develops from there With all it s ups and downs.I love the way Ms Hart takes her characters outside the normal realms of romance and enhances their personalities with various back stories, this is a story of finding yourself, who you are, and accepting what you find, it s also a story of acccepting love and taking chances even though some of the things you find out may take you away from what think you know and ultimatley trust This story had it s fair share of surpries and not just little ones but ones of jaw dropping portentous, it also has it s fair share of sadness but lots of happiness too I would like to add here that Ms Hart writes what she sees and feels about the world around us and in particular injustice so she is not afraid to take her stories and characters out of the cosy cosy Naked is no different, same sex adoption, religious diffrences, racism and homophobia are all included and thumbs up to Ms Hart for not fudging about but telling it as it is.This story had me in tears but it also made me feel happy, any fans of Megan Hart will not be disappointed. thinks about the past fondly I remember the day that I added this book I didn t know who Megan Hart was This book was yet to be released, and I didn t bother looking into her other books I just saw this hot cover and was drawn in instantly shakes head and comes to present day These days Im like an auto bot when it comes to Hart I see her name I add it and buy it She is one of the true talented authors our there She knows how to tread on subjects that are risqu Naked is an Erotic story of a woman dealing with the colour of her skin, her past relationship choices and her present ones.SO in Naked we get to see Alex again We met Alex in Tempted Alex and Olivia meet at Olivia s gay ex fianc es Patrick party Patrick immediately tells Olivia to stay away from Alex and to forget anything because he doesn t like girls Olivia got a close up of this when she cops an eye full of Alex getting a head job from another guy at the party After meeting Alex the next morning and spending the day together she decided to invite him to rent out her flat after finding out he needed a place The two ends up spending a lot of time together and not before long cant keep their hands off each other.But Alex doesn t like girls, right After being burnt once before, Olivia doesn t want to start someone who has the potential to hurt her in the exact same fashion So what did I like Ummlet me think about that..hmmmeverything I liked Olivia she was strong and dealt with all her issues head on She is struggling with Religion and her family Hart made her struggles seem real None of characters have a perfect life and that s what gets me Just because your related by blood doesn t make you family.Alex was just the same as he was in Tempted, but it was great to see a different side to him He was a real romantic and considerate He still had the same wicked smile and his tendency to wear jeans with no shoes or socks and his shirts always half open sigh What I didn t like You still don t really find out about Alex s sexuality Is he Bi gay straight I would have liked Olivia to address his sexual tendencies a bit further I also don t like, and I didn t like this in Tempted either, is the way Alex changes when he is around his friend, James I firmly believe you should never have to act a certain way for someone Be yourself.Otherwise, this was just another brilliant novel for Hart I drool at her humble feet.