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There S Only One Way For A Female To Be Recognize In This Man S World And That S To Fight Every Inch Of The Way You Can Never Stop Fighting I Fought And I M Still Fighting And I Ll Be Fighting Until My Dying DayBETTE DAVIS Hollywood Always Liked Its Female Stars To Be Feminine, Agreeable And Pretty Bette Davis Was Never A Typical Hollywood Star She Was Tough, Smart, Aggressive, Gifted And Bitterly Determined It Was Those Qualities That Made Her One Of The Most Legendary And Charismatic Actresses Of Her Generation But The Stormy Personality That Drove Her To The Top Knew No Rest Behind The Scenes, And Those Same Qualities Damned Her Personal Life Right From The Start The Broken Marriages, The Domestic Violence And Unhappiness, The Vicious Battles With The System, The Conflicts With Other Stars, The Personal Dissatisfaction And Obsessiveness, The Loneliness Behind The Accolades All Of It Is Here, Told By The Only Person Who Knows Bette Davis Well Enough To Tell It, Her Daughter, BD Hyman Written With Compassion, Humour, Understanding And Searing Honesty, This Is The Story Of The Real Bette Davis Controversial, Shocking And Moving Than Any Character She Ever Played On Film

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    Can you spell B R A T That s the best way I can think of to describe the Hollywood legend, Bette Davis s daughter B.D Hyman who wrote this horribly cruel autobiography of life with her mother This is even malicious than Joan Fontaine s autobiography of her feud with sister, Olivia de Havilland, if you can believe that.B.D Hyman begins by retelling all the woes of her childhood in which she was given everything she wanted Bette Davis owned 2 countryside mansions on the east coast where her children were given everything they could possible want as well as private school education.Poor B.D.H even has her own horse that has accommodations at her private school B.D.H has the memory of an elephant as well as she can retell in acute detail every argument that she ever had with her mother.One thing B.D.H forgets to tell the reader is that her mother is a hard core alcoholic and had been for years Bette always started the day off with a slug of Scotch and continued drinking until she passed out at night.The bratty B.D.H might not have understood alcoholism when she wrote this awful tell all about her mother in 1986 and was not able to connect cause and effect when it came to Bette s temper tantrums and what not.Bette Davis was not a saint and always loved stirring up drama whether drunk or sober so I can imagine she was a pill to live with a lot of the time But one thing that is very apparent during her alcoholic rampages is that she loves her daughter I can t even imagine why she wanted to write this book trashing her mom who she even accuses of being abusive to her grandsons at times B.D claims that she cut off all connection with her mother because of this but I m not sure that s the real reason.B.D.H insisted on marrying her beau, Jeremy Hyman, when she was just 16 She had met him at the premiere of one of her mother s movies and said they fell in love at first sight.It probably didn t hurt either that Jeremy was kin to big shots in the business and was in their employ He wasn t rich but had prospects I suppose.I don t know whatever became of his prospects in the movie business because before you know it B.D and Jeremy soon own property and have a mansion in a secluded area of Virginia where they grow things and ride horses a lot So apparently Jeremy is no longer working for his kin folks in Hollywood but no reason is ever given as to why this occurred B.D never tells us exactly what her husband did for a living out in the middle of nowhere on their Virginia farm B.D is a stay at home mother to her 2 sons and life is just perfect B.D and Jeremy are perfect and they have perfect children but this bucolic scene is shattered whenever Bette arrives to spend time with them.Bette despises her son in law Jeremy who bravely withstands Bette s vicious verbal attacks I began to wonder why Bette disliked Jeremy so muchcould it be that J is lazy and doesn t want to hold a job perhaps Does this cause B.D to beg money from her in order to keep up her fantasy existence at the farm Could the 30 year old Jeremy have married the 16 year old B.D because he thought she would inherit a lot of money one day and he wouldn t have to work any B.D says the only reason that she remained in contact with her dreadful mother was that she was the only family Bette had left Was the real reason that B.D tolerated her mother because she expected to inherit a lot of money one day Well that s a shame because between 4 husbands and being an alcoholic Bette was broke She had to play any part that she was given because by the late 50 s her beauty had been ravaged by alcoholism and I do mean ravaged If you ve seen the movies Whatever Happened to Baby Jane or Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte you will agree with me.In the 1980 s Bette was found to have breast cancer of which she died in 1989 at the age of 81.Before this happened B.D Hyman had already finished this book and it was soon to be published.The last chapters were about her mother s health problems B.D didn t seem to have much compassion for her mother s pain and suffering but went into great detail how awful Bette was to all the help in the hospital, throwing her food on the floor when she was withdrawing from alcohol and had the D.T s No, perfect B.D s heart was not moved by this even though she saw it all first hand What B.D doesn t tell us though is that Bette became aware of the tell all that her daughter was writing before Bette was found to have cancer B.D must have needed the money and wanted to cash in before her mom s death When Bette wrote B.D out of her will at the end this might explain the crassness of this book.Normal people don t write about their mother in this manner as mom is dying of cancer is all I have to say Absolutely appalling.I ve been watching the FX network, new series Bette and Joan the Feud about Betty Davis and Joan Crawford s long standing Hollywood feud I knew I had an old Bette Davis paperback around and that s the reason I decided to read this book even though it certainly wasn t what I was expecting.Bette Davis s book This n That is probably the best book to read for anyone interested in her life Bette does not trash her daughter in her book but does tell of their relationship I ll probably read this soon as I want to hear the other side of the story Edited to add I just read that B.D Hyman is now a born again Christian and minister raking in the dough She s probably as good of an actress as Bette in this role

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    When this book was published, I was in the 6th grade and I snapped it up immediately upon encountering it in a hotel convenience store while vacationing with my parents at the Epcot Center in Miami Florida It provided great reading for the airplane trip home I was already a long time Bette Davis fan by the time I read this book at age 12 I was shocked and appalled at the author s assertions and not at all sympathetic having already read and sympathized with Mommie Dearest by Christina Crawford This meek attempt at trumping that book read like a desperate, media hungry rendition of Ann Blyth s character in Mildred Pierce Veda, the ungrateful daughter of that film stopped at nothing to wreck her doormat mother s nerves by committing the literal act of denouncing her mother s affections.Knowing a little than the average consumer about the character of Bette Davis, I found her daughter s overblown claims of abuse to be a study in histrionic hyperbole We all know that Bette had a sharp tongue that left its targets to fend for themselves in a survival of the fittest game of chance, but it s a shame that the dowdy dimwitted daughter wasn t intelligent enough to rival it She withered under the shadow of celebrity and cigarette smoke wafting from her mother s presence and used the 200 pages to recount arguments with her mother ranging from ludicrous to laughable on the scale of sentiment It is unbelievable to assume that the author s intention was to warrant sympathy from the reader My gut feeling after reading the horrific waste of trees is that BD Hyman was too negatively influenced by her husband who she married at age 16 and her fundamentalist born again Christian cult of a faith that she espoused as a way to recover from the scars she purportedly suffered at the other end of a jab from Bette s hand gestures Bette Davis never recovered from the scandal begat by the publishing of this book and the damage it did to her relationship with her beloved daughter I watched a clip from an interview Bette did on Good Morning America in the early 1980s where she speaks glowingly with love beaming from her aura about her daughter and their relationship Was she completely in the dark about BD s true feelings or was BD a two faced snake in the grass that spun a yarn of bullshit at her husband s behest for motives of financial gain My feeling rests on the latter theory Bette Davis had a chance to tell her side of the story when she published her last autobiography, This n That in 1987 which she dedicated to her faithful nurse and confidante Kathryn Sermak In it she devotes a letter to BD on the last page Addressed to Hyman , the letter succeeds in writing the bitch off once and for all but between the lines, it is rife with a mother s bewilderment at having raised a daughter she inevitably knew nothing about I have cursed the essence of BD ever since and held tight to the hope that she will reap her consequences at her self described pearly gates I hope Bette is there with St Peter to reject her entrance into heaven That would show the bitch what suffering is all about.

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    I fully and freely admit it I love tell all bio and autobiographies This one is written by the only biological daughter of Bette Davis She is a born again Christian who rails about her mother s poor cooking and obnoxious behavior with waitstaff than she does her chronic and destruction alcoholism The title of this autobio is actually inappropriate because nowhere in the book is there any description of Bette Davis daughter ever actually taking care of her mother, keeping her In fact, this book was written and published during the last years of Davis life when she was battling strokes and cancer, mostly alone, often hospitalized, while her daughter evaded tax fraud issues by moving out of country explored in a follow up autobio called Narrow Is the Way Anyway, I pull this book out every once in a while because it is an over the top saga in the vein of Mommy Dearest It makes me laugh the way Davis best one liners in her classic movies do.

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    Oh, bitch bitch bitch Apparently B.D Hyman saw Joan Crawford s daughter cash a big paycheck for her tell all and thought she could play the woe is me card too But I ended up feeling sympathetic toward Bette than B.D Glad I borrowed it and didn t add to B.D s payday.

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    This is the harshest, most self serving compilation of garbage I ve ever read Bette Davis may not have been perfect but as I see it, she kept that girl warm, fed, and catered to like she was a fairy princess That was her biggest mistake.What I want to know, considering Christian charity, is why doesn t BD have any, if she s such a big Christian She s one of those false prophets, in it for the money, nothing else I happen to be an atheist but part of me hopes there is some sort of reckoning for Christians like her.Despicable That s it in one word Despicable.I m just glad I got the book from for.01.

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    I gave the book one star due to the fact I didn t much care for BD Hyman I read the book in 1986 and what I remember is that upon completing the book, I thought, gee, wish Bette Davis would have been my mother I found the author self absorbed, and unkind to a woman who gave her evrything There are no perfect parent my heart goes out to all the children burdened with drug and alcohal enduced parents One other fact is that the author couldn t wait until her mother passed away to publish the book I don t believe her excuse she wanted her mother to read the book and come to term with earch other, hello Plan time together, face to face, in order to open up feeling and wounds Presence is required in order to get and give feedback One of the sadest things in life is losing some you love without the opportunity to mend fences

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    It seems to me that Stevie Nicks got it right by never having children because she regards her career and her fans as plenty enough fulfillment Too bad the same cannot be said for Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, though I felt Christina s book was much warranted Why movie stars still insist on having children is far beyond me But I do not blame this atrocious book on Bette The only mistake she made was giving birth to a daughter who is utterly without backbone First, in Hyman s defense, it must be stated that there is truth in all fiction and non fiction But, as far as memoirs go, remembering entire conversations that are years in the past is pretty impossible So while I do not doubt that Bette Davis could at times be a difficult woman, I also doubt here that every word is verbatim I might also point out that I, too, could write an expose on my mother divulging all our worst times, and you d never know that she s still the best mom anyone can ask for Keep that in mind while reading this review Bear with me for a second, but I have often attributed my lack of a love life to what I am now calling the Ursula Effect In The Little Mermaid Ursula sings the following in Poor Unfortunate Souls The men up there don t like a lot of blabberThey think a girl who gossips is a boreYes, on land it s preferred for ladies not to say a wordAnd after all, dear, what is idle prattle for They re not all that impressed with conversationTrue gentlemen avoid it when they canBut they dote and sigh and fawnOn a lady who s withdrawnIT S SHE WHO HOLDS HER TONGUE WHO GETS A MANBette Davis was a strong woman She did not hold her tongue And this, I m hedging my bets on, is the reason why her daughter and others took such issue with her This book is a wreck I m hard pressed to know where to begin, so why not start with the copyright It is copyrighted 1985 to Hyman AND her husband Hmmm So is this REALLY just a daughter s candid portrait of her famous mother than Or is it, perchance, also a daughter AND her husband s candid portrait of a famous movie star I hated the dialogue HATED HATED HATED According to B.D., the following is the extent of Bette Davis s vocabulary ShitJesusBrotherGod, you re a cold bitch none of which I ve heard Bette use in interviews and she seems a candid woman who would not censor herself even for the press Also, apparently Bette hung up on B.D constantly, and she writes over and over Click Dial tone How original.B.D constantly mentions how much Bette always whined about travel, but au contraire I just saw an interview on YouTube with Bette in which she says that one of the absolute best things about her job was, in fact, the travel B.D is clearly looking from sympathy from the same vein Christina Crawford tapped in all of us But just reading this monstrosity drained all my pints of sympathy With B.D for a daughter, I can only imagine that Bette had every right to behave as she allegedly did Bette was a chain smoker, that much is accurate But far from being her mother s keeper, B.D was instead her mother s enabler The book escalates in ridiculous scenarios that culminate in B.D s son Justin being pretty heavily emotionally and psychically abused by Bette But before you rip down your Bette Davis posters, I must assure you that B.D actually ALLOWED this to happen We see throughout the years all this apparent damage wrought by Bette B.D married very young, at 16, and still she did not cut the cord from her mother She allowed herself to be bullied and bludgeoned by her mother s lawyer and this, in turn, carried over to the rest of her family How B.D is still married I cannot fathom How this man did not walk out on such a spineless individual, I haven t a clue Perhaps that is why Bette was so epically pissed off all the time if she indeed was Here was her beloved daughter taking it lying down Unacceptable, and I absolutely agree B.D., you have, unfortunately, no one to blame but yourself, though I know that s a bitter pill to swallow and one you cannot accept, given this book There is a great ending to a Degrassi episode in which Anya asks Holly J why she s so mean to her all the time Holly J s response Because you let me B.D let her mother walk all over her, and then let her mother walk right on out of her life only to be a born again Christian and start her own ministry How creepy That ministry is right here in Charlottesville, Virginia where I currently live I m actually a little bit terrified for my life right now, but kind of wanting to visit her church to see the batshit fruit of Bette Davis s womb.It should be noted that Bette Davis also said in an interview pre My Mother s Keeper that there was nothing wrong with homemaking and the her daughter, B.D., was excellent at it I don t suppose I need to mention that B.D grew up meeting Walt Disney and traveling lavish places and getting doted upon B.D says repeatedly how much her mother loved her, and she even KNOWS it to be true Well, B.D., I can only quote Confessions of an American Girl When someone gives you love, try not to shit on it All I can do in conclusion is just to leave you with this awesome quote from Bette Why am I so good at playing bitches I think it s because I m not a bitch Maybe that s why Joan Crawford always plays ladies.

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    Have you ever had a friend that has a girlfriend or boyfriend, and every story they tell you is about a fight they had Every time you hear them tell another negative tale, you can t help but roll your eyes because you ve heard it all 1,000 times before You wonder, why do they stay together don t they realize they re a toxic pair.This non stop ramble of terrible stories is the book that B.D Hyman wrote about her mother, Bette Davis, just after Bette suffered the double whammy of breast cancer and 4 subsequent strokes The fights detailed in this book range the entire gamut from clam digging fights to New Years fights to Bette charging into a restaurant kitchen to demand steak power to her Do I feel bad for B.D Not even a little bit Do I think that she s an entitled, spoiled brat that cashed in on her famous mother the second she saw Christina Crawford s book sales Absolutely She packages this as the last attempt to get through to a stubborn woman I personally have known a few 80 something year old women, and they are not likely to change their ways so late in life To even think that a woman who was not only a living legend, but notoriously stubborn, a perfectionist, and a workaholic, would change who she is based on this horribly written book is a laugh I hope B.D found what she was looking for in Jesus, because she certainly didn t with this book.

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    Can someone still like this book yet be disgusted by the author s actions I guess so, as I do.Total guilty pleasure read for someone interested in old movie stars It s also a total cash in on Mommie Dearest a superior read by the way by Bette Davis s daughter.B.D Hyman was as strong willed as her mother, so the fireworks often came from that She didn t really have as much of a leg to stand on in terms of a bad childhood compared to many Christina Crawford included Her mom had a strong personality, but wasn t a monster.This book comes off as a somewhat childish reaction to being a celebrity daughter B.D Hyman has also turned out to be a bit of a freak herself, so that may explain my feelings.

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    I do not believe I have read another book in which the author describes herself repeatedly as bellowing It s unsettling Additionally, the name B D Hyman sounds to me like a gynecological disorder The best part is when the author re purposes herself as John the Baptist, envisioning the book as her cry in the wilderness, a warning to her mother to straighen up and fly right It seems unlikely that John the Baptist had quite the same intent when he issued his own cry, but then again, Bette Davis was perhaps difficult to cope with than Jesus Christ Bottom line Bette Davis greatest actor of her generation B.D Hyman who