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The New York Times Bestselling Memoir By Clint Hill That Kirkus Reviews Called Clear And Honest Prose Free From Salaciousness And Gossip, Jackie Kennedy S Personal Secret Service Agent Details His Very Close Relationship With The First Lady During The Four Years Leading Up To And Following President John F Kennedy S Tragic AssassinationIn Those Four Years, Hill Was By Mrs Kennedy S Side For Some Of The Happiest Moments As Well As The Darkest He Was There For The Birth Of John, Jr On November As Well As For The Birth And Sudden Death Of Patrick Bouvier Kennedy On August , Three And A Half Months Later, The Unthinkable Happened Forty Seven Years After The Assassination Of President John F Kennedy, The One Vivid Image That Never Leaves Clint Hill S Mind Is That Of President Kennedy S Head Lying On Mrs Kennedy S Lap In The Back Seat Of The Limousine, His Eyes Fixed, Blood Splattered All Over The Back Of The Car, Mrs Kennedy, And Hill As Well Sprawled On The Trunk Of The Car As It Sped Away From Dealey Plaza, Hill Clung To The Sides Of The Car, His Feet Wedged In So His Body Was As High As Possible Clint Hill Jumped On The Car Too Late To Save The President, But All He Knew After That First Shot Was That If Shots Were Coming, The Bullets Had To Hit Him Instead Of The First Lady Mrs Kennedy S Strength, Class, And Dignity Over Those Tragic Four Days In November Held The Country Together This Is The Story, Told For The First Time, Of The Man Who Perhaps Held Her Together

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    I saw the recent television interview with Mr Hill The interviewer pointed out that some would think he loved the First Lady He certainly wrote of her in a loving way if you consider honesty, respect, admiration and appreciation to be equal components of his memory of Mrs Kennedy His job was to protect the president s wife In his words, I was responsible for protecting the things that were most important to him, personally his wife and children In order to do his job, he paid attention to the woman that she was and found himself to be in the position of safeguarding a rare treasure.This story is so beautifully remembered and shared It is written by an uncommon gentleman who has allowed himself to re live one of the most memorable times in presidential history The intimate story he tells, reliving the joy and the pain, of that time with Mrs Kennedy and her family, made me laugh out loud at times and cry with the renewed memories of that horrible day in Dallas.Having read this book, I can certainly understand why it took 50 years for him to finally decide to tell his story.Mr Hill wrote of this family with dignity and a strong sense of loyalty to their memory He brought so many things into focus, the most poignant being that salute that we all must remember I think Jackie would be so pleased with his accounting This is a beautiful book and I give it my highest recommendation.

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    This book is the memoir of Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent assigned to Jacqueline Kennedy during the Kennedy administration He s never told about his experiences publicly until this book and it was well worth the wait This is a beautifully written book and a wonderful tribute to Jacqueline Kennedy.It s not surprising that Kennedy seemed to prefer Hill over the other agents assigned to her His earnestness and kindness towards her is evident throughout the book He was insistent on giving her as much privacy and personal space as possible, something it was obvious she cherished having been abruptly thrown into the international spotlight.What s remarkable about this book is that among all the other tell all type memoirs that have been written about the Kennedys, this one feels personal and intimate than any other, but does the family no injustice There s been a million articles and books written describing the Kennedy assassination, but no account can compare to Hill s And yet, it s clear he did not want to exploit this event for his own personal gain or to provide lurid details for a curious public He admits that the events of that day haunted him through his entire life and his descriptions of interactions alongside Mrs Kennedy throughout the day and the following weeks makes for a truly heartbreaking account If you ve ever wondered who the agent was that jumped onto the back of the Presidential convertible after the shots were fired, that was Hill I found this book so refreshing and honest It s not sensational, it s not exploitative it s just straightforward and honest and actually quite beautiful.

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    Very engaging memoir, and certainly the reader s affection toward Clint Hill and Mrs Kennedy grows over the course of reading the book We of course know before hand that Mrs Kennedy experienced many devastating losses and remained a graceful, stoic figure I felt for Mr Hill s almost unmentioned family, though, who had to spend holidays, summers, and weeks without a father husband at home, so that the First Lady could travel, take long vacations, shop, visit with friends, ride horses, sail on yachts, often leaving her children behind with other staff I understand that it was Clint Hill s job to protect Mrs Kennedy, and that the First Lady does not have to spend all of her time at the White House, but Mrs Kennedy lived a very privileged life that was funded to a great extent by US taxpayers and not the Kennedy fortune I did not like Mrs Kennedy to any greater degree after reading this I wondered , what one does with one s time, if one is not the primary care giver for one s children, the primary cook for one s family, the primary house keeper for one s own home, not in school or training for a future occupation, working at a job where there are specific day and time requirements to earn a salary, not able to employ staff to take care of all personal, social and family needs.

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    While I am glad I read the book, it must be stated that the book s focus is quite narrow It gives only Clint Hill s personal perspective on his four years as Secret Service agent protecting Jacqueline Kennedy The last year is after the death of her husband President Johnson deemed the surveillance should be continued for another year You follow what Clint Hill did to protect the First Lady, and how he came to feel towards her, the President and their two children, Caroline and little John She rarely was in the White House Very little is said about political events such as the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis You follow her as she travels to India, Pakistan, Italy, France You follow her to Palm Beach, Florida, to Hyannis Port, to the Kennedy Compound in Rhode Island on holidays and weekends You watch how she raises her children How she parties, how athletic she is water skiing, horse riding, tennis, golf You name it She does it, and she does it well Her demeanor, her way of joking, her clothes and her beauty it is all here, always through Hill s respectful gaze.You see her need for privacy, but also her inability to understand that what she is requesting is unreasonable and demands much of others Maybe she just doesn t care At the same time she is curious to see what the tabloids are saying about her Clint must go out and buy them for her Her privileged lifestyle can get a bit hard to take Hill s relationship with Jacquie remains always polite, always proper Very little is said about sensitive topics, for example her meeting with Onassis and the President s relationship with Marilyn Monroe I assume Clint Hill did know , but little is said When you compare Jacquie s years as the First Lady and Eleanor Roosevelt s there is a striking difference Somehow Jacqueline s glamor is disturbing, but that is no criticism of the book It is simply my observation The assassination is covered too Again, you get the perspective of one who was there Clint Hill was in the car following Jacquie and the President When Clint Hill saw what was happening, it was he who attempted to climb into their car You may have seen this in photos This section is emotionally moving, but again not a complete retelling of events We are told by Clint what he saw, felt and did You do not get a complete analysis of the assassination, but whole books are written on this The narration by Jeremy Bobb was superb He sounded calm, reliable responsible how you imagine a Security Service agent would sound You think this must be Clint Hill speaking There is also a short epilogue narrated by Clint himself, he looks back on how he remembers Jacquie This is when she is dying in 1994 of cancer Fond memories.I am glad I read the book Although not comprehensive, it gives additional insight into Jacqueline Kennedy s personality and behavior and the assassination of President Kennedy Always through Clint Hill s eyes.

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    There is a sadness that permeates this book For as hard as Clint Hill worked to protect The First Family and he makes it clear from the outset that he would have preferred to be on JFK s detail, not Jackie s , the Secret Service failed at the moment that mattered most The President was shot on their watch There s no escaping that Whether or not Clint Hill could have made a difference is debatable I don t think he could have moved any faster , but the fact that JFK was murdered is not And the question that torments Mr Hill is, as he writes, How could I have let this happen to her He writes that when he saw Mrs Kennedy s anguish at losing Baby Patrick, he wished he could throw his arms around her and hug her I know how he feels I d love to throw my arms around him and comfort him He sounds like a good man placed by history and fate and Lee Harvey Oswald into a horrific situation I m sure he d prefer to be anonymous than to be known as the agent who climbed on the back of the car THAT day.Which is not to say the book is a complete bummer There are priceless glimpses of Mrs Kennedy I had no idea that she was such a jock, or that consciously avoided Frank Sinatra and Pakistan and Italy and that famous Onassis yacht, The Christina.The one who is conspicuously absent from this story is Gwen Hill, Clint s wife Mr Hill was with Mrs Kennedy for the births of both John and Patrick, yet not for the birth of his own son He admits that he missed watching his sons grow the way he was able to observe John and Caroline He even dedicates the book to Caroline Is Mrs Hill still alive I d love to hear how she feels about sharing her husband with the woman and the family he was assigned to protect I believe Gwen Hill served her country, too.

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    Being fascinated by Jacqueline Kennedy for years, originally I didn t want to read this thinking that it was just another way for a former staffer to make a buck off of the Kennedy name But then a friend told me that she had seen Clint Hill on the Today Showand suddenly all my reluctance about reading this book changedand quickly For me, Clint Hill has always been a demi god or sort of like an icon I ve always wondered what his thoughts were He is the one that jumped on the back of the limo in Dallas after the first shot was fired, pushing Mrs Kennedy back into the car as they sped to Parkland Hospital While Hill has been reticent to speak about the events of November 22, 1963 he does here and the result is one of the most moving accounts of the tragedy that I have ever read and trust me, I ve read EVERYTHING Showing Jacqueline Kennedy s human side in this book, we are led beneath the glamorous, fashionable world of State Dinners and moments of high protocol While I wouldn t recommend this book for the casual Kennedy fan is there actually such a person , this is a beautiful story of a true and lasting friendship that lived itself out on the greatest of stages and endured unbearable, unspeakable tragedy ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN 2012

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    Oh my goodness I ve been sobbing for about the last sixty or so pages I don t even know what to say I didn t even mean to read this book at the moment I had checked it out from the library and was taking a look at it for my husband and it captivated me right from the start Now, I really want to read a proper biography about Jackie Kennedy, because she was one incredible, smart, classy lady I wasn t even alive when the president was killed But man, what a horrible thing, to have your husband assassinated right next to you I can t even imagine The book reads like fiction It s written by one of the men in the Secret Service whose job it was to protect Jackie once JFK was elected They became very close and had lots of respect for and trust in each other I thought Agent Hill did a fantastic job of bringing to his readers his experiences and a taste of what life was like while guarding Jackie Kennedy I slurped this book up like hot chocolate and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    Nov 22, 1963 is one of the darkest days in US history If you were alive that day, you will remember exactly what you were doing the moment you heard President Kennedy had been shot As Clint Hill says Three shots had been fired in Dealey Plaza And the world stopped for four days This is Clint Hill s story about his time as a secret service agent for Mrs Kennedy It is an evocative, compelling read beautifully told straight from the heart of a man who admired respected this legendary woman A must read.

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    I gave this a four because it was easy to read but fascinating sometimes in a negative way If the public needs to learn that Jacqueline Kennedy was a prima donna who needed kid glove treatment by all, this book confirms it Also revealing is that she was away from her children constantly, seldom in the White House and seemingly unconcerned that her whims cost tremendous sums in money and Secret Service manhours away from their own families Also revealing is how caught up in her life Clint Hill became seems as if he worshipped her, probably to the detriment of his own marriage the book doesn t say It is a poor boy makes it big story of one fascinated by the rich and powerful and thoughtless much like The Great Gatsby The narration in this often fails to sound convincing male precious, etc., so the author partnership doesn t work well, but it is an inside look at a woman who became as close to royalty as America has ever had.

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    This was a very unique look into the world of the Kennedy family, from the eyes of Jackie s Secret Service agent It s well written and very interesting You definitely can the see the love and admiration that existed in the relationship As well you come to understand the heartbreak Jackie went through and why If you enjoy biographies, I highly recommend this.