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When I picked up the book, I was excited about reading it and I thought it had a lot of potential until I could not get past the second chapter I desperately tried to hold on during three separate occasions and I just could not do it First of all, the movie Something New kept popping up in my head The image was just stuck Second, the adjectives describing everything except the characters were overwhelming I could care less about the finishing of the door knobs, tabletops, etc It seemed as if the author was trying to go back and fill in too many gaps to get the number of pages needed for the book I may pick up the book again on one of my boring days when I have absolutely nothing else to do. eh i had high hopes, i m not going to lie i mean what does a romance author know better than her own profession the main female lead was a romance author and the main male was a retired stocks guy maybe, all i remember was that he got really rich and got to retire early and buy up rediculous amounts of boston real estate he owns her building, he s hot, she s shy HE NEVER TELLS HER THAT HE S NOT JUST THE MAINTAINENCE GUY REALLY when he does tell her, she hardly cares WHAT THE HELL if someone had lied to me like that i would be pissed, really pissed, but she s just like la di da whatevs talk about unrealistic and the guy s just whiney he super hot and so he starts to feel like she only wants him for his body and so he breaks up with her really REALLY no matter how good the guy, that s just ridiculous she s giving him great sex and he doesn t dicuss it with her and continue getting the great sex ha one of the saving graces was that they were of different races her black, him white and it had like half a paragraph of discussion and it wasn t overblown too many inter racial romances are so focused on the differences in skin colores that any other plot points get lost. Popular Ebook, Mr Fix It Indigo Love Spectrum By Crystal Hubbard This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Mr Fix It Indigo Love Spectrum , Essay By Crystal Hubbard Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You It s rare that a romance novel actually tries to touch on relationship post traumatic stress disorder Seriously, once you re in your thirties, you tend to arrive at that age with a lot of trauma from past relationships, whether you re aware of it or not This book is about two people who love each other enough to try and work through their individual PSTDs and are literally in danger of failing For real Khela Halliday is a fraud she s a successful romance writer who doesn t believe the product that she s peddling to her target audience That opinion has served her fine for the past decade, but now that she s been nominated for a prestigious award, Khela needs to accept it with a man at her side With this in mind, Khela asks Carter Radcliffe her building super to be her date to the ball It works for her, because he s handsome enough to keep the fa ade alive Carter has his own issues re relationships, since he s always been courted based on his looks, and not personality, and for him it s gotten real old, real quick The story is around our erstwhile characters taking on the issues, and managing in their own way Most of the time, it s messy, and due to their own individual hangups This book actually shows that love can be hard, which is an odd thing to find in a penny dreadful, and somewhat refreshing.What works for this book is the narrative in that the writer s voice is strong, and Khela and Carter actually have chemistry It helps that you can actually see what each character likes in the other Carter thinks that Khela is fun and quirky, yet prickly Khela likes Carter s comfort with himself, and his ease, although he s prickly too Another thing that I liked about the book were the strong background characters They weren t just there like the blandly attractive backdrop of Ikea furniture, but actually interacting and challenging the protagonists being sympathetic yet calling them on their BS at the same time The only thing that I found with the story was that it sagged midway, when the characters were apart and groping towards each other I guess that might have been the narrative licence, in that if the book had been tighter, their rapprochement would have seemed too rushed Overall, it is a good read, and I was rooting for them both Bless. WELCOME to the World of RomanceMrs Hubbard takes us on a CAPTIVATING tour of the life of a talented romance author in her third interracial romance, Mr Fix It She crafts a tale that entertains and educates us about aspects of HER very unpredictable world I was totally CAUGHT UP in the workings of the romance convention, the camaraderie and verbal sparring between the authors, the passionate and know it all fans that often want to re write the authors story LOL Khela Halliday is a popular romance writer, however her own love life is NON EXISTENT Khela believes she has an image to uphold by presenting a love life to her peers and fans that s just like the one she portrays in her novels Unfortunately she doesn t believe in what she writes, ANYMORE Due to past hurts, Khela is afraid to LET GO and capture the romance and the love that she so passionately writes about in her books However, Khela will do WHATEVER she has to, in order to keep up the illusion of her life So, she convinces Carter, her all too SEXY handyman to be her date at a romance convention Carter is definitely the perfect companion for her Khela and her peers think that Carter could have walked right off the pages of their novels And there in lies the root of Carter s problems, his deepest desire is to find a woman that sees him as than just the ULTIMATE pretty boy , and he desperately WANTS that woman to be Khela As they struggle through their issues, the budding relationship of Khela and Carter is an INTENSE, heartwarming, sensual and HUMOROUS ride Will Khela and Carter ALLOW themselves to hold on to the love they discover with each other or will they destroy their HAPPILY EVER AFTER with their fears, insecurities and childish antics The cast of characters, main and secondary, are quite ANIMATED and memorable, and the the detailed descriptions of Boston only aid in making this a fascinating journey As much as I enjoyed this tale, I must say, I think Mrs Hubbard attempts to wrap the story up a little too quickly, it felt like Khela and Carter still had some unresolved issues that should have been addressed in order to make the conclusion SATISFYING But, having said that, I still found this romance to be a worthwhile read and I definitely enjoy the detailed glimpse into the world of a romance writer Good Job, Crystal, keep the wonderful stories coming EhhCrystal Hubbard s writing is generally a step above the usual romance writer, but it still fails at random points in the book Her premise, while initially interesting, starts to stretch believability when the main character constantly keeps crying over how she feels she is a romance writer fraud, despite winning prestigious awards and making beaucoup bucks with every one of her books hitting the bestseller charts Since the main character is a writer, I automatically end up seeing her lifestyle ritzy and lavish as wish fulfillment given what I ve read about the writer lifestyle of 99% of all authors , and every issue the character argues about as a personal soapbox for the author I don t particularly like being preached to.Additionally, the male lead is too good to be true He is described as so amazingly handsome that shameless hussies throw themselves in his path at every turn, and he never has to pay for his meals because some chick is always there to treat him as soon as he walks into a restaurant I m pretty sure the author is envisioning the actor Lucas Black as the guy, since she dedicates the book to him and the character has the same accent and hometowns as the actor But I recently saw the movie Legion, and while Lucas Black is kind of cute in a Christian Kane sort of way..I would not throw myself at his feet I wouldn t even bother trying to talk to him if I ending up in the same room as him That might change if the author actually crafted a character who had a PERSONALITY worth drooling after since obviously my tastes in appearance differ completely from the author s , but no He s just another romance hero mannequin who says all the right things at exactly the right time but he means nothing to you and I don t knoooow why ahem.Meh Might finish, might not. I m sorry to give this book three stars I really liked the characters in it I LOVED both of the main characters and I thought Hubbard did a good job of making them than just 2 dimensional cardboard cutouts I liked the best friend of each, as well, but they were far from fully developed It was the plot that was lacking And, by lacking, I mean it was seriously underdeveloped It took too many leaps There is no way that I believe the ending from everything we ve read in the beginning And, even though you the audience knew that Carter was than just the fix it guy , I still didn t buy it I will give Hubbard credit for making him unconventionally rich instead of old money That was a new spin on and old idea Good for her Other than that, though, there wasn t much to the plot But, even with all of those holes, the characters almost make up for it If she would have tweaked just one or two things shoring up the secondary characters, making a plausible ending, showing a little background, maybe through flashbacks or what have you then this would have been a 4 star review The characters were that good And Hubbard s use of humor in places were pretty good too Lastly, I have to say that it was nice to have a book about an interracial romance that wasn t all I m black, you re not black, it ll never work What about the children Blah blah blah It never went down that road, and for that I m grateful than you know Hubbard has the makings of a good author. I got into Crystal Hubbard after reading one of her kids books to my son and I have to say that I wasn t a romance fan I m still not but I get a kick out of Ms Hubbard s books Her stories hold my attention because the characters are relatable Carter Radcliffe isn t a perfect guy and he knows it and being with Khela makes him feel like he s capable of being a better man By better I mean living up to his full potential and not just coasting through each day.Khela is a complex character She had a hard childhood with her mother dying of a drug OD and her father going to jail for a murder he was involved in Writing is the thing that saved Khela s life and the thing that gives her the money to buy whatever she wants It s the money that attracted her ex husband to her Money isn t the most important thing in Khela s life because it can t buy the thing she wants most which is to believe in the kind of love she writes about.Carter reminds me of myself a little because it s always easier to strike out at people around you than confront your own insecurities and fears and Carter does that Khela is the opposite because she withdraws further inward when she s dealing with tough emotions.Khela doesn t drive a car, she walks to her neighborhood market and she has one close friend, Daphne who pursues a whirlwind romance of her own with a Welsh auctioneer Daphne s story is like a lot of the silly romance novels I ve glanced through but Mr Fix It is a story you can sink your teeth into The adult toy scene is a laugh and i didn t expect what Carter did at the end. If reading a book is like eating a meal, then reading Mr Fix It is like eating a gourmet meal This is the first book that I have read by Ms Hubbard, and I can tell you honestly, I was blown away at the skill of her writing I have read few other books that gave me the impression that the author was a wordsmith One example is Judith Ivory, who is not prolific, but beautifully writes historical romances Language can be sparing and economical, or it can be flowery and showy Mr Fix It manages to be a happy composite of both There is no overblown, florid prose in this book But sentences tease the mind like the sweet smell of pink roses, or the explosion of flavor on the tongue when tasting a really good cheesecake.I am a visual person, and each scene played vividly in my mind Although Mr Fix It is not written to intently describe every feature of the character s looks, you are given the details to form your own image of the characters in your mind You know that Khela is pretty and has dimples that come out when she smiles She is brown skinned with peach undertones, and her body is toned from boxing practice And we know that Carter is so beautiful that he could float by through life merely on his looks Food is described with sensuous detail that tells me that Ms Hubbard is definitely a foodie And she writes of the best things in life with a knowledge that makes me think that either she has exquisite taste or is an expert researcher I certainly learned a lot about many subjects as varied as the romance writing industry, architecture, gourmet food, and high fashion Even though I felt very unsophisticated compared to Khela, it was refreshing and wonderfully destructive against stereotypes to have a Black female character in a book with such culture And thankfully, Khela still manages to be a genuine, nice, and good person that you would love and admire, at the same time Khela is a romance author, who would spend hours signing books or talking to fans She also works very hard to write high quality romance books that are excellently researched, dispelling the stereotypes that romance novels are just trash She understands how much they mean to people and as someone who can firmly state that reading romance has gotten me through some awful times, this hits home personally with me I can safely assure you that will definitely like Khela, if not love her as the heroine of this book Carter is also likeable, but I would say that he turns out to be the troubled counterpart in this romance This is a twist because you go into the book expecting Khela to be weighted down with issues and afraid to love.I must tell you honestly as a writer, I felt mixed emotions as I read this book I felt awe at Ms Hubbard s writing skill and beauty Also I felt despair at the thought that I could never write a book this delicious and written with such consummate skill As an aspiring writer, I know that I am also encouraged to develop my craft and to be the best writer that I can to make minutes pass like seconds and hours like minutes like this book did when I read it.As far as the interracial romance, by nature that is what this book entails However, race is so not the issue in this book I found it decidedly refreshing Khela is a character whose insecurities in romance stem from being used in the past, not for fear of loving a White man For Carter, being with Khela is the culmination of years of desire It was love at first sight for him, even if he couldn t use the words in his mind She is the woman he wants, for all that she is If she happens to be Black, that is just part of who she is His angst stems from the fear that he is not enough for her, or good enough for her There is the conflict of loving someone who is famous, and all the drama that goes along with this Also the fear of being wanted and used because of your success and material wealth The first fear is Carter s, and the second is Khela s They both have to overcome these fears to find happiness together And race, simply does not matter If you are the interracial romance fan who is mortally sick of the I can t date a White man song and dance that is far too common in this genre, I encourage you to read this book It is like a breeze of fresh air tinged with newly blossomed flowers I guarantee that this book will cleanse a jaded palate.I thank you, Ms Hubbard, for writing such a splendid book. My Thoughts Quick recap since the blurb told the reader almost nothing Khela Halliday is a 31 year old writer of romance novels She s been in the business for 10 year but has yet to find her own HEA after a failed marriage to a gold digging husband Carter Radcliffe is 32 year old man who owns a few residential buildings does handyman work for his tenants When Khela needs a date for a Writer s Convention, Carter is the man she calls.Khela Carter suffer from a serious case of having too much not knowing what to do with it Carter hates that women only see him for his looks not his personality He s been than ok with using his great looks to get women but after a broken engagement, he s had enough I can not explain how many times he others mentioned how sexy he is But is he grateful for his good looks try to get women to see him as a great guy handsome man No, he constantly moans about how he hasn t paid for a meal in years because of his sex appeal I can understand his plight to a certain point but I got sick of him moaning about something others would kill for Khela has made ALOT of money in her business she has the respect love of thousands of readers Is SHE grateful for it No, she feels sorry for herself that she can t experience the same happiness she writes in her novels Everything is about her About how she feels, what she does doesn t want be damned how anyone else feels Her bestfriend Daphne even told her For as long as I ve known you, you ve turned everything about me into something about you Damn skippy Not only is she self centered but she s one of those heroines who get really defensive lash out at others when they try to critize or help her I can t count how many times she lashed out at Carter over assumptions she s made or because she had a bad day then apologized later She treated our hero like crap I honestly don t think he deserved it,despite his own woe is me story She also had very unfair misconceptions about him She called him arm candy She thought he was ignorant because of his job southern background And her I hate my life because I can t find a man to love mantra It s her own fault When you push every guy you meet away, what the hell do you expect After I found out about Khela s rocky childhood I thought I d be able to relate or at least feel sympathetic towards her, but I couldn t She had treated so many people like crap because of her personal issues that I couldn t see past it She was a very unlikeable character for me.Overall, I thought this novel was pretty good I enjoyed Hubbard s style of writing the romance between Khela Carter was very sweet when they weren t acting like martyrs I also enjoyed the secondary romance between Daphne Lew I wish the author had ve expanded on Daphne s character While I couldn t get into this novel as much as I wanted to due to the very flawed hero heroine, I will definitely give Hubbard another try.ETA I forgot to mention that I enjoyed how this romance was focused on Khela Carter s relationship less on their ethnicities So often in IR s, the h h have issues with dating outside their race or what friends family would think about them dating outside of them It was refreshing to read an Interracial Romance where race was put on the backburner.