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Behind The Headlines, There Was One Fascinating Woman This Is Her StoryMonica Lewinsky You Know Her Name, You Know Her Face, And You Think You Know Her Story The Pretty Young Intern Who Began An Illicit Affair With The President Of The United States A Liaison That Ignited An Unprecedented Political Scandal And Found Bill Clinton As The Second US President To Ever Be Impeached But There Is Much To The Monica Lewinsky Story Than Just That Now, Andrew Morton, Author Of The New York Times Bestseller, Diana Her True Story, Takes You Beyond The Headlines And The Sound Bites To Discover The Real Monica Lewinsky, A Woman As Interesting, Intelligent, And Misunderstood As They ComeRead Monica S Story And You Ll Discover How A Difficult Childhood Shaped Monica S Tumultuous Adult Romances Her Relationship With Bill Clinton How She Saw A Side To Him Few Know And Why She Sometimes Still Misses Her Handsome The Betrayal By Linda Tripp And How Monica S Trusting Nature Snared Her In Tripp S Treacherous Web The Horror Of Kenneth Starr S Exhaustive And Intrusive Inquiry How It Affected Her And Her Family, And How It Still Haunts Her Where Monica Will Go From Here What Are Her Career Plans Will She Realize Her Dream Of Marrying And Starting A Family In The Wake Of The Scandal And Much, Much With Sixteen Pages Of Photos

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    Monica s Story by Andrew Morton was an absolute mess of a book I started reading the book with the following in mind 1 I liked President Clinton for his economic policies I m going to review Alan Greenspan s book, Age of Turbulence in a little while and I ll make sure to tell you then what Alan said about Clinton s track record on economics, but suffice it to say that he did a good job in that respect I didn t like the fact that he seemed to chase after every woman in a skirt.2 I didn t like Monica Lewinsky After all, when the whole thing was happening, there really wasn t much that would have inspired me to go, Wow, what a neat lady but instead, rather the opposite Even ardent Clinton supporters weren t cheering Monica on, but rather saying that if he had an affair, it wasn t the nation s business.3 I expected this book to be unbiased, or at least not blatantly leaning one way or the other This is not Monica having someone ghostwrite her story for her it s written by Andrew Morton, and as he made sure to point out in the beginning, Monica had only the power to do fact checking, and nothing else She couldn t change something he said, as long as it was true, no matter how unflattering of a light it cast on her I took this to mean he would be unbiased Crazy me, I know.4 I expected to learn to like Monica, because after all, this book was about her and what happened in her life Once you walk a mile in someone else s shoes or at least watch them walk that mile, lol you start to appreciate better what they went through, and you gain greater sympathy for them I expected to learn things about Monica that I didn t know before, and end up having a higher opinion of her than I did to start with.5 I expected the book to cover the whole situation thoroughly and give me the background to understand what was going on I was in high school when the scandal broke, and I didn t have the time or the inclination to pay much attention All I knew was that there was an intern messing around with the president, some Starr guy was in there somehow, and there was a blue dress with semen on it Oh, and Clinton said his infamous line, That depends on what the definition of is is That was all I knew before starting this book I expected to have the gaps filled in, and then some.Pretty much every one of my preconceived notions got blown to smithereens.I will say that my view on Clinton s economic policies didn t change since that wasn t even mentioned in this book , and I saw nothing to change my mind on the fact that he chased every woman in a skirt My opinion of him already low sank lower as I read what happened Is it possible to have negative respect for someone But the idea that the author would pretend to be unbiased is utterly laughable He didn t even try Although he stopped short of calling Linda Tripp the devil incarnate, he came pretty darn close Here s a quotation that really made my eyebrows raise Tripp , who emerges as the wicked witch in this tragic fairy story, constantly dangled the rosy skinned apple of romance in front of a trusting and gullible Monica Lewinsky Page 96, Monica s StoryWow So Monica was an innocent Snow White, Linda Tripp was the wicked witch, and what, Bill Clinton was the prince Gag me with a spoon.Even with Mr Morton s strenuous efforts to make Monica out into the good guy in this story a story that quite frankly I don t think has a good guy Monica still ended up completely unlikable She never once says that she s sorry she had an affair with President Clinton Not once She does say a couple of times that she was sorry she got caught, but to me that s almost worse.The I learned about her in the book, the I was unsurprised at that lack of regret She actually had an affair with a married man before she ever met Pres Clinton a five year affair that was an on again, off again tumultuous mess that I felt dirty even reading about She met Andy Bleiler when he was engaged to someone else, but Monica and Andy still dated for two years In the meanwhile, he gets married, and his wife gets pregnant When the wife is 3 4 months pregnant, Monica finally sleeps with Andy for the first time, at age 19 She eventually becomes good friends with the wife kid you not and even babysits the children so the husband and wife can go out on dates together She buys the children Christmas presents and is considered one of the family even as she s secretly boinking the husband Monica at one point breaks up with Andy because she was angry he dared to cheat on her with another girlfriend, something he did than once Could it get ironic than that Monica spends most of her time in this book crying I should go back through and highlight every time Monica spends the weekend crying, sobbing, or self medicating by eating herself into oblivion I think the tally would shock you She is not emotionally stable and I wanted to just shake her by her shoulders and say, What on this green earth are you doing How can you be so smart yet be so incredibly stupid at the same time After all, she was a very smart cookie, when it came to book smarts But she was as dumb as rocks when it came to men As of the writing of this book in 1999, she d had two serious relationships in her life both with married men I m hoping that track record has improved since then, but I don t care enough to find out.Then you ve got the one thing you would think would be a no brainer Cover the situation well so that the reader knows what s happening Even this didn t happen Mr Morton would say things like, Which led to the famous cigar incidence or Which brought about the famous news conference, and then not explain what famous news conference, or what famous cigar incident although I eventually pieced that one together I was completely lost Even if I had paid attention at the time, I wouldn t remember it 10 years after the fact It was as if the writer sat down with the idea in his mind that all of his readers had read and memorized the Starr Report, plus read all of the large newspapers coverage of the shenanigan, and would be able to remember the smallest details about what happened His goal was to provide Monica s point of view, and nothing else, and that s exactly what he did.I didn t even finish the book I felt like I had read 136 pages of tabloid magazine crap, and that was than enough There was no way I was going to be able to make it through another 143 pages of this junk It made me feel dirty, as if I had just indulged myself in a two day marathon of horrid, catty, nasty gossiping I felt like I needed a shower when I put it down.I give this one 1 out of 5 stars I wouldn t wish this book on anyone If you ve made it your life goal to learn everything you can about Monica Lewinsky, I guess you could read it, but I d suggest finding a new life goal instead something actually worth obtaining.Havs

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    Back in 1999 or was it 1998 when this scandal first broke, I was only mildly interested in the Monica Lewinsky Bill Clinton affair The fact that Monica was sexually interested in a man of 50 while she was merely a couple of years younger than myself, put me off I just couldn t wrap my brain around WHY she d be interested in him I held them both accountable, but in the back of my mind, I always felt there was no real sex and from my perspective, that made it a non issue.Fast forward to 2013, I m 42 years old and have seen a bit of the world than I had when I was 27 or 28 Now that I ve read this book, I feel a bit scorn for Bill Clinton Yes, they were both adults, but he was 50 He should have known better than to get so emotionally involved with someone so young Had this been a purely sexual tryst, I may have had less sympathy for Monica After all, two adults who want to have sex generally understand that a relationship doesn t always follow, especially if one of the parties is married In this situation,Bill Clinton continued a very emotional affair with Monica This is just the type of situation that leaves a person feeling that they re in love The clear boundary of a sexual arrangement of convenience was NOT there I m sure the lawyer in Bill Clinton rationalized that his lack of penetration at least with something other than an inanimate object kept him off the hook for a true affair , but interestingly, he ended up with was a woman who bonded with him through his deep conversations, sexual interest and smarmy compliments.Monica Lewinsky loved Bill Clinton I m not one for mushy love stories, but love happens In this case, I believe that this 50 year old man KNEW that her love was inevitable and he enjoyed attention and self esteem boost it provided him without a thought to where she would be left once he tired of it.Great book, but it left me feeling sad for Monica because of her true love lost and perhaps even sad for Bill Clinton because he showed himself to be someone truly lacking love in his marriage..and that Linda Tripp.UGH.what a sad excuse for a human being.

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    Another example of abuse power with our government No excuses for the affair that she allowed, but what they did to her was like a kitten being thrown into a lions cage She has my sympathy..whether she want it or not She showed great humbleness and bravery Bless her and her family

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    A view you never considered Good readmakes her vulnerably human.

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    Biographer Andrew Morton set out to prove to people with a preconceived image of Monica Lewinsky as spoiled, pushy and slutty that she is actually a deep and complex person led astray by her heart and victimized by a treacherous friend, corrupt legal system and merciless media machine My experience was the opposite I began the book knowing few details about Monica and predisposed to give her the benefit of the doubt, yet found as I read that it was very difficult to like the shallow, whiny, self destructive and self entitled character that emerged despite Morton s forgiving interpretations of her behavior.Form as well as content contributed to my dissatisfaction with this book Morton inserts far too much of his own voice for my taste, judging each player as good or evil in a very repetitive and overdone way I started this book by reading the sample pages on .com s look inside feature, which were some of the most interesting sections the moment when Linda Tripp s betrayal becomes apparent, Monica s first attentions from the president and decided to read the rest As it turned out, those were the only interesting sections in a book bogged down by boring detail and repetitive editorializing The sneak peak is all you need to bother with on this one.

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    This book made me realize how judgmental people can be Me being one of them I had a certain opinion of Ms Lewinsky which was quite uncharitable After reading Mr Morton s version of the events, I realized the public was once again duped by the political machine Granted, she made a mistake haven t we all she was young, impressionable and understandably flattered with the attention of Clinton I think what Linda Tripp did was disgusting and reprehensible She cold heartedly violated confidences under the guise of friendshipfor self serving purposes Clinton was not the first president to have affairs but Kenneth Starr was bound and determined to destroy him no matter who he ruined in the process.

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    Added 11 24 11.November 2011 I listened to the audio version of this book, _Monica s Story_ by Andrew Morton, published in 1999 after the affair between Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton, an affair which was in the news in the latter part of the 1990s The book presents a sympathetic picture of the traumatic experience Monica went through during that time Although over ten years have passed, the story is still a gripping one, especially interesting because time has given it a different perspective I was left with the feeling that what the prosecutors and others did at the time, was worse than what Monica did.

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    I read this book with the hope of improving my opinion of ML That didn t happen though A True Hollywood Story could have revealed the juicy details in less time than it took to read the book She made some bad choices and seemed to blame them all on weight issues and insecurities with men I kept waiting for the chapter when she would start yelling I won t be ignored, DAN This book brought history and Fatal Attraction together I am not a Clinton fan, not a Monica fan and not a big fan of this book.

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    I didn t know much about Monica but this book confirmed that she is insane She is one of those people who is very smart intellectually but doesn t have a clue about anything else She chased after the President, she seduced him and was in love with him the whole time She seriously thought they could keep up that kind of relationship And it ruined her entire family emotionally and financially.

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    Just couldn t finish this book I wanted to feel sorry for Miss Lewinsky I wanted to understand Reading what I did, it s pretty clear that her maturity was seriously stunted Also,, her other affair was also with a married man she became the wife s friend I just can t grasp the lack of respect there.Ultimately, this book shall not get any of my attention.