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Ok reading the reviews had me so upset Not because people didnt like the book Thats a matter of preference But because the nerve of some people to choose sides as if they know either parties That concerns me People are abused everyday and they have so much support, but the second someone is abused by someone rich, famous, and beautiful everyone wants to debate it and take the side of the popular I dont know if Christina is telling the whole truth about her childhoold But even if she fabricated or made the whole thing up, obviously there was some things going on behind closed doors that were pretty ugly that would make a person want to ruin the last memory of the only mother she knows I loved the book, and the movie The book may not have been a challenge to read, but nonetheles it was good storytelling. What a ride This book is completely insane Which doesn t mean I don t believe Christina I do I have friends whose parents are drunks and I have friends whose parents are just plain nuts This kind of crap really does happen The emotional manipulation especially the child constantly reaching, constantly feeling that if she does one thing or something a little better that longed for love and acceptance from mom will finally come, and the shattering that occurs when one realizes it never will But someone should have mentioned to Christina that she is portraying herself in the same negative light as her mother.At first I wondered, from the odd, melodramatic, ludicrously overblown writing, if Christina was doing some sort of James Joyce Portait of the Artist type thing, where each chapter is written as though it s by the age that it s about But no, later I realized that Christina basically just has the emotional maturity of a middle schooler, and considering her upbringing, this is unsurprising Still, where was her editor, to save her from this And don t be fooled by Christina s saying at the end that she s basically forgiven her mother Anyone who has seen Christina on TV shows about her mom for the last 20 years knows that she is one bitter bitter lady.The most ironic thing is that Christina is obviously just the flip side of her mother Joan obviously thought of herself as the long suffering, martyred, giving mother who got no gratitude from her evil, selfish, ungrateful child And Christina so obviously sees HERSELF as the long suffering, martyred, giving child who got no gratitude from her evil, selfish, ungrateful mother Damn.If you re looking for a thoughtful, sensitive portrait of growing up in an unpredictable household with an alcoholic parent, this is not the way to go If you re looking for candy coated crack, you will RELISH this PS Was anyone else totally creeped out by how many men even apparently good men that Christina liked were purported to hit Joan WTF is that about I realize this was about 60 years ago and Joan was a pill, but ewwwwwwwww you horrible men. First let me start off by saying that I do not under any circumstances condone child abuse With that being said,there are several contradictory statements in Christina Crawford s story For those unfamiliar with this book It is a tell all from Joan Crawford s eldest adopted child, Christina Christina speaks in depth about her mother s strict discipline which included harsh chores, seclusion, and being nearly beaten to death Does anyone remember the cult classic movie Mommie Dearest NO MORE WIRE HANGERS So Christina tells of this tale about how she suffered at the hands of her mother, who forced Christina to address her as Mommie Dearest Some of the incongruous statements by Christina 1 Her mother ALWAYS made her wear white gloves when she goes out in public as written in the story and listed under one picture of her wearing white gloves However in every other public photo of Christina, she never has on the gloves she was forced to wear 2 Christina says when arriving at the Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, her mother did not allow her any privileges, including no incoming mail or calls A page later, she tells how she awoke to find a stack of cards from her friends though offers no explanation of this no mail rule being overturned.3 She speaks in depth about how her mother, later in life, tries to steal her glory She claims Joan Crawford was jealous of her Christina s acting career Yet it was Crawford, later confirmed by directors and producers, that secured most of the auditions and roles for Christina Other parts of Christina s story that sit uneasy with me are based purely on my opinion listed below 1 Christina wrote this tell all a year after her mother s death This came on the cusp of learning she and her brother received nothing in Joan s will The will stated for reasons known to them Christina says in her book that the money would have been nice but it wasn t the reason for the book Ok so why go public with this now To make aware of child abuse or to slander the woman who slighted you 2 The two younger siblings and later even her brother, Christopher who Christina said also suffered abuse , spoke out against the book The claimed that Christina had fabricated the story after being angry over the will The other children insist Joan was a loving, devoted mother 3 Other celebs disputed the content as well including Myrna Loy who Christina said she actually worked with for some time , Van Johnson, Ann Blyth, and Douglas Fairbanks Jr Joan s first husband 4 For someone who has been abused almost killed at her mother s hand , why then would you continue to be a constant presence in her life after adulthood I suspect it is because Joan Crawford was the one who offered Christina the opportunities to meet with people that would further her career I have read several accounts by producers that it was Joan who set up the meetings, otherwise they never would have considered her less than talented daughter So it seems as long as Mommie was willing to give, Christina was willing to take.I am not denying that nothing ever occurred I am certain that Joan Crawford was a strict disciplinarian, a control freak, had OCD cleaning tendencies, and may have been a bit eccentric She grew up in a terrible home herself and so perhaps she did not know the best way to parent her adopted children However, I also believe that Christina Crawford was a spoiled, selfish child Many of these stories, in my opinion, were embellished or fabricated to make herself appear the poor, helpless victim As it is written, Christina appeared to do very little wrong in her life She focused mostly on her shining attributes Many of the passages are devoted to what I consider whining about how she didn t know all the children at her parties that were filled with everything a child could want or the fact that she didn t love the clothing her mother chose to dress her in she wanted to wear the same attire her ritzy school friends wore Spoiled much So, in conclusion, this poorly written novel did she even have a editor would have never been published had Christina been given a cut of Joan Crawford s money Apparently, all the elaborate vacations, gifts, clothing, private schools, and career opportunities were not enough to satisfy her How very sad On a side note, her husband she mentions in the book David Koontz, divorced her Christina Crawford is now on her third marriage She spoke so highly of David that I wonder where their marriage failed Perhaps he did not give her everything she wanted Written by a grown woman, the first of Joan Crawford s adopted children, the book reads like one big whine a 13yr old journal entry Christina Crawford complains about how her mean mommie had loads of cash and didn t spoil her and her equally bratty brother, Chistopher, even rotten than they already were Funny how out of four adopted children growing up in the same house, two were bitter and two have happy memories of their childhood I read this with an objective eye, what I saw was continually linked to something Christina said as a young girl Mommie, I m so glad you re a star kids want to be friends with me and come over and play all the time and they all want loads of pictures of you Joan Crawford saw this statement for what it was parents were sending their offspring to make friends with Christina Crawford on purpose so they could come see a celeb in their natural habitat and get as many autographed pictures as they could to sell As for the abuse those were typical and accepted methods of child rearing spanking, getting sent to bed with no supper, having to eat for breakfast what one refused to eat the night before, raised voices you want to read about real abuse read A Child Called ItJoan Crawford was not a saint or a perfect parent, but she clearly tried to instill the value of hard work, knowledge that you can t get something for nothing, and of course cleanliness The book was clearly written to rip apart her adopted mother s hard earned image and reputation as revenge for not inheriting a fortune she did nothing to earn Christina Crawford s true colors bleed through selfish, demanding, ungrateful, cowardly to name a few Afterall, while she shopped the book around under wraps while Joan Crawford was alive, Christina waited until her adopted mother died to publish the book to make sure she got the last word Sadly, the public at large chooses to believe Christina and Christopher instead of her two other children and the massive amount of friends that Joan Crawford had who rose to vehementally defend her. Joan Crawford, one of the world s most famous actresses, has never come across to me as abusive or cruel, at least not in any of the films I ve watched or interviews she s done in videos and magazines I can t say that she certainly wasn t cruel to her child because I wasn t there to witness any of it, but from reading this book, which is full of inconsistencies, repetitive moments of self pity and a style that evokes feelings of a horror novel rather than a memoir, I can definitely say that personally I think Christina Crawford is just another Augusten Burroughs, exaggerating and embellishing what might just be a typical scenario of a mother and daughter who didn t get along and taking it way too far Christina s mother was probably vain and a little bit neglectful, but the abuse brought up in the book just seems too fanciful without any offering of evidence or claims from witnesses that any abuse was going on. This book taught me to never, ever, use wire hangers o.OI believe Christina s story She was emotionally and physically abused by Joan Crawford No doubt in my mind The only reason Joan s twin daughters didn t talk was because they had hush money SurvivorSurvivor No Safe Place The Legacy of Family Violence Joan Crawford like many stars of her day had a carefully crafted image I don t doubt much of this book, especially while reading Not The Girl Nextdoor What amazed me the most about this book was that Christina still came across as loving her mother very much even after enduring horrific abuse Most children who are abused still love their parents which is something that puzzles me I can understand the anger and outrage Joan s public felt after this unflattering portrayl was released, Joan loved her fans and they in return adored her, so shattering that saintly image must have been devastating What I found most convincing was when Christina told of her mother s lesbian leanings This was always a rumor until a diary of Marilyn Monroe s confirmed it I can see where Joan could be a brutal person but at times be warm and tender, this book shares both sides. I grew up in the 80 s and was irrationally obsessed with the movie Mommie Dearest to this day, if I see it on TV, I have to stop what I m doing and watch Why the obsession about a pretty tragic story of a little girl who was abused I have no idea, but I know I m not alone.As an adult, who loves bios of old Hollywood, I don t know why it took me a while to actually read the book, but I just did and I enjoyed not sure if that s the right word it It delved deeper into Joan Crawford and Christina, the abuse, the alcoholism, the dynamic and dependance each of them had, and the power Joan held over her daughter throughout her whole life one that she described as suffocating and strangeling.What I didn t expect, was the picture it painted of Joan she clearly suffered from mental illnesses that were likely undiagnosed, she was living through the despair of alcoholism, deep loneliness, desperation with her career, and she struggled, daily, for her financial status, for companionship, her career, and her reputation She, herself, grew up abused, was abused by her husbands a fact which Christina not only blows over but seems to favor the husband s side of things.Obviously, she was a horrendous, abusive mother, which is terrible I do wonder, however, how much, if any, of the story was exagerrated or made up completely I don t doubt that she mistreated her children but there are so many conflicting stories, and I felt that some of the things in the book didn t really add up largely if Christina grew up abused and under such duress due to her abusive mother which she was seemingly aware of enough to write a book about it HOW were they so close and loving for so many years when Christina was an independant adult She was smart enough to know and understand what she had been through, she was no longer dependant on her mother, and yet she wrote a fairly loving account of their later years together.They were both strong willed, succesful women, and I m curious to learn about Joan Crawford as well She sounds like she was an essay of conflict abusive, yet deeply loving and generous as well Difficult, yet deeply grateful to her fans, mentors, and management Wherever the truth lies, and I would tend to believe it s somewhat in the middle of the 2 conflicting stories, their relationship was obviously extremelly conflicted, dysfunctional, intense, dramatic and very interesting to read about Is Crawford the best author No Is the book a work of complete non fiction Who knows But it s entertaining, in a dysfuctional way, and it made me want to learn. Amazing Ebook, Mommie Dearest By Christina Crawford This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Mommie Dearest, Essay By Christina Crawford Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Good movie, not so good book.I don t doubt that even some of the severe abuse took place, but that really isn t the issue The real abuse is buried under chapters and chapters of boring whining It s harder to take the real abuse seriously when the author is complaining about every single thing her mother ever said and did for the duration of her life.At one point she says her mother is treating her brother hatefully because he isn t allowed to trample the flowers in the flower beds while playing with friends, and because he is only allowed to ride his bike around their gigantic back yard Oh, and because he wasn t allowed to ride bikes and play ball and go swimming all day She also tries to make herself the victim when, at 11 years old, she arranges to have sex with the 16 year old stable boy while away at school and gets caught It s pretty obvious that Christina Crawford has a warped perception of reality There are also many contradictions if you read closely, which makes me think there were some exaggerations.Also, the love that Christina claims to have for her mother feels extremely phony, which just makes it harder to read Hate seethes from every paragraph Releasing this book was clearly an act of revenge, and even if it was justified, it was still unpleasant to read.