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Vocal Piano The All Music Guide Calls The Release From This Dreamy Crooner A Breezy, Stylish Good Time Our Folio Features Vocal Piano Arrangements No Melody In The Piano Part With Chord Names For All Songs Always On My Mind The Best Is Yet To Come Everything I Ve Got The World On A String That S Life Wonderful Tonight

9 thoughts on “Michael Buble: Call Me Irresponsible (Vocal Piano)

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    Great book with music and vocals allowing me to pass it on to a budding star, to practise Should be clear it was in USA and being sent from there, taking quite a while to get here.

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    great book not for beginers

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    The arrangements in this book are excellent They are definitely not for the beginning pianist, however The rhythms are challenging, but spot on.The vocal melodies are not integrated into the piano part, but are shown as an individual vocal part in the book This means that if you were to play the songs purely instrumentally, you would not have the melody explicitly heard the performer would have to combine the vocal line above the grand staff himself herself.But let s say you re listening to the CD while you play the arrangements in the book They are practically exact to the pianist on the CD It s such a joy to play along that it s as though you are accompanying Michael Buble himself

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    Very good book Well written to how it is on the album.

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    Has accurate chording, notiation, and lyrics all written in standard notation They do offer chord names which is nice for those of us who prefer to cheat.

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    The arrangements in this book are fantastic I ve had the book for about a week, and I ve thoroughly enjoyed playing through the songs Definitely a great buy