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10 thoughts on “Meantime

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    This book was an amazing account of what it's really like to be a soldier. I had goosebumps on body parts I didn't even know I had.

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    This book is an excellent read. Stephen Register's ability to capture both beauty and tragedy mixed with the military frustrations that accompany life on a deployment captured me while I was reading. Every person who longs to understand what really goes on in the minds of our soldiers as they serve over seas should read this book. Soldiers will also enjoy "Meantime" because of the grainy realism he portrays mixed with the full range of emotion many of us have felt on a long seemingly meaningless deployment. Do not pass this book up, you will be hard pressed to find a better one in the "meantime."

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    I'm just getting started on this. Stephen was a classmate of mine in seminary. I got to read a bit of what I think is a portion of this book in a writing seminar, and it was powerful. I can't wait to read more.

    As he wrote: "MEANTIME is a book about war and soldiers and is an attempt to prove that society dehumanizes persons when they ask them to become soldiers; and that soldiers necessarily dehumanize everyone else in the world that is not a comrade soldier. "

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    This book is not a factual recounting of the Iraq war. In fact, it is so much more than that. And that's why I honestly love this book.

    Register crafts a beautiful picture of what it means to be soldier by going so far beyond the day-to-day occurrences of his time spent in service. So often we look at soldiers as "people who go and protect our country" without any story to tell who these people really are as human beings. Very rarely are we given the opportunity to truly meet and understand soldiers in the way Register allows us to. His thoughts are wonderfully documented and portrayed in a story that will have you laughing, crying and thanking all of those who put their lives on the line all at the same time.

    Certainly put this on your "to read" list. You will not be disappointed.

    Read this if you like:
    The Things They Carried

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    This is a good book! It is a MUST read if you really want to know about a soldiers life. War is not 24/7, there is life in between. Not only does the author convey the tragedy of modern day warfare from his time in Iraq, but also the good that soldiers do from Mississippi to the meantime! It is NOT ONLY a book about WAR; it is about how a good soldier deals with it...his thoughts, his actions, his friends in country, his overall experience. His short stories show us that Soldiering is more than just the act of war; it's sometimes sad, sometimes questionable, sometimes humorous, and very much thought provoking.

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    MEANTIME is a great quick and easy read. I found the book to be quite thought provoking and it really is a truthful war memoir that takes you inside of the mind of a young soldier learning how to cope with the diverse circumstances. Stephen Paul Register has really seen a lot... Very interesting the way the stories shift from one short story to another. Really grabs the attention of the reader and never gets monotonous. Great debut work. Worth every penny.

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    Just began reading and it's already clear this is masterfully written. It's a rare combination of the microscopic and the universal. Each new scene breathes with conflict and relevance, every paragraph weaving in another layer of perspective, with polished sentences and refined little details which help us enter the real psyche of a soldier... "The Aesthetics," a real appreciation of the beauty of becoming and being a soldier thereafter.

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    An honest, open, thought provoking book from a young soldier. It is beautifully written. The writer draws you into every scene of the story. I really enjoyed it!!!!

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    Wow, this book is a real EYE opener! If you love great authors you'll love this book!