Master Temptress Erotic Historical Romance Trilogy Kindle

SEDUCING THE MASTER Book 1 “Ravage Me” No man has ever resisted the charms of Miss Terrell before but Master Gallant refuses to grant her request and have his way with her Though it is so very tempting At the Inn of the Red Chrysanthemum where patrons take carnal pleasures to wicked and wanton extremes Miss Terrell has caught the interest of Sir Arthur a wealthy and influential Member of Parliament whose support Charles needs as he pursues his own election to Parliament But Terrell cannot quell her scorching desire for Master Gallant whose deft hand and command of rope bondage inflame her deepest darkest cravings She is intent on seducing Master Gallant Only one thing can stop her but it will devastate them both TAKING THE TEMPTRESS Book 2 Miss Terrell is a wayward temptress in need of taming A few nights of passion with Master Gallant are not enough She wants his complete domination As tempting as it would be for Charles Gallant to take on the role of her dominant he cannot afford to Not only does her body call to his in ways that threaten all forbearance she is still spoken for by Sir Arthur With his dark and dubious past Sir Arthur is not a man to cross But Terrell craves Master Gallant’s touch She vows she can be the perfect submissive for him But Charles has heard that promise before and seen it along with his heart broken If he gives in to desire and takes the temptress he risks ruining them both MASTER VS TEMPTRESS THE FINAL SUBMISSION Book 3 Will the temptress forsake or surrender to the Master? No one can take Terrell to the erotic heights that Master Charles Gallant can But to save Gallant’s career she must choose another man The wealthy and powerful Sir Arthur holds the key to Charles’ bid for Parliament Without Sir Arthur's support Charles will not realize his lifelong ambition to win election and succeed where his father before him had failed When Terrell chooses Sir Arthur Charles is devastated He will be damned if he has his heart broken a second time He vows to show Miss Terrell that she belongs with him by punishing her body with wicked wanton pleasure But can he command the submission of her life or will love leave them in ruins? READER ADVISORY This erotic historical trilogy is an interracial romance with BDSM elements bondage and themes of dominance and submission

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    SteamyI love Em Brown The sex is hot But best of all is her story telling This is Master Gallant who thinks he is in love with a woman who dumped him and Terrell who wants Gallant for her own As Em weaves her tale we see saucy Terrell insert herself into Gallants business Unlike many romance books we get the whole packageGallant's desire to be in politics and the dance one must do to make it in politics The backstory of Terell having been a slave and how she has made her own way is fascinating I love how Terrell is a smart woman who fights for what she wants And Master Gallant is HOT Love these books