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My very first manga I really liked this I did not know that manga is fun to read Or maybe because this is about Yeshua Jesus I have read the whole Bible a few years back Also, read and hear parts if it since I was a little boy since I was born Catholic But oh my, I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of the characters in this book All the characters in this book are wide eyed in innocence and most of them have flawless skin and winsome smiles Soo cuuute For example, in this picture are Thomas the Twin, Andrew the brother of Peter, Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot Who would have imagined these not so known, not well liked, mostly secondary disciples to look this cute that you would like to collect them if they were collectible figures haha Kidding aside, this book, my first of the Bible Manga, is a joy to read It is a much needed distraction from reading religion books, including the Bible, that are texts only It made me remember the minor characters and summarized, very succinctly, the teachings of Christ It even provided the right emotion to the funny scenes in the bible as mentioned by James Martin in his book that I recently read Between Heaven and Mirth Why Joy, Humor, and Laughter Are at the Heart of the Spiritual Life 4 stars An example of this was when Peter refused Jesus to wash His feet Jesus said that he would not be able to join Him in heaven So, Peter responded that Jesus that only was his feet but also his head and hands That was supposed to be funny but in the Roman Catholic church they put a serious meaning to it and even made a very a very sad song that they sing during the Lenten season.Yesterday, I bought the second book of this series I promised myself that for 2015 I will not to buyreligion books but I d like to see what happens next For me, when it comes to books, New years resolutions are now becoming for January 1st only I love books and reading so there I go, buying books again It may not be for all tastes but this Manga is a good read What I found so entertaining is that they took all the tropes from secular manga in terms of facial expressions and put them in one of the greatest stories ever told I would recommend this to not just hardcore Christians but also people who want to knowabout Christ and his story without sitting through a church service or tackling the bible and getting lost in complicated wording At first, the phrase at the back cover that said Do you dare to read His story even if it may change your life forever was just an exaggeration for me, but just reading the first chapters of the manga made me think that I was wrong It really is a life changer.I liked how the team summarize the whole life of Jesus in a smart, concise way, especially when it comes to his teachings and parables I also liked on how the story highlighted the apostles and the places as well Usually, it was only Peter that I remembered a lot in the Gospel every Sunday, but thanks to this, I further knew each of them except Thadeus, James the Lesser, and Simon the Zealot To be honest, it was just then that I found out that Peter has a brother Another one of course, being a manga was the chibi drawings They were indeed cute and lighted the parts I used to find boring On the down side, I found some parts to have fast phasing, especially the Passion and Persecution part which I believed the most important part This part also lacked low impact to the reader since beside they already knew that Yeshuah would suffered under persecution I mean Jesus s story is really famous around the world the drawing in this part has little suffering portrayed I also wished they made most of Yeshuah s speeches easily comprehensible Let s be honest, Jesus s words were really way too deep and I found myself often stopping just to reflect and analyze it Nevertheless, the manga itself was overallunderstandable and attractive than the Bible Not that I dislike the Bible but if I would be sharing the story of Jesus to a kid, I would use the Manga as an instrument because it easily grabs the attention of anyone.I would give Manga Messiah a complete 5 stars since the book really would change anyone s life and left this explainable feeling of joy in my heart. Reminds me of the Flying House and Super Book anime.A great effort in converting Christ s story to manga Using the names Yeshuah, Miryam, Yosef, etc instead of the usual english equivalent we see how the author wanted to make an account that is as correct as possible We can still find inconsistencies but above that we see a work that is made with a heart of love, ministry and dedication things that are essential to evangelism I like it how the author braved into saying do you dare to read his story even if it may change your life forever since His story was never meant to entertain us or be just another story As CS Lewis puts it, If you are thinking of becoming a Christian, I warn you, you are embarking on something which is going to take the whole of you, brains and all A must have for manga collectors and Christians who understand that anime manga is not evil nor good but is simply another neutral tool. In all honesty, this is one of the best rendition Graphic Manga Novel series that depicts the life of Jesus apart from The Picture Bible that I once grew up with With countless restrictions from where I come from, I m really surprised that this book has managed to penetrate into our local Christian community After reading, I ve done a little research myself on how this Manga project came about I am really impressed of how much effort was taken through art, bubble conversations, and also on biblical accuracy It s been a great pleasure to remind myself how much Jesus has went through for us I love how every page there is a quote on scipture verses where and which book of the bible has been taken to illustrate by conveying His message.Reaching out to peoeple who doesn t know His journey, I would say that this would be one of the best evangelical books to reach out to many who needs to know the Truth and Love that Jesus is still showing us until today Let us all serve a greater friend, master, father and king by fulfilling His great commission. I really glad that the Gospel is written not only in different language but also in different format Previously I found the comical Full Bible made by Korean Now I found and joyfully read the Manga one The character is really handsome and pretty just like Japanese Manga ers always draw.Spectacular This graphic novel in the popular Japanese Manga style sticks fairly closely to the Biblical account The strongly drawn illustrations will attract young readers and those who struggle to read English I especially liked the unorthodox visions of angels that appear with a Whooosh as opposed to Shazam Jesus is strongly masculine even if he isn t particularly Middle Eastern He isa wide eyed Japanese interpretation of anyone non East Asian See www.nextmanga.com for other language availability. Manga Pronounced Mahn Ga Is The Japanese Word For Comics It Has Become A Huge Hit With American Teens And Tweens Manga Has Emerged As The Most Popular Comics Category And Is One Of The Fastest Growing Genres In American Publishing Appealing To Kids And Adults, Readers Will Find This Edgy Rendition Of The Gospel Accounts Both Compelling And Highly Engaging This Authentic, Cutting Edge Art Style Is Combined With Fast Paced Storytelling To Deliver Biblical Truths To An Ever Changing Culture That Is Often A Challenge To Penetrate This Is Genuine Japanese Manga Style, Unlike Other Christian Manga Books In The Marketplace Features Gives A Unique Presentation Of The Gospel AccountsIncludes A Map Of Galilee, Samaria, And JudeaIncludes Illustrated Character Profiles Of Key Bible PeopleFeatures An Illustrated Page On The Twelve ApostlesA Great Way To Introduce Anyone To The Bible I really enjoyed this manga It caught my eye at Books A Million the other day, and me being my manga self, picked up a copy The art was really interesting, a tad different than what I m used to But it was better than I thought it would be It was an overall great manga I think they followed the biblical story line pretty well Though they use Jesus s jewish name, so that might throw you off at first It did me, till I realized it I was confused about it for a little bit. This one was very good I loved the art, and the story was easy to read It presented Jesus story well with all the Gospel stories and timeline fitted together nicely I loved how in the back of the book it has a map of Israel and a list of characters for you to get to know themThis book is one I have given as a gift many times.