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Mia was rapidly running out of time Her boss wanted info on Gabe Roman Kane and he wanted it now Her orders? Get in and take him down No matter what He was the one thing she never counted on or planned She never expected to fall in love with him or the lifestyle He made her feel things she never felt before Safe protectedloved For the first time in her life she wasn’t looking over her shoulder and it felt amazing She wasn’t about to give up the life she never expected with Gabe but as the clock ticks her options are fewer and far between Someone was going to be betrayed and either way it was going to cost her something maybe even her life uestion was was Gabe and their love worth it? Or would she betray the only man who ever truly loved her?

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    Finally i got to Read book twoWhat a twist and turn this book is I'm was so happy that I finally got to read this book I was also happy that Nikki came back too finish the first two books and they all are to die for Gabe and Mia wow they are hot hot and hot I couldnt get enough of them in this book I so want I can't wait for book three which I hope is coming out very soon

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    Good cliffhanngerI'll admit this book was fast paced and really good I'm a little upset about the cliffhanger but I can't wait to read the rest of the series