Gabriel Michael Roman Kane A man born into political royalty His father grandfather great grandfather and all his other grandfathers being US Senators He of course next in line to take the families seat Ironically he's a man also born into organized crime The younger brother to Nick Roman head of one of the most notorious mafia families on the east coast The Roman Family All the women in the law office heard the stories He's well known for taking women to places one could only dream of going with a man Sweet painfully delicious places Will Mia go with him? This is the first book in this series Please note these are NOT stand alone novels and there will be cliff hangers Due to the sexual content we recommend these books to those 18 yrs and older

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    Your be in too deep when you read thisGreat book very sexy hot great storyline and your love the characters Even if they are in the mafia kinda makes it even hotter when they are bad boys uh? I'm sad it left as a cliffhanger but it does make you want the other books in the series

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    Finally😈😈😈Finally I got to read Made A BDSM Mafia and I was again blown away from all what was going on There are little errors but over all I love Gabe and Mia They are just ice and hot put in one big mess that I just love I can't wait to read book two and see what Happy's next

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    Rating 3 Stars This was OK The story of Gabriel Big lawyer with political and mafia ties and Mia legal intern and ? Mia is trying to get close to Gabriel She starts by becoming his intern in his law firm From there they are attracted to each other and try to do the Ds thing But looks like Mia has ulterior motives on why she needs GabeI liked Gabe and Mia Nothing overly special about them they were pleasant characters The sensual scenes were hot but not over the top If I had to sum up this bookunmemorableWill I continue reading the series? The verdict is still out There was a bit of a cliffhanger if you can call it that It was of what is Mia's deal? Why Not 5 Stars? Nothing really happened Perhaps the book was not long enough but I felt like nothing really happened We were introduced to some other characters but I felt like they were part of another bookseries Perhaps I should know them but I don'tNot enough reveal of Mia's deal Mia has a secret but I was looking for a connection Something to hook me and MAKE me download the next book to see how it turns out Instead it was just of she is hiding something Because not enough was provided to hook me I really could care less what she is hiding #truths

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    Good start to this seriesIf course this ended in a cliffhanger but not a gigantic one We still are trying to figure out what is going on with Mia And what does Gabe have to hide as well