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Determined To Land A Huge Advertising Account For His Company, Nick Gets A LITTLE Carried Away And Tells The Potential Client He S Married, Then He Has A Serious Problem He Can T Join The Client On The Ship Unless He Shows Up With The Wife He S Supposed To Be Taking On An Anniversary Cruise Laney Parks Is Either In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time, Or The Right Place At The Right Time She Isn T Sure Which She Isn T Even Entirely Certain Of How She Got Roped Into Posing As Her Hunky Boss S Wife She Finds It SERIOUSLY Unnerving, Though, To Stick To The Script When That Includes Cuddling Up And Kissing In Public, And Even Unnerving To Share The Close Confines Of The Cabin And Its Single Bed With Him Rating Adult Situations And Language

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    Nick Sinclair is handsome, rich and the owner of a successful company Lainey Parks is an employee in Nick s company and is also very satisfied with her life.But the two are about to have a life changing moment.Nick is determined to land the Zelman account, biggest account of his career And in doing so he tells a whopper of a lie He is goaded by a business rival into claiming to Mr Zelman that he is married And to make things even worse, he claims he and is wife are celebrating their one year anniversary on the same cruise where Zelman is planning to vacation with his wife Wanting to get that account at all costs, Nick exhorts one of his girlfriends to pose as his wife on the cruise.In the meantime Lainey and her boyfriend are planning a romantic getaway on that same cruise She is sure he is planning to ask her to marry him.But things don t quite work out that way Nick and Lainey both find themselves abandoned by their significant others just as the cruise is about to leave Frantic, Nick ropes Lainey into posing as his wife at the last minute The two enter into a deception that quickly turns on them as they find they are attracted to each other.I wish I could give this book a higher rating, but I had some issues First I ll get to the pros I liked the level of the writing The writer s voice was very assured and and the writing was crisp The main characters had loads of chemistry and were both very easy to root for There were some nice touches of humor great sex scenesNow to the cons Nick was a slut Now, in romance novels, man sluts are almost normal And I think to some extent their sluttiness is sanitized to be palatable for a romance reading audience And I do give the author a lot of credit for not being coy about it But even so, it was a bit much for my taste Nick was stringing along and having sexual relations with two women, while also trying to get some tail on the cruise ship Which brings me to a major, major ick factor He and Lainey have unprotected sex Lainey knew about his two girlfriends and there wasn t even a mention of a condom Soewww Stupid workplace drama I hate it when the heroine is such a Mary Sue that she becomes a martyr to unscrupulous people at work Rather than complain or fight back, she straightens her shoulders, raises her chin, and works late into the night Open your mouth and tell your boss what is going on And finally I was never convinced as to why Lainey was it for Nick He was such a player for years and yet he falls in love in the course of time is takes to be on a cruise ship and we are supposed to buy that he is reformed I can certainly happen, but the author didn t convince me 100% despite the HEA of the couple.So, no, I couldn t give it stars despite the fact that I think the writing is very accessible and the characters are appealing.

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    2.75It was difficult to rate this book because I found the hero sexy as hell but hard to like and that just took away my enjoyment of the book.I was looking for a nice interracial romance to sink my teeth into when I saw this amazing cover and I simply couldn t resist My impression of Nick Sinclair and Lainey Parks The story begins when Laney decides to go on her long awaited Caribbean cruise after catching the man she thought she wanted to spend the rest of her life with cheating on her with his co worker Luckily fate or the devil who likes to mess with people for the hell of it decides she needs a distraction in the form of her drop dead gorgeous boss who just so happens to be on the same holiday cruise.There is just one problem He is a notorious womaniser When Nick begs Laney to pose as his loving wife in order to landing an important deal and he also throws in an in excellent incentive to sweeten the deal, what is a girl to do She lets her hair down, enjoys all the perks and keeps her head in the Love Script game and her heart out of it This is followed by poolside fun,sexy times, girlie drinks and other hijinksHowever both Laney and Nick soon realise it is not just the cruise ship that is sailing into deep waters What I liked I really enjoyed reading this book The plot was great and the characters were well developed The sex was supper hot and the story was mainly focused on Laney Parks and Nick Sinclair and was told from both of their POV.But I would ve liked to see of Laney s Gay friend and neighbour because he would ve added some much need fun and humour to the story.What I didn t like Laney s need to constantly point out the fact that her good friend is gay Why What kind of a friend does that At times I was annoyed by Laney s lack of confidence and naivety Despite being a grown intelligent woman with sexual experience and a killer body, she is also self concious and unaware of the effect she has on the opposite sex Please Who are you kidding She totally knows how to work her sex appeal to her advantage.Nick s character is hard to like because he would do or say some things that are out of line given the situation and I m surprised he walked away from that without some form of physical injury But I guess the cad act is OK as long as the hero redeems himself But what I can t stand is cruelty, hypocrisy and double standards and sadly our hero had plenty of all three Therefore Laney and Nick s romance didn t feel believable to me In fact, at times it got so bad that I was even rooting for Cooper, Nick s love and business rival The Pairing of Nick and Laney didn t work for me and I didn t feel emotionally invested in the couple But the story, drama and bed scotching scenes were well done I would ve enjoyed this book had the hero s personality was half as good as his physical appeal.

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    Laney works as an assistant at a large advertising firm Nick Sinclair is the CEO Through improbably events she ends up pretending to be his wife for 10 days on a caribbean cruise, as he tries to impress a potential client I was expecting a lot from this book It has a deceptively high rating on Goodreads and the reviews were all positive I don t get it, this is a really subpar romance I guess Nick was supposed to come across as an alpha male, but he just came across as a rapey jerk Laney was supposedly in love with him, but I didn t see any chemistry between the two of them They fall in love in 10 days He started coming on to her almost immediately, which was creepy Some of the sex scenes were cringe worthy, with Nick taking Laney s reluctance as consent That s not cool I can t tell you how many times I ve had a young girl tell me how she was coerced into having sex she didn t really want to, but the guy wouldn t stop Not a good look for a romance.Nick kept calling Laney a whore Every time she d try to bring up reality, here he comes either throwing up the fact that he was paying her, or calling her a professional , knowing fully well that he was saying really hurtful things Now this is the same guy with the reputation of being a womanizer, who prefers to have no strings attached sex No Condoms Laney knows his reputation, but doesn t make him use a condom Truth be told, she never was in a situation where she had the power to stop him and make him use a condom so she isn t really at fault But still He could have any number of STI s There s no way he didn t have herpes, considering his sexual habits.Nick said and did incredibly hurtful things to Laney, and she just took it on the chin and kept coming back Meanwhile, everybody just looooooooves Laney Laney is just so exuberant, so charismatic, her enthusiasm just glows excuse me while I puke Then of course, they live happily ever after Yeah, this book just wasn t for me Not a good way to ring in the new year

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    The writing on this one was good, but frankly, I was disappointed in the heroine for falling for the hero here He s such a jerk that he goes out of his way to seduce her and then blames her for his own actions He actually even considers raping her at one point Why is that ok The Hero is a horny bastard who was just such a creep that I really didn t get any joy from seeing the couple together.I don t know what I was hoping for on this contemporary The sex scenes were steamy when they were actually described There were a few missed opportunities though and the only thing I can guess is that maybe the author got bored with describing the main characters sexual encounters.And ultimately, I didn t really believe the Happily Ever After on this one I couldn t believe that hero would give up his womanizing and I couldn t believe that heroine would stop being a doormat The only thing that saves this story is the writing style, which is fast paced and light hearted Dialog is a bit clunky.

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    Description After she catches her boyfriend cheating, overworked Laney Parks decides to take a cruise by herself It just so happens that the CEO of her company, Nick Sinclair, is on the cruise and needs her to pretend to be his wife The Good Well, the sex was extremely top notch Ms Ashley does my head s telling me no, but my body s telling me yes very well Also, the premise is stellar and that cover is to die for Ms Ashley could probably make a lot of money designing covers for other writers It s what got me to buy the book for 8.99, no sample needed.The Bad Nick is very hard to like He s callous and untrustworthy and though they got along very well in bed, the logical part of me couldn t quite connect with them as a couple Also, a few of the cruise scenes seemed repetitive, and Nick and Laney fought so much, that got repetitive, too.The Naughty Forced seduction, erotic descriptions Editing issues Weird formatting throughout.Publisher Circle 1 PublishingLength 298 pagesFinal Grade B Happy Reading,Theodora from IRBookReviews.com

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    I was really digging this book at first Laney was relatable Nick was a major a hole It was fun for a little bit The premise was intriguing, so I was eager to learn how Laney, who had been in a long term relationship and looking forward to being proposed to on a Caribbean cruise, ended up with Nick Because Nick s a major a hole I wondered how they would maintain their ruse I loved how, despite catching her man in bed with another woman, she took her stereotypical gay male bestie s advice and went on the cruise anyway I even connected with her anxiety and self doubt over what she was about to do It all felt very real but fresh.Happenstance puts Laney and Nick together, and what happens after becomes a mashup of the movie The Wedding Date and a rape manual What s tough for me, is that I really enjoyed this book outside of the bedroom It is well written with minor editing issues The characters are better developed than most titles I ve read recently It was well rounded story Everything else was funny and light Laney was charismatic to those she interacted with, and Nick was in awe of her I could see him falling, but because he s a major a hole, it s written like some heavy duty lust He s jealous and domineering and controlling all because he doesn t know what he s feeling that s what I read into his behavior outside of the bedroom In essence, he acted like a pre teen boy The concept of Alpha Male is lost on me if Nick is supposed to be an example This book gets one star because Nick s a major a hole and Laney becomes what so many of us young women who ve have had the line Trust me, you ll like it whispered in our ear despite ardent protestations Nick actually says that, and other vomit inducing phrases shudders He s a major a hole He then proceeds to call her some variation of whore whenever they have a disagreement, but Laney s in love with him rolls eyes I wanted to shake some sense into her He forces himself on her every time they are in private and says lines like, Your body says differently, or some other disgusting BS before he takes what he wants from her without any regard for STDs, pregnancy whoops , or legality of his actions shudders again When they return home, Laney got what she asked for out of their arrangement, plus a little bit extra She spends the next few chapters crying over Nick while her philandering ex is on his knees trying to win her back AND she s got another dude Nick s lifelong rival vying for her affections.Girl Later, Nick gets a visit from the sagely old man he was trying to impress on the cruise Will Zelman ends up blowing their charade wide open and puts life into perspective for Nick I m glad this happened despite it being completely trite, because I was getting frustrated with these supposedly highly competent and successful business people overlooking obvious details future get togethers, chance encounters, meetings, etc would all raise questions about where Nick s wife was, why he wasn t wearing a ring, and so on Nick knew he d have dealings with Zelman beyond the cruise after he won the man s business He didn t think far ahead He s a greedy a hole RANT Once Laney gets rid of the ex, she falls into her bestie s arms, but who so conveniently breaks down the door That a hole Nick I mean, come on Somebody call the cops on this stalker Danny tried to stick up for Laney, but he got distracted by Nick s good looks, too I guess he s sexy when he s rapey throws up in mouth After Nick demands answers about Laney s whereabouts and calls her a whore a few times, he throws her on the bed and rapes her YES I said it Nick is not a sexy Alpha Male, he s a domineering rapist Rape isn t about sex, it s about control, which describes that a hole Nick to a T Laney dubiously consented every time Far too many women myself included have been sexually assaulted whether violently or at the tender hands of someone they trusted who promised they d love it The sexual encounters in the book are not okay It doesn t matter if her body is physically reacting, she said NO Young men who have been raped speak of not understanding why they had erections during the act In turn, they feel even worse because their mind is in disagreement with their bodies What happened to them was wrong, but it felt good So the rapist is off the hook Bull We need to stop calling sexual assault sexy RANT Technically, Love Script is sound I found very few errors, although the sex scenes were inconsistently worded, which I found off putting rapey ness notwithstanding I hate the word c nt, which was use in the narration during supposedly tender moments Bottom was used in the same line sometimes as p ssy and d ck Weird I LOL d at the use of phrases like vaginal walls and vaginal muscles To me, the sex was overly graphic and the author just tried too hard It should have been toned down a lot, especially the rapey ness I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone unless they don t care how they re treated by their partner Nick doesn t change, even after confessing he loves Laney He doesn t love Laney, he loves her poon and that he can bark orders at her and she ll be on her back Nah, bruh Been there, done that Over it Moved on This author has skill, but I doubt I ll ever read her again I can t get past the rapey ness of her supposed Alpha Male A bit of role play is one thing, but Nick was flat out wrong Laney should have kneed him in the nards and kept moving.

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    My Review The Plot Not many are brave enough to take a romantic Caribbean vacation cruise all alone, not unless you re Laney Parks and you ve just caught your two timing, scumbag of a now ex boyfriend having sex with another woman But it s better to forge ahead and wallow in your sad self pity while simultaneously getting a tan, right Well it s a good plan right up until Laney runs into her boss and an offer she can t refuse pose as his wife and receive not only the promotion of a lifetime, but an additional ten thousand dollars to sweeten the deal All Laney has to do is stick to the script Piece of cake Nick Sinclair is on the verge of making a complete ass of himself in front of a potential client he s currently courting and lying to in order to secure the marketing deal of a lifetime for his firm Not only did he lie about his marriage status and hijack his potential client s Caribbean vacation, but now he s facing a real disaster while standing alone at the cruise ship entrance minus his wife after an inconvenient ultimatum Nick needs to find a replacement and fast How fortuitous then that Laney Parks is standing behind him minus her boyfriend Throwing everything at the woman except for the kitchen sink, Nick seals his vow of marriage from Laney but maintaining their business arrangement proves to be the greatest, most agonizing effort in restraint.Well aware of Nick s reputation as a womanizer, Laney is on guard for any seduction shenanigans Meanwhile, she s also having second thoughts about her agreement to help Nick and pose as his wife He wants every impression of a couple in love but after her recent heartbreak, the last thing Laney wants to do is snuggle and make googly eyes with a man she doesn t know during her mourning period To add heat to her already raging emotions, Laney is no where near as immune to Nick s model good looks as she d like Plus, he embodies a surprising intensity that threatens to overwhelm every one of her vulnerable senses Determined to set boundaries between her and her luscious husband , Laney does her part to act the doting wife in public but alone with Nick, she s encased within a fortress of pure ice Now all she has to do is remain vigilant and prevent Nick from thawing her rigid defenses before week s end and she can go home with her arms laden with cash and a premiere career future Sailing upon a sea of uncharted emotions, Nick has never been confused or sexually frustrated by a woman in his entire adult life Laney is everything he s never wanted in a woman but soon she becomes everything that he ll do anything to possess A complete departure from the clean, no strings no mess women of his past, Laney s middle name is complicated And while her lush coco skin and sinful curves have him and every other hot blooded male on the ship salivating, Nick can t help but respect Laney s modesty and sense of self respect Truth is, she s a damned inconvenience, one that he doesn t want nor need in his life but to Nick s untimely alarm, Laney becomes the one woman in the world that he can t possibly live without.The Heroine Laney Parks embodies a special combination of a warm consideration for others, an unintentional beauty, and an admirably high sense of self worth In essence, Laney is pure class Kind, loyal, and caring, she s the type of heroine that s than deserving of her Happily Ever After and as a reader, you want to journey with Laney and be apart of that special moment when she finally receives her long awaited true love and happiness.Bringing much needed realism to the book, it s not long before Laney regrets her agreement with Nick, not only because it feels cheap and lousy, but because she s lying to others whom at any other time could have been her friends Laney s doing a bad, bad thing on this cruise and while the naughtiness is slightly liberating, Laney knows what the end result will be and she doesn t sugar coat or ignore the reality of her situation It s this knowledge of herself and of Nick that has her embracing the possibility that a real relationship between the two of them may never become reality But despite the fact that she s walked this journey with her eyes wide open, Laney is still helpless to her heart s desire and falls headlong into love with Nick The Hero Ruthless, predatory, competitive, and vigilant, Nick Sinclair is the very definition of intensity A self proclaimed bachelor that only wants the simple ease that causal sex can offer, Nick doesn t want a relationship but he proves on the cruise with Laney that he can be a rather devoted and insatiable husband Pure sexual dynamite in bed, Nick has never known this possessive and dominating side of himself that he inadvertently unleashes upon Laney Her unintentional seductive ways leaves him aching with a want so fierce that he s left with no choice but to ruthlessly pursue her and bring them both to a whole new level within their marriage No one is surprised than Nick when he realizes that he s falling in love with Laney Truth of the matter is that Laney challenges him to be a better man She doesn t roll over for him or issue ultimatums that would grant him the easy out She makes him work for it and for once, Nick is willing and wanting to be in love.My Final Thoughts LOVE SCRIPT DELUXE EDITION was a surprising but delightful read I must admit that it s hard not to judge a contemporary romance without a skeptical eye The premise of this novel is undoubtedly far fetched but I was extremely delighted to find that the characters, especially Laney, brought a welcome and much needed realism to the plot It therefore became incredibly easy to suspend my disbelief and simply immerse myself into what really became an extremely entertaining read.And it must be added that the sex in this novel is off the charts explosive Trust me when I say that you ll be curling your toes, fanning your cheeks, and squirming in your seat as Nick and Laney start getting hot and heavy in and out of the bedroom Nick is incredibly intense so it s no surprise when he becomes almost wild with a primitive need to possess Laney but it s his alarm and bewilderment over his own behavior that keeps Nick from becoming too aggressive He pushes, yes, but his pursuit is oh so delicious Meanwhile Laney, while not as sexually aggressive as Nick, is a wonderful counterpoint to his predatory nature with her practicality and endearing vulnerabilities She s a complex mixture of seductress and innocent that has Nick twisted with the simultaneous need to both claim and comfort her.And finally, from the cover it s obvious that LOVE SCRIPT DELUXE EDITION is an interracial romance but truly, these differences didn t have any profound effect whatsoever on the plot nor the characters Attraction is attraction and these two scorched the pages with an insatiable inferno that ll leave you breathless If you re interested in a mixed race romance but are hesitant, this novel is a great place to start.4 Stars

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    Laney Parks is ready for a vacation with her boyfriend on a Caribbean cruise that guarantees romance at every port Unfortunately, fate has a taken its course and Laney is embarking on her dream vacation alone, putting her in the direct path of her boss and his own schemes Nicolas Sinclair, her gorgeous boss, is offering her a promotion and a hefty cash advance for posing as his wife during the 10 day cruise Seeing the advantage to being out from under her current supervisor, Laney is willing to give the charade a try.Nicolas Sinclair has everything he needs in life enough money he can t spend in his lifetime and women at his beck and call, but rumors of William Zelman needing a new ad agency to represent them has Nicolas spinning tales like being married Nicolas attempts to find a temporary wife are failing quickly, until he sets eyes on the beautiful woman yelling at him to get on the cruise The fact she happens to be an employee of his is a bonus Nicolas now has leverage to convince her to become his wife LOVE SCRIPT is witty and fun with just the right amount of romance to leave you sighing at the end Fun Read Review by Mandy Burns at Fresh Fiction

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    Maybe I went into this book with my expectations too high, or maybe I m just over the Harlequin Presents type asshole hero who woos his woman with his jerky behavior and low opinion of her, and then completely wins her over with his terrible behavior So Nick was just like that, but worse, because I didn t know that this was going to be that type of book and hadn t braced myself This book wasn t terrible, but I just couldn t really connect very well with either of the two main characters or invest too much in their story Spoilers, I guess Laney was too nice for Nick I really hope that he does spend the rest of his life apologizing to her, preferably every hour on the hour, for agreeing to put up with him He s just an awful person, in a way that no amount of sex appeal or skills can make up for.

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    I have no idea how to rate this The plot was ridiculous Hell, half of the scenarios the h H found themselves in were ridiculous 80% of the book was Tell and of the 20% that was Show, all of it was dialogue between the h H or sex I got pretty damn tired of being told how witty, charming, intelligent, ladylike etc, etc, the heroine was when her actions painted an entirely different picture The hero acted like an idiotic, hormone driven 16 year old who doesn t understand the word NOinstead of a 30something CEO of a conglomerate It Was Ridiculous.That said, since this book was marketed as an erotica and taking into account the number of craptastic eroticas I ve gotten from s dollar free bin I d give it 3.5 stars for the steam factor alone Too bad the characters drove me to madness with their idiocy failure to use protection not once, not twice, but every singletime they had sex, and it was a LOT, is beyond idiotic It s unbelievable, especially since the two were strangers and the man had a reputation for being a slut.