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Collegiate Superstar Goalie Boone Crockett Seems To Have The World At His Feet He S Rich, Handsome, Attends An Elite College And Is A Hot Prospect For The Pros Pity All That Is A Front For A Deeply Closeted And Troubled Young ManAll Boone S Life Plans Are Shattered When Flamboyant Ex Figure Skater Preston Gordon, An Orange Haired Twink, Shows Up To Audition For The Team S Mascot Position Wearing Sequins, Scarves And Toe Picks His Moves On The Ice Send Boone Into His Own Pirouette Of Frustrated And Reluctant DesireAs Senior Year Progresses Boone Slides Deeper And Deeper Into A Dangerous Depression, Preston S Sensual Strength The Only Thing He Has To Hold On To If Boone Can T Keep From Plunging Through The Thin Ice He S Skating On, It Could Take A Twink To Make The Big SaveReader Advisory This Story Has Graphic Sexual Language And Scenes No Closed Bedroom Doors Or Other Rooms Here A Romantica Gay Erotic Romance From Ellora S Cave

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    This story is a bit of a departure from the traditional closeted athlete story we read in M M It opens in a familiar way, with Boone the college hockey goalie who is good enough for the NHL, if he can only keep his grades up, his wins frequent, and his orientation invisible But the man who makes Boone fall out of the closet is a sparkly, flamboyant figure skater And when Boone falls, he lands very hard and without a safety net.I enjoyed many aspects of this book My heart ached for Boone, and the degree to which he was in a catch 22, where there was no way for him to come out of the situation with his life undamaged I liked Preston s flaming and his warmth and control And while the ending action was perhaps a bit much plot wise, I did like the fact that the resolution of the story felt real than stereotypical M M view spoiler Despite the positive ending, this story is in part a painful recognition of the damage done and potential lost in generations of people putting huge amounts of energy into hiding who they really are hide spoiler

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    I just can t, in good conscious, buy books from Ellora s Cave at this time I hope that changes.

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    This wasn t what I expected at all This was different to the other VL books I ve been reading This was an essay of how one young man slides into depression The ending was a little abrupt There had better be a book 2 Lol Loved.

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    I was so wrong thinking this story was going to be mushy and funny, for me, it was sad.Also, if you are looking for hot steamy sex scenes you won t find it here either When Boone finally came out of the closet the poor darling had no parents, no hockey, no money, no car, no future, he wasn t strong enough to play mentally or physically, he was a washed up hockey player with suicidal tendencies, with a few friends, besides a twink, some lesbians, a queer pigskin player and Gunnery Sergeant Hillary, he doesn t have anyone else..his words no mine.After all that, I thought perhaps the ending was going to be really cute and mushy, I was wrong view spoiler Boone was bashed by 6 homophobic guys right at the end, he was save though hide spoiler

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    4.5 To me this book is all about hope Boone has everything that Daddy s money can buy Preston on the other hand comes from a family that has plenty of love and understanding but not much money But this isn t what or where this book went Preston understands where Boone is emotionally and helps guide him through it all From losing hockey, the money and his family We need of their story Awesome book

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    Motherfucker I was excited, because hockey But then I saw EC, and fuck that Hopefully, this is another author who gets their rights back eventually, because I d love to try this series, but I can t support this publisher in any way.

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    3.5 stars

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    LONG CHANGE by V.L LoceyJune 26, 2015Publisher Ellora s Cave approximate pages 70Romance Contemporary, M M, Sports Provided by Author via Promotion in Exchange for an Honest Review MY THOUGHTS Judging a Book by it s Cover Cute, New Adult Conveys the Hockey and Figure Skating backgrounds clearly Synopsis is a smart match to the cover.Looking Deeper First person POV from Boone s perspective Novella, under 100 pages An elite private college Boone s the deeply closeted, hockey player son of a bigoted alumni that is never quite satisfied with Boone s accomplishments as it is Preston is a figure skating college invitee that just won the hockey mascot position They are complete opposites I absolutely loved the real and authentic feel of Boone and Preston, from their first meeting until the final scene They really are two polar parts of a whole The secondary characters had minor, but significant roles that were deeply emotional and impactful Never did I want to laugh and cry in the paragraph The plot progression was steady and built up smoothly For being an EC Erotica , I felt that the sexual content was low and tame The conflicts were eye opening and often heartbreaking not all of them get resolved There are surprises than predictability, in fact several times in this short story am I shocked by an event The conclusion felt cut off and entirely too abrupt I actually felt cheated and betrayed that it ended like it did I m not saying it left things unfinished or with a cliffhanger, but I really did want NEED was justice serve Did they follow plans after graduation Did the haters remain haters I honestly think that if the conclusion were a bit fulfilling, it would have scored high enough to be a 5 star novella.This novella is NOT all rainbows and rose tinted glasses If that s what you want, look elsewhere This is one of the realistic short stories, filled with raw emotion that really tears at your heart Heat Level 3.75 Score 4.4 Stars 4, if I could award 1 2 stars 4.5 REVIEWER INFO Tina J Happily Ever ChapterThis review can be found, in it s entirety or reformatted by myself to fit the guidelines imposed, at any or all of the following locations determined by availability Happily Ever Chapter, Tangled Hearts and Boxer Briefs, Smut Book Junkie Book Reviews, Goodreads, Netgalley, Edelweiss, , BN, Kobo, iTunes Copies may also be distributed to the publishers, authors and or promoters depending on requirements at the time.

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    Another great read by V.L Locey Not up to her usual flair but still a great read.This was a very short read So much could have been added to the story Seemed a bit rushed but did have a few surprises along the way With it being so short, I did not really have time to develop a relationship with the characters This was written as a single POV This would have benefited from having Preston s pov as well I think That would have added depth to the story and helped us along with the journey of Boone and Preston This was your typical Jock meets Boy, Jock hiding in the closet but privately lusts for Boy, Boy is out and proud, Jock comes out in big blow up Like I said though, there where a few surprises along the way.I would not say that this ended in a HEA, but did in a HFN No major declarations, shouting from the roof tops of un dieing love, nothing like that There were conversations on what they would do together after college but that is as far as it went Maybe it was left hanging so that there could be books containing these two and I would be happy with that Actually, than happy, I would be giddy as a lil school girl I want to know about these two I want to see them get their HEA I ll keep my fingers crossed.Good story line, descriptions to details were nice and what we got to know about the characters were done well but could have used I wanted to become emotionally attached to them I did have one teary eyed moment near the end, but not heart twinge moments Oh and as for the sexy bits, very very mild Not the normal heat that I am used to seeing from one of her books I can however understand her reasoning why as I read this book so I wasn t too disappointed I love her work, I think she is fanfreakintastic, but this one to me, was not one of her best works of art Is that going to stop me from enjoying her, absolutely not She has written so many wonderful things and I look forward to reading from her.SoWould I recommend this book Yes Of course, It s V.L Locey Would I read from this author Let me think..YES She is a one of my favorite M M authors Sassy Beta Reading Reviewwww.facebook.com sassybetareading

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    Original Post Review Request Long Change by V.L LoceyReview by multitaskingmommaMy Rating 5 of 5 StarsI never expected this to be as good as this turned out to be Yes, the plot does revolve around one of the serious sides of life, but the way this read, it was real but light Not heartbreaking or traumatic This actually leaves this reader with a sense of hope.Boone is one badass hockey player He is even eyed for the nationals He is tough, rough, handsome, cute, young and strong Only thing not going for him, he is emotionally unstable because he has hidden all his life and the stress of it all is finally catching up on him His world is about to change and he may not be prepared for it all.Preston is an out and proud former figure skater who is not afraid to flaunt his sexuality He may come out a bit strong to the tender hearted and minded conservatives ahemahem but he is impossible not to love His flamboyance attracts the eyes of the willing and unwilling He is the one who will turn the eye of Boone and change his life forever.This is a story of two young men whose physical disparities makes you conclude the bigger and huskier one is the stronger of the two This is a story that will show the readers that it may just be the smaller guy who has the heart of a dragon and can slay anyone they love and protect This is the story of how Preston became the protector of Boone who found himself at the crossroads and did not know whether to go on ahead or turn back.Long Change is a romance novel but it is also too real to be really considered as one May I call it gritty I would recommend this to readers who can be challenged to take their minds off the roses and look to the thorns of life Bonus the hockey was technically and lightly explained, I actually began to understand how the game was played Note Copy provided by Pride Promotions for an honest review.