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She Was A Modern Day Shirley Temple, But At The Age Of Nine Drew Barry Was Drinking Alcohol At Ten She Took Up Marijuana, And By Twelve She Began Snorting Cocaine Here Is Her Gripping, Heart Wrenching Story A Story Of A Childhood Gone Awry And A Young Woman Battling To Restore Order To Her Chaotic Life

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    I m not a big fan of Drew Barry granted she was excellent in Firestarter but as she got older her acting skills were replaced with bizarre stunts and behaviour and she became nothing but vulgar, incredibly crass and nasty as a person I think child actors have a lot of pressure on them and as they grow up and they re not considered cute any, all the spoiling and attention goes away and they resort to drugs, alcohol and erratic behaviour for fun, rebellion and attention Child stars who went this way that are really memorable to me are Macaulay Culkin, Justin Bieber and yup, Drew Barry Drew Barry s story is quite sad though because of how young she was when accessing these things, and it really makes me wonder if her behaviour would have been different as a teen had she not been exposed to all this However, it was written as if it were either a publicity move to bring a fading child star back into the mainstream spotlight, or a way to stop vilifying her parents as the source of Barry s corruption, which was clearly wrong because Barry has mentioned numerous times that her parents and other adults in her life had a lot to do with her drug and alcohol usage and sexually explicit actions for attention.From what I understand, Barry wrote parts of this herself So naturally it s far from unbiased and I m certain we ll never get all the details of this particular story I feel sorry for Barry no kid should be under all the stress of fame and fortune at that age I m glad to have seen that in recent years she s recovered and made a good life for herself and her daughters, reaching out into the beauty industry and getting serious roles in films such as Donnie Darko.

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    The first time I read this book I was 14 or so Being around the same age as Drew Barry, I found her life what she had been through fascinating being so young just as she was I always remembered how much I enjoyed the book, so 15 yrs later I looked high low at the local libraries for a copy reread it For me it held up at age 30 just as it had as a teen Being 15 16 yrs of age when she wrote this, of course her writing skills throughout the book aren t that of her co writer Todd Gold, but I feel she holds her own The honesty open style of her words are what holds the reader s interest Whether you re a fan of Ms Barry s or not, to read the words of such a young, fragile girl what her experiences up to that point in her life had been will keep the interest of anyone that is a fan of autobiographies The relationship she had with her wannabe actress mother alcoholic father the effects it had on her self esteem are something a lot of people can relate to Not to mention the added attention that was mostly negative from her peers at school because of her success All in all I feel that this autobiographical account of what can happen to a young person when thrust into the spotlight is a great read While short in length it is relatable in many ways Dysfunctional parental relationships, jealousy of success from family peers, most of all trying to figure out how to come out on top through it all which is something most of us strive for.A definite in my top 5 for autobiographies.

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    I was gripped by her tale of getting into and out of addiction Although she was only 14 when she wrote the book, it reads as if an adult wrote the account She started drinking at age 9, smoking pot at age 10, and sniffing coke by 12 Barry is very candid and vulnerable, with a surprising maturity for such a young age She doesn t feel sorry for herself or celebrate her partying days with gratuitous details Her intention is to explain the difficulties of addiction and try to help others, as well as to give an honest account before others smeared her name with false assumptions and inaccuracies Part of it was clearly a career move, but I appreciated it nevertheless, and I thought it was very admirable to provide such an honest and helpful admission Plus, who better to tell the tale than Drew herself Even though it was written many years ago, I think it would benefit both those struggling in addiction as well as the ones who help them I particularly enjoyed some of the journals that she shared from rehab, and her changing perceptions of her father This piece I related to the most, since at first, she so badly wanted her father to be her hero and a faithful, loving father In the end, she had to accept him for who he was, which offered great peace in her life It was a good reminder for me about relationships in life And, even if you aren t struggling with addiction, she still has some great insights about life and people that can apply to anyone.

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    A classic of the genre, to be sure But than that, a book both formative and prescriptive I read this as a young teen, and I look back now on the turning of the final page as the moment when my adulthood was forged from the ashes of my youth My heart cried out for young, tortured Drew I wrote her a letter sadly, never sent that said, in effect I will love you I will remain at your side, tho the wastrel, treacherous Hollywood wolves may lie in wait just outside your door Allow me the honor of caring about you.And so this book, above all others, taught me concern for celebrities And hasn t life been the sweeter for it

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    I was hesitant to read the book at first, not wanting to think of Gertie as an underaged drug user and alcoholic But the story is than just that Drew goes into the details of her hard and emotionally lacking relationship with her parents, and how she struggles with being honest with sobriety at the tender age of 12 It s a heart breaking story of a real life Hollywood child star whose life spirals out of control before barely making it through puberty.

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    Read this as a teen and I should have taken it as a cautionary tale and learned and not repeated her mistakes Instead however I had to make all my own mistakes and now I think maybe I should have paid attention to her memoir It is so crazy since she got sober at like 15 I think that she was able to write a memoir and stay sober so long Really quite a story and pretty inspiring.

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    I have always liked Drew Barry Even after knowing of her struggles With a famous family like hers, a career that started so young, the drugs so available.

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    I wasn t sure if I would like this book since it was written so long ago and by someone so young, but it stands the test of time It is such a riveting story that I found I couldn t put it down Even though I knew the outcome of this story I still was so invested in her journey through unhappiness and addiction At the close of the book, she has made it through treatment and has been given the skills to help her stay clean I think it s an important story to be shared and I am so glad that she shared it.

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    Update 1 So far in the book, Drew has talked mainly about her early childhood, her family, and how she got into acting Drew comes from a long line of actors who have gotten heavily involved with drugs and alcohol Her parents were both actors Both her father and her step brother were drug addicts Drew was introduced to acting from her mother Her first major film was E.T which made her famous Drew was not prepared for the fame, eventually becoming an alcoholic and drug addict She started writing this book just a few months after getting out of rehab This book has yet to really interest me Drew hasn t gotten into the specifics of how she got involved with drugs and alcohol at such a young age It would be interesting to know this, which I assume she will eventually get to The book is somewhat repetitive, making sure the reader knows the loneliness that she felt at the time Update 2 In the part of the book that I ve read since my last update, Drew has got into a lot detail about how and why she got into drugs and alcohol Drew had many struggles with feeling accepted At school, her peers would make fun of her for not fitting in, then when she tried to fit in, they would make fun of her even She resorted to smoking and drinking to numb herself so she could forget about her problems She then got into smoking weed from one of her friend s parents who just gave her weed Drew got addicted to how she felt when she smoked weed It was the only way she knew how to have fun and get away from her problems This book is starting to get better With Drew getting into the details that the reader wants to know, it gets interesting The book has become less repetitive than it was at the beginning The writing style is pretty good for a fifteen year old, although she had help from an author Update 3 Recently in the book, Drew was admitted to rehab Drew had finally hit rock bottom, being into all sorts of drugs Her mom and friends were worried about her so they drove her to a special hospital for addiction Drew felt uncomfortable and scared She attended multiple counseling sessions a day and met others with the same issues as her Drew felt like she was making a lot of progress there and she didn t want to leave She feared relapsing and going back to the same person that she was before At this point in the book, the story is pretty interesting When Drew talks about how she feels being in rehab, so alone and helpless, the reader can really understand her She uses such sensory language that you feel like you re there with her So Drew does a really good job of getting the reader to connect with her Update 4 At the end of the book, Drew feels that she can finally be herself Drew is entering her final weeks of rehab after her relapse She has resolved a lot of her issues and is trying her best to become a better person This book bored me most of the time I would not recommend this book to others I think that if I had been through some similar issues to her then I would be interested in this book The author s purpose of writing this novel is to make others aware of the dangers of addiction Being addicting to drugs and alcohol, Drew had to go into rehab and was not able to continue to do the one thing that she really loved in life, acting When others hear her story, it hopefully makes them stay away from the influence of drugs and alcohol The theme of this novel is one should always face their problems instead of running away from them Drew s problems of not fitting in and getting bullied were too much for her to handle She ran away from her problems by using the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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    I have always loved Drew Barry she s close to my age, and I ve followed her movies since ET I snapped up this book as soon as it came out in paperback and have read and re read it times than I can count.I remember reading about Drew s escapades in the tabloids when I was a teenager, so I was eager to read her story from her point of view I was, and continue to be impressed with how honest and strong Drew is There s not a lot of sugar coating here, and the addition of her relapse after she wrote what she thought was the last chapter showed just how difficult addiction can be to beat.2018 update I re read this immediately after reading Wildflower, and found it interesting to compare the two versions of some items that came up in both books and also how Drew characterized her time in the hospital in Wildflower It gives quite a different impression than Little Girl Lost Overall, this was better written thanks to a ghostwriter , and gripping, both due to content and the linear nature of this story.