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In The Vein Of Poetry Collections Like Milk And Honey And Adultolescence , This Compilation Of Short, Powerful Poems From Teen Instagram Sensation Poeticpoison Perfectly Captures The Human Experience In Light Filters In, Caroline Kaufman Known As Poeticpoison Does What She Does Best Reflects Our Own Experiences Back At Us And Makes Us Feel Less Alone, One Exquisite And Insightful Piece At A Time She Writes About Giving Up Too Much Of Yourself To Someone Else, Not Fitting In, Endlessly Googling How To Be Happy, And Ultimately Figuring Out Who You AreThis Hardcover Collection Features Completely New Material Plus Some Fan Favorites From Caroline S Account Filled With Haunting, Spare Pieces Of Original Art, Light Filters In Will Thrill Existing Fans And Newcomers Alike S Okay If Some Thingsare Always Out Of Reachif You Could Carry All The Starsin The Palm Of Your Hand,they Wouldn T Behalf As Breathtaking

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    Trigger warnings are quoted below I talk about mental illness, self harm, suicide, recovery, sexual assault, abusive relationships, violence, and other issues that may not be the easiest to swallow Caroline Kaufman is probably better known so far by her Instagram profile poeticpoison Published while still a teenager, this book is a mixture of dark and light, heartache and hope Poetry can be very hit and miss for me and I found that to be the case with this collection as well I connected with some of her words so deeply that I could have written them myself when I was Caroline s age I ve spent so much timetrying to become who I should bethat I lost myself along the way Others I struggled with but that s probably indicative of my stony cold heart than Caroline s writing ability When I read about relationships and heartache it s akin to a vampire feeling the warmth of sunlight on their skin This book is divided into four sections the darkness falls, the night persists, the dawn breaks, and the sun rises What I loved above all else is the honesty of these poems sometimes I imagine my younger selfand I worry she wouldn t recognize me Once upon a nitpick One of my pet peeves is sentences that don t begin with a capital letter It bugs me whenever I see it and for some reason that baffles me it seems to be a cool thing to do these days Some poems in this book include my beloved capital letters others don t This collection reminded me of the tumultuous experience of adolescence, a place I don t like to visit There s a rawness to the writing that I really appreciated although overall I don t feel as though I m the target audience I probably would have been when I was a teenager but a lot of the writing felt very young and rightly so as the author is only 18 I hope that Caroline continues to write from her heart as the authenticity of her voice has the potential to impact a lot of young lives.I d give this collection 3.5 stars if that was an option but as it s not I m rounding up.

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    This book was really well written I felt the emotions in each poem, and I really enjoyed the metaphors Great read, but there are some trigger warnings to keep in mind sexual assault, self harm, violence

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    there is nothing powerful than a girl with a pen these words are poetic poisonI have mixed feelings towards this collection I have great respect to Caroline Kaufman for being able to put herself out there so unreservedly if I could describe this in one word it would be brave She talks with painful honesty about her experiences with depression and self harm, and it s by no means an easy read There were also some great one off lines which I feel had a lot of impact, and worked fantastically Stylistically, I feel that this collection was reminiscent of poets such as Amanda Lovelace and Rupi Kaur, so fans of their work would almost certainly enjoy this it has this great knack of getting difficult emotions across without wrapping them up in a bow However, something different about this poet is her use of rhyme, something which is becoming obsolete in the realms of modern poetry I found this interesting, because as I said, rhyme isn t utilised often in much of the poetry I ve read recently however, I personally felt it could have been done a little better There were many occasions when a rhyme felt clunky, or the rhythm was a little off It could be jarring at times if you d read certain poems aloud, you d definitely notice it all is fair when love s a war and every day is a fight tongues become the sharpest of swords as they clash over wrong and rightRhyming poetry can have a great ring to it if done well, and there are some instances where she does this really nicely However, there are also some occasions where I cringed a little in all honesty, rhyming poetry just isn t my thing, though I can respect the times when this poet makes it work for her I don t want to sound condescending, but Caroline is a young writer and I feel like that does show in some of her poems There s a sense of immaturity to some of them, but some of her words are so powerful and her emotions are so strong I don t doubt that she s going to keep growing as a writer and improving massively, and she definitely has a lot of worthwhile things to say Caroline s words have made many people feel as though they aren t alone, and I appreciate her bravery in sharing these words with the world I feel as though young teens in particular will be inspired by her words and by seeing someone so young achieving such great success This book wasn t entirely for me, but I still think it has value and will be helpful to a lot of people.

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    Strong debut by this young author Full review to come following release Thank you to Harper for providing me an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    This book made me want to not listen to what everyone says It is motivational but once again is telling a story that many people will not talk about She talks about her journey and how she really struggled and that it was ok not to be ok all the time I found that this book was kind of the same as all the others that I read I found it hard to keep reading it because I was kind of not into it I think it s a good book I had just read to many books like this that all have the same purpose but it s an important purpose.

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    the happinesswill come slowly,the way light filters inthrough the windowin the early morning slowlyyou don t even noticethe night is ending,until you wake upand see the sunlightThis was nice, but I just have to accept that poetry is not my thing I mean, there were a couple of poems that I liked than others, but I just don t feel it, you know The only book written in verse that I actually liked was Long Way Down and it really surprised me I will say that the author has a beautiful writing style and people who like poetry will enjoy this I enjoyed it too, just not that much.

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    Liked it LOVED IT Light Filters In ist der Gedichte Band von poeticpoison aka Caroline Kaufman Sie ist gerade mal 18 Jahre alt und behandelt in ihren Gedichten ernste Themen wie Depressionen, Suizid, sexuellen Missbrauch und einiges mehr Neben dem ernsten Zeilen sp rt man aber auch, dass der Titel hier Programm ist Irgendwann f llt das Licht herein und vertreibt ein wenig die Dunkelheit Viele ihrer Gedichte fand ich absolut gro artig und ich habe gef hlt alle drei Seiten ein Post It benutzt Es ist nicht immer leicht zu lesen, bewegt aber die eigenen Gedanken W rde ich euch klar empfehlen Ich glaube, darin habe ich jetzt sogar ein paar Lieblingsgedichte gefunden Aber, bitte Vorsicht Sollten euch solche Thematiken triggern, haltet besser Abstand Ich konnte mich in vielem davon wieder finden und der Ausklang endet auf jeden Fall auf einer positiven Note

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    As much as this was a hard collection for the poet to write, this was definitely a hard one to read.Yet it was all so important.Before picking this book up, there are multiple triggers such as self harm, suicide, anxiety, depression etc and may I warn you that it is a raw take If you are able to brave it, I would definitely recommend this as it was worth the read.

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    Impressive Even so considering the author s age What an inspiration to young writers as well as anyone but especially teens going through life s hardships.

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    21 6 19I bought this book back in December, but just picked it up I never understood poetry all that well, I didn t know how to read it Kaufman giving me the gift of understanding and solace is immeasurable and although I have not finished reading through this book in its entirety I cannot give this less than five stars The rawness and openness that she shows in her writing is precious, and I feel that if you manage to resonate with any part of the book, this poetry can definitely over you some sort of comfort.You can find me onYoutube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Website