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It s a quick dirty read Exactly what I wanted We hear enough about Madge alot about Christopher s experience of their relationship None of her fans imagined her as a kissy huggy type she s definately not and her brother shows both the good bad sides of his experience with her He s learned she ll sell out anyone now, it s HIS TURN Now, for Lola s tell all THAT will be good You know that kid is gonna have ISSUES with a control freak mom. I should begin by saying that I admire and respect Madonna and the ambition and drive that have kept her in the spotlight for so long And I love her music I would consider myself a huge fan, but I don t actually like her.In her brother s blah titled and poorly written memoir, Life with My Sister Madonna, the Material Mum comes off as spoiled, demanding, cold, neurotic, stingy, and self centered And I ask, Is this surprising to anyone, even to her fans Christopher Ciccone s account is neither enlightening or juicy Ciccone isn t insightful enough and is perhaps too close to her to analyze his sister s complexities And while some of the stories concerning Madonna and other celebrities may be new to readers, they aren t exactly earth shattering Her diva antics are pretty much what you d expect from the Queen of Pop.You get the feeling Ciccone s holding back a lot of the real dirt not so much because Madonna s family and he doesn t want to hurt her but because he s hoping she ll still hire him for one of her projects again.Ultimately, too much is spent on his life and what he s going through as if we cared His portrait of Madonna is sketchy at best and a lot of her milestones are skimmed over especially her pregnancy to her first child, Lourdes in favor of how he decorated Madonna s homes.This book becomes nothing than surprise, surprise a brother cashing in on his sister s celebrity.That being said, I devoured it in like two days. I have never been a fan of Madonna It s just that practically my young adult life was bombarded by her music I was in college when she dished out Holiday and during our graduation partyI repeatedly heard her Borderline and at that time, her MTV of Like a Virgin was played almost everyday in a music video channel on the telly I still remember her prancing, dancing, gyrating wearing a bridal gown riding an Italian gondola shrieking Like a virgin touch of the very first time like a viirrrgin when your heart beats next to mine This was followed by another MTV of her dressed ala Audrey Hepburn in Material Girl and I still remember that the first movie I watched in a rundown theatre along Avenida upon coming down from Baguio where I took my college was her movie Crazy for You and it was my sister s treat who started working a few months ahead of me So, even if the movie was a love song, even up to now, whenever I hear it, I remember my sister It becomes our unofficial theme song even if we did not have any incestuous relationship like Desdemona and Lefty in Jeffrey Eugenides s Middlesex Sorry, I digressed It s just that My Life With My Sister Madonna is a memoir of Christopher Ciccione, the younger brother of Madonna and this book is basically about him, her and their relationship as siblings Especially since they were already estranged at the time of this book s writing, his objective was to obviously to make money out of his sister s fame I am not criticizing him for doing this after all, it is their lives all I m saying is that this saddened me as I also have an elder sister She may not be famous as Madonna but I will never ever write a book to defame her There are just things that have to be kept within ourselves, within a family or within immediate relatives.This motive of making money for himself is not evident in the first part of the book Ciccione narrates the early part of his life with Madonna his first joint, his first ecstasy pill, his first visit to a gay bar He also recalls Madonna s performance in school donning a provocative costume that displeased their father Then he debunks the myth propagated by Madonna regarding her first trip to Manhattan with 27 in her pocket and a pair of ballet shoes So, even if I enjoyed reminiscing about the times in my younger years when he mentioned the songs, concerts or videos, those revelations and debunking of myths somehow colored my enjoyment and made me think of Ciccione s motive Through his own recollection, it seemed to me that Madonna has been trying to help him recover from being a drug addict and alcoholic by hiring him in various jobs, e.g., dresser, concert director, house designer, etc and yet Ciccione still has the nerve to get angry with his sister and write this treacherous book As I am not a Madonna s fan, I will not comment on whether she is good or bad, talented or not, an artist worth emulating or not However, we all cannot deny that Madonna is still a force to reckon with in the global music industry She has sold than 300 million records worldwide and is recognized as the world s top selling female recording artist of all time by the Guinness World Records She is next to Barbra Steisand as the best selling female rock artist of the 20th century with 64 million certified albums In 2000, Time Magazine included Madonna as one of the 25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century for being an influential figure in contemporary music.And with all those achievements, Ciccione should accept the consequences of being a brother of a world icon, keep his mouth shut, stop whining and listen to his sister Despite all the assistance that he has been getting from Madonna, the gay single Ciccione is always broke and so he continuously waits for his big sister to lend him some alms Ciccione probably thought that Madonna is his goose that lays the golden egg and she is there for his killing I d say, Grow up, Christopher As I mentioned at the start of this review, I also have an older sister who is 2 years my senior same as Madonna and Christopher but I could never imagine myself doing what Christopher has been doing to Madonna As they say, you reap what you sow. My biggest beef with this book is how insanely delusional Christopher is There really wasn t a point to this book at all besides Christopher cashing in on his sister s name In the end, it makes Christopher look bad not Madonna.There are no new insights to Madonna as a person or an entertainer and everything Christopher reveals about her is pretty much common knowledge to Madonna s fans We all know she can be a bitch We all know she s an opportunist We all know she s driven and focused The best part was when Christopher described her early years of success but quickly the book gets caught up in Christopher s globe trotting name dropping of celebrities he hung out and did drugs with.But back to my beef What really irked me about Christopher s incessant whining and complaining is how he goes on and on about his dislike for Madonna s inner circle of sycophant yes men yet is completely oblivious to the fact that he is Madonna s biggest sycophant yes man For 25 years he never said no to her He would drop anything and everything and rush to be by her side to the chagrin of his partner He would tell her how great she is in her movies even though he knows as well as we do that she s a crap actress He would let her walk all over him and then come back begging for What makes it worse is that he s her brother and should have been her biggest, most upfront and honest critic Instead, he s afraid to establish boundaries or say no to her because his own success hinges on staying in her good graces Madonna tells him everything he has is because of her, which is true although Christopher certianly doesn t believe it.Which also brings me to another point if Christopher is so delusional about not being Madonna s yes man then he must be equally delusional about his drug use He says he generally does drugs only on the weekend O K By the end of the book he never says that he has stopped using drugs so maybe Madonna is right Maybe he does need rehab Drug addicts are the last to realize that they have a problem because they re delusional I m siding with Madonna on this one She has nothing to worry about with this book and ultimately Christopher is the one who comes out looking like a pathetic loser still cashing in on his sister s success. I wanted to love this as im a huge Madonna fan and i felt like it might be an insight into her life, however i just felt like the whole book was her brother doing the poor me poor me, its hard being Madonna s brother thing Not what i expected at all Thumbs down. Christopher comes across as a spiteful, celebrity obsessed, hanger on who is clearly suffering from a severe case of jealousy Why is he always broke After reading for the 12th time that he has reluctantly taken another job offer from his sister, I starting thinking enough already If he hates working for her so much, than find another employer, or..here s something he hasn t thought of..SAVE some money instead of going to overpriced clubs with Naomi Campbell and living a lifestyle he clearly can t afford He has the opportunity to fly around the world, and visit places most people only hope they can see, and he complains that she doesn t get him 1st class tickets, or hotel suites Pay for your own upgrade I really felt like all she was trying to teach him was to stand on his own two feet, instead of waiting around for her to hand him a life If he liked directing concerts so much, why couldn t he do it for other entertainers If he liked decorating so much, why couldn t he do it for other people He spent the last 25 years waiting in the wings for her next handout Just because she has money, shoudn t make her responsible for the other 10 adults in her family Plus, the writing style was very juvenile, and littered with typos I don t know if the typos are his fault, or the publishers, but they re frequent, and annoying Half way through this tell all I was pretty frustrated with Christopher, but I kept reading, waiting for some juicy tid bit to be revealed, and it never was, much to my disappointment The book just got worse, and Christopher s whining just got louder. I read this in a weekend I avoided the book for a few years thinking it was crappy that he wrote it But I admit it was an interesting perspective and even though I know there are two sides to every story and I do think that Christopher Ciccone is a bit of an addict even though he assures you 100 times in the book that he is not , in the end she s a self serving spotlight chaser which is no surprise still as a child of the 80 s and a Madonna fan up until a few years ago when she stopped singing and writing actual songs, I found it totally engrossing and couldn t put it down. Madonna Up Close, By The Brother Who Knows Her Better Than AnyoneChristopher Ciccone S Extraordinary Memoir Is Based On His Forty Seven Years Of Growing Up With, Working With, And Understanding The Most Famous Woman Of Our Time, Who Has Intrigued, Scandalized, And Entertained Millions For Half A CenturyThrough Most Of The Iconic Star S Kaleidoscopic Career, Christopher Played An Important Role In Her Life As Her Backup Dancer, Her Personal Assistant, Her Dresser, Her Decorator, Her Art Director, Her Tour DirectorIf You Think You Know Everything There Is To Know About Madonna, You Are Wrong Only Christopher Can Tell The Full Scale, Riveting Untold Story Behind Madonna S Carefully Constructed Mythology, And The Real Woman Behind The Glittering FacadeFrom Their Shared Michigan Childhood, Which Madonna Transcended, Then Whisked Christopher To Manhattan With Her In The Early Eighties, Where He Slepton Her Roach Infested Floor And Danced With Her In Clubs All Over Town Christopher Was With Her Every Step Of The Way, Experiencing Her First Hand In All Her Incarnations The Spoiled Daddy S Girl, The Punk Drummer, The Raunchy Boy Toy, Material Girl, Mrs Sean Penn, Warren Beatty S Glamorous Hollywood Paramour, Loving Mother, Mrs Guy Ritchie, English Grande Dame Christopher Witnessed And Understood All Of Them, As His Own Life Was Inexorably Entwined With That Of His Chameleon SisterHe Tangled With A Cast Of Characters From Artist Jean Michel Basquiat, To Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Demi Moore, And, Of Course, Guy Ritchie, Whose Advent In Madonna S Life Splintered The Loving Relationship Christopher Once Had With HerThe Mirror Image Of His Legendary Sister, With His Acid Ciccone Tongue, Christopher Pulls No Punches As He Tells His Astonishing Story Life With My Sister Madonna Is The Juicy, Can T Put It Down Story You Ve Always Wanted To Hear, As Told By Madonna S Younger Brother I m not at all impressed This was a HUGE waste of time to Madonna s brother is so angry that she went further than him in life and he doesn t even have the you know whats to come out and admit it He has to throw little digs in here and there while pretending to sing her praises What a joke Does anyone really care if her brother who I d never heard of before this book by the way thinks she slept with two DJs in New York to get her record played And, let s be frank, what if she did Last I checked, she s her own person Her brother needs to get over it The writing is mediocre at best and I don t know who this Wendy Leigh but if I were her I d be ashamed to have my name anywhere near this piece of garbage I really wish I d taken the reviews on this one to heart and saved myself the time Thankfully, I didn t spend any money on it. I really enjoyed the lightness of this book, it is an easy, and fun read and not as one sided as I thought it would be If only a fraction of what is written is true, it still would be disturbing For example Madonna earns over 55 million a year and yet had her sibling pay for their own tickets and acomodations to her wedding I am surprised that given her pro involvement with gay rights that she married such an openly homophobic man as Guy Ritchie.