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Piano Solo Songbook Ten Songs From The Popular Soundtrack To This Academy Award Winning Film, Arranged For Piano Solo Includes Another Day Of Sun Audition The Fools Who Dream City Of Stars Engagement Party Epilogue A Lovely Night Mia Sebastian S Theme Planetarium Someone In The Crowd Start A Fire

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    Partituras de buen tama o y perfectamente legibles La m sica es tal cual, sin simplificaciones Las partituras de canciones vienen con la letra y la parte cantada separada de la parte de piano.

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    Fue para un regalo y encant El nivel de las canciones no es bajo pero tampoco nada del otro mundo Muy bien, recibido correctamente y en buen estado.

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    Tal qual la pel cula

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    These are great arrangements of the score for piano In the case of the love them between Mia Sebastian it appears to be an exact transcript And that means, yes, the crazy section is in here note for note.This does mean that this is not for everyone You will have to be an accomplished pianist to play these as written Definitely the runs in the theme are advanced to play anywhere near the tempo on the recording There is an easy play version of the score if this isn t for you.

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    The book contains piano sheet music, guitar chords, and full lyrics.I would say the book requires somewhere between a beginner and a moderate skill level A few plays through each song will give an experienced pianist the hang of it.

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    I was skeptical about how well would these complex songs be transcribed to a book and worried if they would cut out a lot of instrumental parts like most soundtrack songbooks However, I was pleasantly surprised that the book did the soundtrack justice The main songs are there along with a lot of the instrumental breaks which definitely made me happy I would have given 5 stars if the bass part was slightly full and if they hadn t cut a lot of good parts from Epilogue as well.Overall, great soundtrack songbook Happy to have it my collection.

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    I saw the reviews on this page and like others wondered if this would be COMPLETE ENOUGH and SOPHISTICATED ENOUGH to really feel like you re playing what s on the recording it is The transcriptions are great In particular, the arrangement for Mia and Sebastian s Theme is TERRIFIC It s accurate and playable OK, the super fast ending section is hard and I assume the transcription is accurate but I can t really play it well enough to know One person commented here that the song s are in different keys than the recording This is not accurate the only song that s in a different key is City of Stars but the recording has two versions and this is an arrangement for the second where Mia sings it s in the right key.