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Jazz Guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel Has Been Pushing The Jazz Envelope For Thana Decade And Is Recognized As One Of Today S Premier Soloists And Composers This Book Showcases Solo Transcriptions Of Kurt S Critically Acclaimed Album Deep Song As Well As Lead Sheets For Many Of Kurt S Personal Favorite Tunes Presentedin Standard Notation And Tablature The Book Is Personalized With Photos Of Kurt S Tours And Recording Sessions And Is A Valuable Collection Of Modern Jazz Guitar

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    I appreciate the fact that somebody is at least trying to get Kurt s music out there and published I m sorry to say this, but Chuck Tevens, who is credited with transcribing, should be downright embarrassed I honestly do not understand how he transcribed these and then thought to himself ok, these are good enough to be published Some errors are mind numbingly obvious too Rhythmic errors are present almost every other bar on some tunes Ex On the very first tune, Brooklyn Sometimes page 4, bars 4 6 are all shifted about a quarter note off This is just the very first page of the book, so you can imagine how many mistakes are in the entire thing I don t mean to go on, but I m honestly speechless over how somebody was hired and paid to transcribe these songs and end up doing such a poor job.This book is useful in the fact that you can use it as a guide to figure stuff out, but I m really really astonished that Mel Bay and Corey Christiansen who is a somewhat well respected jazz educator himself put their name on this publication.

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    This book about Kurt Rosenwinkel s compositions and solos is not worthy buying it for me If you re interested in his soloing style, maybe you ll find something to work on, but on the other side, the lead sheets of his compositions are real crap I bought this book because I wanted to study and learn Rosenwinkel s tunes guitar arrangements, which are sometimes really interesting and beautiful But there s nothing about those guitar parts in this book If I would learn Rosenwinkel s Zhivago briliant guitar arrangement I would have to transcribe it myself from scratch.All the tunes are presented in a sort of real book style, which really means providing not enough informations to understand the arrangement and play correctly these beatiful pieces.I bought Ben Monder s compositions book, it s very well written, and everything is there, every note.Unfortunately this isn t true for this book, and this is really sad, because Kurt Rosenwinkel is a fine composer too.I would like to have my money back, or better, an integration to this book that contains the guitar parts for the tunes.

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    Great publication What is really great is that there are some transcribtion also with base and piano line.

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    love it

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    The book is helpful in pointing you in the right direction, but you ll still have to do a fair amount of transcribing to nail the tunes exactly The solos are generally good, but the chord symbols are often incorrect Other times the symbols are presented in a non intuitive fashion i.e C 7 Maj7 5.In order to get working lead sheets for my group I pretty much had to transcribe all the tunes from scratch I d like my 20 bucks back.