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Didn t make it pass chapter 4 before I gave up and sent the book back for a refund I m sure it s a good story and my being sick made it hard to focus, but I just couldn t get into it I will say that out of the four chapters I read, I m happy there was no random stranger sex Maybe I ll try again later. This series is off the chain Navy SEAL Tyson Kincade Was Proud Of His Emotional Control So How, With One Glimpse Of The Voluptuous Sepia Beauty Sitting Alone, All That Sanity And Control Disappeared Like Waves Receding From The Beach From The First Moment They Touched He Knew He Never Wanted To Let Her Go Ever Want To Ignore The Voice Of Reason And Have That Fling With The Handsome Man You Met On Vacation Jayde Porter Did From The Second Her Eyes Landed On His Tanned Muscular Body Then She Ran Into Him, Literally An Encounter Which Led To A Scorching Kiss, Dinner And Marriage Her Life Was In Chaos Exploding Plane, Night Jumping, And Jungle Dangers Jayde Knew That To Survive She Would Have To Trust The Man She Married Can He Make Her Understand They Were Meant To Be Together Or Will They Be Kept Apart By Circumstances Surrounding Them Together If Tyson Has A Say In It, For The Amazing Woman He Married Is KINCADE S ROSE loved the whole series 4.5 stars max I totally loved this book It had me in love and in suspense and action Yes, I did put the emphasis in the and But it was great, Tyson, dreamy how he loved Jayden can be my protector anytime Jayden, go head mama I am proud of you to, for standing up to your family I was in my seat while reading with anxiety, wondering what if OMG, what s going to happen, I didn t want to spoil it for me, I was enjoying both character every step of the way How two different persons can connect regards of race and color This book open your eyes, that even though everyone was raised in different cultural, there is no discrimination in love Bravo to Ms Burke, for a well written story Thank you. This romance starts off so strong and keeps it up until the last quarter of the book Jayde and Tyson are interesting people though it would have been nice to get a bit info on Tyson, it s not like they didn t have time to talk about it Speaking of talking, the conflict between the two if you can call it that should not have been one at all because they had so much time to talk to one another Even if Ms Burke wanted to let it continue the way she did, a simple phone conversation should have taken care of it Then there s Jayde s family issue at the end of the novel, I just didn t get it The said reason for the family s behavior especially her father just didn t work for me because it only brough up questions Regardless of the problems with the last quarter of the novel, I still enjoyed it, I just can t give it four stars. I liked the idea of the plot, but it was missing some things or lacked because other things were beat into youyou know cause it is said over and over and over Several things that happened did not make sense Jayde was strong and smart but does not demand answers Kincade s decisions were questionable for a SEAL in several places It is hard reviewing this book and not giving anything away It was not a horrible read I felt it could have been drawn out so the characters could show their strengths weaknesses rather than repeatedly be told about Let me see the love rather than say it over and over Hopefully, as the series progresses, the writing gets better. This was indeed a short story Moved a little too fast for my taste which made the whole thing unbelievable You meet a woman for barely an hour, go to dinner and suddenly you re committed Something about Jayde made him want to give commitmenta chance oh really now i wonder what that something is because up til now Jayne hasn t said much about herself.Sigh i wanted to like it but it s all a big cliche. This was my first and definitely not my last read of the Megalodon Team series I believe this is the first book and if it s any indication as to what I can expect from the rest of the series I m going to read them ALL I really enjoyed the action packed story that took place You get far than a complicated romance based on their interracial relationship and personal problems Tyson Kincade Tyson is tall, with dark hair and hazel eyes He is a Navy SEAL and travels all around the world fighting for what he thinks is right He is HOT, possessive, and all Alpha That is until he sustains an injury that places him on medical leave for some time He decides to spend his vacation of sorts in Belize He is down on love because of his previous relationship and just prays that he can go back to work because without that he doesn t feel he has anything to look forward to any To his utter surprise life had something far than just surviving in the plans for him Jayde Porter Jayde is on vacation in Belize She has just finished taking care of her ailing cousin who passed away and needs time away from her horrendous family to think and breath Jayde has some important decisions to make Like figuring out who she is and what she wants in life Jayde is an artist but her family doesn t see that as a real profession and expect her to do with her life They also expect her to be at their beck and call like a true modern day Cinderella Jayde is tired of the expectations on her and her families constant meddling and making her feel less than While pondering her next move Jayde realizes that life may be changing for the better with one look across the boardwalk Tyson and Jayde have an instant connection and find it easy to tease and banter with one another Quickly they find themselves in a situation that calls for extreme measures In between fighting for their lives they embark on a roller coaster ride of passion while quickly building trust as if their lives depend on it because they do When it s all said and done they have some major decisions to make Will they let Jayde s family and their thoughts on their interracial relationship stop them Have they truly found love in one another or are they just too different to make it work Most of all are they brave enough to step out of their comfort zones and take what they want I was a little annoyed at this book No, I take it back, I was than a little annoyed.The rest of this is going to be one spoiler filled rantso, if you haven t read the book, stop reading this now.You know what chaps me most about this The total dichotomy of the characters On one hand, Jayde is a confident, take charge kind of woman, but she s also allowed herself to be victimized by her entire immediate family with the exception of her grandparents her ENTIRE life Jayde allows her family to call her almost hourly while she is on vacation to berate herWhy not just not answer Or better yet, tell them to bugger off This smart woman who has the ability to keep up with a SEAL, can rock climb, is obviously super fit, is smart and sassy, and keeps her wits about her in high stress situations and saves the SEAL s bacon twiceliterally has such a messed up relationship with her family, it s justArgh Then you have Kincade He s a SEAL, but not, but is He professes one minute to make sure Jayde will always be safe.Then leads the bad guys directly to her, expecting that a woman who has known him less than 24 hours, will be able to suss out and save him by lying that they re marriedand she does And then the bad guys force them to renew their vows Ok, I ll go with it.whatever.But somehow, it s not that convincing, so they shoot down their getaway plane After their plane is shot down, and they are traipsing through the jungle, Kincade goes to a guerilla camp, kills two guys, and then LEADS THE REST BACK TO HER And in all this time, never explains that, heythey really are married that wasn t a sham and that while, yes, he had been seeing someone quite seriously, but broke off their engagement, he is, in fact, fully committing to this One Day Shotgun type marriage.I mean, come on They tell each other they love each other, but because he calls out his ex s name, while he is in a fever induced state from a POISON bullet, she just walks away And his best friend lets her Then Kincade leaves her for four months, and still no one explains that they are really married And then after five months, he shows back up and it s suddenly hearts and flowers and love you s I justGod this book made me crazy.