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When her father died Lucy Mae Estmond inherited the family business She has known all of her life that she would be in line to watch over the souls of the recently passed keeping them safe from the Reapers The soul eating Reapers have been a plague upon the Earth stealing souls and leaving the Keepers as the only thing that stands between Heaven and Hell The factions despise each other and have warred for generationsThen Lucy discovers an ancient legend predicting the arrival of the Chosen One destined to bring forth an end to the Reapers The surprises continue when she realizes she is that person For Lucy being the Chosen One doesn’t change much Fighting Reapers is just another day in the life of a Keeper When she meets Jack Walker they both realize they have an insane mutual attraction Too bad that he’s been sent to prevent the prophecy from coming true His only mission to kill the Chosen One

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    Soooo Not A Keeper This book seemed promising ratings were high and the cover looked great However the story was too crude for me to get through and the plot was obviously cliche Now I rarely stop reading a book but I couldn't continue with the story after the third sex scene occurred in a matter of 11 chapters and the main characters had only met once for less than 5 minsReapers suck the souls from the living and dead; while Keepers save souls from the evil Reapers Jack Walker is the son to the Empress and Emperor making him heir to the Reaper high leadership He would like nothing than to live his life for himself and away from his overbearing mother Jack is sent to destroy the Chosen One who is reported to be the youngest child of the Estmond Clan However meeting the One proves to be strange as he finds himself feeling a connection which can't be good for a Reaper where a Keeper is concerned Lucy Mae Estmond is just trying to get over he fathers passing but as a Keeper she has the duty to keep souls safe Then her father appears to her as a new soul for her to keep with a message letting her know she is the Chosen One Lucy hasn't a clue what that means or what to do with that info so she begins to uncover the prophecy Lucy also finds her life is now in danger as she is no longer just a Keeper but the one that could bring an end to the Reapers Now if she could get rid of this pesky connection and feelings for a certain arrogant ReaperOverall I can only fairly judge the book based on how far I read but I forced myself to read until the main characters interacted which took 9 chapters to make that happen The language was too foul almost overly so Now I know people cuss I'm not naive but I really hate f bombs being used so freuently Then the perspectives changed up randomly to another character which threw me I really just kept waiting for the story to get going and instead Jack kept having sex again and again but not with Lucy Getting to the end of chapter 11 was hard and I finally decided the book wasn't worth my time So if you're willing to put up with foul language a slow paced plot sex and probably a cliche Romeo and Juliet Type Plot line Then you could try this book but I could not finish it and have deleted it Read of my reviews at

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    My Rating 25 StarsIt was Lucy’s destiny as a Keeper to be the last line of defense against Reapers out to steal the souls of the dead It was also her destiny to be the prophesied Keeper to put an end to the soul sucking Reapers Little did she know there would be one Reaper who could steal her heart and his mission was to end her lifeKEEPER VS REAPER by Jennifer Malone Wright had huge potential for me Good versus evil forbidden love Fateyep it’s all there There are even moments of clever wit Yet I felt I was caught between pages sometimes like I missed a little something probably my fault but I just couldn’t feel this one like I wanted and was a little too choppy for meMs Wright does open with a “bang” though Jack the Reaper having meaningless sex with a well endowed female and so it continues for him over and over Meanwhile Lucy has faced the death of her father and the new responsibilities she is shouldered with her well meaning but interfering family and she is still pretty darn even keeled about itWhen Lucy and Jack finally meet the attraction wasn’t sizzling and Jack’s reaction was kind of “ewwwwwww” for meI loved the idea of the book saw great possibilities but it just wasn’t my cup of teaSeries Graveyard Guardians Book 1Publisher Jennifer Malone Wright August 9 2014Publication Date August 9 2014Genre Paranormal RomancePrint Length 393 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    DNF 26%Really You are best friends and stole each others virginity? No thanks

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    I just loved this book I’m so happy I have both the book and the audiobook My favorite setup are books that have graveyard scenes I loved how the author does the souls after death The auras the main character could see are beautiful Lucy finds out she is the Chosen One Now all the Reapers want her dead Just because she is the one to end them doesn’t mean it involves killing them all Well I think it will be because her and the head Reaper Jack hooked up After all she only wats to live a peaceful life There was so much action in this book Jack’s mother is evil There were some close calls I loved Lucy’s dad I’m curious to see how Jack will feed from souls in the future Loved Ethan and all the other characters Hope everyone gets their own book I would also like to see a Christmas book with Lucy’s familyThe narrator was great and did the voices wonderfully This really brought the book to life

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    I had to stretch to give this a three The idea behind the book is a good one Reapers who feed off souls versus Keepers who protect themThen there was the prophecy that made Lucy Mae the keeper to end all reapers Her father dies and her life is turned upside down The reaper arrives a royal son at that named Jack He only has to kill one college student He finds himself attracted instead This book has way to much sex Jack sleeps with anything that walks and has a foul mouth All the characters do The F word is dropped so much that eventually you skip ahead of the story in hopes it improves Her family is loyal if dysfunctional at the least Jack will have to choosewhere his loyalty lies and that means his whole way of life Aiden is Jack's friend but wants to move up higher in the Reaper administration I just no longer cared honestly This book had so many options to improve Not every one reading is attracted to open sex with no meaning and a foul use of our English That all distracted from the heart of the story Jack could not even look at Lucy who he has deep feelings for without sexual detail in his every thought icky I will not check out the next one 25 stars rounded to three

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    #TeamJack YES PLEASEThis book is so different from anything I've read lately You've got Reapers that survive on souls the Keepers who have sworn to protect the souls They have been enemies since well forever UntilJack walked in for a donut Who knew their whole world to be turned upside down with one simple touch? OkI seriously could not put this book downThe character's personalities are as dazzling as their auras their sarcasm contagious the possibilities unlimitedThe reference to Romeo Juliet fits well as these two families born enemies shall not accept one another much less allow whatever is happening between Lucy Jack to continue Or will they? No spoilers hereYou will have to snatch this story up upon release to get the details folks Trust me when I tell you that you will NOT regret it

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    Cliched? Yeah but I liked it anyway Some people hate the swearing in this book I actually found the politically incorrect YA language refreshing; 375 stars

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    This book was a slow starter I thought it was one that I would struggle with but it soon picked up and now I want to read the next one It's a modern day Romeo and Juliet It'll be interesting to see what happens in the next book uick breakdown Girl is a keeper boy is a reaper They are supposed to be enemies but fall in love and theirs a prophecy surrounding them both In this first installment they meet Families find out Girl kidnapped boy saves her

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    My Disclaimer I was provided a free ecopy of this book by subscribing to the author's newsletter I am providing an honest review for which I am receiving no compensation of any kind All opinions are fully my own Judi E Easley for Blue Cat ReviewMy Review 4 Stars The seven Estmond children are gathered for their father's funeral They aren't just any children gathered in a cemetery for a funeral They are Keepers who have been raised since birth to protect the spirits in the graveyard from Reapers This particular cemetery is now under the care of the youngest Estmond child Lucy After the funeral and everyone has cleared out of the house Lucy walks the cemetery for some peace and uiet But she discovers her father hasn't passed over He's stayed because he has a message for her and he wants to be sure she understands the seriousness of itShe is the Chosen One She is the one intended to end the Reapers She must find the information left in her Great Grandmother's trunk in the attic After sharing the news about her father and his news to her with her brothers and sisters the siblings all troop to the attic and find the trunkLucy meets one Reaper but things don't go the way they normally do Normally when a Reaper and a Keeper touch they burn each other painfully But Lucy and Jack don't burn they attract each other Both of them feel a very strong attraction to the other And that causes real problems for Jack because he's there for just one reason To kill the Chosen OneJack and Lucy end up together but not without a lot of trouble with the Empress his best friend and a lot of security guards The Reapers have a prophecy too and it seems to reuire some of Lucy's blood I had two uestions at the end of the book 1 Why does Emily disappear? and 2 Since Lucy and Jack had sex without a condom any child they had would be considered combining their blood Would that answer the Reapers' prophecy? I definitely need to read book two especially since when Hannah called for help she said she'd just killed a Reaper Things are still happening in that uiet little town There are violence and sex And the writing is great I really recommend this to those of you who don't mind ghosts in your graveyards

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    DNF 22%I really wanted to like this book The story blurb was interesting seemed promising And there were 2 POVs However I just could not continue Partly cuz the author decided to include everysingledetail I really don't care if the main character uses irish spring soap or some kind of soap to smell nice lathers well or comes out on the plush bath mat drying himself Really not needed It drags the book and takes forever to get to the point I went through several chapters without really getting to anything important or stuff I cared for But plenty of sex therein fact chapter one starts with it Same with the other main character Every detail was written and that makes me conclude that every chapter will be like that Who has the time? This was not for me I will not be continuing with this series