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Juicy Robinson Was The Color Of Sweet Black Licorice, Of A Charcoal Briquette Soaked In Lighter Fluid And No One Was Going To Make Her Feel Like She Wasn T The Sexiest Thing Around Not The White People That Her Mother Had Taught Her To Distrust And Certainly Not The Homeless White Man That Has Been Watching Her From The Alley This Interracial Love Journey Is The Tale Of Juicy Who Has Spent Much Of Her Adolescence Being Bullied Because Of Her Dark Skin And Her Weight, Until Circumstances Forced Her To Stand Up For Herself And Troy, Whose Mental Illness Forced Him Into The Streets Now, As An Adult, Juicy Has Grown Into A Woman That Is Filled With Anger And A Distrust Of Whites Instilled In Her By Her Mother After An Altercation, Juicy Finds Herself Rescued By An Unlikely Individual A White, Homeless Man That She Has Thoughtlessly Nick Named Mr Cracker After Exploring Mutual Stereotypes And Attempting To Understand Their Differences, Juicy And Troy Find Themselves Drawn To Each Other Out Of A Sense Of Loneliness And True Friendship The Two Outcasts Finally Find Something Deeper Than Friendship And Their Journey To Self Discovery Begins

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    Description When, Juicy, a dark as licorice hairdresser with anger management issues is unexpectedly saved by Troy, a homeless white man with mental issues, really unexpected sparks fly.The Good Let s start with the fact that Ms Pace managed to make a homeless white hero with mental issues not only sexy, but appealing That alone would have blown my mind, but she also manages to successfully throw many of the romance formula rules out the window which only makes the novel even romantic in my opinion Ms Pace has a strange sense of humor, and this makes for a very fresh novel In many ways, JUICY is a page turner fueled by its own oddness.The Bad This is difficult, because I want to give this odd gem of a novel an A , but it has quite a few issues that can t be overlooked, mostly surrounding craft Ms Pace has tremendous talent, which is held back by often clunky execution Her loose narrative walks a very thin line, only narrowly missing a full on ramble at times She writes poetically at times, but tends to follow every train of thought, which makes for a bloated story Also, there are so many typos, I had to detract a full star The Naughty Sensual Rape not depicted Sex in barber chair.Editing issues Several typos.Publisher Indie WriterLength Novel lengthFinal Grade B Happy Reading,Theodora from irbookreviews.com

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    Ok Ms Pace has done it again I came away with much love for this story.Aside from the lead heroine s name, Juicy sorry but I just could not reconcile being comfortable with this name for many reasons And besides, I didn t feel that it fit the character I love how the many layers issues with Juicy Troy were presented here though.There were times in the beginning where I was wondering Where the heck was this story taking me How is this gonna work but immediately after that, I was sucked in and I could not stop reading I was pleasantly surprised with this one.They came with some shock factors, especially in the beginning But when it came to pulling these layers back, showing the reader what is underneath, I felt it was done quite well You get the depth here, and the confusion surrounding them But you get the practical as well Especially concerning Troy and what he needed to do The steps he needed to take in order to finally be able to function in a healthy way, in being an active member of society For himself his family His story and the things he d gone through will break your heart I cried I was afraid I was angry at what he endured But it made me all the proud of him What he and Juicy had to face together was beyond touching for me as well.This story will make you laugh, cry, grieve, blush, but ultimately walk away with a re defined sense of beauty, peace, completeness.I would definitely recommend this read.

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    I took a star off because I couldn t get past the name I ve heard some silly names before, but who in their right mind would name their child Juicy I would understand if it was a nickname A stripper name Fine, whatever A clothing line Sure, why not But a legit birth name that would be printed on all your important documents Nope, sorry, I can t take you seriously I also found the repeated use of Mr Cracker annoying and a bit offensive and I m not even white As for the story, I liked the complex characters You get to watch these two strangers learn to trust and help each other and I found myself rooting for their success as well as their romance It s also IR so it s definitely a keeper.

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    I loved this book I m completely biased I am the biggest Pepper Pace fan I am going to go against the grain and say that the name Juicy could be worse I was a Social Worker The worst name I heard was Abcde pronounced Ab suh dee Juicy is mild by comparison I loved her I loved Troy I m glad they were both strong and determined enough to get the help they needed to grow as people and resolve their issues There were a few editing issues, but not enough to disengage me from the story a quotation mark, or wrong word here and there Great characters Great Book I was smiling from ear to ear by the ending.

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    This is the very unique story of juicy and Troy Juicy is the Is the very definition of a of the angry black woman Troy is the typical homeless person that no one sees One fateful day they meet in an alley of all places They both have misconceptions of each other This is a story about how they ve overcome their misconceptions about themselves and mental health and how and how they overcome these challenges I give this book a definite five stars I recommend this book highly.

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    I really debated writing any sort of review on this book I saw the rave reviews other readers have submitted and I was excited to sit down and read an inter racial romance with such a unique and interesting premise Hopefully, I can save someone time and their dime on this one I was severely disappointed by this book In fact, I m surprised I finished reading it I don t know if I was hoping that at some point, miraculously the writing would get better If I was, I was fooling myself Anyone who reads this book should know that it is not your typical romance The story line alone, a woman with aspirations of opening her own business starting a relationship with a homeless man, is unique There is is a lot of angst in this book Not only does the setting and the dialogue have an urban feel, the narrative does as well I personally did not appreciate the urban feel to the narrative Dialogue is one thing, but with there being so many thousands of beautiful descriptive words in the English language that could be used to describe scenes and feelings, I feel the narrative was very limited.Beyond that the characters made very little sense Pages and pages are spent unnecessarily in my opinion giving the the back story of the characters While very little explanation is given about how the characters end up where they do after a pretty big misunderstanding It was like I blew of some steam and now everything is ok when clearly they both felt that trust had been broken At the end I was left confused by characters that seemed to only make sense to each other When I read a story I want the characters to make sense to ME, regardless of if I disagree with their choices, even if I would have made a different choice As a black woman I really want to find black and inter racial romances that I can fall in love with Unfortunately, I did not find it with this book I m sure many will disagree with my perception and feeling on the book, and that s ok There many different types of readers out there and there are authors out there for all of us Unfortunately, Ms Pace is not the author for me.Bottom line, this is probably the worst book I have read so far this year However, it s only April and the year is young Maybe I ll read something worse before the New Year Perhaps I ll come back at the end of the year and update this review.

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    So I put this book on my to read list months ago but never got to it To be frank, I was turned off by the name of the book alone and thought, what good book could be called Juicy This surely will be to hood for me I mean seriously, Juicy And when I found out the main character s name was Juicy I just knew this would stay on my to read list forever because no civilized author would name their main character Juicy They would not Nope I stand corrected puts crow in mouth and chews If you ve read Pepper Pace s other works you know that she takes externally flawed characters and molds them into something beautiful to behold Take beast in the book Beast Or in this book s case, a homeless, mentally ill man, and a woman who s birth name is Juicy Juicy Externally these are unappealing characters but internally, the appeal is so great it causes you to say, well damn, do I need to check my unconscious bias and some conscious biases surrounding people with trash names and those I would deem less fortunate Or Damn, maybe I really am judgmental as all hell How do you make a homeless, mentally ill man sexy and desired How do you take a woman named Juicy, aka Juice, seriously I don t how Pepper does it but she does this work extremely well I love how she develops these characters Both Troy and Juicy were on a tumultuous journey and it was an thrilling adventure to go through it with them There wasn t much predictability in the book which is rare and the wrap up Can we just spend a second on the wrap up Pepper Pace needs to give a masterclass OWN style hey Oprah in how to wrap up a novel Poor endings are my biggest pet peeve in reading Nothing is worse than spending hours days of your precious and let s not forget your dollars reading a book to have it bomb or dud out at the end Your left feeling worked up and disappointingly unfulfilled It s the worse and a waste of my time, energy and patience So, the wrap up for this book was great I felt extremely fulfilled with the conclusion of the story and epilogue The only gripe I have with this book, and others of Pepper s, is grammatical and spelling errors It s so frustrating to have them in such a good book ALL THE TIME At this point I volunteer as tribute to beta edit these novels Come through spell check

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    I m not really sure what to say I enjoyed Juicy and Troy s separate back stories, but I didn t like the way they came to be couple, and just didn t feel the chemistry between them I liked the way Pace went into Troy s mental illness, and life as a homeless person that had me rooting for Troy to get a happy ending I liked the way Pace went into Juicy s relationship with her mother and her mothers racism, and how it led to Juicy disliking a race of people for no reason other than her being raised that way isn t that true for a lot of people There were a few major issues that I had with this novel overall one being Juicy s medical treatment at the county hospital As a nurse, I don t doubt that persons presumed to be without resources to pay for hospital care can be treated poorly, or receive the bare minimum treatment, but c mon She was discharged not even a full 24 hours after waking up from a 3 day coma, and having a hole drilled into her skull to relieve the pressure on her brain following a head injury whatever Another issue I had with Troy s character was that although he was homeless, he had a large amount of money in a trust, was getting a social security check but instead chose to live on the street I know that his character is mentally ill, and makes decisions from a different perspective than most, but it was just too convenient that he had the money, and Juicy needed the money to open her own hair salon I like things to work out, but the convenience was a bit much for me.

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    Juicy I know terrible name right Wait till you see what Troy tells his family about her name , hair stylist extraordinaire, entrepreneur in waiting, tall, dark beautiful Troy, radical thinker, outdoor lover, and appreciater of tall, dark, beautiful women.Returning home from a disappointing attempt to get a small business loan to open her own hair salon, Juicy is attacked badly beaten Troy comes to her rescue, gets her to a hospital stays with her when she s in a coma Friendship, mutual protection love ensues.Juicy has anger abandonment issues Troy has much obvious physical emotional handicaps This is.the best romance love story that I think I ve ever had the pleasure of reading It is so real, the characters are so flawed amazingly normal.

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    I would actually give it 2 and half stars instead of just two, because I really did managed to read this book in just 2 days. SPOILERS I always enjoyed interracial books so I decided to read this book, since the characters introduced in the synopsis are rather unusual For a change, it was refreshing to read about a black female protagonist that is not light skinned caramel and has light or green grey eyes There are many of those kind of characters in many books or fan fictions I mean, I have nothing against those characters with those features, just that I hardly find any that portrays a dark skinned character in romance book I liked the characters but I am not sure I buy some of the things in the book, for example, the name Juicy was really weird I know there is alot of parents who names their kids weird arse names but the name Juicy and it s conjunction with her appearance is a bit much I was a little disappointed that she was overweight because I ve read so many stories in Literotica that often interpret overweight black female characters Another thing was Troy s ability to carry Juicy when she got hurt, mind you the story had reminded us that he has gone without food for days and people who are not used to having regular intake of food on daily bases don t have very sexy flat tummy and muscular arms I mean you need to have good food and regular workout to get that kind of body, Homeless may not all be skinny or fat but I m pretty sure they don t have bodies like Tory did, and adding the fact the dude was pretty beaten up without proper medical care But since this is a romance story, I can overlook that part I like the attraction between Juicy and Troy, They had stories to tell as you get deeper into the book The whole scene about their still born baby was totally unnecessary, for me it felt like if you removed it from the story, It would not make much difference because in the end the still born was not mentioned much It was some sort of unnecessary tragic drama scene that would make no difference to the story plot It got slightly draggy at one point but still acceptable.The ending was rushed, but not damaging to the story It was a nice book and I liked it.