Free eBook Jazz Prelims: Five-Finger Piano Solos in Various Jazz Styles Hlspl Composer Showcase: Hal Leonard Student Piano LibraryAuthor Bill Boyd –

Educational Piano Library Bill Boyd Works His Usual Magic With These Simple, Yet Truly Jazzy Little Solos For The Young Beginner Each Piece Has A Catchy Title And Feels Good To Play The Jazz Flavor Bill Creates In Each Solo Is A Classic Hallmark Of His Creative Genius Easy To Play Pieces That Give Beginning Performers A Real Taste Of Jazz Style And Flair Various Meters, Tempos C Major Alternating Hands Melodies Fixed Position Reading Range Middle Of The Keyboard Range Treble And Bass Staff Lines And Spaces Pieces Bass Guitar Blues Bass Guitar Rock Blues Parade Follow The Leader Imitation Jazz Time Love Theme For A TV Series A Minor Effort Smooth Groove Take A Rest Tick Tock The Jazz Clock Triple Play Perf Time Less Than Minute For Each Solo