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The captivating seuel to INKHEART the critically acclaimed international bestseller by Cornelia Funke an author who is emerging as a truly modern classic writer for childrenAlthough a year has passed not a day goes by without Meggie thinking of INKHEART the book whose characters became real But for Dustfinger the fire eater brought into being from words the need to return to the tale has become desperate When he finds a crooked storyteller with the ability to read him back Dustfinger leaves behind his young apprentice Farid and plunges into the medieval world of his past Distraught Farid goes in search of Meggie and before long both are caught inside the book too But the story is threatening to evolve in ways neither of them could ever have imagined

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    The Inkworld Mesmerizing Deadly UnforgettableMaggie and her father Mo have a uniue gift They're silvertongues When they read aloud things in the book become so entranced by their voices that uite often characters will follow the sound into in the real world That delight often comes with a price Something comes out something goes in That's how Maggie lost her mother all those years ago and how Dustfinger was ripped from its pages Dustfinger spent twenty years in the real world with only a burning desire to go homeMaggie has her mother back but all she can think of is that inky wondrous world of the adventures and mayhem the beauties and the beasties and the glory and the magic She has to find a way in if only so she can lookSlowly one by one the characters find ways to disappear into the heart of the Inkworld will they ever surface? And if they could would they even want to?The seuel didn't entrance me in the same way as the first book It kind of felt a bit too long and there were parts that dragged But the author did such a good job with the Inkheart that I will read anything involving the Inkworld I love these characters so muchYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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    I really wanted to give this book 4 stars But my conscience got the better of meso 3 stars it is There were some things in this book that genuinely disturbed me and I’m going to point them outBefore I do though I have to tell you I loved the book over all But I’m probably not going to sound like itFirstly there are language issues with this book Farid uses the B word twice and uite a few of the other characters use the D word a lot The D word was in the first book a bit but not nearly so much And the B word is what really disturbed me It was completely unnecessary and brings the novel down a peg because of it I regard this as of a children's book because of the age of the main character this is why it affects my ratingSecondly Meggie is only 13 and the entire romance between her and Farid is really annoying Not so much that they love each other but that they're so young If Funke wanted it to be a “romance” she ought to have made Meggie at least 16 in this book Of course I think that’s still too young but it’s better than just 13 I don’t care how grown up she looks Also I don't think that just because the girls in the Inkworld get married when they’re Meggie’s age means that Meggie would want to get married at 13 or that she should get married at 13 I just really think the whole little romance thing was way overplayed But here’s a little on the up sideI liked the over all story in this one better than the last The Wayless Wood makes me think of Sherwood Forest Actuallythe entire story kind of has a Robin Hood feel to it The Bluejay is kind of a copy of Robin Hood Different? Yes But it even says that he “steals from the rich to give to the poor” Now is that original? No But it’s okay because Funke manages to make the Bluejay seem less like a copout of Robin and intriguing to the story

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    After enjoying Inkheart the first book in this trilogy Inkspell was a huge disappointment First I thought Meggie's character suffered a tremendous loss in her falling in love with Farid She became less independent and less self reliant Their relationship struck me as unbelievable as well which angered me to think of kids leaving this book with the idea that relationships work like Meggie's and Farid's Writers of young adult fiction should be responsible Further I felt the writing dropped in uality; Funke did telling than showing and as a result I had a hard time staying present with the charactersI wonder if she planned to write a trilogy when she began Inkheart Inkheart was just richer and believable This book it seems like there are too many threads and she's having a hard time keeping track of them all I'm hoping the last book will be betterFinally I was disturbed by the trials Funke put her characters through Prison death threats kidnappings the ways the characters handled these I felt was unrealistic I think my opinion would be different if these situations didn't strike so close to home Why don't any of the characters show symptoms of PTSD? Fighting bad guys just isn't as easy as she made it seem

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    Cornelia you need a better editor Your editor would tell you to figure out which characters are essential and kill off the rest The difficulty with the book is that it's written for younger kids but it is too complicated not all of the storylines are as riveting as the rest and there are too many complicated emotions for young readers to comprehend or enjoy The characters are a bit static and thus predictable as well This isn't to say that the emotions aren't realistic or that the characters don't act true to form or that the story isn't well plotted There's just too much of it to be enjoyable In other words it's too Harry Potter esue to be fabulousOn the other hand this book is about 200% better than Inkheart It doesn't ramble as badly it has a relatively straight plotline and the precipitous drops in suspense suffered by Inkheart are nearly invisible in Funke's second effort The flat relationship between Mo and Resa is balanced by Meggie and Farid the plot moves along in a confined space and time and Dustfinger the real mover and shaker in the plot finally gets eual time It's just a shame that you have to read Inkheart to be able to really understand and enjoy Inkspell

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    Rereading the Ink trilogy by Cornelia Funke reminded me that I should reread my old faves often I’m currently toying with the idea of rereading the Hunger Games trilogy next month like what? D The second instalment Inkspell is just as good and captivating as the first one I love the fact that we finally see the inkworld as Meggie and Farid decide to embark on their journey to go after Dustfinger It’s a world inhabited by fantastical creatures like fairies glassmen giants and speaking trees but also human beings like the Black Prince Clouddancer and Cosimo the Fair Meggie knows about all of them since she has read Inkheart countless of times and her mother Resa much to the dislike of her father Mo has told her time and time again about the wonders and miracles of the inkworld What I appreciate a lot about this series is that despite it being YA Meggie is not its protagonist Sure she plays an important role but so does Mo Resa Dustfinger Farid and Fenoglio This is not your typical tale of a teenager breaking free and saving the world The Ink trilogy is much realistic When Farid and Meggie decide to take matters into their own hands and go to the inkworld on their own things soon turn to shit and they are dependent on the help of adults like Dustfinger to navigate through the inkworld without accident Dustfinger and Mo feel like the main protagonists of this tale which I like since they rank amongst my favorite characters in this tale Dustfinger is the personification of 'weltschmerz' and I love the themes of homegoing and what 'heimat' means to him Favorite uote Zurückkehren – das war alles was er erhofft hatte zehn Jahre lang – nicht ins Paradies nur nach HauseHowever some of the plot points in this instalment are a little forced With Capricorn out of the way Cornelia Funke was in need of a new villain for this second instalment and it almost seems like the Adderhead came as a second thought Nonetheless the plot line surrounding his fear of death and his wish to become immortal was still interesting and certain passages like Mo binding the Book of Immortality had me on the edge of my seat Another plot point that felt rather cheap to me and functioned as an artificial setup for drama in book 3 is the fact that they decide to read Orpheus into the inkworld so that he can bring Dustfinger back because Fenoglio is no longer capable of writing That choice was so unnecessary and stupid since it was clear that Orpheus had his own agenda and would turn on them Nonetheless I thought Cornelia's character arc for Fenoglio was great He started out as this loving granddad and turned into the biggest shithead ever to me it felt like she was making fun of authors who take themselves too seriously Moreover I find the character dynamics in that series super interesting Sure we have a romantic subplot between Meggie and Farid but it doesn’t take up much space and as the reader soon realizes Farid is much preoccupied with Dustfinger whom he has chosen as a father figure than with his sweetheart I also enjoyed the jealousy that Meggie feels when she sees Mo with her mother the two of them having just recently been reunited but since Meggie grew up without a mother it is hard for her to treat Resa like she treats Mo Overall Inkspell is a strong addition to this universe and I’m glad I finally reread it

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    I like that the story got complex with the second volume It didn't fall into cliche storylines or plots That said this book felt really long to me And the story felt rather loose Like not a lot was happening given how long I spent listening to it I'm willing to admit that a lot of that might have been due to the fact that I was listening to it on Audio It was 18 hours long and while Brendan Fraser did a good job his reading was a little dramatic for my taste I prefer a understated narrator I think part of the problem is that pretty much everyone in the book is a POV character Not only does it mean there's a lot storylines but if you know what everyone's thinking and doing all the time it pulls a lot of the tension out of the story I want to finish the series to see what happens but honestly I'm not looking forward to another 19 hour slog through an audiobook or reading a 600 page novel just to satisfy my curiosity

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    Inkspell picks up a year after Inkheart left off The Folcharts—Mo Resa and Meggie—are reunited in Elinor’s house They have been joined by Darius—another “Silver tongue” who can read things out of books but isn’t nearly as good as Mo—and a number of fantastical creatures who escaped from Inkheart the book that Mo read aloud from thirteen years earlier that has dogged his footsteps sinceAll should be well but meanwhile in another part of Italy Dustfinger has found a sinister Silver tongue using the prideful stage name of Orpheus who reads him back into his story The fire breather leaves behind Farid and Gwin the marten believing that Gwin is predestined to bring about his death in the Inkworld Farid devastated at being abandoned by the closest thing he’s ever known to a father turns his steps towards Elinor’s housemeanwhile Meggie is catching up on all the angst and anger she never directed at her secret keeping father all these years She’s also rapidly sprouting from a scrawny little girl into a pretty young woman and when Farid shows up he NOTICESFarid wants to follow Dustfinger Meggie wants to test her Silver tongue powers Unlike her father the girl has a gift for storytelling too First she writes herself and the boy into the story then she reads them inMo is horrified when he figures out what his daughter has done—and has only himself to blame as usual since this all could have been cleared up with a conversation Soon the Magpie mother of the late Capricorn shows up at the bookish house accompanied by Orpheus who proceeds to read her and Mo into the book—Resa refuses to let go of her husband’s hand and is dragged back to the world where she spent years as a foreignerIn the Inkworld—a Renaissance faire fever dream of Boccaccio’s Italy and Chaucer’s England—Dustfinger reunites awkwardly with his wife Roxane who has believed him dead for years and reluctantly remarried in his absence luckily for him her second husband has also died She is immediately suspicious of Farid believing him to be Dustfinger’s son by a woman of our world Farid fears being separated permanently from his pseudo father and returns her suspicion with outright hostilityAlso Fenoglio is somehow pottering about in his own book both delighted to the point of megalomania and hubris at seeing his creation spring to life and dismayed that he can’t stop bad things from happening to his favorite characters Casualties include Cosimo the handsome and chivalrous son of the reigning Prince of Lombrica Cosimo had an arranged marriage with Violante the ugly but shrewd daughter of the evil Adderhead who reigns across the mountains in Argenta Then Cosimo died According to Fenoglio’s story none of this was supposed to befall the youth He writes a resurrection for Cosimo and forces Meggie to read the passage aloud And a doppelganger of Cosimo appears—but he has no memories of anything the real Cosimo did He shows no interest in his little son with Violante forbids the poor woman from entering his chambers and calls upon Brianna the beautiful and headstrong teenage daughter of Dustfinger and Roxane to share his bed in his wife’s place The reader never witnesses an interlude between the young royal and his even younger mistress but their consummated dalliance is the talk of the kingdomMeanwhile the Magpie fatally wounds Moe with her gun why did she need to read him there if she was only going to shoot him with a weapon from our world? but he and Resa are found by the Motley Folk—the class of roving actors acrobats jugglers minstrels fortune tellers and assorted other curiosities that Dustfinger and Roxane belong to Some of them remember Resa from her time as a slave in Capricorn’s household They take Mo in but believe him to be a charismatic highwayman known as the Bluejay robbing caravans from Argenta in a one man war against the Adderhead’s tyrannyLittle do they know that Fenoglio who has apparently learned nothing has made up this Bluejay circulated the songs about him and based him on Mo What could possibly go wrong?Some of you may think that I waited too long between finishing this meandering doorstopper and reviewing it I assure you that the span of time makes no difference This book made no sense to me when I first closed it than it does now While the first book in this series had no plot but zigzagged between locations this one has no plot but follows about two hundred sets of characters each in their own location At no point do the plotlines intersect—okay the adults all met up when Roxane arranged for the Barn Owl to tend Mo and Dustfinger spoke to Resa through the bars of her dungeon cell in total darkness and Funke implies something weird here something to the effect of “she had fond memories of him visiting her in the dark” which confirms my suspicion from book one that there was something between these two Is it really adultery when both believe their spouses to be dead? This is a uestion for the Aeneid not a middle grade novel with Shel Silverstein and Roald Dahl uotes in the chapter headings uick summary of everything that actually happened in this book1 Orpheus is bad Really bad 2 Also Orpheus tends to sweat and has bad skin so it’s funny when Farid who is fifteen years old by the way repeatedly refers to him as “Cheese face” Farid Junie B Jones just called and she says you sound immature Grow up man3 Dustfinger is such a horn dog that Roxane sees a strange kid with him and automatically assumes said kid is his4 Mo never tells anyone anything Mo is an idiot5 Also Mo hates cats Told you he’s an idiot6 Adultery Lots of adultery You know for kids7 Fenoglio is a menace to society and must be stopped at all costs 8 The two kingdoms don’t like each other because reasons9 No one cares that Cosimo is cheating on Violante because Brianna is hot and Violante has a pockmark on her face Seriously10 Sometimes we check back in with Elinor and Darius for no discernible reason11 On page 420 a wild Mr Tumnus appearsand is never mentioned again Orpheus just reads him out of his book and he potters around Elinor’s house looking forlorn I didn’t care about Tinkerbell in Inkheart—I never cared about Tinkerbell in Peter Pan either But Tumnus is my smol son Protect him12 Have I mentioned Fenoglio is a menace? Someone please stop that man13 Mo is slowly turning into the Bluejay whether he likes it or not14 Farid and Meggie like each other because teenagers and hormones15 Dustfinger is dead Dead for realSure Cornelia I totally believe that you killed off one of two characters in this whole miserable story who had a pulse And by the time it happens it’s too late to care We’ve been dragged through 635 pages of nothingIn all this there are two positives One is the world building The setting was richly realized and felt infinite like a good faerieland should even though this sort of faux Italian renaissance faire kingdom was cliché back when Jo March was sending serials to the Weekly VolcanoThe other bright spot is Roxane who alone among the dramatis personae is stoic competent and able to put the needs of others ahead of her own It’s kind of hilarious that she goes to someone called the Barn Owl for help considering Jennifer Connelly played her in the movie version—if you get why this is amusing you remind me of the babe Connelly so strongly resembles Roxane as described in the book that I wonder if Funke wrote the character with her in mind the way Mo is patterned on Brendan Frasier Roxane’s perspective for of the book would have helped since she was the only person around who occasionally showed symptoms of common senseThe ending was meant to be a cliffhanger but upon closing the book my only thought was “a my head hurts and b Who’s going to get poor Mr Tumnus back to Narnia?”

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    Inkspell one word one adventure With a completely original idea a great plot and a fantastic overall fantasy this story's got it made I absolutely loved it Inkheart and Inkspell have become some of my favorite books Dustfinger the clear winner for my favorite character I have to agree with Orpheus there He can hide his feelings at will which is very admirable just ask Farid He believes himself to be cowardly but he will go to great heights for the ones he cares about such as Farid and Roxane He truly does have feelings although you may not be able to tell just from his face I loved the ending it made me want made me want to keep on reading Oddly enough it reminded me of Star Wars III when it seemed that all hope was lost and the Dark Side was going to win The Adderhead is immortal I see him as the Chancellor in Inkspell Dustfinger is dead of which I was so sad and Orpheus is in Inkworld acting like a stuck up egotistical megalomaniac who owns the worldHopefully the situation will become better as time goes onin Inkdeath

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    I'm glad that Inkspell kept up the same daring modern fantasy elements as the previous in the series but also that it brought some new things into the story that were completely unexpected It was sad about Dustfinger though so I hope that the third in the series is able to resolve it in some way

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    My heart is still with this trilogyI love the characters how uniue they are I love the old fashioned writing style I loved the adventures the romance the plot and action To be fair I did listen to it and not psychically re read but I think I'd feel the same