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CAUGHT BETWEEN THE COVERS OF A CURSED STORYEver since the extraordinary events of Inkspell when the enchanted book Inkheart drew Meggie and her father Mo into its chapters life in the Inkworld has been tragic than magicalThe fire eater Dustfinger is dead having sacrificed his life for his apprentice Farid's and now under the rule of the evil Adderhead the fairy tale land is in bloody chaos its characters far beyond the control of Fenoglio their author Even Elinor left behind in the real world believes her family to be lost lost between the covers of a bookFacing the threat of eternal winter Mo inks a dangerous deal with Death itself There yet remains a faint hope of changing the cursed story if only he can fill its pages fast enough Inkdeath the captivating final tale in the Inkheart trilogy

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    35 stars I wish I had read this back when I started the series Still enjoyable and I liked the ending

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    99% spoiler free; I have trouble with spilling spoilers so I'm working hard not to do it this timeI got so crazy about this series that I not only ordered vol 3 this one from Germany to find out how it ended I even ordered the audio book and put it on my iPod so I could obsess about it repeatedlyThe cover blurb says Der Verlag übernimmt keine Haftung für eventuell verloren gegangene Personen The publishers assume no responsibility for readers who disappear essentially It's all about getting lost in booksthis time literally than usual They can laugh all they want It happens Incredible I mean what's not to like It's a narrative about bibliophilia Not just the stories out of books which play a big role especially in Vol 1but also all the physical trappings of books The main adult point of view character is a bookbinder; secondary adult point of view characters are an author and a book collector; minor characters include a handful of book illuminators If you Google for character names you find out that a handful of them are names of early scribes from St Gallen For a medievalist like me this is a delightful Easter egg and it's hardly the only one Each chapter begins with a uotation from a book the citations chosen vary interestingly between the English and German versions of Vols 1 2 and presumably will also in Vol 3 the English version is due later this year though they are probably 75% matches; I wouldn't be surprised if Funke picked the English set as well she's clearly a big Anglophile The range of the uotes is impressive from in the German version Mark Twain to Paul Celan to C S Lewis to Matthias Claudius to J M Barrie to Salman Rushdie to Umberto Eco to Schiller Die Räuber of course There are marvelous robbers in the story with all of the same conflicting agendas as the ones in Schiller and a host of others There's a definite kinship to the robbers in Astrid Lindgren too The themes are Big social justice for the downtrodden; families with all their complications most of the characters are on the moodypassionate side; misunderstanding between close kin happens repeatedly; self sacrifice to save others weaker than oneself; the meaning death gives to life Funke's husband Rolf was dying of cancer as she wrote Tintentod and it shows In a good wayMany readers' favorite character is Staubfinger Dustfinger the fire dancer street performer who thinks he has no courage; but mine is Mortimer the bookbinder whose innocent heart his symbol isn't a unicorn by accident and empathy for the oppressed takes him into mortal danger multiple times I can count five times from this volume without even thinking hard Okay there's a bit of mild mannered Clark Kent going on here but it's a nice archetype; and Mortimer's hero alter ego and what he finds he is capable of will take your breath away I can't remember the last time I forgot to breathe while readingAs one of the other reviewers saysDude I'll even say DuuuuuuuuuuuuuudeWhat are they called in English? Inkheart Inkspell InkdeathWhat are they called in German? Inkheart Inkblood InkdeathGo figure It's another Sorcerer's Stone as I figure itBut don't let that get in your way Read 'em

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    Tintentod Inkdeath Inkworld #3 Cornelia FunkeThe Inkheart trilogy is a series of three fantasy novels written by German author Cornelia Funke comprising Inkheart 2003 Inkspell 2005 and Inkdeath 2008 The books chronicle the adventures of teen Meggie Folchart whose life changes dramatically when she realizes that she and her father a bookbinder named Mo have the unusual ability to bring characters from books into the real world when reading aloud Mostly set in Northern Italy and the parallel world of the fictional Inkheart book the central story arc concerns the magic of books their characters and creatures and the art of reading عنوانها مرگ جوهری؛ سیاه مرگ؛ نویسنده کورنلیا فونکه؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش بیست و چهارم ژانویه سال 2012 میلادیعنوان مرگ جوهری کتاب 3 از سه گانه؛ نویسنده کورنلیا کارولینه فونکه؛ مترجم محمد نوراللهی؛ تهران، بهنام، 1389؛ در 703 ص، مصور، شابک 9789645668646؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان آلمانی قرن 21 معنوان سیاه مرگ کتاب 3 از سه گانه؛ نویسنده کورنلیا کارولینه فونکه؛ مترجم کتایون سلطانی؛ ویراستار مژگان کلهر؛ تهران، افق، 1392؛ در 802 ص، مصور، شابک 9789643698485؛ کتاب سوم از سه‌ گانه‌ی کورنلیا فونکه؛ «مو» از دنیای مرگ برگشته تا اشتباهش را در جان بخشیدن به حاکم ستمگر «مارکله» جبران کند اگر موفق نشود، فساد و تباهی دنیای کتاب را فرا می‌گیرد؛ و «مگی» دختر مو هم به کام مرگ می‌افتد از آن طرف مارکله که به عمر ابدی دست پیدا کرده است سعی می‌کند با کمک «ارفئوس»، مو را نابود کند همه باید تلاش کنند تا کتاب قدیمی را که مارکله به کمک آن عمر جاودانه یافته است به دست آورند اگر «فنوگلیوی پیر» در آن کتاب کلماتی جادویی بنویسد، مارکله می‌میرد اما این کار دشوار است چون قدرت به دست مارکله است ا شربیانی

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    Inkdeath is the epic adventure I expected Inkheart and Inkspell to be—and as much as I complained about the slow pace plot meandering and innumerable characters in the first two books I can tell you now that all the buildup was worth it Funke was juggling so many different plots by the end of Inkspell that I was seriously worried that many or all would be dropped or mishandled in the third act but she surprised me by keeping all of them going until their natural conclusions and also resisting the temptation to add new ones Not every writer can do thatview spoilerDustfinger is dead Orpheus is abroad in the Inkworld the Adderhead is immortal but frozen in the death process Meggie is angry Resa is pregnant Fenoglio is racked with guilt and Mo can’t tell whether he’s himself or the Bluejay these days Can the Adder be stopped? Can Death itself be undone? Can anyone achieve peace in the Inkworld? Can the people from our world ever return here—or should they? hide spoiler

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    The German title for the second book in this series is TINTENBLUT or INKBLOOD Why it became INKSPELL in the US is a mystery my guess is it was a marketing decision spell is a lot less scary than blood Having now read the final book in the series I see why that original title was so apt and think it was very unfortunate that it was changed But back to this book It is dense dark and rich with ideas I found it totally engrossing The story picks up where the previous volume left off In the world of the INKHEART book Who tells the story? Who writes the story? Can the story be changed? Can death or the White Ladies in this story be stymied? What is love? Meggie the feisty heroine of the first two books is here trying to determine what love is She was in love with Farid in the last book What happens in this one? Do they go riding off happily into the sunset? And what about other loves? Farid's for Dustfinger? Resa's for Mo? Mo's for the Bluejay trick comment that one? Orpheus for Orpheus? The world of INKHEART is a wonderful one there are fairies and glassmen and shapeshifters and giants It is also a harsh world with many deaths This is not a book for the sueamish Funke doesn't hold back with these The characters are complex Things change for all of them Some of them seem to be headed to the dark side at times As for plot Funke kept me on my toes all the time wondering what would happen next Up to the very last page I was totally unsure I should say it ends satisfyingly but won't say than that Or at least I was satisfiedThe book is dense with plot characters world and ideas I loved it but can imagine that it takes a particular reader to most enjoy it My ARC weighs in at 663 pages with a relatively small font to boot So for fans of the previous two books I think you are in for a exciting thought provoking and satisfying final ride

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    Wow Wow I'm speechless Wow Gah I don't know what to say Let me first let out a scream of stunned glee AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOkay now that that's over with I'll get on with the review XD First I have to say INKDEATH IS SOOO A M A Z I N G I could not tear my eyes away from the pages when I was reading it and the whole time my heart was pounding so hard Inkdeath is crazily exciting and thrilling And there are so many genius plot twists it's incredible It's so different than the two other books in the trilogy and that's one of the reasons why this is my favorite of all threeThere is so much amazing character development Cornelia Funke has always been a ueen of characters but in Inkdeath she definitely branches out and develops her well loved characters to an astounding extent In Inkheart and Inkspell Resa was a bit flat; the kind caring sweet mother that looked out for her husband and daughter But Funke really gives her a lot of depth in Inkdeath She becomes a hero instead of always being the one who sits out and watches the action unfold She shows us all these sides that we never could have guessed of her fiercely independent side her firm stubbornness now we know where Meggie got it from her internal struggles – even all her flaws I love how she has the courage and independence to go against her husband and wife and try to find a way for them to go back home I really enjoyed getting to know Resa better and watching her turn from a flat character to the three dimensional one she is nowMo's transformation into the Bluejay is amazing He reveals a whole different side of him that I never knew he had Who would have guessed that the uiet loving bookbinder could also be the brave noble cold blooded Bluejay? It's amazing how much Mo changes from Inkspell to Inkdeath in Inkspell he kept telling everyone he wasn't the Bluejay and he kept refusing the part But in Inkdeath he becomes the Bluejay and he embraces the character as himself Already in the first chapters he is going out at night and killing and he even considers himself to be the Bluejay In Inkspell I never would have guessed that Mo was actually going to turn into the Bluejay Or was the Bluejay always a part of him and he was just letting it free? What came first Mo or the Bluejay? Who knows Either way it's so cool how much Mo changes It's funny how at the beginning of Inkdeath I want Mo to stop being the Bluejay but when he finally stops at the end I'm sad Dustfinger changes a lot when he comes back from the dead and in my opinion it's for the better Yes he has always been a very round three dimensional character but I've always hated him He was selfish he only did things for himself he only helped others if he could get something out of it and he was always only concerned about his own agenda Plus I'd never really forgiven him for betraying Mo and Meggie at the beginning of Inkheart and leading Capricorn to them And I hated him for always leaving Roxane and Brianna and going off doing whatever When Dustfinger comes back to life in Inkdeath I change from hating him to loving him He isn't selfish any and he doesn't hate Mo so unfairly In fact he and Mo are very close so close that they can feel the other's emotions which I think is really cool I love how he always follows Mo and protects him And the new things he can do with fire are awesome Dustfinger definitely changes for the betterFarid on the other hand changes for the worse In Inkspell he was the sweet caring kind boy who was head over heels in love with Meggie In Inkdeath he is a total selfish jerk He only cares about rescuing Dustfinger – he's way too obsessed with that actually He barely cares about Meggie any even though he used to be in love with her and he actually cheats on her countless times with a bunch of maids That moron has no sense of faith By the middle of Inkdeath I'm ready to jump into the book and punch him I'm so glad that Meggie chooses Doria over Farid I would have probably killed her if she chose Farid Doria is so much nicer and Farid doesn't deserve Meggie It makes me kind of sad though when I remember how sweet Farid and Meggie were together in Inkspell It makes me frustrated; wasn't Farid the one who was in love with Meggie? Ah wellViolante really grows and develops in Inkdeath In Inkspell she was pretty flat; we didn't know much about her personality and she didn't have that big of a role But in Inkdeath she has a huge part and I like that She shows herself to be strong and independent and clever She's a great character It's interesting how she's in love with the Bluejay but hopefully she'll get over it now because what Fenoglio said is true she's not actually in love with Mo himself but the part that he playedOkay let's talk about Meggie She has no part at all in Inkdeath – and I love that Okay maybe Meggie's nice but let's face it; she's always been a pretty boring flat main character So it's uite a relief to have other interesting characters be the main characters of Inkdeath – their views are much exciting than Meggie's and I love taking a look through all their eyes Also I was uite tired of Meggie always being the one to save the day So I'm really glad that different people saved the day this time – that Mo and Resa and Dustfinger got their chance I'm glad that she isn't the center of attention this time and that I get to understand other characters betterThe scene where Mo talks to Death is so cool Funke portrays Death in such a creative way; I never would have imagined Death as a shape shifter or with a woman's voice That's one of my favorite scenes in the bookI love the Black Prince but I'm disappointed that he doesn't do much in this book He basically stays behind while Mo does everything Ah wellI love how the climax of the book is set in the Castle in the Lake That castle is really cool and it lets us see Violante's history We find out a lot about her mother which we didn't know much about before and who would have guessed that Violante's mother was actually in love with the Adder? I still don't see how she could have fallen in love with that snake Plus it's nice that the action is happening at a different place than the Ombra Castle or the Castle of NightI hate Orpheus SO much Every single time I see him in the book I want to leap into the pages and beat that son of a female dog to a pulp Many times I wanted to chuck the book at the wall and stop reading because of him I hate his stupid sadistic conceited selfish greedy butt SO much I would have HAPPILY killed him Slooowwwllyyy And I would have enjoyed every second of it No I am not a sadist Shut up Only Orpheus makes me like this P Most of the bad things that happen in Inkdeath are because of him And it was so disgusting the way he was using the maids Pedophile Through the whole book I was waiting and waiting for Mo or at least someone to kill him but nooooo Instead he gets to run off skipping into the sunset unharmed Well it's not really the sunset – like the cold mountains And I doubt he's skipping But still AGH Darnit Cornelia why couldn't you have just killed him C'mon it wouldn't have taken than a few minutes I mean you've already killed so many people in Inkdeath what's one to you? I hope he freezes to death in the mountains No that's too nice of a death for him I hope he reaches another village tries to trick them and get wealthy but they burn him at the stake And he has a long painful death in which he realizes that he is actually a terrible and pathetic person and that Mo is so much better than him YES THAT WOULD BE PERFECT D GO DIE ORPHEUS YOU SUCK AT WRITING AND AT READING HAA TAKE THAT YOU STUPID DOG YOU CAN'T WRITE YOU CAN ONLY STEAL THE WORDS OF A WRITER THAT'S BETTER THAN YOU HAVE WE EVER SEEN YOU WRITE WITHOUT USING FENOGLIO'S WORDS?? HUH?? HUH?? NO DIDN'T THINK SO HAA SO GO DIE Okay I think I'm done now Yay That felt goodI don't like Fenoglio much either Okay yeah he's nicer than Orpheus EVERYONE is but that's not saying much at all He's almost as vain and arrogant as Orpheus and he always really irritates me It really bugs me how he barely writes a word in all of Inkdeath for Meggie to read to make things turn for the better The whole time where he's just drinking and feeling sorry for himself I want to slap him and even when he stops drinking he doesn't even write at all It makes me want to scream at him “WHO'S STORY IS THIS YOU CRAZY OLD MAN? YOURS IT'S YOUR STORY ISN'T IT? SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT” But nooo He's a totally useless character in this bookThe thing about how Fenoglio wrote a different story about the grown up Doria is so amazing I think it's really interesting that Doria's story isn't published but it still is included in the Inkworld Which shows that a story doesn't have to be published to come to life and I love that message I was always sad how Dustfinger loved Brianna but she hated him It hurt whenever Brianna referred to Dustfinger as “The Fire Dancer” instead of her father and when Brianna never seemed to care that her father was dead But at the end of Inkdeath she starts to accept him as her father when he saves her from the Night Mare and I really like that Also Violante and Jacopo have always hated each other but at the end of Inkdeath they start to warm up to each other I love the hints that Funke gives us – how Jacopo calls Violante “mother” for the first time and how Violante puts her arm around her sonThere are so many astonishing plot twists that sweep me off my feet in a good way in this book Violante offering Mo her alliance; Violante being in love with the Bluejay; Mo visiting Death and making a bargain with her I never would have expected Death to actually be personified and revealed as a character in this story so I didn't know what to think when Mo went into the world of the dead – and I was stunned right out of my skin when Mo met Death; Dustfinger coming back to life I was convinced that he was going to stay dead forever so it's a huge surprise when Mo brings him back into the world with him; the whole thing with Meggie falling out of love with Farid and in love with Doria; Mortola coming back and allying herself with Orpheus; her turning into a magpie; Resa turning into a swift; Basta's spirit being the Night Mare I thought Night Mares were just nameless creatures so it came as uite a shock I'm so glad that Dustfinger kills it; I've always thought that Dustfinger should have been the one to kill Basta not Mo But the biggest and most shocking plot twist of them all is definitely Jacopo's part in the conclusion of Inkdeath Jacopo is the last person I would have expected to help Mo kill the Adderhead – which is why I love the fact that he does I love when minor characters turn into major characters And it makes perfect sense why he does it at the end of the book we can see that Jacopo is changing He's still snobby and bratty and self centered but he doesn't idolize his grandfather or the Piper any and he begins to hate them And he starts to feel affection towards his mother That's why he changes heart and helps Mo This makes me really respect and view him differently; I used to hate him but after what he does I almost feel affection towards himI think it's really cool how Mo writes the three words in the book how Jacopo distracts the Piper It's so suspenseful and intense when Mo writes each word then gets distracted after each That's my favorite part in the book besides the scene where Mo meets with Death; my heart was beating so fast at those moments It's so dramaticAnd I love how the words to kill the Adderhead are the three titles of the book in order heart spell and death It ties the book titles' together and makes sense why the books are called what they are However I just recently found out that when Cornelia originally wrote the book in German she called the second book “Inkblood” instead of “Inkspell” So in that case did the translator not only change the title from “blood” to “spell” but also the words that the kill the Adder from “heart BLOOD and death” to “heart spell and death?” It makes sense that way but why did they change it?What's up with the White Woman that writes something about Mo and gives it to Meggie? We never actually find out what is written on there Meggie only says that it's “the Bluejay's last song” and that it's a happy ending for him or something I don't get it Did the White Woman write something for Meggie to read so that Mo's story would end happily – so does that mean that the good outcome of the events at the Castle in the Lake are because of Meggie? But we never actually saw Meggie read and she never said so so did the White Woman just show Meggie what was going to happen so she wouldn't worry? But why would the White Woman do that – wouldn't she just let Meggie find out when Mo came home safe? Plus why did the White Woman care so much about Mo?The last line of the chapter before the epilogue is awesome But even though Farid is a jerk and totally deserves Meggie to leave him it still makes me kind of sad because I remember the days in Inkspell when Farid and Meggie were together and that was so sweet sigh oh wellI love the epilogue Meggie's brother seems so cute It's so cool how he longs to go to the real world just like Meggie once longed to go to the Inkworld The last line of the book is so cool; it kind of makes you feel like the story is going back to the beginning again except reversed I love indefinite endings DI'm kind of disappointed that the Folcharts don't go back to the real world Doria with them of course but I guess they really do love the Inkworld and I admit I fell in love with the Inkworld myself too So I can hardly complain D No I'm actually happy that they stayOne thing I really love about this trilogy is how Cornelia Funke puts uotes from other books at the beginning of each chapter uotes that sort of have to do with what goes on in each chapter They're interesting and I always get a pleasant jolt when she puts a uote from a book that I've read DCornelia Funke's characters really impress me Her ability to create such realistic and believable characters is astounding Every single one of her characters are so round and complex and three dimensional and they're all so lifelike It's not just that they all mature and develop and grow so much over the three books Only a highly skilled writer can do that What really amazes me is that Cornelia Funke wrote the book in German so the English edition is written by a translator – and it has such an amazing writing style The books are one of the most well written ones I've ever read But usually when a book gets translated the writing style isn't that great because the pretty prose usually gets lost when someone else takes them and transfers them to a different language Not in this case Either Cornelia Funke is such a great writer that her style shines even through the tampering of translation or the translator is a great writer herself It's probably a mixture of bothAnother thing is I feel like the book drags on for way too long There are long periods of time in which nothing seems to happen or the events just get stretched out and out Sometimes I felt like the book was never going to end The book doesn't flow well When I try to remember the first half of the book it feels hazy and it feels like I'm remembering it from a book before Inkdeath Funke should have cut Inkdeath in half and made it into two separate books in my opinion That would have made it much easier Or at least she should have made it much shorter There are many unnecessary scenes and the ones that are necessary go on for foreverI didn't like how Meggie's ambition to be a writer just kind of dropped after the first book What happened to her wanting to be like Fenoglio and write her own words that she can read aloud? In Inkdeath she doesn't even think of that ambition again It's like someone totally erased it in her mind or Funke didn't think it was important any which really frustrates me I thought it was really cool that Meggie wanted to be a writer so why did that have to spill out the window??Also I think the whole BriannaCosimo thing is weird First of all I thought it was kind of gross when they were in love in Inkspell because he's like way older than her it never actually says how old Cosimo is but I've always thought of him as being like 20 while Brianna is 15 Pedophile anyone? plus he was MARRIED to Violante so he was cheating on his wife with her own maid Plus what I really didn't get was that Violante knew about it and she wasn't doing anything What the hell?? I mean Brianna was spending her nights with Cosimo for crying out loud What does that tell you? So I don't get at all why Violante forgives Brianna for cheating on her with her husband and why she lets Brianna come back to her I would have punched her for even asking to come back UghSometimes I feel like there's too much going on in the story There are too many subplots so many that sometimes I forget what the main plot is too many back stories and definitely too many villains There's way too many conflicts to keep track of them all and with all these different villains with all their different agents and all these different heroes with all their different agendas I found myself getting many headaches as I was struggling to keep up with the crazy tangle going on in Inkdeath And not all the villains are even that great either I mean the Piper and Orpheus and Mortola are great villains but the Milksop is a boring flat one and the Adderhead is such a lame villain in Inkdeath Sure in Inkspell he was a great villain but he loses all his magic in Inkdeath and just turns into an annoying old man I kind of feel the same about Mortola – she was a great villain before but in Inkdeath she just becomes really annoying and there isn't really any point to her in this book She doesn't do much and she just ends up dying anyway before she can cause any harm or anything Okay enough of the things I didn't like about itI really love the theme of Inkdeath the message that it is not the author who controls the story but the characters and the story itself This is basically the theme of the whole trilogy The story and characters will do what they want whether the author likes it or not and it is in fact the story and characters that control the author not the other way around This is so true; every writer learns that the hard way I'm talking from experience Erp I think this is the coolest theme a book has ever portrayedAll in all this is an amazing ending to the trilogy and I'm glad that Cornelia Funke finished it this way; it's perfect I love this series so much and it's now one of my top favorites It's a great story not only for book lovers but for writers too I'm definitely going to keep these three books and take them with me wherever I go I'll definitely go on re reading and re reading them and I know this is one of those series's that I'll be reading even when I'm an adult

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    I finally finished re reading this as an adult I only have praise for it and I think this remains a masterpiece in the category of Harry Potter And if you've been born after 1990 you know what this means This is a book for both adults and children and it has a wonderful plot developed characters who are not only deeply layered and humanly as possible but also grow from page one to the last page of this trilogy And this world this beautiful world of Inkworld will always have a special place in my heart If you're looking for a fantasy to call home go read this

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    Inkdeath is the final installment of the Inkworld series I haven't decided yet if it was better than the first book Inkheart but it was a lot better than Inkspell which was the second book Warning Review will probably contain spoilers and I'm kind of lazy to hide them this morningTo start off Dustfinger is dead Farid is practically torn up about this and doesn't know what to do with his life Oh and Mo is forever keeping secrets to himself which is a terrible decision made by himself Of course there's Meggie Resa and Elinor too Now Meggie I love her so much I really like how her character has grown throughout the series I kind of thought her and Farid were cute in the second book but the guy straight up annoyed me the entire time in Inkdeath I just wanted to slap him silly every god damn time he whined about Dustfinger and why no one has brought him back I didn't feel bad when they weren't together any because she honestly deserved someone so much better Enter Doria who was SO MUCH BETTER I absolutely loved Doria's character and instantly forgot about FaridThen there's Mo and Resa Okay so she's pregnant and Mo seems to be acting strange in this book Well stranger than before However I didn't buy into that blue jay crap He was just being a selfish jerk and was annoying he shit out of me as well Then of course there's Resa who again is still pregnant and she's off going into sort of dangerous situations I know she knows she's pregnant but what gives? I just didn't see the pointBesides all of that nonsense there's Dustfinger Who's alive dead and then alive Nothing really happens there but it was kind of annoying to go through all of that crap too I still ended up loving the shit out of the character In the end the book was a bit darker and did give some good twists I did however end up getting bored here and there while listening to the audio book It could've been the narrator or I just could've been bored at work while listening to this I have no idea I just was

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    Holy fucking cow It is rare for the last instalment in a trilogy to be the best one but Inkdeath definitely got that job done I am still shook I had forgotten everything about its plot since I last read it 10 years ago give me a break and so I was living for every turn of events and plot twist that we got Connie really knows how it’s done I bow down to our German legend There are many plot devices in Inkdeath that are objectively bad and cheap but I could look past all of them since Cornelia had a firm grip on my curiosity and excitement for the outcome of this tale I literally flew through this and had a blast reading it that's why my rating 45 stars is so high Fight meNeedless to say I will still talk about the things that were a little cheap about this First and foremost I got super annoyed by the fatshaming in regards to the character of Elinor Loredan Cornelia Funke seems to have trouble with writing fat characters see my review for Die Wilden Hühner Fuchsalarm and the characterisation of Ms Loredan got on my damn nerves Throughout the entire series her weight is constantly mentioned and that she is heavily breathing when she is walking and that she is looking ridiculous in all of her dresses etc; it wasn't super awful but still soooo unnecessary since the weight and outward appearance of the other characters played no role at all Further I'm not really happy with the role of women in Cornelia's Ink trilogy; again the representation of women is not awful but it could definitely be improved Especially in the third instalment Resa Mo's wife Meggie's mother got on my damn nerves She was constantly claiming to be a strong woman who doesn't need no man's help but whenever she tried to do something on her own everything turned to shit and she made matters worse with her crude actions and she started crying I think it's great that Cornelia tried to weave important subjects such as rape sexual harassment and women at the mercy of insolent men into a story for young adults but most of those scenes left a bitter taste in my mouth since they had the undertone of that's how it is in this world women are treated inferiorly here deal with it I was especially disgusted with Orpheus sexually harassing his underage maids and that the characters whom we know to be good in this tale did nothing about it when they witnessed that Surprisingly the love triangle between Meggie Farid and Doria wasn't as annoying as I feared it would be I thought it was realistic for Meggie to fall out of love with Farid and be unable to forgive him since her father died albeit temporarily because of him Nonetheless I found Fenoglio's tale about how he invented Doria and foresaw that he would end up marrying Meggie and be happy with her until the end of his days uite cheesy and unnecessary The girl is 14 years old for fuck's sake she shouldn't think about with whom she will end up for the rest of her life Yikes And as in the previous instalments there were some very cheap plot devices in this book Farid being able to see what Dustfinger and Mo are up to through his fire probably takes the cake This device made the grand finale a little less exciting because the characters who were left behind Fenoglio Meggie Elinor Farid Roxane etc didn't have to fear as much about their loved ones because they knew they were doing fine Moreover Inkdeath has a loooooot of small conflicts all of which got resolved too uickly Sometimes I would have wished for Cornelia to keep the tension for a little longerApart from that it's a brilliant book I know that it might seem weird to you that I listed so many negative things but just because I reaaaally enjoyed myself whilst reading it doesn't mean that there aren't some problems in the text but onto the good stuff I really appreciate that Cornelia didn't shy away from giving her heroes flaws and make them dislikable especially Mo in his role of the Eichelhäher had his priorities all wrong throughout this entire book so that I actually despised him for some parts despite him being one of my favorite characters Cornelia showed really well what happens when you lose yourself in a story Fenoglio is another clear case of a dislikable character that still has a place in my heart I found it very consistent that Cornelia made him become an alcoholic and lose his passion for life and his story; he truly turned into a bitter man once things stopped going his way Inkdeath also served as a great exploration of character dynamics; Cornelia excels at writing parent child relationships I already talked about the interesting dynamics surrounding Meggie Mo and Resa in my review for Inkspell but in the last book I highly enjoyed Dustfinger's relationship to his daughter Brianna who is somewhat torn between being mad at her father for leaving her for so long and still loving him like she did when she was little; and also the relationship between Violante and her son Jacopo a relationship that on the surface oozes mutual antipathy but deep down they both care and fear deeply for each other And since I didn't mention it in any other review I need to give Cornelia some credit since she chose the best and most fitting little excerpts to put before all of her chapters I don't know the technical term for them epigraph? I am honestly shook at how well they all went with their consecutive chapter A true ueen I was looking forward to getting to a new chapter only so that I could read the little chosen excerpt I'm also a huge fan of the open ending that we got for Farid I would love to read another series about him and his travels in the inkworld and also for Orpheus I wonder what he is up to in the north I'm not the biggest fan of the actual epilogue that gave us a look into the future but alas epilogues never work out for meAll in all I am soooo happy that I finally managed to reread this series It's been 10 years since I have witnessed its magic and it was so good to be back If Connie would actually publish the fourth book in the Reckless series I would definitely reread the first three books in that series as well but I don't think that's happening anytime soon cries

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    55 starsWhy did death make life taste so much sweeter? Why could the heart love only what it could also lose?Open a book Make yourself comfortable and breathe a little Close your eyes and open them again And start reading You'll find yourself in another world A world of tall trees clear blue skies the sound of horse hooves the colliding of swords the chirping of the birds and the aura of adventure But you'll also feel other human feelings You'll feel happiness love and safety in the arms of your new family your new friends or a new lover all of them made of ink and words But you'll also feel fear and sadness and the darkest kind of despair That and is what the Folchart family went through while in the InkworldAnd every possible feeling is what I felt while reading this amazing series I do not think I am ready to leave it behind since one of my most favorite people in the world introduced me to it but I surely am ready to reread and relive all the amazing and terrible moments Because reading is all memories hidden between the pages along with dreams hopes and fears all mixed together with the world the plot and the charactersAt first I was worried Τhe plot was moving kind of slow and this literally is the last thing I want from a book in a series After a while though everything picked up and it all started The adventure The battles The heartbreak The love The friendship The family And the power of books and the words that lie in themThe characters were as always amazing New ones appeared and new alliances and relationships formed altering everything view spoilerI am not sure how I felt about Meggie and Doria but I guess I was okay with it since everyone got the happy ending they deserved in the Inkworld hide spoiler