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Review first appeared on my blog Book Addict 24 7 I received a copy for review.Ryan Hunter s inDIVISIBLE is a very impressive young adult dystopian novel The story is fast paced, brimming with potential, and hosts a collection of mysterious and well rounded characters Hunter s novel is a wonderful start to a very promising series I knew from the moment I met Brynn, the protagonist, that she would be a difficult character Only a few pages in and she was already someone questioning her world and what her government told her Brynn is a great character because rather than make the reader feel unattached, she manages to get a reaction out of the reader with her actions and words Something that did irk me about Brynn s character was her naive attitude towards her love interest, T I ve never been fond of characters that question the obvious because it feels redundant Though watching their relationship flourish, despite their situation, was sweet, I was not impressed with Brynn s comments Of course, I understand it is normal for a girl to question the actions of the opposite sex, Brynn is a teenaged girl who s world has fallen apart, after all , but I found everything so obvious when it came to the two of them that I found myself getting a little frustrated.I found it interesting that Hunter approaches the topic of God a little later into the story, but applaud her for how she introduces the topic to the characters Brynn and T treat the topic of religion as a curious thing as something once frowned upon by the society they fear They use God as a source of strength, but not the main source Brynn s character grows as she begins to accept the norms outside of her close minded society, such as the idea of God, and I found this a powerful technique Hunter does a masterful job, however, of bringing the reader right into the action She does not waste words on unnecessary descriptive chapters before the catalyst for the plot occurs Instead, she opts for showing the reader Brynn s world as Brynn herself rediscovers it Not only does this make the story a refreshing read, but the reader has the opportunity to figure things out for him herself The attention grabbing action is nonstop From the first page until the conclusion, the reader is held captive in a world full of dangers and mysteries I would recommend inDIVISIBLE to fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, and other similar dystopian series The world created by Hunter is as addicting and heartbreaking as the series mentioned, and Brynn is reminiscent of all the strong female protagonists I loved every moment of this novel The story gripped my heart, carried it through the wide expanse of dangerous woods that the characters fought through, and then it shattered along with the characters once the conclusion approached. This was a wonderful story about a girl named Brynn.Brynn lives in a dystopian society where people are brainwashed and fearful of their government and the only way to survive is to play by their rules.Everything they do and say,eat and drink, places they go to and work at is monitored.Free thinking is def frowned against Every person has a chip inserted so they can be monitored at all times Brynn s father was one of the people who did not believe in the society they lived in and after his sudden death by supposed terrorists Brynn begins to question their lives.The story builds very quickly and does not let you rest for a minute as information about what is really going on in this world One United becomes clear, and Brynn finds out how her father really died.This begins a huge change in Brynn s life where if she is going to survive she is going to have to go on the run, meeting some people along the way that can help her and feel the same way she does Brynn is hoping to reach the freemen , these people live very different lives on the outskirts of her society All she has to do is get them without getting caught while bringing them information that they need that her father had gotten for them to take down the One United World I loved this book and could not put it down.This dystopian society was really well described, it would be very easy to imagine that life could really be like that in the future I really hope there is going to be another book in this series. First time in a while that I ve stayed up til the wee hours of the morning to finish a book It is also one of those books that you keep thinking about for a while after you ve finished it.This is a story set in an ambiguous not so distant future, when all of North America has joined together to form the One Alliance The people have been gradually lulled into a big brother type society using very difficult to resist persuasion and probably a multitude of good intentions who doesn t want their children to be kept safe So good parents choose to have a tiny tracking device installed and they can always be located, until the procedure becomes automatic and no one even thinks about it Who doesn t want to be kept safe from terrorists Be assured of a job, a home, an education for their children And so on Of course, over time, the balance between security and freedom tips without most people really realizing it In this world, a young woman returns home one day to learn that her father has been killed by terrorists or was he Her world is turned upside down as she begins to question everything about the society in which she lives and suddenly realizes that, for reasons she doesn t understand, she has become a target of urgent importance to the One Alliance.Very well paced action and plot continually urges you to read just one chapter There were a number of other things I really enjoyed about this book 1 The descriptions of the landscape, actions, and flight of Brynn Aberdie and her companion, T, create very vivid visual images without so much description as to become tedious One scene in particular really had me cringing, hardly able to keep reading, yet not able to stop 2 The characters have realistic human limitations they don t have superhuman abilities or luck in evading pursuers they make normal human mistakes they question themselves but still make decisions and pursue them 3 There aren t implausible or fatalistic coincidences at every turn 4 The characters determine their own destiny there is no fate involved 5 It is refreshing to find an author for whom being attracted to someone doesn t instantly equal sex 6 Lastly, but quite satisfying to me, the ending has pieces that I didn t see ahead of time but that also didn t just jump out of nowhere the pieces made sense but were not predictable.I believe most people would find this book an enjoyable and worthwhile read I did. More reviews at Readers In WonderlandThanks to the author who generously provided a copy Finally got around to reading this, and it was not a disappointment I think we take books far too seriously when we first pick them up There s that first impression the cover, the synopsis, that horrible review you read about it on Goodreads, etc If a book gives you a negative impression before you even begin it I think you will always have that hanging over your shoulder as you flip those pages That s why I try to go into any book unbiased Any dystopian fan should give this a shot Or if you are new the genre, this would be a great introduction because the world our heroine, Brynn, lives in, is the definition of dystopian It almost reminds of MATCHED except it actually has of a sinister plot from the get go, unlike MATCHED where the plan to do something about basically being prisoners in their own society becomes stifling enough they have to do something about it.Brynn is one serious, determined girl I don t know about you guys but I couldn t cut my hand open to expel a tracking device inside Things such as these were written realistic too, you almost could feel the pain she was going through I overall enjoyed the writing style and the detailed descriptions On the negative side, I don t like how we got a lot of background into Brynn s life There were some flashbacks to the past but I would have liked it better if there was a build up before the action that starts on the first page because it seems a little misplaced Also, I would have liked to know about T, and his relationship with Brynn in the past. This is one of the better dystopians I ve read Ryan Hunter has dreamed up an amazing future where technology is heavily used to control and manipulate their public, but technology was not ready for teenager Brynn Aberdie who s world crumbles around here after her father is shot and she starts learning the secrets that the One United government fought to keep hidden With her friend, known as T, their only hope to stopping the government is to find and align themselves with the Freemen after she is armed with knowledge that could be used against One United What ensues is a wild adventure You ll find yourself cheering for Brynn and T, especially as romantic feelings for each other begin to surface.Ryan Hunter does a great job of inventing technologies that take this beyond what George Orwell could imagine when he wrote 1984 There is tension throughout the book, beginning from the first page and only allowing small chances to catch your breath until you reach a satisfying ending If you are looking for the next great dystopian then look no further, you ve found it in inDIVISIBLE. inDIVISIBLE grabbed my attention from the title and the synopsis I couldn t wait to read it It s about a girl who after losing her father, realizes that everything she has known is different She starts to understand what her father had talked to her in code about, and she goes on the run trying to fight the Alliance who knows that she knows too much.I loved this book It brought me back to the good parts about dystopian novels that I love The Hunger Games had been the last good dystopian story line that I have read The others were too focused on romance, or love and didn t have any good action and left me hating the idea of any dystopian novels This one had the right amount of action and was sprinkled with some romance that fit just perfectly Brynn was a very believable, very real character I liked how she fought the different way of thinking at first, not wanting to believe that all she knew was wrong and that the Alliance wasn t what she had grown up learning it to be That s something I believe anyone in that position would do, rather than the books where they whole heartedly accept it.She s also very humble and I really enjoyed that part I liked watching her figure everything out and honestly not know why they were really after her The ending looked like it was set up for a sequel pretty please because it left me with so many questions and I just wanted Thank you, Hunter, for bringing back my love for dystopian novels I think this was definitely a good read. I tried to think why I didn t love this book as much as I thought I should It had fairly interesting characters, the world building was excellent, and the premise seemed so plausible But I think it struggled to decide if it wanted to be an action packed thriller or a romance I finally realized that I think the point of view character was all wrong If this story had been told by T instead of Brynn or is it Brinn I forget , it would have been almost perfect The action scenes would have fit better, and the romance would have been secondary but satisfying T moved the story line forward much than Brynn So whereas I thought it was pretty good, I think it could have been much. Librarian S Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition ASIN BHDVBrynn S Utopia Is Shattered When She Learns Her Life Has Been A Lie Constructed By The Very Government She S Trusted To Make Her Decisions For Her What S Worse Is Learning She S The Next Target On Their Kill List She Knows To Survive, She Has To Remove The One Thing That Gives Her Substance, Security And Transport, The One Thing The Alliance Relies On To Track Each Citizen Of One United Once Removed, She Must Run To Save Her Life With A Boy She Barely Knows, A Boy Who Holds Her Future And Heart In His HandsNow Brynn And T Are Truly On Their Own Against The Power Of One United Started out strong then quickly became boring and predictable I m feeling generous by giving this three stars today And where the heck the the boyfriend, T, keep disappearing to all the time Just meh. A thought provoking dystopian novel about what freedom is and how easily it can be lost one small step at a time It really makes a person stop and think about the real world and the direction our country is going.