I Never Metaphor I Didn't Like A Comprehensive Compilation

The murals in restaurants are on a par with the food in museumsAmerica is an enormous frosted cupcake in the middle of millions of starving peopleCritics are like pigs at the pastry cartDescribing something by relating it to another thing is the essence of metaphorical thought It is one of the oldest activities of humankind—and one of the most impressive when done skillfully Throughout history many masters of metaphor have crafted observations that are so spectacular they have taken up a permanent residence in our mindsIn I Never Metaphor I Didn't Like quotation maven Dr Mardy Grothe fixes his attention on the three superstars of figurative language—analogies metaphors and similes The result is an extraordinary compilation of nearly 2000 feats of association that will entertain educate and occasionally inspire quotation lovers everywhereIn this intellectual smorgasbord the author of Oxymoronica and Viva la Repartee explains figurative language in a refreshingly down to earth way before taking readers on a tour of history's greatest word pictures In chapters on wit love sex stage and screen insults politics sports and you will find quotations from Aristotle and Maya Angelou to George Washington and Oprah Winfrey

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    I love the title A wonderful collection of analogies metaphors and similes A collection of quotes through history up to current day Great gift book My favorites include Turn your mind upside down now and then like an hour glass let the particles run the other way A lighthouse in a sea of absurdity Books the instant vacation for your tired mind