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Following Louis XIV S Revocation Of The Edict Of Nantes In , French Protestants Faced The Stark Choice Of Abandoning Their Religion, Or Defying The Law Many Fled Abroad, Whilst Others Continued To Meet Clandestinely For Worship And To Organise Resistance To Government Policy, Culminating In The Bloody Camisard Rebellion Of During This Period Of Conflict And Repression, A Distinct Culture Of Prophecy And Divine Inspiration Grew Up, Which Was To Become A Defining Characteristic Of The Dispersed Protestant Communities In Southern France Drawing On A Wide Range Of Printed And Manuscript Material, This Study, Examines The Nature Of Huguenot Prophesying In The C Vennes During The Early Years Of The Eighteenth Century As Well As Looking At Events In France, The Book Also Explores The Reactions Of The Huguenot Community Of London, Which Became Caught Up In The Prophesying Controversy With The Publication InOf Le Th Atre Sacr Des C Vennes This Book, Which Recounted The Stories Of Exiles Who Had Witnessed Prophesying And Miraculous Events In The C Vennes, Not Only Provided A First Hand Account Of An Outlawed Religion, But Became The Centre Of A Heated Debate In London Concerning False Prophets By Exploring French Protestantism Through Voluntary Testimonies Given By Huguenot Exiles In London, This Study Not Only Offers A Rare Glimpse Of A Forbidden Religion, But Also Shows How A Long Established Immigrant Church In London Confronted The Problems Posed By Recent Arrivals Infused With A Radical Sense Of Mystic Purpose And Divine Revelation

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    This scholastic review primarily focused on the importation of an enthusiastic phenomenon from the sacred theatre of the Cevennes to the streets of London, resulting in pamphlet warfare from 1707 1710 Drawing on an astonishing amount of extant original sources, it recreates a thriving French refugee culture, to the point of providing a map of its churches We recently walked and rewalked Fleet Street, coming close to where my forefather, Charles Lapierre s, church must have once stood, toward the St James end These controversies were the talk of the town, even producing their own ribald, and were reflected over a wide range of social levels 127 Whilst there was sympathy for victims of Catholic persecution and refugee inspires in London, it is doubtful whether the London public could have contemplated the nature of the theatre of war in the Cevennes 105 Ultimately, the false prophets were driven from a city which had traditionally provided asylum and support to victims of Catholic persecution 171 , but only because they discerned what one pamphleteer wrote, under the pretext of publishing the wonders which God has performed in the Cevennes, the author s purpose was to advance the Mission of the Three Camisars the three French Prophets 162 see 165, 171.Huguenot refugees had found a home in London since the mid sixteenth century What I sought in vain among the tantalizing pieces was Lapierre s place in this culture and tumult of words He, as a minister at the Little Savoy at Spring Gardens, with than one hint of highly conformist leanings to say nothing of the course his son s life took under the direction of the Bishop of London , would have belonged to the consistory of the Savoy churches, which though operating with remarkable unity have left fragmentary but evidently somewhat numerous uncompiled records The consistory firmly sought to suppress the claims of three false prophets who created a stir with claims to inspiration accompanied by bodily agitation The rigorous stance of the ministry of the French refugee churches towards persons who exploited belief in the miraculous powers of God is evident in the action taken by them to suppress the inspires activities in London In January 1707, the three men were denounced as imposters in an act proclaimed from the pulpits of the Savoy and its annexes 122 So problematic were these excesses that sermons were given even in the royal chapel claiming that all former gifts were done away after the apostles day.I have been moved, as was the filmmaker for Les Camisards in 1970, whom the author recorded as feeling touched to shoot the scenes of the opening of the Camisard revolt in 1702 on location, where the land and the people convey a sense of the sacred The instigating story spanned nearly twenty years of violent persecution by Catholic authorities New convert parents, and others, secretly taught their children from scraps of Protestant literature Cosmos referred to some surviving family papers even containing statements of belief letters written by fathers to their children in which they explained that their religion was altogether pure and holy and that the teachings of the Catholic Church were not at all in conformity with the word of God 77 This reminded me of a Spaniard whom Elie Wiesel encountered, who eventually asked him to translate a parchment which had been handed down to him with a hushed reverence, father to son, for over four centuries Another product of brutal Catholic compulsion, it began, I, Moses, son of Abraham, forced to break all ties with my people and my faith, leave these lines to the children of my children and to theirs, in order that on the day when Israel will be able to walk again, its head high under the sun, without fear and without remorse, they will know where their roots lie The recipient, a Catholic, had been floored.This atmosphere in France resulted in secret assemblies Lapierre, as a predicant lay preacher , offered sermons and taught them from texts He would likely not have seen the stirrings of a movement which excitedly gathered to hear words of religious ecstasy from youths mouths, since this transpired in the areas where no one was available to teach the people However, as a protege of Claude Brousson, he also may have heard some of the reports and felt disinclined to comment much either way, except to caution against excess Brousson was a celebrity of established respectability and reputation among all the French refugees, known somewhat to the English as well, and Lapierre referred in a London record with possible pride to his association with the minister right up to the time of his execution Lapierre was also among the very last minister of any standing to leave the Cevennes, on the eve of the fully armed revolt What Londoners would not have understood was the fervor called for in going into battle with steadfastness where outnumbered easily 5 to 1, hardly possessing any weaponry and with very little training Cosmos includes, among the stills, a shot of troops preparing to engage the king s men by singing their battle hymn from Psalm 68 As is usually the case, unusual times can gather all kinds, and there were those whose zeal spilled over into every aspect of life The initial contemporary publication by Misson, stirring the pot, attempted to place that brand on the unusually large proportion of Cevenol people resettled in London, but Cosmos shows just how many disclaimed connection with the shakers, rollers, and earnest prophesiers of every little thing It was all attributed to a handful of upstarts, who were pilloried and ostracized.