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The internet was never intended for you opines Brian McCullough in this lively narrative of an era that utterly transformed everything we thought we knew about technology In How the Internet Happened he chronicles the whole fascinating story for the first time beginning in a dusty Illinois basement in 1993 when a group of college kids set off a once in an epoch revolution with what would become the first “dotcom”Depicting the lives of now famous innovators like Netscape’s Marc Andreessen and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg McCullough also reveals surprising quirks and unknown tales as he tracks both the technology and the culture around the internet’s rise Cinematic in detail and unprecedented in scope the result both enlightens and informs as it draws back the curtain on the new rhythm of disruption and innovation the internet fostered and helps to redefine an era that changed every part of our lives

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    How the Internet Happened 2018 by Brian McCullough is a really excellent look at how the commercial internet grew from the early 1990s until the launch of the iPhone While writing the book McCullough recorded the interviews he did with people and released them as 'The Internet History Podcast' Critically McCullough also founded and co founded a number of companies so he really knows about his subjectThe books starts with the history of Mosaic and other early web browsers Then Microsoft's realisation of the importance of the internet Netscape's rise and fall is carefully covered AOL Ebay and Yahoo and the early tech boom companies are then described in detail Google's birth the bursting of the bubble and the how Google monetized internet advertising are the next subject The book dives into mp3s and the iPod The revitalisation of the internet companies after the 'Nuclear Winter' of the early 2000s and the rise of web 20 and social media are then covered Finally the rise of the mobile internet with the launch of the iPhone is where the book endsIt would be very hard to read this book and not learn a lot The details of the browser wars and how Google actually worked out how to make money are really interesting Due to his inside knowledge and careful research McCullough manages to capture the zeitgeist of the times he writes aboutThe podcast has quite a bit that the book doesn't including interviews with other computer historians and detail on some subjects than the book But the book has been well edited and the most important parts keptThe book is probably going to become the default reference for the birth of the mass commercial internet Just as Triumph of the Nerds by Robert X Cringely is the book to describe the rise of the PCs in the 1980s McCullough has done a really great job with the book Like Cringely he has the great advantage of being part of what he writes about He's also done a fantastic job interviewing the subjects for the book Listening to the podcast is a delight for anyone interested in the history of technology The book and podcast really are fantastic