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Decades Ago, Hitler Raised Up The Broken Cross Of The Swastika And Unleashed A Terrible Scourge On The World Erwin Lutzer Traces Hitler S Rise To Power, Reveals The Role Of The Church In Germany S Tragedy, And Issues A Warning About What Could Happen To America

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    Poor scholarship I thought this would be a careful analysis of history, giving insight into Nazi ideology and the impact of this ideology on the Church in Germany Instead the book is all over the place It seeks to criticise US social policy and the separation of church and state but at the same time it warns against a marriage of church and state using German history to show how this led to the third reich What truly disturbs me in this book is the anti gay rhetoric and the way it twists Hitler s attitude to homosexuality I have had enough of American Evangelicals and their anti gay rhetoric and they way they have poisoned communities in Africa and here is another American Evangelical trying to use Hitler and the atrocities of the holocaust to strengthen his own anti gay rhetoric.What rubbish And to think Ravi Zacharias wrote the foreword for this Did he even bother to read the book he was endorsing Meh If I really want to learn about Hitler and the Church there are better books that I can read Disappointing Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a review.

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    Thorough, honest and sobering look back at Germany and the church leading up to Hitler Good starting point for serious study on the subject Great quotes, good inquiry and honest conclusions mainly, though there were many heroes, many in the church sinned in either supporting Hitler or not defending the Jews Jesus brethren after the flesh This book will not remain far out of reach on my bookshelf The message here is clear the Church is called to love the Jews.

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    After reading this a third time, the message is come across powerful Erwin Lutzer, though not a historian, does a superb job explain history The book is full of thought provoking and scary , material as he compares Germany s slow fall to America s current decline He also compares the fall of the German church to our church today.The chilling factor remains America is currently ripe for the taking All it needs another Adolph Hitler though we probably will know him by Antichrist The question is, will we be like the rest of the world, or take a stand like Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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    Like Ravi Zacharias s books, this took me a little while to read While it s not a super long book, there is so much packed into the pages that it takes me quite a bit longer to read and understand it all.One of the things I love about Pastor Lutzer s preaching and his writing is that he does not shy away from the truth He doesn t mince words or try to make something easier to read, he says it how it is It was fascinating and horrifying to see yet another side of Hitler and his Third Reich, yet the stories included of those who stood up against the Nazi regemine, as few as they may have been, was inspiring The chapters on suffering for Christ were convicting In this day and age no one likes to talk about that Yet, as Christians, we are called to take up our cross and follow Him The cross is suffering It s enduring shame for His name And if we back down, we are not worthy of the name of Christ The last chapter, America s Hidden Cross , was a sobering warning This book was published in 1995, but it hits on so many things that are going on in our world today I thank the Lord that He gave Pastor Lutzer insight to writing this book and the warning it contains If we become content to simply live our lives and not preach the gospel and be willing to suffer for it, the freedoms we have will be taken away till we have nothing left The cross of Christ is the only thing that can lead to salvation to revival And it is worth suffering for One of my favorite quotes was Remember, God isn t interested in saving America He s interested in saving Americans.

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    There is some good content in here, and the story of the church in Nazi Germany is an interesting one All the good content is than buried by 3 problems 1 Almost the entire book consists of assertions which are either unsourced or highly questionably sourced, including e.g uncritical restatements of myths about occultism and Hitler that have been decades disproven.2 The author makes repeated clumsy attempts to link Nazism with virtually every worldview other than evangelical Christianity e.g., implying that Hindus are Nazis.3 The author makes repeated attempts to link Nazi Germany to present day America as of 1995 , many of which are downright offensive.

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    Previously published on Purely by Faith Reviews.Recommended Age 16 maybe 15 , for interest as well as some facts that are highly disturbing.I was really excited to discover this book I ve been extremely interest in WWII and wanted to learn about the history When I opened and started reading it, I realized how in depth and well written it was There was a lot of information that took a while for me to sift through, and there were many paragraphs that surprised me I didn t know how evil Hitler was like I did, but apparently didn t since I didn t realize he had many personal hobbies that were very gross and sinful.It touched on Hitler and other men that he was fond of, deciding God was dead and all of that stuff Pastor Lutzer s writing is amazing He does not shy away from the truth nor does he sugarcoat anything, keeping everything true to it s core Honestly, the book got so chilling for me mainly because I just couldn t understand why those historical figures could believe those awful things that I wasn t able to finish it I think this is an important book for everyone to read, especially if you are interested in WWII like I am, but you d have to prepare yourself for how tough of an impact this book will have on you I wouldn t have any younger children read this because of how descriptive it is as well as topics it touches on such as Hitler being fond of porn , which is why I recommend 16 or older maybe 15 I d like to go back and attempt to finish this once I m ready to do so since it s very important to our understanding of history that everyone should know.Content Warnings Touches on topics that may be uncomfortable for people, such as Hitler s love of porn, that God is dead, historical figures believing themselves to be gods, etc I received this book from Moody Publishers Newsroom in exchange for an honest review I was not obligated to give a positive one This review was written in my own words and opinions.

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    Hitler s Cross is fascinating, enlightening, and downright terrifying It is a book that I was meant to read Erwin W Lutzer covers an extremely dark subject matter in a clear, concise, and compassionate manner I believe that the state of humanity is such that burying or hiding from our history is dangerous Instead, truthful evaluation and personal introspection are imperative in order to avoid repetition of humankind s greatest atrocities We must not forget the atrocities committed nor can we forget the unfortunate fear, lack of faith, and lack of response that was exhibited by the Christian church during WWII Hitler s Cross is an excellent resource for the church to use in understanding this period in our history.As a follower of Christ, it is so challenging to wrap my mind around the level of deception and depravity that we can be brought down to But as I have grown in my faith I have gained a clearer picture of the Christian church as a whole We are solely dependent on God s grace, mercy, and personal sacrifice to save us from falling into the pit It is far too easy for us to remove our eyes from Christ and submit ourselves to the will of the world It is possible that we would respond to a similar situation in much the same manner today I sure pray not I specifically pray that I will always have my focus upon Christ so that I do not fall into the same trap, which when I am honest with myself would be far too easy to do.This biblical study of one of the church and humanities greatest failings is truly valuable We are a depraved people As I read I realized that the degradation of human life and it s intrinsic value induced by Hitler and those that inspired him is something altogether deeper and darker than I could have ever imagined There is value in the backstory which Hitler s Cross provides Lutzer provides background information on Hitler s insidious rise to power which I found extremely helpful towards gaining an understanding of the Christian lack of response.Hitler s atrocities are just one chapter in a very sad story that has been written over and over again since Satan first deceived Adam and Eve Fortunately, Lutzer doesn t leave us flailing in the dark subject matter this portion of our history is dark indeed but God provides us with one bright shining light of forgiveness and redemption in His Son Jesus Christ His conquering light comes shining forth in spite of Hitler s attempts to annihilate it through his regime of hate and pride In addition, amidst all of the important historical information, Lutzer provides one of the best responses to atheism that I have seen He writes We have met those who tell us that no God could see the atrocities of this world eg the Holocaust and not intervene We must be sensitive to such a reaction as it is difficult to understand how a good God could permit and hence ordain such evil But atheism is very unsatisfying it affirms not only that we have horrific injustice in the world, but also that justice will never triumph I have a Jewish friend who does not believe in a personal God precisely because of the Holocaust But he seemed perturbed when I reminded him one day that according to his view, Hitler and his henchmen would never be judged for what they did In an atheistic world not only is this world unjust, but there can be no justice Atheism teaches that our cry for justice will never be satisfied If you wonder how Hitler gained such prominence with such radical ideas why the Christian church didn t object before it was too late why the Christian church was silent overall what hidden crosses exist in modern Americaread Hitler s Cross As a reviewer for MP Newsroom, I received a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review My thanks to the author and publisher.For all of my reviews visit blessed and bewildered

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    Erwin Lutzer s Hitler s Cross How the Cross was Used to Promote the Nazi Agenda was a book I was excited to read As a Bonhoeffer scholar, I m always excited to see critical historical and theological analyses how how Nazi Germany arose, in its context, and perverted the Christian faith for its own nationalistic ends And its that excitement that wasn t disappointed with Lutzer s work Given the tragic solemnity of that historical context, most folks are unaware of the Christian roots of antisemitism and racial purity that pervaded in Nazi Germany Nor are they aware of the Confessing Church s attempts to defy that perversion And Lutzer s account, while just a surface account, is a good introduction I wish he d have given a deeper analysis of 1930s Germany There are larger parallels to draw than the ones he outlines So this isn t an intellectually robust book But it s an excellent introduction Hitler s Cross glosses over so much But it also offers a good introduction to the faithful alternative, embodied in the lives of pastors like Dietrich Boenhoeffer and Martin Neimoller I wish Lutzer would have been bolder in his call to live faithful lives like these He missed that opportunity in so many places Perhaps the biggest frustration, though, was the way Lutzer foisted a premillennialism into the theological narrative There are so many other, deeply theological alternatives with reading the biblical head I was left scratching my head at so many points In all, I m conflicted I love parts of Hitler s Cross But I m infuriated by other parts This is a book you ll just have to read for yourself.___________I received a free copy of this book by Moody Press in exchange for my honest review here.

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    Erwin W Lutzer traces the path of how the church in Germany forgot or put aside its mission and was largely silent about Nazi excesses and Hitler s ultimate take over of both church and state He profiles Hitler s rise to power along with Hitler s involvement in the occult, as well as the German nation s willingness to accept Hitler as their leader because of German nationalism.The parallels to what is currently happening in the United States are astoundingly similar, and the evangelical church in America is acting eerily similar to how the church in Germany acted between 1933 and 1945 Mr Lutzer does address this, but I wish he had gone further in addressing intolerance and hate that often seems to emanate from within today s church and not just from without As a follower of Christ, I find this disturbing than non believer s efforts to make the church less relevant today.

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    The new edition of this book is being released at the right time While I am not prepared to assert that America is turning into Nazi Germany, it would be hard not to see parallels in the way that some branches of Christianity are succumbing to the will of the state despite their knowledge of Scripture.This book and others like it are important because we must realize that historically the role of the church has been to be the conscience of the government and the society that they exist within, and never a body that gives passive acceptance to everything that the world offers This book may reach too far in some of its assertions about America being like Nazi Germany, but it is still worth the read Would your church be prepared to stand against horrific sin Where are they standing now Read this and be challenged.