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The Eldest Daughter Of John Phillips And Stepdaughter Of Michelle Phillips, Both Lead Singers Of The S Band The Mamas And The Papas, Mackenzie Phillips Grew Up In A Wild Household, Where A Typical Evening Might Include Rolling Joints For Her Dad Or Fending Off Advances By Mick Jagger Far From Idyllic, She Describes Her Parents Home As Dirty And Broken With Very Little Going On Inside Except Sex, Drugs, And Rock And Roll But In Spite Of The Turmoil At Home, Mackenzie Found Success Onscreen, Becoming Famous At Age Fourteen For Her Role In The Iconic Film American Graffiti, Which Landed Her A Starring Role As Julie Cooper On The Hit Sitcom One Day At A Time Alongside America S Sweetheart Valerie Bertinelli Even Though She Seemed To Have It All, Mackenzie Couldn T Escape The Dark Secrets And Constant Drug Use At Home And Began To Use Herself Her Professional Life Suffered And She Was Written Out Of The Show For The Next Two Decades She Battled Her Drug Addiction, Going Through Rehab Several Times, And Managing To Stay Clean For Ten Years, Until Labor Day , When She Landed Back In The Tabloids For Possession Of Cocaine And Heroin At LAX What Led To Her Relapse Is A Shocking, Life Long Secret That She Ll Reveal In Depth For The First Time Here, In High On ArrivalRiveting, Heart Wrenching, Yet Ultimately Uplifting, Mackenzie S Story Is An All Too Real Testament To The Power Of Drugs But It S Also A Story Of Courage, Forgiveness, And True Redemption I just finished this book with tears in my eyes and a big Wow in my head Mackenzie Phillips life story is one of the bravest and most interesting memoirs I ve ever had the honor to read Truly inspiring, she is one amazing woman, there is no poor, little pitiful me anywhere in her book, it s told with such amazing candor that it almost leaves me speechless I m not sure how to word all this but I know I came away with a deeper understanding of addiction and even learned some things about myself while reading it I felt her struggles and her pain as I have felt them myself, she put into words things that I cannot For that I thank her for sharing her story in the hopes that it will help others who struggle with addiction and ghosts from their past I HIGHLY recommend this memoir to everyone, even those not interested in addiction, I believe everyone could learn something from her story. I have a mildly sick fascination with the Phillips family I read both Papa John and California Dreamin back when they came out and it didn t take much to get me in line for Mac s book Not sure why I am not the age to be an original fan of either the Mamas and the Papas or One Day at A Time et al I guess I would lump this under my fascination with dysfunctional families, particularly show biz ones So it would have taken willpower than I have not to dip into Mac s harrowing tale Maybe there is a 12 Step program for people like me who can t help themselves Do I need to pull out the I got it at the library excuse For the record, I believe Mac s tale of woe There is no reason any sane person would make up these kinds of accusations, and her depiction of John Phillips god like entitlement makes perfect sense he was a hedonist who thought he was above the law.But, for this reader, who has already heard a lot about the family, this story feels like a re tread It s also a re tread of numerous junkie addict memoirs I have read They all start to run together after a while I usually spend time marveling at how the authors survive, given that they re often out of their minds and behind the wheel of vehicles Then there is the amount of toxins they are ingesting Usually I m just relieved they have found their way out of this netherworld If ever there were a strong anti drug argument, it s stories like these No one would want to live through this. She s just fourteenLittle movie star queenShe s always too high on arrivalShe runs on her high platform heelsShe falls flat on her faceShe knows how life feelsAnd she s just fourteen This excerpt from a John Phillips song sums up, in many ways, the journey of Mackenzie Phillips, from the star studded circle of celebrities who were an entourage in her father s life and hers by extension to the near death experiences that punctuated her existence.In these settings and with drugs and a life of no rules as her constant companions, it is no surprise that she took to drugs like a duck takes to water The surprising part of this celebrity memoir is the in depth soul searching Ms Phillips has had to do in order to earn and maintain her sobriety With many slips and relapses behind her, some of which were quite public, she has fiercely sought the answers that would eventually win for her the right to a normal life.Admitting the incestuous relationship between herself and her father took guts And acknowledging her complicity could not have been easy either It would have been so much simpler to lay all the blame on the abuser, although in my opinion, he, as the person in the power position in the relationship should bear the brunt of responsibility Nevertheless, the role drugs played was significant.Overcoming addiction is a day to day battle that will consume the rest of her life, but her story ends on a positive note, as she talks about the strengths she has finally discovered within herself.A completely forthright, heart wrenching and perilous story that should help others suffering the same fate, High On Arrival is a memorable and courageous tribute to an embattled life. OK, I realize everybody wants to know about the part where Mackenzie and her father, John Phillips, Did It And while this is an admittedly interesting albeit horrific part of the story, it s just a small piece of the crazy puzzle that is the author s life Written with great humor, compassion and intelligence, I thoroughly enjoyed this memoir As a recovering addict myself, I can attest to the fact that so much drug and alcohol abuse is a means to dull deep, profound, psychic pain And Mackenzie Phillips has had that in spades It also sounds like she had lots of fun, especially on the glam rock scene I love her extreme style and applauded her decision to play up her long, lanky frame with platform shoes, skintight jeans and slinky tube tops Look, I would never trade places with her in a million years, but I do appreciate her giving readers a glimpse into her incredible life In addition to her wild ways, she seems to place great value on friendships I also enjoyed reading about her private sidethis is a woman who has a deep appreciation for beauty and style I love her descriptions of her various homes and has a strong bond with animals, as well as a great feel for music Her description of her high school in Hollywood had me laughing out loudMP s got a wonderful sense of the absurd.This review really doesn t do the book justice, but I do want to stress that it s not all about nodding out and getting abused by her father I saw it as a survivor s account of being dropped into an incredibly bizarre life and finding a way to sanitysort of like a modern day Alice in Wonderland.I do hope Mackenzie maintains her sobriety, as her drug addiction is so extreme it can only lead to death and despair She deserves better Reading her family s cruel refutations made my heart ache for her I hope she takes comfort in the fact that her story will help countless people who are the victims of incest It takes a brave person to come forward with this story I really admire this woman and I m glad I read her book. What a story this is Mackenzie Phillips is the daughter of John Phillips, lead singer of The Mamas the Papas She is, also, a star in her own right on the hit TV sitcom One Day At A Time I was a huge fan of both and still am.Mackenzie narrates this herself which makes it all that much heartbreaking She starts from the beginning of her life until now The things she endured growing up in the limelight is truly horrific Some of it is the fault of the family and friends around her and some is her own fault She acknowledges this She doesn t hide the truth She s quite honest as she tells her story I m just sad that anyone had to go through such a tortured life I do hope she has settled down now and can live her life in peace. If all the teen stars of my favorite childhood shows continue to write memoirs, I will continue to read them Few will top this one, though Mackenzie Phillips had a drug habit that makes Maureen McCormick s pretty severe cocaine addiction look downright recreational Phillips has presented the seamier side of the happy hippie Laurel Canyon life recently the topic of a pretty coffee table book I just skimmed Five year olds wandering the beach unsupervised junior high kids taking acid, snorting coke, and learning from their parents how to roll joints Her father, Papa John Phillips, would go out of town and leave Mackenzie and her brother in the care of whomever was in his house at the time, or strand her at airports, or in London His live and let live, as long as it feels good, do it lifestyle was ultimately the death of him, and it goes a long way toward explaining the incestuous behavior that has been generating all the media controversy Mackenzie has taken some heat for these revelations, including denials from Michelle and Genevieve, her two step mothers Chynna and Bijou Phillips, John s other daughters, report no sexual attention from their father, which has fed the belief that Mackenzie is lying, and brought her condemnation if she knew he was capable of this, why would she let her younger sisters live alone with John But what the nay sayers aren t taking into account are the facts that Mackenzie and John were working as peers at the time touring as a Mamas Papas reunion act , and importantly, using drugs as peers also These two facts excuse nothing, but explain a lot I hope that the fuss around this book doesn t endanger Mackenzie Phillips fragile hold on sobriety Good for her, for writing this book, which is gross and juicy and depressing and entertaining. This was a very disturbing book, and straight off the bat I would say that it s definitely not a book intended for younger readers It s graphic, it s detailed, and it s the life of a very tormented woman, who surprisingly, has been candid with her story, much to the apparent chagrin of the rest of her estranged family I m giving it 4 stars It was a book that I had trouble reading, because of the disgusting details within, and a book that I couldn t put down, because of the heartwrenching life that was attempting to survive by detailing these experiences I can t go into a much descriptive dialogue, without giving things away, but I will say that I do hope that Mackenzie will stay clean for the remainder of her days 4 stars Worthy read for those who remember One Day at a Time, who recall watching Ms Phillips unravel before the public eye kind of reminds me of our present day Lindsay Lohan, except that I believe M.P is far gifted If you enjoy reading about the psycho social aspects of drug addiction in children, adolescents, and adults, and all that goes with those topics, then this is a good book for you If you re a gentle soul who is easily disturbed by the often lurid details of drug addiction, then you might not enjoy this book I was able to read it in one weekend. Wow I think this was definitely the hardest autobiography I have ever read I can t even really decide what my opinion is on this book At moments I loved it and at moments I just felt so bad for Mackenzie that I had a hard time getting through the rest of the book And yes, sometimes I wanted to knock some sense into her.She had such a horrible childhood, raised by her totally useless father except to music, he was John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas who really didn t care what she did as long as she didn t ruin his high Other useless characters in this book are Mick Jagger who seduced Mackenzie at age 18 and said something to the effect that he had been watching and waiting for her since like age 10 Creeper much Also, Keith Richards, who drove a car with a juvenile Mackenzie in the backseat at 125 miles per hour I really don t know anything about this family as I am not a fan of The Mamas and The Papas I like one song, total, and I don t much care for that one now either and I never watched One Day at a Time I did like Wilson Phillips Mackenzie s sister Chynna was a member of this group , though Essentially, Mackenzie was raised in a drug filled home And by drug filled, I mean hypodermic needles all over the floor and pills and cocaine stashed everywhere I feel so bad that she was raised in this environment Part of me feels that she had no choice but to grow up and be an addict herself, since that was all she ever saw or knew Mackenzie did end up cleaning up her act a couple of times She was even sober for like 15 years one time I think she is sober now, too.Mackenzie also had an incestuous relationship with her father for many years At some points she calls it consensual and at others she calls it rape Whatever it was, it was wrong and her dad was sick At one point, she even aborted a fetus that could have been his Gosh How do you even wrap your head around that Several of her family members have called her a liar since she made this allegation public and publicly disowned her Michelle Phillips is one of the people publicly calling her a liar Michelle Phillips was part of the scene when Mackenzie was given drugs at such a young age so I think she should just shut up I believe Mackenzie This book paints Mackenzie in a horrible light and I can t see what she would stand to gain from it, so I can t see why she would lie.I hope that by writing this memoir, she finds some kind of peace. I listened to The Mamas The Papas every once in a while when I was a teenager sitting around my bedroom puffing on a joint enjoying the hippy vibe of the music I never gave their personal lives any thought at all other than I knew that Cass Elliot had died at a young age I always thought she died choking on a chicken sandwhich, but appearantly she died from a heart attack Not sure where I got the choking story fromAfter reading this memoir I m not sure I will look at the movie stars going in, and out of rehab the same again I feel really sad for those high paid actors actresses that are depleting their bank accounts on poison They hit rock bottom, left with nothing to show of their fotune, and the well has long run dry by the time regret sets in It s sad when anyone becomes addicted to drugs, but it also dissapoints when one has the world on a silver platter and they toss the world off to make room for the coke.In a way Mackenzie Phillips didn t satnd a chance She had no structure as a child, and both of the adults in her life had substance abuse problems She was loved, but it takes than love to raise a child There were some pretty heavy revelations in this book, and I mean the shocking kind I actually had to reread a sentence in this book to make sure I read it correctly because the truth was just so shocking.I don t want to give away to much in this review, but this is an excellent memoir about drug addiction, and the battle it takes to beat that monster into the ground so you can stay on top of it.