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One Queen Six men And lots of love lust betrayal revenge and MM MFM MMFM STEAM Her Royal Harem omnibus includes all books in Her Royal Harem series 1 Her Majesty's Harem I wish I could see their eyes The way they squeeze shut How they roll back But they're always blindfolded For my own safety of course Unlike what others might think the Queen can't do however she pleases Fucking commoners is simply too dangerous Playing with them while my guards watch though 2 Her Majesty and the Virgins From the moment I laid eyes on Theodore I’ve fantasized about breaking all the rules with him He is a virgin My virgin Everything he is everything he learns will be for me I’ve never before thought about teaching a man how to touch me for my own gratification I do now It’s seductive A promise of far far than a quick anonymous coupling What would he feel like when his body strains against mine? Would he even know what to do? How to penetrate me? If he does would it be deep or shallow? Rough or gentle? Would he please me? Would he make me forget? 3 Her Majesty and the Escorts I want you to tear my clothes apart suck my tits till they hurt lay me on my stomach and spank my ass as your cock fucks my pussy long and hard And I want you to look him in the eye the whole time To satisfy her dominant sexual urges without ruining her reputation Her Majesty Queen Elysia plays with blindfolded submissive men for her pleasure While her guards watch Not only does she enjoy having her harem of multiple men and sexy Temple boys who would rather live in sin to be with her touching her at the same time but also she enjoys torturing her personal escorts Sir Quinlan and Sir Edward by making them watch knowing they both have feelings for her But what if the heart of this queen domme belongs to one of them as well? Is this sadist tortured too that she can't have what sexually satisfies her the most? Her own soldiers? Grab a blanket and a steamy cup of your favorite drink although wine is preferred and get your copy of Her Royal Harem The Complete reverse harem series now and live in the epic tale of lust love and power among Her Majesty Her Royal Escorts and all the other men in Her Royal Harem

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    I treated this trilogy of short novellas as a single book and I almost gave up on it after the first novella thinking it was all erotica and no story Not that there's anything wrong with that The story fleshes out in the second and third books The cast of characters is well developed and story is told from several different points of view What I particularly like is that the dominant in all senses of the word Queen is and while her age isn't given she is clearly in her mid thirties or older which makes a refreshing change in a genre dominated by eighteen year old heroinesI give this a solid 35 stars