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I enjoyed this book from cover to cover I wasn t expecting that much but was surprised what a good read Felder s account of his time in The Eagles turned out to be The book is informative and fun from the onset unlike most biographies which really drag when detailing time spent at school, relationships with parents etc the accounts of these times really added to giving a full picture of the man and are relevant to decisions made in later life I didn t find the book scandal laden, the opposite would be true, with key events in Eagles history explained concisely with very little bitterness even when dealing with what are clearly still painful events The reason that I think this was achieved is it is very clear that Felder loves music and life far than fame and money The is probably the closest we will get to a full account of how the band developed, became the biggest rock act on the planet at the time and then imploded It is certainly one of the strongest rock biographies I even read and a book I found I could not put down until it was finished. Imagine being stuck with the schoolyard bullies for over 25 years, part of their team but only because you are really good at football and all the while never allowed to forget that fact that you have no say in team decisions, are a lesser part of the team, are mocked and humiliated repeatedly because you occasionally question their behaviour and the organisation of the team, meanwhile the team coach is wholly on their sidesounds like a nightmare, and that is what Don Felder bought into when he was asked to join The Eagles all those years ago What a pair Glenn Frey and Don Henley emerge to be as as the pages and years roll by Felder himself admits his mistakes and weaknesses and is honest enough not to try to paint himself as wholly innocent in the unfolding drama A lesson for us all that what we saw throughout all those years was not what was going on behind the scenes Don Felder, the man behind the Eagles biggest song ever, Hotel California , writes about his rags to riches story From humble beginnings in Gainesville Florida to being a key member in the Eagles Eventually the band s dynamics swayed to Don Henley Glenn Frey, and even a full share member like Felder became a glorified sideman Too bad, because Felder rocked up the Eagles sound, before Joe Walsh came in and rocked it up even Felder manages to contain whatever bitterness he has at Henley Frey, at the same time sounding disappointed than anything The rock world of the 70 s had a lot of cocaine and groupies and Felder doesn t shy away from any of that Good stories about his upbringing, his getting to know Bernie Leadon, Tom Petty, Steve Stills and Gregg and Duane Allman in his teens Felder comes across as a musician s musician Good read for the rock fans, unless your name is Glenn Frey. THE EAGLES ARE LIKE SAUSAGE.It is absolutely delicious, but you don t really want to know what is in it This tell all expose of the hey day of the Eagles is sad in many ways because it let s you in on the family bickering that you didn t hear in the music Such tragedy for such talented people I am disappointed with the way Felder handles the mysterious question of What is Hotel California really about I don t want it demystified It was always so intriguing to hear the urban myths about the origins and that if you look really closely you will see something in the window of the Hotel California on the album cover, namely Alastair Crowley, the head of the EVIL EMPIRE Having seen them in concert back in the day and of course at the Hell Freezes Over reunion tour and spend countless hundreds of hours turning them on wax, eight track, cassette, discs and of course now ipod they create a visceral response to those of us who grew up in the late seventies and eighties and still try to find music that resonates the way these guys did I want to remember the Eagles the way they were in the late 1970s They were absolutely AWESOME SO, I do recommend this book, but beware, sometimes the bands who don t let the media in don t display their dark closets and that creates your own back story This book was tied up in court and I am sure at some point Glenn or Don will come out with a rebuttal to set the stories straight, thereby creating another industry for all of us to contribute to and add wings to their houses. Don is a great guitar player but a pedestrian writer Details are vague, and life flies by at the top of the rock world in a glib, bored manner Low resolution memories of bland broad scenes We took coke and wrote some songs We stayed up late and worked We played in the stadium We had a special plane on which we took drugs We partied with women It s all very matter of fact Nothing is said beyond the clich d Personalities and characters aren t rounded out or even revealed.One doesn t get a feel for life in the biggest band in the world Don doesn t give his opinion on the world, which makes for a lack of historical, cultural or even musical context His wit is also entirely conventional to the point of corny For instance saying goodbye to his friend, producer Albhy Galuten, Don triumphantly jokes Albhy seeing you Don is proud of this pun, and frames it as a cool in joke At this point, the reader feels slight embarrassment for Don s pride at making what he feels is a witty comment, when it s an obvious joke which Albhy Galuten has been sick of hearing since 1950.Pop Trivia Don Felder s portrayal of Glen Frey is indistinguishable from Skeletor. My opinion of the Eagles as a band has not changed after reading this book, but my opinion of Don Felder has I don t expect so much from musicians, just good music I don t have visions of elevated rock star divinity I learned a long time ago the stage persona is false and most people with a great stage presence are pretty much a holes to live with or be around Two things that stand out about Don First, he is working hard to expose everyone else s flaws and doing a very poor job of doing so, while refusing to admit his own flaws He tries to come off as a simple poor lad just wanting to make good music and have some fun But he fails to take any responsibility for the animosity and tension in the band, placing the blame on the manager and his band mates who just dumped him So, you got treated badly and dumped from a band that wasn t even playing together any Whine somewhere else You got to be a rock god, incredibly wealthy, waste money like it was monopoly money, and play in the definitive band of the twentieth century Second, his wife Susan, who stuck with him for thirty years, raised four kids while he was screwing his drunken, coke fueled way across America and around the world finally gets busy in a career of her own and he can t handle her being too busy to go to a movie and out to dinner with him The dude just got a taste of his own medicine and couldn t take it, so he dumps her Felder is a one hit wonder and it was not this book. Don Felder Was Just A Poor Boy From Florida, But When He Joined The Eagles He Soared Into The Stratosphere Alongside Former Bandmates Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner, And Felder S Childhood Friend Bernie Leadon, He Sold Tens Of Millions Of Records Eagles Their Greatest Hits Is The Bestselling Album Of All Time , Performed Before Countless Adoring Fans, And Co Wrote The Renowned Hit Hotel California His Guitar Playing Ability Lifted The Band From Mere Popularity To Iconic Status And Now Don Felder Finally Breaks The Eagles Decades Of Public Silence To Take Fans Behind The Scenes Where Drugs, Greed And Endless Acrimony Threatened To Tear The Band Apart Almost Daily Maybe There Was Too Much Talent Maybe The Personalities Clashed With The Egos Whatever The Reason, There Were Always These Explosive Arguments Going On While I Sat Silently In A Corner I Never Expected It To Survive Never Once Did I Feel, Hey, I Got It Made This Thing S Gonna Last For Years Felder Was Wrong About That, But He Was Also Right The Band Split Up In , Only To Reunite For S Mega Selling Hell Freezes Over Album And TourBut Tempers Continued To Flare, And In , After Contentious Years As An Eagle, Felder Was Summarily Fired By The Board Of Directors Frey And Henley Lawsuits And Counter Suits Followed In Heaven And Hell , Felder Takes Us Inside The Pressurised Recording Studios, The Trashed Hotel Rooms And The Tension Filled Courtrooms, Where He, Frey, And Henley Had Their Ultimate Confrontation I ve become a big Eagles fan over the last 7 10 years or so I thought it would be cool to get a perspective from the only guy to ever be kicked out fired by the band I must say, this book should be titled My Life AND the Eagles because it s not just a book about Don Felder s career with the Eagles and the lawsuits that followed his firing It s an auto biography Hey, that s fine But the first quarter to one third of the book was a story about the first 20 plus years of Felder s life and how he eventually wound up as the fifth Eagle.My favorite part of the book was hearing details about the recordings, song writing, etc The tension in the band was not surprising It was intriguing to learn about the painstaking details that went into recording the Hotel California album In a sense, the band burned themselves outcausing their next album to arguably be their worst despite 3 hits as well as their demise shortly thereafter.It s easy to sympathize with Felder when, after Meisner and Leadon s departures, he was pushed backwards into becoming of a sideman The agreement the Eagles had made in the mid 70 s Eagles Limited where they would share everything in equal parts as a band was virtually torn up, and Felder s income than likely began to take a hit as the band rose to massive fame, putting Henley and Frey up front.At the same time, there were points during the book that Felder s recounting of his woes was absolutely pathetic You got screwed, we know I believe you But not one time do I recall Felder ever accepting any of the blame It was he who was not smart enough to bring in his own separate business manager when he signed on with the Eagles I understand it was 1975 and everyone was too high and drunk to care, but that s no excuse Nowadays, no one in their right mind would strike a deal the way those 5 guys did back then.Seriously, folks Even when crap was hitting the fan and Felder had his suspicions of what Henley and Frey referred to as The Gods in the book as well as in real life were doing, Felder kept his manager the SAME GUY THAT WAS MANAGING HENLEY AND FELDER Really All in all, things turned out okay for Don Felder When he sued the band following his firing a settlement was eventually reached I m sure it was a decent one for Felder Of course, he made sure we were aware that half of it went to his now ex wife, Susan, whom he was married to through all of his years with the Eagles I have to give him credit, though For the most part he never said one bad word about her in the book He knew it was all his fault, and despite the fact that it sounds like there might have been some tension during the divorce, he was extremely graceful when talking about it and her.This book serves as a good lesson to anyone in business 40 years ago Felder was clueless as to how the real business world works The story he describes in detail about the rise and fall of the Eagles and his eventual boot is no different than a number of other stories I could tell you about XYZ company or ABC company When you get down to brass tacks in business, it always goes back to money and egos It s not about art It s not about making people happy It s about making yourself happy, watching out for YOUR best interests Because in the end no one else is going to give a crap about you Or let me put it this way in the end if someone else DOES give a crap about you, it s unusual Never expect it Worry about A 1. It s a testament to either Don Felder or The Eagles that I blew through this book in 2 days To Felder s credit he captures the rise fall rise fall of rock stardom with honest reflection At the same time, The Eagles music was an important part of the soundtrack of my life, and this memoir offered a chance to relive some of those experiences Funny how I can so clearly recall falling to sleep at 12 years old to Witchy Woman That was 35 years ago.This is robust story on many levels The insight into The Eagles is may be the primary reason for picking the book up, but what holds the readers is the exploring the progression of Felder s life and the many stories people that populate it I didn t know that he had tutored Tom Petty as a young guitar student or that he had played with Stephen Stills when he was still a teenager in Gainsville.Nice touches.You may not always agree with positions that Felder takes but overall his memoir is fairly balanced Yes, the bitterness seeps through but in the end he seems to be able place his life in the proper perspective and appreciate the great experience being in The Eagles offered him The book was eye opening and enjoyable If you want to get a true sense of the great artist that Felder is, just watch his Hotel California lead in on the Hell Freezes Over DVD It may remove any doubt that he was a critical part of this seminal American band. Only confirms what we all knew Henley and Frey are douches