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He had me from Lt Commander, 6 4, and built like a greek god I absolutely loved Scott He knew what he wanted and in spite of the obstacles he didn t give up love it This series a a joy to read The male hero in each book is Alpha,handsome,intelligent,damn sexy and thats enough They are all members of a military Special Ops team called MEGLADON.They re sent to places around the world to defend Truth,Honor and the American Way Fearless men they are until LOVE appears wrapped in chocolate skin and fierce attitude.They move Heaven and Earth to get and keep their lady loves, who initially may put up some resistence,even though they are just as attracted to the men There s action,adventure,romance and heat in each book,ENJOY Scott was determined to have what he wanted and he did not stop until he got who he wanted He went after Lex like she was one of his Navy Seal missions and his mission was accomplished It was sexy how such a tough man could be so loving.I really loved how Scott never gave up and how he did not hesitate to show her his love.My only complaint is that I wish there was a epilogue I would have know what happened after the marriage.I really enjoyed this story and cant wait to read the next installment of The Megalodon Team. All I m going to say is if you are familiar with Ms Burke s Megaladon Team Series, then I don t have to say anything else These guys are HOT 4 stars I like this book, it was very good, even though I was trying not to compare with Cade s book Overall it was good. LOVED THIS BOOK I definitely enjoyed reading Scott and Alexis story This was a very intense love story for this couple I loved how fiercely and protective Scott was of Alex I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who enjoy reading a great love story I wonder if there is going to be a story for Godric as well like the one on Reeve With that said I am off to read the rest of the teams story Thank you Aliyah please keep these wonderful stories coming. I found Alexis to be highly annoying,immature,insecure,dim and indecisive I ve never disliked a character so much that I was rendered unable to finish a book Moreover, I was disappointed that we didn t get to meet Scott s family Scott is my type and it s a shame he was paired with Alexis. Rule Abiding Naval Doctor Alexis Rogets, Was Fazed By One Thing Only The Blond Commander That She Had Met Two Years Previous He Owned Her Dreams If Only All Dreams Could Become Reality But, Rules Were RulesNavy SEAL Scott Leighton Hadn T Been Able To Get The Toffee Skinned Venus Out Of His Mind Every Time He Closed His Eyes He Saw Her Curvaceous Body And Her Siren Like Tiger Eye Eyes He Knew She Was The One The Only One For Him The Moment They Touched Just Like He Knows, Some Rules Were Made To Be BrokenFrom The Pacific To The Atlantic To Hong Kong And Back, Alexis Fights Her Growing Attraction While He Fights To Have A ChanceWell He Wasn T A SEAL For Nothing, Scott Is Determined To Make Her Realize That Their Destinies Are Intertwined She Needed Him And He Well, She Is After All HARRIER S HEALER WOWDon t know how I m just discovering this series So good I can t wait to finish all the books Definitely recommend.